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Chapter 16 Captured Part I

Things are going to get intense this chapter. Enjoy!

She's been planning their wedding day for the longest time. Ever since she met him all those years ago. He was the only guy for her, she knew it, she knew it when her friend said she never thought about it.

Ash. Ash was the one for her. He was brave, nice, funny, and sexy as hell. She needed him in her life, but… but he was with another girl? Impossible! He loved her, not this blonde skank.

They were going to get married and live happily ever after. But he was with another… it must be some sort of mistake. Yes, Ash must have made a mistake. Then there is nothing to worry about, she would make him remember, no matter what it took.

At the ketchum house, Ash and Serena were making out a little on the couch.

"I love just being alone with you" Serena said.

"Yeah" Ash said. "This is the easy life".

"No worries, no stress, just us and our love" Serena said.

"I love it when you talk all happily like that" Ash said pulling her in for another kiss.

She was now in her car, she was gonna make him remember, she would make him remember today. The longer Ash was with that, that poisonous girl, the more he thought he actually had feelings for that girl. It was funny really, Ash being in love with anyone else other than her.

She loved Ash, and they would seal that love by getting married, having kids, and dying old together. She had her 'special room' set up back at home. First she'd make Ash go to sleep, then she'd bring him home with her, then with a little teaching and patience, they would finally be together forever.

"Do you really have to leave"? Ash asked Serena.

"Yes, I told you I'm sorry but I made these plans a long time ago and I can't break them now" Serena said.

"Ok" Ash said in defeat.

"Lool" Serena said. "Once I get back we can fool around a little more" she said before kissing Ash on the check.

"Sounds fair to me" Ash said. "But, I'm holding you to that".

"I wouldn't have it any other way" Serena said walking out the door.

Her car was parked and see was behind this tree. She was looking over at the Ketchum household and watched in anger as Serena left.

"Good" she said. "Blondie is gone… this means things will be a lot easier".

She made sure no one was within seeing distance and then ran up to the house.

She peered into the window.

"Aw, he is more handsome then I remembered" she said.

She knocked on the door and Ash got up to answer it. As soon as she saw his face she smiled and her plan went into motion.

"Oh, hi-" Ash said being cut off by the girl spraying a mist in his face.

Ash collapsed and the girl catches him.

"Time to go home" she said dragging his body to the car.

Once they got home she brought Ash to the special room and then phase two of the plan went into action. She removed his clothes except for his underwear even though she was tempted to look, but she stopped herself.

"No" she said. "Good things come to those who wait".

She then dressed Ash in what she had in mind and was ready for phase three once he woke up.

When Ash woke up he was a little dizzy, after a minute he was back to normal. Ash looked around, he was in someone's basement and was sitting on a bed. He saw his clothes were in a pile on the ground.

Ash looked at himself and realized he was wearing different clothing. He had on a blue jacket over, a blue long sleeve shirt, over a blue t-shirt, over a blue tank top. He also had blue sweatpants, over blue shorts, over his own underwear.

"What the hell"?! Ash said.

"Hello Ash" the girl said walking out from the darkness.

"What" Ash said surprised. "Lyra… what's going on"?

"Oh silly Ash" Lyra said. "You seem to have forgotten our wedding day is coming up".

"Wait what? Wedding day"? Ash asked confused.

"And now I catch you cheating on me with another girl" Lyra says.

"Lyra" Ash says seriously. "We were, nor have we ever been a thing. I love Serena".

"Poor baby" Lyra said. "That bitch has clouded your mind. No matter, our little game will make you remember".

"This is ridiculous" Ash says. "I'm getting out of here".

Ash attempts to get off the bed but he is zapped and moves back to the middle.

"No" Lyra says. "You cannot leave. I've made that bed able to zap you everytime you try to get off of it".

Ash tries 4 more times, getting electrocuted each time, unable to get off the bed.

"Ash all you have to do is play my game and I'll let you out" Lyra says.

"What game"? Ash asked.

"I'm glad you asked" Lyra says. "In this game I will ask you a series of questions and if you get 5 right, then you can leave. But, for each one you get wrong you have to remove a piece of clothing".

"This is so stupid" Ash says.

Lyra presses a button on a remote and the bed zaps Ash again.

"See, with this remote, if you fail to do what I say, I'll give you another love shock" Lyra says.

"If I have no choice" Ash says. "I'll play".

"Wonderful" Lyra says smiling. "First question, when did we first meet"?

"During the Johto festival in Sinnoh" Ash said.

"Correct" Lyra said. "When did I first start to like you"?

Ash took a moment to think about it. "When we were locked in that powerplant room" he says.

"Correct" Lyra says happily. "When did you start to love me"?

"Never" Ash says before he can think about it.

"Wrong"! Lyra yells. "Jacket off, now".

Ash removes the jacket and puts it on the pillows on the bed.

"How many times have you touched me"? Lyra asked.

"Twice" Ash said.

"Wrong"! Lyra said. "It was four times. Long sleeve shirt, off".

Ash then removed the shirt and put it on top of the jacket.

"How many days did we travel together in Sinnoh" Lyra asked.

"Six" Ash said.

"Wrong" Lyra said disappointed. "Pants off".

Ash took off the long pants revealing the shorts.

"It looks like you are halfway naked" Lyra said laughing a little. "Who is the person most like you but the opposite gender"?

"Dawn"? Ash said and asked at the same time.

"Correct" Lyra said upset. "Who is my best friend"?

"Khoury" Ash said.

"Wrong" Lyra said. "Khoury, is number two, you are my best friend. Bye bye t-shirt".

Ash removed the shirt, he wasn't liking this game one bit, he only needed two more correct answers though.

"How many pokemon do I have"? Lyra asked.

"I got this" Ash said. "Three".

"Wrong" Lyra said. "I used to, now I have four. Shorts, lose them".

Ash took off his shorts, he was down to the tank top and his underwear.

"Why are you with that… that she demon"? Lyra asked disgusted.

Ash took a moment to think about it.

"Because, because I was alone and you were in Johto" Ash said.

"Oh, poor Ash" Lyra said. "I'll say that was correct. Do you love me"? she asked.

"Yes" Ash lied.

"Correct" Lyra said. "I love you too Ash".

"Great, so now if you will let me go I'll-" Ash said getting cut off/

"You aren't going anywhere" Lyra said. "weather you won or not I was still going to keep you. Don't want my future husband to escape on me now do I".

"You can't just keep me here" Ash said. "Let me go, right now"! he demanded.

"NO"! Lyra yelled. "I am going to spend the rest of my days with you. I say we celebrate our reunion with some sex. And, if you try to escape I know many ways to kill a person without a weapon".

Ash at this point was scared, this girl was crazy and he had to give himself to her at the risk of being killed. He hoped Serena would soon send help. Ash wasn't sure how long he would last.

To be continued…

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