Ash and All the Girls @darkness
Chapter 14

Hey guys I hope you are enjoying this story. I am running out of clothing ideas for Ash. I keep reusing the outfits he wore on his journey's, I was thinking for a couple future lemon scenes putting him in his pajamas. If anyone has clothing idea for him just write a review or pm me.

It was around noon when Serena woke up. She was only wearing a black bra and panties, the covers were off of her. Serena rolled over to her left side to see Ash, he was wearing a plain white t-shirt and blue underwear.

"You know, you are so pretty when you are asleep" he said.

"Aw, you flatter me Ash" Serena said. "Oh, I just remembered, we were going to spend the day in bed, right"?

"That was what we wanted to do" Ash said. "Now, come here".

Serena moved closer to her boyfriend. They kissed a couple times.

"Say why don't you have a job"? Serena asked.

"Well" said Ash. "Remember when I won that tournament like 4 months ago and there was a cash prize of a million dollars".

"Yeah, it so much fun" Serena said.

"Yeah well when I won the check had one extra zero so I actually won 10 million dollars so as long as we don't go crazy, neither of us needs to work".

"Is that why all you ever seem to wear are plain colored t-shirts" Serena asked smirking.

"Well, I… I like to dress that way" Ash said defensively.

"Oh it's not like I care" Serena said. "I happen to love your plain colored t-shirts, for some reason they are very soft. It turns me on".

"You know the black t-shirt I wear with my Kalos outfit" Ash said.

"Yeah" Serena replies.

"I was somehow able to make super soft, almost like silk, and you and I both like that stuff, so I'm saving that shirt for a certain night" Ash said winking. "You'll have to wait and see".

"Oh great" Serena said. "Now I'm going to have that wanting from now until you surprise me".

"Haha, perfect" said Ash.

"Alright fine" Serena says getting on top of Ash. "Until then, let's have some fun now".

She started rocking her butt a little on Ash's waist until his penis became hard.

"Now" said Serena. "Kiss me".

Their lips made contact, each one made the other know they love them. While kissing Serena continued to rub her butt against Ash's hard member, making him moan every so often. Their tongues battle for control of their mouths, neither one giving an inch.

Ash's hands were feeling Serena's soft back, his hands grew ever so closer to her bra strap, finally arriving and taking it off of her. Ash sat up just enough to suck Serena's right nipple and using his hand to massage the left.

"Mmmm, oh Ash, oh yeah" Serena said softly.

After a while Ash switched breasts giving each one the same amount of attention. Serena's breasts never felt so good, his hand was perfectly cradling it while also moving his hand around to give her a pleasurable sensation.

Once Ash retreated Serena pulled his shirt off of him. Now it was her turn, Serena began running her tongue and lips all over Ash's toriso. Once she got to his nipples she'd make her tongue go to a point and trace the outside of the nipple to make it hard, then she did the same to the other one.

Ash then flipped them over so now he was on top. She pulled off Serena's panties, then removed his own underwear. Ash then slipped on a condom and penetrated Serena, her nail buried themselves in his shoulders as Ash moved in and out at a steady pace.

Everytime he pushed in Serena could feel a shockwave of pleasure shoot through her body. She was so glad they decided to spend the day in bed.

Ash began to move faster, he knew they would soon reach their limits. Serena's whole body was shaking right along with the bed. Ash came, his white liquid fleeing itself from him. Feeling the warmth in her Serena came too, her juices filled the inside of her body but none leaked on the bed.

Ash pulled out and through the plastic bag into the trash can next to the bed. His erection slowly faded away, Serena hugged him and he hugged her back. Feeling themselves together, their true naked bodies touching like that, they knew they loved each other, it made them happy.

It was around midnight now, both Ash and Serena were asleep and still naked since they didn't bother to change into anything. The house was still, and everything was quiet, except for the two green gine whip tentacles that were trying to unlock the bedroom window.

Soon they got the window open and pulled the rest of the pokemon into the room, it was Meganium. She made her way to the bed, walking slowly, making sure not to hit a spot in the ground that creaks.

Once she was at the bed she took a good long look at Ash, oh how she loved him. When they were on their journey she always had a little crush on him, but it was a friendly crush. However, now she was actually in love with a human, she wanted his human juices to mix with hers.

Meganium sent her vine whip into the cover until she was able to feel Ash's dick. She moved it in between her vines, it has limp, soft, and healthy. Meganium considered hopping onto Ash and driving his member into her but she realized, it needed to be consensual.

Meganium retreated out the window making sure to relock it on the way out. As she ran back to the barn where the pokemon slept, she thought about how get Ash to like her more than he does, she'd need to get them alone, no Pikachu or Serena… or anyone.

In the morning Ash was getting dressed into his Johto outfit while Serena was already awake and making breakfast. Ash looked down at the side of his bed and noticed a couple small dirt patches. He quickly cleaned it up but thought it was strange.

"So what's the plan today"? Ash asked Serena while they were enjoying breakfast.

"Well" Serena said. "I need to go to my annual doctor's check up and I know you hate the doctor's office so you get a day to yourself".

"Ok" Ash said. "I'll think of something to do".

An hour later Serena was about to leave.

"Ok Ash I'm off" Serena said.

"Alright, I'll miss you" Ash said.

They share a 5 second kiss and then Serena leaves.

"Hmmmm" said Ash. "I know, I'll go spend some time with the pokemon".

Ash walked outside to the open barn, all the pokemon were inside and they all looked bored.

"What's wrong guys" Ash asked. "Bored"?

The pokemon responded with their names.

"How about a race"?

This made the pokemon seem interested.

"Anyone who wants to race can, you start here, and run along the whole outskirts of Pallet town, first one back here wins".

All the pokemon got up and were ready to go.

"In 3, 2, 1… go" Ash yelled.

Almost all the pokemon took off, Pikachu was following Gible, Pignite was pushing through the crowd, Toross was spinning ahead.

The only pokemon who didn't go were Sceptile and Meganium. Sceptile went into the forest to make his leaf blade stronger. Meganium came over to Ash all excited.

"What's up Meganium"? Ash asked.

Meganium jumped back a little and kept moving her head towards the barn.

"You want me to follow you" Ash asked. "Ok"

He followed the pokemon into the barn, it was actually very clean in there, all the hey was on the top while the rooms were on the bottom. Meganium lead Ash into the room it occupied, when he wasn't looking she closed and locked the gate.

"So Meganium" Ash said. "What did you want to…"

Meganium sprayed some sort of spores at Ash, making him a little dizzy.

"Aw, what did you do that for" Ash asked.

Meganium got her face closer to Ash's and started kissing him, Ash was very surprised by this and pushed her off.

"No" he said a little harshly. "No Meganium… you're not… not supposed… to… do that".

Meganium sprayed Ash with a light confusing spore that somewhat clouds his judgement while still making him conscious to what is happening. It also makes him hormonal because after his saying no to the pokemon, Ash pushed her to the ground and their lips connected.

Ash wasn't sure if he was actually doing this, part of him believed it was a dream, no matter how weird it was, Ash couldn't stop himself. Meganium was surprised and happy her little plan worked, Ash, the trainer she loved was actually kissing her in her room. And, with the pokemon on that race, they wouldn't be back for an hour or so.

A minute had only passed when Meganium decided to push her luck, her vine whips came out and pushed the jacket off of Ash shoulders, he allowed her to take it off of him. Meganium was becoming wet down below, she might actually get to go all the way with Ash.

She decided to take it slow, she wanted the whole experience to last for as long as possible. His kisses were intense, Meganium returned them as best as she could, her front feet grabbed onto Ash shirt to pull him closer to her. Meganium was having the time of her life.

Everything was heating up, their bodies seemed to be merging as one. Their hands felt all over the other one's body. After 10 minutes Meganium wanted more. Her vines moved down below and she undid Ash's belt and threw it to the ground, she then undid his jeans and got his penis out.

Ash sat up and pulled off his shirt, he left his pants on but began penetrating his pokemon. His vision was blurry and he couldn't think straight, the part of him that wanted to stop was being overtaken by the spore he inhaled.

Meganium felt the pain slowly melt into pleasure, Ash was very deep inside her, his dick was hitting her wall. Meganium could feel her inside tearing open to make room for Ash's beating rod, but they couldn't, instead her insides closed around the member as Meganium was ready to cum.

Ash felt the his essence rising to the top, with the last of his common sense, he told himself he is not getting her pregnant, Ash pulled out and his white liquid shot out of him. Meganium soon released her juices as well.

Ash still felt dizzy, he couldn't think straight, he quickly got his clothes back on and went into the house to rest.

"I will never speak of that to anyone" Ash said. "Aw man, what's wrong with me".

When his mind was back to normal Ash looked up what she sprayed him with and the spore causes those who breath to not be able to make smart choices and makes them horney.

So Ash was a little relieved to know he was thinking straight when he did what he did.

"I am going to tell Meganium off soon" he said.

An hour later Serena returned home.

"Hi babe" she said walking over to Ash and kissing him.

"Hey" Ash said. "How was it"?

"Long and boring, but I am doing ok" Serena said. "How about here? Anything interesting go on"?

"I just had a race with the pokemon" Ash said. "Nothing really awesome to tell you".

"Oh, ok" Serena said. "I'm going to go see Braixen".

The rest of the day went slow. Ash decided it was best not to tell Serena of the other thing that happened while she was gone.

To be continued…

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