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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Withdrawal

Charlie popped his head into Bella's room for the fourth time today, frowning as she just sat there, staring out into nothing. "Um, Bells? Are you hungry? I haven't seen you come out all day," He approached her slowly, like a wounded animal.

Bella just shook her head. "I'm not hungry," She responded. Charlie sighed. He knew his daughter had just gone through a rough break up, and this was the day after, but her reaction was weird. He expected her to cry, to be upset, but he also expected her to talk, function normally, as a person.

It was like someone died. She screamed all night last night and yet didn't sleep long because of her cold. Any longer out there she would've gotten hypothermia. "You've got to eat something. Some soup? You are sick," He murmured. She just shook her head. He sighed, sitting on the edge of her bed. "Bella…he, he's not coming back. I know you're hurting but, there's more to life than just one boy,"

She uncurled her legs from under her, turning to look at him. "But why? Why would with me if he didn't…" She swallowed, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye. "Didn't what sweetheart?" He asked concerned, moving some hair from her face.

"Want me? He s-said…he didn't want me, and he just me alone. He left me all alone when he promised he wouldn't," Charlie frowned, his anger growing slightly. "How did you get lost? In your note…" Bella glanced up at him sharply, the emotion striking Charlie briefly. "What?" She asked, her brows furrowing.

"Yeah, your note. You said you were taking a walk with Edward. You said you'd stick to the path," Bella shook her head, her eyes tearing up, her brain coming to a conclusion she didn't think was possible. "Dad…c-can you just leave me alone for a while? I need to think," She whispered. Charlie wanted to press for more, but he decided not to, patting her leg. "Okay honey. I start the last shift at 6:30 tonight, is Sam till coming by?" Bella just nodded in response, his name somewhat soothing the ache that rooted its way from her heart.

Charlie heard a few things about Sam Uley, a heartbreaker apparently, but a good kid. He would forever be grateful for Sam and hoped that by him coming over would help Bella somewhat. He wished she had more female friends, but considering Sam has always had a good reputation and was seemingly engaged, he didn't worry about that. He just hoped someone could break through to her.

When she emerged from outside this morning, telling him of his plan, he could have sworn there was something different in her eyes. They didn't look so vacant. She wasn't holding herself. Until she did. He made himself a grilled cheese, making an extra one for her, knowing she wouldn't eat it. She hadn't eaten anything all day.

Charlie needed to go testify for a case next week, but he was wary. He couldn't not go, but he worried about Bella. Would she be okay here alone? Charlie hoped that if Sam was able to help Bella, he'd let her stay with him and Emily for a week, or check on her throughout the time he'd be gone, but he didn't want to put anybody out.

Six on the dot, the doorbell rang, and Charlie had just put on his belt, sticking his gun in the hostler. He opened the door, smiling gratefully at the giant that stood at his door. "Sam, thanks for coming," He said, moving to the side to let Sam inside. Sam nodded in his direction, looking to the stairs briefly. "Of course, Chief. I just feel like it's my responsibility you know. I'd like to see her get better," Charlie nodded gratefully. "Well, maybe you can do better than I did. She hasn't eaten a single thing all day, and she really needs to," Charlie murmured, his eyes darting to the kitchen.

Sam just hummed in response, nodding, giving Charlie a light smile. "I'll do what I can," Charlie sucked in a deep breath and nodded. "Thank you. Should I be expecting you around more?" Sam turned towards him in thought. "If you wouldn't mind. I know teenagers can be a hassle, no doubt a heartbroken one. You look stressed," Sam observed, brow crinkling. Had Bella gotten that much worse in a matter of hours?

Charlie scratched the back of his head. "Truth is, I have an important trial to go to outside of Seattle. It can take anywhere between two weeks to a month. I'm supposed to head out next Sunday, but I'm just worried. It's like she can't function. If she won't eat…" He trailed off. Sam laid his hand on Charlie's shoulder, squeezing it firmly. "I'll take care of it. If I must, I'll bring her to stay with Emily and me. A change of scenery may do her good. Don't worry about anything," Charlie sighed in relief. "Thank you. We'll get back together in a few days and assess things then. I don't know what it was about those damn Cullen's but…I hope they never return," Charlie stole one last glance at the stairs before heading out the door, keys in hand.

Sam glanced at the stairs before heading into the kitchen. He grabbed the grilled cheese sandwich that sat on the stove, and after finding the plates, he sat it in the microwave. He then searched through the cabinets looking for any soup. He found a can of potato soup. Navigating the Swan kitchen wasn't as hard as it seemed, and he had a bowl of hot soup in minutes.

"Bella? I'm coming up the stairs," He called, before taking the steps two at a time. He followed the sound of her heartbeat to the room at the top of the stairs, frowning as he found her staring out the window. He sat the food down on her dresser, cutting on the bedside lamp. He narrowed his eyes as the small circular mirror that sat by her bed was covered with a towel.

She didn't even acknowledge him. He walked forward, crouching down in front of her. Since he was blocking her view, her eyes met his, and Sam could see the storm of conflict in them. "You need to eat. You're sick. Holing yourself up isn't going to do anything. Your father is worried about you. Do you even care?" He asked her, searching for that fire in her. He knew she had it.

He saw it this morning. She looked away from him frowning. The wolf was becoming agitated with her. She was sick and didn't even want to take care of herself. "Eat." He growled, turning her chair around, harshly pushing her towards the table where her computer sat.

The chair made a loud noise as it slid against the floor, making Bella wince. Sam sat her food in front of her, leaning against the wall. "I'm not leaving until you eat," He said, pulling her wooden rocking chair forward to sit down in.

Her jaw clenched as she stared at him, and Sam hid his smile. She was going to burst, he knew it. He could see her eyes flicker from him to the food. Her fingers twitched by her side, the corner of her mouth curling for just a second in anger.

Her face went blank again, and she sighed. "I'm not hungry," She pushed away the soup, looking away from him.

Now the words Sam said next, he'd never say again, but this wasn't just Sam and some ordinary teen. This was the alpha and the subordinate, his charge to boot. He couldn't play nice and coax. Nor could he coddle. He figured she got enough of that from The Cullen's.

"You're pathetic," Bella snapped her head up, her lips thinning as the glare in her eyes became venomous. "You don't know anything, nobody would understand-" Sam cut her off with a growl, the sound making Bella lean back in her seat.

She followed him with her eyes as he stood. She swallowed as he leaned forward getting in her face. "And? Doesn't mean you have to wallow in self-pity. You're human, you have feelings, but you're not just any human. You've been caught in a whirlwind of supernatural bullshit that's older than you and I. He won't be back, he won't come back, and if he did, it would be the last thing she ever did," He grabbed her arm, forcing her sleeve back. "Look at this. They marked you. It still reeks of venom. Everything about them is to draw you in, so much so that you don't even know you're dying. It's taking a hold of you. Don't you recognize it?" He asked her, letting her jerk her arm away.

She pulled her sleeve back down, staring up at him. "He loved me," She argued. Sam sighed, crouching before her. His eyes bore into hers, forcing her to still. "He didn't love you. He owned you. He was like a drug to you," She blinked, shaking her head. "You're wrong!" She snapped, trying to pull away from him.

He didn't let her get far. He grabbed her wrist, dragging her to the bathroom. She stumbled behind him, turning away from the mirror. He spun her around, holding her chin, forcing her to look at herself. His other arm pulled her flush against him, keeping her arms by her side.

She screwed her eyes shut, trembling in his hold. "Look at yourself" He growled, the alpha timbre in his voice holding just a bit of control over her body. Her eyes were wide when they snapped open, and Bella stood there, taking in her dull complexion, limp hair that was once vibrant. She saw the dark circles that hung under her eyes. She looked horrible.

"Look at what they did to you," He lowered his voice, meeting her eyes in the mirror.

She looked herself in the eyes, and it was as if she could see herself in them, fighting to reach the surface. That strange feeling came over her once again, and Bella felt her stomach roll and flop. Sam released his hold, and Bella immediately stepped towards the toilet, pushing the seat up. She got to her knees and dry heaved, her body shaking violently.

Sam was immediately behind her, pulling back her hair, and his presence caused her stomach to lurch and growl, forcing bile up her throat. Sam's hand was soothing down her back as she threw up what looked to be food from two nights ago. Once she was done, Sam helped her to her feet. He couldn't be sure that her lack of eating caused her to throw up, but he had a feeling that she was indeed going through some type of withdrawal that was being endued by his presence.

He didn't want her to be sick, but on one hand, it was like she was filled with poison. She washed her hands, looking paler than ever, leaning on Sam for support. "What's wrong with me?" She asked miserably. He helped her to bed and patted her head soothingly. "I don't know, but believe me, I will figure it out." He frowned at the light perspiration on her forehead. He grabbed her food and started to take it downstairs. "Um. Sam? Can you…leave the food?" Sam nodded. "I'll bring it back up. It needs to be reheated,"

Sam nodded to himself as he went downstairs. As he went bout reheating her food the phone rang, and he snagged it off the hook. "Swan residence," He answered. "Sam? What are you doing at Charlie's? Why is it that I had to find out from Jared that you haven't been back since you left this morning? Bella should be good now. There is nothing else to be done for her. You must get back with your pack. There is worry another boy may phase soon," Billy's urgent voice spoke through the phone, his tone laced with confusion.

Sam sighed. He couldn't catch a break. "I'll be over when I can," He said, moving to pull the food from the microwave. "When you can? Sam, you are the alpha, this is your first priority," Sam quickly sat the bowl and plate down before he smashed it on accident.

He hadn't told the council yet of his imprint, but he wouldn't argue with Billy. Not right now. "I understand my priorities. We need to meet, soon. I've happened to imprint again, on Bella." Billy was silent, his harsh breathing was all Sam could hear.

"That's impossible," Billy snapped. Sam rolled his eyes, "Apparently not. It's not romantic and Emily is still my imprint. It's more like a sibling thing. She needs me. She's pack, you can't deny that. She's like the subordinate or the omega. I think she's sick Billy. Whatever the Cullen's did…it has had some weird effect on her. When I'm near her she says it's like a haze has lifted over her body. I physically make her sick. It's like her body is trying to force out whatever toxins are in her,"

Billy sighed on the other line, cursing quietly. It had Sam standing guard, waiting for a bomb to drop. "It's called dazzling. We first learned of it when the Cullen's first came to Forks. We were warned about it but were assured that they'd never use it on a human. It's meant to lure their prey when they feed. You're right. She's experiencing a withdrawal. Her body can't cope without it, and your presence to her is forcing her body to fight against it. This isn't going to bode over well with the council, but I will let them know. You do need to return tonight though, they'll want to see you immediately,"

Sam looked up towards the stairs, listening quietly. "I can do that," The tone clicked, and Sam sat the phone back on the hook. He wasn't sure when the Chief would be back, and Bella was a little worse for wear. He rang the station, glancing out of the window.

"Fork's Sherriff's Department, this is Saul,"

"Hello, Saul. Can you connect me to Chief Swan? It's urgent," As soon as Saul transferred Sam, Charlie immediately spoke up, his worry evident in his voice. "Sam? Is everything alright? What's wrong?" Sam chuckled to himself. "I'm sorry to worry you Chief. Everything is fine. I just need to be getting back soon, and Bella isn't feeling very well. I was hoping you'd be okay with me taking her to my place to keep an eye on her for the night. I'll have her call you in the morning or you could stop by,"

Sam knew Charlie had no idea what to do with a sick daughter, one that was also suffering from mystical magic. "Is it not too much trouble? I know nothing about….Renee did all of this. They might be pushing this case out a little sooner. Has she eaten?" He asked, and Sam could imagine the look on the poor man's face. "Yeah, I'm about to give her some soup. It seems like she has a little virus, a stomach bug. Sue might have a remedy for her," He spoke, hoping to assuage Charlie of his worry.

Charlie sighed on the other end, rubbing his face. "Now, be honest with me. Can you really help her?" He asked. Sam hummed in response. "I firmly believe I do. I was like Bella once. In love. I think we may have a few things in common. She'll be in good hands,"

After reassuring Charlie Bella would be fine, he finally gave Bella her food, keeping an eye on her as she ate. "I spoke with Charlie, and I think it would be a good idea if you came down to the Rez. What happened tonight, I think it is a breakthrough, and I'm going to help you. I'm going to make you better. We also need to have a quick chat,"

She sat her bowl to the side, sitting up against the headboard. He sat on the edge of the bed, glancing at her seriously. "There are three boys that are like me, and probably many more will come. Embry Call literally just phased, and as newly phased wolves, we have a temper. I don't want you to get hurt. I made a mistake like that once. Charlie said he might have to make a trip sooner, rather than later. I'd like you to come stay with Emily and I. I'm going to warn you now that if my presence alone makes you sick, you'll be even sicker. I spoke to Billy Black, and the venom in your system is attacking your body. As I said, it's killing you. I can save you. You just need to be willing to save yourself."

Sam waited patiently, disbelief coloring her face. He sat down on the edge of her bed, looking at her. "This life will never leave you alone. All I can do is make sure you survive in it. As shapeshifters, we do what's called imprinting," Bella sat up slowly, giving him her full attention. "Like ducks?" Sam chuckled. "Not exactly. It's a gift from the spirits, a way of saying 'thank you for your service' gifts us with true love. Emily is my imprint. I also have imprinted on you," Sam explained, chuckling at the expression on her face. "Not like that. You're like a sister to me. The wolf in me, that display minutes prior, I didn't really mean it, but in nature standards, you're the Omega. The lowest, but most precious to my pack. Considering that we aren't full-blown wolves, you don't have to fight for your position or anything. It is my job to look after you, and I will do anything to make sure you are safe, even that means from yourself. We'll fix you up and get your right, I promise,"

Bella took in a deep breath, slowly nodding her head. "You really wouldn't have let me say no would you?" She asked. Sam patted her covered ankle and stood, "No. Either you came willingly or kicking and screaming. Whichever you preferred," He smiled a toothy grin, and Bella couldn't help her slight shiver at the predator underneath.

"Nice. When do I need to get ready?"

Sam's nose wrinkled as Bella threw up in the brown paper bag, rethinking his decision. What was the point in her eating if she couldn't keep anything down? Sam had literally just crossed the border of LaPush, and the effect was heavy. Sam could almost feel the magic in the air, swirling around in the very air they breathed. "I don't like this," She moaned, leaning her head against the window.

"Just…don't get throw up in the truck," Bella glowered at him, turning back to look outside. "Are we almost there?" She questioned, shifting in the seat. Sam glanced over at her, frowning slightly. "We're almost there," Bella nodded, screwing her eyes shut. Sam was thankful he thought beforehand to call Emily to have her put the soup on and called Sue so that she'd have something for Bella when she arrived.

Sam pulled into his driveway, stopping at the tree line. Bella stared at the trees, and then him. "Your house is through there?" Sam nodded, shutting the truck off, hopping out. Sam went to the other side, helping Bella out.

Sam didn't know the effect of which bringing her would cause, but he wasn't prepared. Neither of them were. Bella's knees buckled as her feet hit the rocky ground, Sam's arm tightening around her waist to keep her steady. "I've got you," Sam responded, helping her to stand upright. Bella grabbed the paper bag, shutting the door. With each step they took, Bella's stomach seemed to flip and flop.

They walked through the trees, and onto the other side of his small cabin, and Bella glanced at the women who stood on the porch. "Do they?" She questioned. "Yes. Emily is on the left, and that's Sue on the right,"

Bella nodded. Sue was the first to walk up to them, her hand to Bella's forehead. "This is worse than I thought. Has she been like this all day?" Sam shook his head, helping Bella inside. "No, got worse when we got to LaPush," Sue hummed, and Emily went into the guest room to get the room prepared.

"The magic is strong. I have some smelling salts that'll clam her stomach. Can she keep food down?" At just the mention of it, Bella pulled out her paper bag ready to hurl, but Sam was faster, pulling a small tin basket to her.

Sam and Sue shared a look, and Emily came out of the guest room, deciding to help Bella into the room, a soothing gesture that brought Bella some relief. Sue looked at the contents, before looking to Sam. "Which one of your boys are out tonight?" Sam took a quick glance at the chart on the wall before answering. "Jared. He's closest," Sue nodded. "Send him by this evening. I'll have a basket of special herbs, and candles, as well as some things that can go in her food to keep down the nausea. I spoke to Billy and if what he says seems to be the case, she's going to be like this for a while. If the others come around, they need to keep their space. We don't need to overwhelm her. She needs to have the food herbs with every meal and see if that helps. Water, and keep the food light. Take note of her temp today and over the next few days,"

Sam mentally took note, nodding. "I might have to call Charlie. She might have to be here for a while then," Sue nodded. "I'll take care of that. Here, take this for now. Next meal you give her, drop this in it. It has no taste really except for a hint of mint and parsley," Sam grabbed the small balls of herbs, nodding in thanks. "Call me if you need anything. I'll be with Harry, looking over anything we can find to help you out," Sue patted his arm before leaving, and Sam leaned against the couch with a small sigh.

Emily emerged from the room, pulling the door shut quietly. "How is she?" Sam asked, pulling her into his arms. "Okay, I guess. Threw up real bad. What's going on? Why is she sick?" Sam showed her the herbs. "It's the venom. Maybe it has to do with this imprint, I don't know, but whatever has to do with wolves, is making her sick. I think her body is trying to fight off the venom in her system and repelling it," Emily frowned. "Okay…so wait. Vampires are the natural enemy, and in her system is a small amount of venom coursing through her veins. You two are now bound, just like you and I. So the venom can't counteract it, and is not strong enough to hold. Does that sound right?" Sam shrugged, kissing the top of her head. "Your guess is as good as mine. Sue's going to do some research, and we have to put these in her meals,"

Emily nodded, taking the herbs. "Okay. What about Jared and Paul? Embry? If she's this sick while on LaPush alone, how will her body react around them? Do you think any of them may imprint on her like you?" Sam shrugged again, looking down the hall. "Honestly Em, I have no idea. Jared will be over tonight with a basket. We'll just have to wait and see,"

Sam tensed under her hold as the sounds of dry heaving resonated faintly from the bathroom.

"Everything will be okay," Emily assured, kissing his shoulder.

AN: So as you can see, the venom in Bella's body is expelling itself due to her newfound bond with the wolves. This revised version of this story will not be totally similar to the way I did the original, so this will not pick up and connect with the original, but some scenes might. Just a small note.

Till next time!

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