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Chapter 1

New story, wanted to do this. I'm feeling the live action shows right now. Lemme know what you think.

PCA was a bright school for bright students, but after the hard classes of the first semester were taken, the second semester always hit differently. Things seemed simpler, and the same could be said for the romantic times. Yes this school is no different than others, festering with hormones and students falling for each other. At least for most except the teenage Dustin Brooks who has felt himself becoming quite lonely.

Dustin was better at making friends with people older than him than those of his own age group. He was always brought along on adventures or trips with his sister Zoey, and her friends. But now that Zoey is with Chase and they are head over heels for each other, they are practically inseparable. Logan finally coming out about loving Quinn means those two although often arguing find themselves staring deep into each other's eyes in public now. As more and more people around him start to find happiness, Dustin starts to feel left behind. For the sake of those he cares about Dustin chooses to keep his distance and respect their couples-time.

It's not all bad, Dustin has gotten his dorm room all to himself and was told last year no one will be bunking with him for the foreseeable future. He also saved up a ton of money from his slew of "odd jobs" and bought himself a fancy new desktop setup. Logan, taking a better liking to him, gave him money for a desk for which the monitors and keyboard may sit upon. Dustin now spends hours of his free time chatting with online associates and playing the newest video games. He has found himself much more busy and easier entertained.

Recently though, the feeling of loneliness continued to creep its way into the depths of his mind and overshadow the fun he would have. Dustin has finally given in and taken to watching various types of pornography in the evenings when he knows no one is bound to come over. It started simple, just basic or known videos. He has now worked his way up to roleplaying videos and threesome stuff. Not only does it excite him, but Dustin became interested in the sheer idea of people getting paid to either make or star in these types of lewd videos.

Tonight was no different than the past couple nights. The younger Brooks sibling found himself yet again in his office-style chair facing the bright screen of his computer. His hair was rustled up from being blown in the wind earlier in the day. He wore a loose black tank top and his grey cargo shorts were undone and open, his 6 inch cock standing firm waiting for him to play with it. Certain videos just didn't do it for him, he wanted to be able to slightly relate to what he was watching. He liked the ones that didn't start right into the action, he enjoyed watching the foreplay, seeing the couple take each other's clothes off. He wanted to be desired in the way like some of the women looked at the men in the videos.

Dustin started pumping himself while watching a clip from one of the Wrong Turn movies, but it was short and he quickly grew bored of it. While scrolling down the amateur's section his eyes landed on the thumbnail of a video called "Lori is Ready to Play". The girl looked familiar so he decided to click on the video, maybe he could get a quick laugh in to wake himself up a bit. What Dustin saw next shocked him and yet also got his heart beating faster. The video was of a grey room with a white couch centered on screen, it was shot in the form of one of those new star interview videos. The young, dark-haired girl sitting on the couch happened to be none other than 18-year old Lola. LOLA?! Zoey's friend, the super optimistic and pretty aspiring actress, in a porn video… it was unbelievable.

Dusitn blinked his eyes hard a few times to make sure he wasn't imagining anything, but it was all too real. Lola, called Lori by the man behind the camera, wore a tight blue tank top, and had navy blue skinny jeans on, her hair was also in a ponytail. She looked great as always, and a gleaming smile was on her face.

"So why don't you share who you are with us" the voice behind the camera says.

"Well as you said my name is Lori, I am trying to be an actress. I take classes at a university in Malibu".

"That sounds like a fun career path. And are you 18?"

"I sure am, turned 18 about 4 months ago".

"So still new to the adult title I see".

"I'm a girl at heart" Lola replies.

"Do you have your license?"

"I got it last year. And I love driving, it's so freeing to be able to go wherever I want whenever I want".

"Yeah it's fun. You don't look yourself, with that ponytail I have to say. You strike me as a long haired girl, can you let it down?"

"You're probably right" Lola says as she removes her scrunchie and shakes her hair loose so it sprawls out around her shoulders.

"There she is" the man continued. "You are truly a striking sight. All eyes are on you in a room I bet".

Lola twirls a strand of hair in her finger before looking up and saying "Well, I try to stand out. I like to show off a little, but I don't want to be seen as too slutty".

"I think you are just the right amount of slutty. Are you nervous?"

"Mmmm, a little I suppose. I've never done this before. But I know I'm where I want to be".

"I'm glad you feel that way. We love having you hear. Now, can we see more of you?"

And with no further temptation, Lola grabs the hem of her shirt and lifts it up and over her head, exposing the black bra underneath and tossing the shirt behind her on the couch. She then unbuttons her jeans, laughing while working her way through them, and inches them down until they are off camera. Her black underwear squeezes her curves tightly.

"Oh yeah. Look at that incredible body"

"I make sure to take good care of myself" Lola replies, smiling widely.

Dustin begins to jerk himself faster, getting turned on by Zoey's friend, he could not believe it was really her. He also could not believe how amazingly hot she looked. As he was getting into things he saw a naked man with a jacked body come into frame.

"Well would you be willing to share that well-taken care of-body with Jim here?"

Lola stands up and wraps her arms around the man's neck before saying "Nothing would make me happier". She begins kissing the man, wrapping her tongue around his.

Dustin can barely breath, the muscles in his chest bulge out as he tenses his body. He watches the black straps get pulled down Lola's arms, revealing small, but perky breasts. They get roughly grabbed by the man and Lola makes a strained face before getting more into things. The scene continues to play but Dustin doesn't need much more. Watching Lola go down on the man is enough to make the young Brooks boy blow his load into the garbage can underneath his desk. The force was stronger than most and Dustin knew it was thanks to Lola.

Dustin sat back in his chair finally relaxing himself, he looked up at his ceiling getting his breathing back to normal.

"Wow" he says out loud. "That was, she was, fantastic…"


The next morning didn't go so well for Dustin. He had a great night's sleep, but he made the mistake of not saving the link to Lola's video. He wanted to, no, he needed to see her again but he couldn't find the video on the site again. He kept trying different variations of the title he best remembered; he also tried searching the actress name but it seemed Lola was not a known actress on the site. This wasn't good, he just knew deep down inside there weren't other girls on that account that could make him feel the way she did. Dustin was getting desperate, he knew he would have to risk his dignity in order to get a rush like last night again. As Dustin was getting ready for the day he thought up a few scenarios he could try after class.

Eventually he found Lola, she caught him near her once and they had a small but polite conversation. He tried his best not to blush in front of her seeing as how he had just witnessed her perfect naked form the night before. He didn't like following her afterwards but his hormones were getting the best of him and making him think impulsively. He mildly stalked her around the campus and waited for her to finish her last class of the day. Once she ran into a couple of her friends they all decided to go swimming.

This would be Dustin's chance to get his view of her once again. He'd had done this before so he went into the unlocked shed near the edge of campus and left with one of the smaller steel ladders. Dustin raced his way around the girls locker room and leaned the ladder against the wall. He still had time, so he did his best to adjust the plants around him so he would be as invisible to passer-bys as possible. He then climbed the ladder and peaked over the thick cube glass plates that showed just enough light inside the locker room.

Looking at all the cute girls from his age to older inside the room started to pitch a tent in his pants, but he was full go once he laid his eyes on Lola. He watched as her ass poked towards him while she pulled her underwear down. Her tanned figure being hot enough to blur out the rest of the bodies around her. She wanted to be an actress, well for Dustin, she took center stage already.

'Turn around' Dustin thought to himself. 'Let me see all of you'. Dustin got what he wanted when after getting her bikini from her locker, Lola turned her way towards the high window. Dustin could feel the heat radiating off of his face while he watched her. His enjoyment was cut short when he caught her eyes moving his direction. Dustin dipped down and nearly lost his balance on the ladder.

After half a minute he looked back in but the girls were already on their way out. He cursed under his breath that he missed the main event. But perhaps he could save the mental image of naked Lola regardless of the short time he was given. He lowered his stance as the girls left through the front doors of the building.

Without even a second to react Lola picked up a sizable rock and chucked it into the brussels that hid him. The rock crashed into his ankle, Dustin covering his mouth so no one would hear him. But unable to resist recoiling in pain, he slipped off the ladder and landed over 2 feet onto the ground.

"What was that about?" One of the girls asks.

"Sorry," Lola says. "Thought I saw a rodent and I wanted to scare it off".

"Eeewww" another girl says. "Those are nasty".

"They certainly are" Lola replies. "Come on girls, let's go have some fun".

Once they were out of ear-shot, Dustin groaned out loud. In addition to getting hit on the ankle with a big rock, Dustin seemed to have twisted the other a little on the way down. He then limped his way to return the ladder and go back to his dorm room.


That night Dustin lay on his bed in a light blue colored t-shirt and grey-white flannel sweatpants. He iced his ankles when he got back and now he was staying off of his feet. He knew Lola had to have seen him watching her. It was only a matter of time before she either said something to him, the school, or worse, his sister. Dustin scrunches up his face in disgust at himself for going too far.

There's a knock at his door, but who would come here at this time of night?

"It's open" Dustin says. He left the door unlocked seeing as how he couldn't be getting up to go get it. The door opens and in comes a disgruntled long-haired brunette with a white, spaghetti strap tank top and blue sleep-pants with white snowflakes on them. It's Lola, and Dustin is screwed. She closes and locks the door before turning to him, arms crossed.

"You have a lot of nerve, spying on us" Lola says blankly.

"Actually it was just you I was looking for" Dustin says propping himself up on his forearms.

"NOT WHAT I MEANT" Lola's volume rises.

"Right, right" Dustin sighs. "I'm sorry. Really I am. I took my internal feelings too far".

Seeing how it appears he is truthful, Lola walks over to him and sits down next to him on the bed, turning right to face him. "How is the leg?" she asks with mild concern.

"Legs, and they hurt but nothing awful" Dustin admits. "I had it coming".

"You kind of did, but sorry too" Lola responds. "Where did this fixation with me even come from?"

"I-a, I, I saw your dirty video online, Lori, but it was you".

"Oh geez Dustin" Lola blushes. "You shouldn't have watched that let alone let it have some kind of effect on you".

"Why did you even make something like that?" Dustin asks. "You don't strike me as the kind to want to be THAT kind of actress".

"I don't" Lola says. "I needed money, it paid well, and so I did it. It was dumb, I should have found another way, I never wanted anyone here to know about it so I hoped with would just get buried".

"I promise I won't tell anyone" Dustin says sincerely.

"Oh I know you won't" Lola says sharply. "Cause I'll punch your face in if you do".


Silence fills the room for a moment. "At least let me say this" Dustin starts. "Seeing you, it helped me to realize just how beautiful you really are".

"Mmm, thanks" Lola finally smiles.

"And, I don't know, I never felt the way I did watching your video. You made me more turned on than any other girl I laid eyes on. That's why I did what I did, I wanted to see you again. I felt like I needed to. But that's no excuse".

"No it's not" Lola says. "But I'm really flattered".

Again there is silence for what feels like hours but is only a singular minute. Lola then does something very surprising. She places a hand on Dustin's semi-hard and starts to rub it to full growth.

"So" she says, snapping Dustin out of shock. "You must have really enjoyed the video huh?"

"I, uh, yeah, yes, yes I did" Dustin says breathing heavier.

"Well, I would like for you to show me" Lola says, using an individual finger to sculpt Dustin's cock through his pants.

"Seriously?" Dustin says both excited and nervous sitting up slightly.

"Yeah, now" Lola demands.

Dustin does as he is told and pushes his sweatpants down to his knees. Dustin's hardness inching its way until it is tall and proud to be out. Lola grabs the meat and holds it in her hand before pulling it up and down.

"Let's feel what effect I have on you exactly" she smiles.

Dustin gasps as he is overcome by the amount of pleasure his dick gives off while in Lola's soft hand. She practically massages the skin through her fingers while jerking him. The skin of skin contact is a little dry and the shaking sound of the handjob is audible in the room. But Dustin doesn't care, his body has relaxed to jelly and he lays there watching the beautiful brunette play with him. His muscles tense and throb with anticipation; his ass clenches hardening himself even more. Lola turns her eyes to meet Dustin's and she bites her lower lip, her shining white teeth radiating in the darkness.

"Am I getting you off Dustin?" Lola sinisterly asks.

"Ah, ye-yeah" Dustin grunts. "It would help if you kissed it".

"Kissed it, seriously?" Lola laughs softly.

"Just a little kiss" Dustin pleads.

Lola adjusts her seat on the bed and leans down while pulling her long hair off to one side and out of the way. Her face relaxes as she approaches Dustin's meat, his hand finds its way on top of her head. Lola then plants a soft kiss on the penis, then followed by one a little longer in duration.

"Mmm, just like that" Dustin says, his hand now pushing a little down on Lola's head. "Just".

She kisses him down there again, then again, and then the member slides into her mouth. Dustin gasps as his cock is encased by Lola's lips. Her tongue softly grazes his flesh as she slowly bobs her head up and down. The wet suction takes Dustin by surprise, he tenses again but relaxes with the steadying pace Lola takes.

Dustin's cock does feel a little too warm and uncleaned, but it is so smooth and smaller compared to gigantic men Lola shot her past videos with. She is able to enjoy it, and just the thought of what Dustin said, made her feel more wanted than ever before. Lola starts to move a little faster and adds in more random head movements, really encapsulating Dustin's member and rubbing every side with her lips.

Dustin breathes heavily and gets even more turned on when he can overhear the soft moans Lola is making with her mouth still on him. He reaches up with his hand and grabs a firm hold of Lola's breast. It's clothed, but she isn't wearing a bra and the material of the tank top is thin enough more him to get a soft enough feeling of her chest pillow, teasing the nipple underneath with his thumb.

"Ah, mmmm, yeah, you're so hot" Dustin moans still playing with Lola's boob. "Fuck, you're so guud" he poorly mutters in sweaty euphoria.

Lola smiles as she pulls harder on the cock, twirling the skin on the small balls through 3 of her fingers. She goes down harder, hitting the back of her throat but her gag resistance kicking in. Dustin can feel the cool air on his member whenever Lola' rises up, he is soaking wet down below. Small lines of saliva curve down and into the grooves of where his joints connect.

The surge of tension lurches up through Dustin, the muscles in his dick contracting to hold it back. Dustin's hand moves to grab Lola's arm, he groans her name to warn her, but she grabs his wrist and holds it down. When Dustin finishes she takes it all in graciously and swallows the mess to hide any trace of their actions tonight.

Lola wipes her mouth dry and grins at the recovering Dustin, she kisses his forehead and gets up and starts to leave.

"Wait, don't go" Dustin says. "I, I need you".

"You're sweet Dustin" Lola says. "But I need to get out of here". She winks at him and walks out. Dustin gets up to go after her, he needs to say… something. But, his ankle starts to hurt again, so he lays down and ponders what just happened to him.

As Lola walks out of the boy's dorm, her grin turns to shock as she starts to mentally berate herself for what she did. She just pleasured Zoey's little brother. How could she do that?! Now he'll be all over her… but he was so kind, and it would keep his mouth shut. She actually enjoyed the moment more when she thought about it. But it can't happen again… can it? Her thoughts get put on hold when a lot of blonde hair catches her attention.

"Oh hey Zoey" Lola gulps.

"Hey to you too" Zoey laughs. "Where have you been, I was getting worried. You just said you had to take care of something".

"I'm sorry yeah" Lola starts. "But it's all good, I took care of it. Let's go back to our room".

The girls head back but Zoey continues "What is all good? What did you do?"

"A girl doesn't share all her secrets" Lola fakes a smile in quick fake fashion.

Zoey thinks for a second before saying "Was it a guy? Were you doing stuff? OMG".

"Alright, haha, you caught me" Lola says nonchalantly.

"Who was it?" Zoey asks pokingly.

"I don't kiss and tell" Lola responds coldly.

"Alright" Zoey replies. "But do I know him at all?"

"More than you know" Lola says wide eyed.

To be continued…?

Thanks for making it to the end here. I wanted to try my hand at more live action stuff. IDK. Let me know if you liked it, I will most likely continue this piece at some point. Until next time.

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