Ash and All the Girls @darkness
Chapter 17 Captured Part II

"Where the hell could he be"? Serena said. "He had been gone for hours and he hasn't even returned any of my texts".

Serena was starting to get worried for her boyfriend, something was wrong.

"Ash" she said walking out the door. "Wherever you are you just better be safe".

"Ahhhh" Ash whined from the immense pain he was feeling at this moment.

Ash was completely naked along with Lyra was has been riding him for an hour and a half. Ash's penis was red and very sore, he was sweating from the sex and the fear that Lyra could kill him at any moment if he protested.

"Oh Ash" Lyra said slapping him. "Don't act like you don't love it. Say it again honey".

Ash made no attempt to reply.

"Say it again"! Lyra yelled smacking Ash's face with all her might.

"Owwww, I-I love you" Ash said in distress.

"Mmmm aw yeah baby" Lyra said coming a little. "Say it again".

"I love you" Ash said in fear of being slapped again.

"Say it again" Lyra said moving faster.

"I love you".

"Ah, a-again".

"I love you".

"Yes, oh yes"! Lyra yelled as her juices leaked onto Ash.

Lyra got of of Ash and tossed him a pair of boxers so he could put them on.

"Oh wow baby" Lyra said. "That was amazing. Didn't you think so"?

"Sure" Ash said plainly.

"I'll accept that this time, but next time I want some more feeling in that sure hot stuff" Lyra commanded.

Lyra went up the stairs and closed the door. When he no longer heard her footsteps Ash got up.

"I have got to get out of this place" he said.

Ash tried to open the door but it was locked from the other side.

"Shit" he said. "Oh and of course there are bars on the window".

Serena was on a mission to find Ash. She was using 'find my phone', it is an app that allows you to track a specific phone and she had it locked onto Ash's. She must have driven a hundred miles or so before stopping in front of a house.

"What the hell"? Serena said. "Why is Ash's phone here"?

Serena knocked on the door. No answer. She knocked again. Still no answer. Serena pounded her fist on the door and Lyra's face opened the little slit at the top of the door.

"Yes" she said. "How can I help you"?

"I know this may seem like a weird question but, is my boyfriend in there"?

"...No" Lyra said. "There is no Ash in my house".

"I never said his name" Serena said angrily.

"Ok, bye now, enjoy your day, never come back" Lyra said before closing the slit.

Serena pondered for a moment.

"I'm getting him out of there" Serena said.

She made her way around the house and later found that the back door was unlocked. Serena made her way through the house, almost getting caught by Lyra twice.

She eventually found a door with a wooden plank in front of it. Serena removed the plank and opened the door, she made her way into the basement.

"Ash" she said in a whisper. "Are you down here? It's me, Serena".

"Serena"! she heard Ash say. "Oh thank Arceus you're here".

A half naked Ash ran up and hugged Serena, they shared a quick kiss.

"I'm so glad you are safe" Serena said.

"I'm glad you found me" Ash said. "We need to get out of here".

"Or, I could kill her and we could go about our marriage" Lyra said behind them.

"Lyra" Ash said. "Serena is the girl I love, not you. And now we are going to leave" Ash said.

"Oh no you are not" Lyra said.

Lyra charged Serena, knocking her to the ground and trying to strangle her. Ash grabbed Lyra and pulled her off. Lyra punched Ash in the stomach. Ash kicked Lyra in her leg so she was on her knees and then he punched her in the face.

Lyra pulled out a knife from her pocket and stabbed Ash deep in his left side, just below his ribs. "Awwww"! Ash yelled then fell to the ground.

"Ash"! Serena yelled.

Serena picked up a metal pipe and nailed Lyra in the head with it, knocking her unconscious.

Serena ran over to Ash.

"Oh, crap" she said. "There's so much blood, what do I do".

"Hos-hospital" Ash said in pain.

Serena got him to his feet long enough for them to run to her car. She drove over the speed limit and to the hospital.

Ash was rushed into emergency care. Serena was worried because Ash became pale and his eyes were closed. The doctors pulled out the knife but then blood starting flowing out. They got blood bags and began giving it to Ash as fast as they could while they sealed up the wound.

Serena was sitting in the waiting room, her hand folded and tears in her doctor approached her 20 minutes later and said Ash will be fine.

Once Ash was awake Serena was allowed to she him.

"Hey" Ash says with a light smile.

"I'm so glad you're ok" Serena said hugging him.

"I'm going to be just fine" Ash said. "Thanks to you. I love you Serena".

"I love you to" Serena replied.

3 days later Ash was released from the hospital. He was able to get by now just fine. His side was going to be sore for a couple of days though.

After they got home and kicked their shoes off Ash came up behind Serena and started kissing her neck from behind.

"Mmmm, I've missed this" she said.

"Me too" Ash said.

His hands were at the bottom of her shirt and they started going up it, halfway Serena stopped him.

"What's wrong"? Ash asked when she removed his hands from her.

"The doctor says you need rest" Serena said. "Us fooling around isn't a good idea right now".

Ash went upstairs a little disappointed and laid down on the bed.

Serena pulled Ash's sweatpants and underwear down and little and pulled out his member.

"Now we may not be able to fool around" she said. "But I'll give you a little something".

Serena began sucking Ash, he still tasted amazing.

"Thanks babe" Ash said closing his eyes.

Serena would lick around the top of his dick and then suck on it. At one point she stuck her tongue into the hole a little. This went on for only 5 minutes.

Serena was a the point of licking the appendage like an ice cream cone, every time she licked up it brought Ash that much closer to relief. With one lick Ash came, it was only a little bit but it shot up and landed on the hard floor.

Serena cleaned it up and let Ash get some sleep.

"I'm so glad to have him home" Serena said.

To be continued...

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