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Chapter 3: Stability

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Chapter 3: Stability

Sam watched Charlie with pity. The man was helpless. He had to leave early in the morning and wanted to check on his sick daughter before he left. She was currently sleeping, her breathing harsh and heavy. Sam closed the door behind Charlie as he stepped out.

"I can't thank you and Emily enough," Charlie thanked, shaking Sam's hand, turning to smile kindly at Emily. "Of course Charlie," Emily handed Charlie a container filled with soup. "Here, for the road," Charlie shook his head in protest but took the container anyway after seeing her kind smile. These were good people.

Sam led Charlie outside and made sure he had everything. "She'll be in good hands, I promise. I'll be sure to call you with any updates or to check-in. This won't last forever." Charlie nodded, looking back at the house. "I saw the way Bella looked after talking with you this morning. There was some part of her, some part of her way before she met Edward Cullen, and I missed that. Sam, is, is she…throwing up, uh, can't eat…" Sam was confused on what Charlie was trying to ask, a frown on his face. "You know they were teenagers, I uh," Charlie scratched the back of his head and that's when Sam got the gist. "Oh! No, no! Um, I don't think so Charlie," Sam chuckled, already clearing the image from his head. He'd know, pregnant women had a different smell to them.

"Might just be an aftereffect of the cold. Please keep me updated if anything changes," Sam nodded, patting his shoulder. "I will. Drive safe Chief." Charlie nodded before walking down the stairs. "You should have someone clear this out son. Hiding in the woods like some animal," Charlie mumbled, and Sam chuckled before heading back inside.

"Hey, look at you. How are you feeling?" Bella clearly looked wiped out, but she gave him a small smile. "Um, better. I don't want to necessarily throw up. The soup was amazing, thank you Emily," Emily smiled, running her hand down Bella's shoulder. "Of course, just happy you could keep it down," Bella moved to the couch, glancing at her bags. "How did you..?" She asked, looking to Sam.

"Charlie stopped by. He has to leave in the morning to work on a case. He'll be gone for a week," Bella looked back at the bags, hiding her chuckle at the discomfort her father would have experienced packing some of her intimate objects. "Good, he doesn't need to see me like this,"

"Are you sure this is going to work?" She asked, turning her head to glance at the shifter. She couldn't believe that this man was a freaking wolf. "Wait, so do all the boys on LaPush…turn?" Sam shook his head, sitting down across from her, Emily taking a seat by his side. "Just specific bloodlines. Black, Ateara, and Uley are the bloodlines," Sam knew she was smart, hell she dated vampires, so it wasn't a surprise when she glanced at him in confusion. "Wait, you told me that Embry Call had…phased. Who else is there? Does this mean that Jacob..?" She trailed off.

"Well, Jared Cameron is somehow related to not only myself but Paul Lahote. Think of it this way. In my bloodline lies Paul and myself. Jared is the distant cousin of Paul. Embry though…his father is unknown, meaning that he could be my half-brother, or Jacob's. Jacob is the direct descendant of the Black bloodline. He should be here, in my place, but he hasn't phased yet. The proximity of vampires causes our genes to mutate I guess, and we shift," Bella looked oddly lost but slowly nodded.

"So someone…cheated right? Does Jacob know…you know that…what's going on?" Sam shook his head. "No, he can't. There could be a chance that he doesn't. Under no circumstances are you to tell him, it would be best to keep your distance. Hopefully, you'll feel better by the end of the week, because you'll be around quite a lot. You'll meet them, soon. But Bella, I must warn you,"

The seriousness in his tone made Bella lean forward slightly. "You must never, ever be alone with Paul,"

Bella's heart stuttered in her chest and she waited for Sam to elaborate. "He won't hurt you, but he's not like us. We as wolves have a natural temper, which we learn to control," His eyes slid to Emily, and Bella took it that the scars that marred Emily's face was a product of that temper. "Paul though," His brown eyes met hers once again, and Bella could see it in his eyes. "He's not like that. He's dangerous," Bella had heard this line before. Plenty of times and did she ever listen? Of course not. She dated a freaking vampire.

This curiosity would be the driving force that would bring two very different people together.

"So, don't be alarmed or take it personally if he doesn't speak to you, or even pay you any mind,"

Bella meant well, she did and would do her best to heed Sam's warning, but she was also curious. Who was Paul Lahote, and why was he the way he was?

"Okay, noted. I don't understand though, if the Cullen's are gone, why are you guys still phasing?" Sam wondered that too, and for some reason couldn't figure that out either. "Could be residual energy, I don't know. We'll have to wait and see, but we're here for a reason, and so are you,"

Bella frowned, glancing at the two of them.

"But why? Why me? What is the chance that I, a human, a plain human, falls in love with a vampire, said vampire and his family leave me behind, then suddenly the place where I belong is with shapeshifters? I didn't ask to fall in love and almost die, twice. Three if you count the woods. Answer that for me. Why?"

That was something Sam could answer. Everything had its purpose, even if they didn't understand it. "It's your destiny, Bella. This was meant to happen all along. From the beginning, it wasn't right for you. The venom was sign enough. You shouldn't even be alive, or human for that matter, but you are. The fact that I'm not even the rightful alpha, and yet I was the first to phase is impossible. Imprinting twice, impossible. Yet it's happened, and it's all been about you. The Cullen's were drawn to you. I found you. Imprinted on you. Everything that's happened in Forks, supernaturally, is because of you. This life chose you, Bella. It chose all of us,"

Jared rolled around late in the evening, basket in hand. For the first time ever, he knocked on the door, hearing from Sue briefly about Sam's houseguest. He still was unsure about the situation. It all made no sense. Jared couldn't get past the whole imprint thing. This just wasn't normal.

Emily answered the door, her bright smile eliciting a smile from him. "Hey. You're here. Great," Emily let him inside, and he sat the basket down by the door. Jared could hear Sam's quiet talking from the other room, and he glanced down at Emily. "Give me some insight Emily. What's the deal here? I don't get it," Emily went to the kitchen, motioning towards the basket. "Bring that in here will you?" Jared complied and followed her into the kitchen.

"So as you know, Sam imprinted on Bella. He says it's like having a little sister, or in hierarchy standards, Sam's the alpha, she's like the omega or subordinate. Apparently, she got bit last year," Jared's brows rows in surprise and he shuddered slightly. "How the hell is she still human?" Emily shrugged, opening up the basket and pulling out a few candles and herb balls.

"These go in her food, and the candles should help her with the sickness. Anyway, that's what we want to know. It's killing her I believe, but for some reason when around Sam, and even when he got on LaPush roads, it sickens her. Charlie is gone for the week, and we hope she'll get better. Being here seems to expel the venom from her body. Light these?" Emily handed him a lighter, and Jared did as asked. "So, we're like some super antidote?" Emily laughed quietly, shaking her head at him. "Maybe. Let's just hope it works. That poor girl,"

The bedroom door creaked open, and Jared picked up on Bella's erratic heartbeat as Sam ushered her down the hall. Coming around the corner, Jared took in Bella's form with shock. He heard she was bad, but not this bad.. A strong wind could knock her over. She was on the cusp of being sick and getting better, that much he could tell by the color in her cheeks.

"Jesus," Jared mumbled to himself, wincing at Sam's hard look. "Bella, Jared. Jared, Bella," Sam watched the scene warily, unsure how this meeting would go. He didn't expect Jared to come inside and was hoping to avoid this for now. Bella glanced at Jared tiredly, her brown eyes vulnerable to his own. She was drowning. Jared could see it. She wouldn't be able to swim on her own. Sam was the anchor, holding her head above the surface as she clawed her way to freedom. It kept her from dying, but it couldn't keep her living. She needed something to hold onto, to keep her head above the murky water without having to fight the current.

Her eyes latched onto his, some part of her very soul latching onto him like a starving man. Bella held her stomach and turned away from him. "This so isn't a good idea," She moaned, heading back down the hall. Her gagging and heaving made the young wolf shudder. He started to make his way down the hall but was stopped by Sam's hand on his shoulder. Sam shook his head, and Jared glanced longingly down the hall.

"She needs me," Jared explained, shifting from foot to foot. "You too?" Jared pushed past Sam, and traveled down the hall to the guest bedroom, knocking on the bathroom door. Sam glanced at Emily, muttering to himself. "What?" She asked, coming to stand next to him.

Sam purses his lips. "This just doesn't make any sense,"

Jared ran a soothing hand down Bella's back as she violently threw up in the toilet. "Just breathe," He coaxed, turning his face away. "I'll be glad when this is over," She mumbled, flushing the toilet. Jared helped her to her feet, and Bella went about washing her hands and rinsing her mouth.

Jared stared at her through the mirror, his eyes swimming with an emotion she couldn't place. Bella took in deep breaths, each breath fighting off the swimming of butterflies in her stomach. "What?" She whispered.

Jared just shook his head, frowning at her. "You'll get better," He murmured. Bella looked away from his strong gaze, her jaw tensing. "Doesn't feel like it. Everything is so hard to see, and I'm trying," Her voice cracked at the end, and she leaned against the sink, staring herself in the face. "Jared, I'm stuck. I'm stuck here in my head, and I'm trying to fight my way out, but it's hard. I can't breathe, and every time I do…" She trailed off, glancing at him. "I can feel my body slipping away from me, pulling me in so many directions, but truth is, I'm sinking, there's no sun in the sky. With…them, I lost myself, and I can't find myself. Who was I?" A tear slipped down her cheek, and she wiped it away angrily.

Jared pulled her from the sink, smoothing her hair back and over her head. "That's for you to figure out. But I promise you, we'll be here along the way," Following his instincts, Jared leaned forward, kissing her forehead. He paused momentarily when Bella wrapped her arms around him. He guided her head down to his shoulder, unaware of the actions he was doing.

His wolf was smart, pushing the human past her body's comfort. "Don't fight it. Embrace us, and in turn, we'll embrace you,"

She complied.

Jared stayed that night, unable to catch much sleep, voluntary on his part. He camped out in the Livingroom, adjacent to the guest bedroom. The door was cracked open, and he had a clear view of Bella as she slept. The two candles in her room basked her in a soft glow.

Bella's quiet shift had him leaning up on the couch, getting a better look at her. Her expression turned from that of comfort to slight pain. He could feel something brewing, deep in his gut. He sat up slowly, pushing the thin sheet off of him, shooting to his feet as Bella gasped loudly.

He maneuvered his body around the furniture, and into the hall, pushing the bedroom door open. Bella was clawing at the sheets, her wide eyes staring up at the ceiling. Jared fumbled his way to the bed, leaning over her. "It burns!" She gasped, grabbing his hand in a tight grip. "Emily!" Jared called, lifting Bella out of the bed. Emily stumbled into the room seconds later, her tired eyes taking in the scene. "What's wrong?" She ran to their side, looking at Bella's face. "Oh god. Her lips are blue,"

Jared bit his lip in panic. "She say it burns, I- I don't see anything…" He trailed off, looking down at Bella. Bella clawed at her arm, and Jared gazed at the bite mark. "The venom. Emily call Paul, tell him to get a hold of Sam ASAP, and meet us at the beach,"

Emily did as told, going to the phone. She waited as the phone rang. "But Jared, why the beach?" Jared pulled open the door, turning back at her. "The land. If it makes her sick, I'm sure it can heal. Let's hope it can cool her off,"

Jared was gone, he and Bella disappearing into the night.

'This better be good.'

'Find Sam. It's an emergency, tell him to meet Jared by the beach,'

'Am I needed?'

'I honestly don't know, just tell him it's Bella, he'll know,'


Jared ran through the sand, Bella's cries of pain spurring him on. Bella held onto him tightly; she could feel it in her soul. Knew what he planned on doing. She knew it. She knew that the water would feel like fire, 10 times worse than the burning.

She found some strength in her body to try to pull away. "No! No! I don't want to go! Jared please!" Jared was taken aback by her sudden fight but didn't stop as he kept running towards the water. Bella kicked and screamed, trying her hardest to get away, but she couldn't. Sam's words popped into her head: this life chose you Bella. It chose all of us.

Bella could hear the waves, feel the ice coursing through her veins. Jared kept forward, running into the water. Bella hung onto him for dear life, her cry's drowned out by the water. She begged to go to shore the further Jared went. Jared stopped, pulling Bella back to face him. "Breathe," He whispered, holding her face. She gasped, trying to match his breathing, but her body was going into shock.

Jared acted quickly, pulling Bella back to shore. He laid her on the sand, internally panicking, but tried to stay calm.

He lifted her head, cursing to himself. "Fuck, fuck, fuck. Bella, wake up. Dammit, wake up! Stop fighting it," He shook at her body, running a hand through his wet hair. "Jared!" Jared looked behind him, to see Sam running his way, and Paul leading a much tired-looking Sue out of the woods. "I don't know what happened," Jared said, looking at Sam as he dropped to his knees. "I just knew that…She's not breathing,"

Sue came to a stand behind them, frowning. "She still has time. She needs to be…reborn, but know that even then, her turmoil will not be over," Sam sent her a glare at her cryptic words. "We don't know CPR, you're the nurse," Jared reminded, looking up at her, glancing at the book in her hands.

"I can't do it. One of you have to," Before anyone could protest, Sam and Jared glanced warily at Paul. "Move," Sam and Jared scrambled backward as Paul started CPR.

Bella was cold.

Everything was dark.

'Embraceeee,' Something hissed, and Bella shivered violently. 'The coooold' Bella looked around in the darkness, a bright blue light glowing in thin air. To her left, an orange glow, emitting heat.

'You belong to the wolves now Bella,' Bella could feel her body being pulled in the opposite direction as she ran towards what she believed was fire. A single wolf emerged from the flames, baring its teeth. Bella reached out her hand, and the wolf stood, prowling towards her.

She stretched her fingers, just barely grazing its nose. It's your destiny Bella.

The black eyes moved from her line of vision before she could make sense of anything, Sam's face hovering above her own. Soon, her chest was exploding, and she coughed violently, turning away from Sam, throwing up a clear liquid. She took in a deep breath, glancing down at her arm.

Her scar was gone.

She nodded blindly to Sam's questions, her eyes gazing off into space. She saw the retreating figure stop at the tree line, and he turned. Bella couldn't see that well, but the clouds suddenly parted, inviting the moon to faintly kiss the sand and trees.

There. There, Bella saw eyes so black, so vacant. A blazing fire.

Sam's and Jared's voices were muffled, noticing her attention drawn on something else. "Paul. He saved your life," Sam mumbled to her, lifting her off the ground, and easily into his arms.

Bella drifted off then, her body fighting the physical damage done to her from the venom.

Jared glanced at Sam as Bella drifted off to sleeping, smiling kindly at Sue. He motioned in Paul's direction, who was waiting for her. "Go, we'll call," Sue handed Jared the book before glancing down at Bella. She walked across the sand, following Paul into the trees.

"Do you think he?" Jared asked. Sam shook his head. "It was too fast,"

Jared glanced back at the trees, looking at Sam again. "But..." He started, and Sam shook his head. "He's different, I don't think he's capable of it,"

"But if he is?" Sam frowned. "If there could be one person…" He trailed off, looking back down at Bella's face. "Jared. Everything that happens in our lives is for a reason, so if it's possible if Paul could have a connection with someone, destined or not, its quite possible that she could…If he could care for anyone, why would it have to be her?"

Jared frowned. "She was chosen,"

Sam pulled Bella a little closer, looking up at the sky.

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