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Losses and Gains- Chapter

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"Dad, you don't have to do this," Bella whispered, gripping his hand. Charlie shook his head, standing up for probably the fourth time in the last hour. "You don't need to go alone. I should be there to support you, you mother wouldn't approve," He whispered, a tear slipping down his cheek.

Bella wiped it away, swallowing the lump in her throat. "Daddy…you still loved her. She'd understand. I can do this. Stay here. One of the boys will help you get the house cleaned, okay? She knows daddy…I know that you don't want to do this," Charlie heavily sat back down, his head in his hands. "I'm sorry," He cried, and Bella sucked in a gasping breath, her heart oozing with grief.

She leaned down and kissed his hair before standing up. As she walked towards the door, she nodded to Sam. "He'll be alright, see you when you get back. Remember," He trailed off, and Bella nodded. One of Charlie's deputies opened the front door for her, walking her towards the taxi that waited in the driveway. The back door opened, and Bella grasped the tan hand that reached out for her. The door closed behind her, and Bella smiled sadly at Paul. "I told him to stay," She whispered, looking back out the window as the driver pulled away from her house. Paul intertwined his fingers with hers, grasping her hand.

"I don't even know what I'm going to say," She sniffed. "You'll figure it out," He responded, guiding her head down to his shoulder. The ride was otherwise silent to the airport, and Bella was so deep in her mind, she barely registered that they were at the airport. Renee and Phil's funeral were going to be held tomorrow at the baseball field, so she and Paul would check into a nearby hotel. They'd leave the following day.

The door opened, and Bella slid out, waiting as Paul slid out behind her. The driver handed them their duffel bags and bowed his head before getting back into the taxi. After checking in with the airport, they waited until their flight was called. "I never got to know Phil's family. I don't even know who will be there. Can I ask you a favor?" She asked, making Paul lift his head. "If it gets to be too much…don't let me stand up there babbling and crying like an idiot," She gave a mix between a chuckle, and a pained laugh.

"I wouldn't let you. Come on," They boarded the plane, and they settled into the comfortable blue seats. 10 minutes in the air, and Bella caught some shuteye. As she slept, Paul scanned the area he was in, confident that only humans were aboard.

"Room for Swan," Bella flashed her ID at the receptionist. "Check out is at 11, breakfast starts at 9, 4th floor, room 410," Bella nodded in thanks, swiping the keycards from the desk. Bella was somewhat relieved that they were the only two in the elevator, and she hit 4, waiting until the doors close. "Before we leave in the morning, I want to stop by the flower shop. Renee loved roses, the plastic ones….she would like those," She whispered to herself more than anything, but Paul nodded.

The doors opened on their floor, and after walking down a long hallway, they found room 410. She swipes the key card and the lock clicks. She pushes open the door, and it was like any other hotel room with the basic amenities. They set their bags in the closet area, and Bella sits on the edge of the king-sized bed, laying back. She stares up at the ceiling for a moment, before looking to her left to see Paul checking his phone. "Sam?" She asks, and he responds with a nod. She takes in a deep breath, closing her eyes. It could have been the jet lag, or the grief, but she had fallen asleep like that. Paul gently lifts her and sets her down right, placing the covers over her.

As she slept, he didn't do much but keep the pack updated. The evening had started to settle quicker, and he ordered room service for dinner. He decided to shower, before waking Bella up. She had curled up under the covers, and he almost hated to wake her. "Bella," He murmurs, reaching down to shake her awake. He brushes some hair from her face as he does so. "Hmmm?" She mumbles sleepily, turning over. "You should eat," He coaxes, meeting her eyes as they opened.

She looks around the room for a moment, seeing the lamps on. She slowly sits up, and she lets out a sigh. "Okay, I'm going to freshen up," He steps back to let her out of bed, and she walks past him to get her things before stepping into the bathroom. The water cuts on after a few minutes, and Paul starts to settle in for the night. He cuts on the TV, going through the channels.

He waited patiently for her to return. She steps out half an hour later in an overly large t-shirt, her wet hair slicked back and behind her ears. "Thanks," She murmurs, taking the other plate towards the bed. For the next hour or so, Bella ate in silence while they watched mindless TV. Bella fell asleep first, and after some time, Paul cut off the TV and laid down as well.

In the middle of the night, he's awoken by sniffles, and he simply turn on his side, laying an arm across her. She rolls over, nuzzling her head under his chin, and quietly cries. He doesn't say anything, knowing there was nothing he could say to console her. He simply lets her cry, trying his best to bring her some form of comfort. Minutes later after she had quieted, she tells him a story. A story about how it all started, how Renee took her to Arizona when she was just a child, and how they lived in this weird yet somewhat altering relationship.

Bella never resented her mother for her flighty behavior or her want to try something new every week. It meant that Renee was a person that lived for the world, and Bella would never trade it for anything. She spoke of good moments with her, and some not so good moments, but it was all in love. He just listened while rubbing her back, and she stayed up for the rest of the night, quietly talking to him or just laying there.

Bella fiddles with her fingers as the wind gently blows in her hair. She looks out into the small crowd of people, friends of Phil and Renee, including Phil's team. Paul stood a few feet behind her, giving her space, but yet close enough if she needed his support. "Um, I'd first like to say thank you for coming out here. My mom was a woman who didn't know what she wanted to do the next day and lived every day as if it were her last. Until she met Phil. Phil changed her life in so many ways, and I'm grateful I got to see her grow," She looks down at the closed caskets, taking in a deep breath.

"You never really think about losing the people you love, and I thought I'd be much older when this day came, but it's a feeling that's undescribed. I wish I had more time to visit and give her everything she wanted in a daughter. Phil was very easy-going and relaxed. He loved us, and I know that we meant a lot to him," Her vision becomes glassy as tears well in her eyes. She quickly wipes under her eyes as she tries to formulate what she wanted to say. Truth was, she wanted to say she was sorry, and that it was all her fault, but nobody would understand.

She's silent for a moment as she looks at the few people that were staring at her with similar expressions of sadness and grief. Phil's team was off to the side, each with his name and number on their shirts. Women and men who had met Renee and Phil in passing. She imagines them for a moment, living their life without a care in the world, and her heart aches. "I'm sorry…." She murmurs, trying to grasp her thoughts.

Paul straightens up a bit as he can hear her heart racing. "Um…" She lays her shaking hands in front of her, looking down at the bible in front of her. Everyone is waiting patiently, understanding that this was probably very hard for her to do. "You and Renee were all he talked about!" One of his team members spoke up, holding his baseball cap to his chest, hoping to convey just how much she meant to Phil. They all agreed, and Bella's lips wobble. She partially turns away, shaking her head at the priest to show that she couldn't continue.

He stands, and Paul is gently guiding Bella towards him, holding her as she cried. He guides her head to his chest, sitting her down in her seat, sitting next to her. She clings to his jacket, quietly sobbing as the priest starts to bring the service to an end. He says a prayer and opens a basket that held a few doves. They fly away as they're set free, rose petals flying in their wake due to the wind. Seeing as Bella was inconsolable for the moment, two team members decided to stand in for her, shaking hands and offering their respects.

Through Bella's cries, Paul could hear her quiet mumbling of 'I'm sorry'. He cradles her face, shaking his head. "None of this is your fault. Do you understand? This isn't anybody's fault but those vampires," She opens her mouth to protest but he stops her with another shake of the head. "You fell in love. You shouldn't be punished for it. Do not hold onto guilt that is not yours to carry," She drops her head against his chest, clinging onto him. "It hurts so much," She whimpers. Paul places a kiss atop of her head. "I know,"

A familiar voice has Bella lifting her head, and she's surprised to see Charlie walking alongside Jared and Embry. She's standing before she can even process it, and Charlie engulfs her into his arms. "I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner. I couldn't let you do this alone," He whispers into her hair. She squeezes onto him tightly. Charlie provided much needed strength, and they walk down the small stage to take the baseball player's places.

Paul follows with his eyes momentarily before turning to Embry and Jared. "Sam couldn't be here. Jake phased last night as I'm sure he told you. The presence of these damn Cullen's aren't doing us any favors," Embry mutters, turning his eyes to look at everyone coming and going. "I figured as such. How's he taking it?" Paul wonders, and Jared rolls his eyes. "I get that it's jarring, but he's very whiney, and it has nothing to do with being a wolf," Paul raises a brow in response. He personally didn't care whether Jacob liked being a wolf or not, it was just how the chips fell into place. His main concern was his thoughts and emotions towards Bella. Jacob had a thing for her, and Paul wasn't jealous because he knew where he stood in Bella's life. However, he knew how volatile a newly transformed wolf could be and didn't want him saying or doing anything that would stress her out.

"Let's just say Sam's at his wits end with him and my brother," Paul just hums in response to that. "Anything on the redhead?" He asks, keeping his eyes on Bella and Charlie. "No. The Cullen's are tracking her though. They plan to leave as soon as it's over. With them on our side, we may have a chance. The small one thinks that her army isn't going to be that big as she doesn't want to deal with newborns…uh newly transformed vampires…so the less of those the better. Sam plans on making sure Emily is down with her family during it all and we're looking for a place to have this battle, somewhere wide and open," Embry explains.

"What about Edward?" Paul questions. "He won't be a problem. He's with this blonde chick who came to help. The Cullen's have these friends that have the same eyes as they do, and they decided to help, so I don't think we have anything to worry about," Embry assures. Paul nods. "Good, good," The three watch Charlie and Bella. "How's she holding up?" Jared asks, leaning on his feet as he did so. A part of him wanted to console her, but he knew that she was okay.

"She's taking it pretty hard, but she'll get through it, she's strong," Paul murmurs. "Yeah, she is," Jared agrees.

Paul, Bella, and Charlie are in the back of the taxicab, Bella leaning against Charlie as she looks out of the window. "It was a beautiful service," He murmurs, and she nods in agreement. "Where are Jared and Embry?" Charlie asks, looking over at the quiet shifter. "They went to do some scouting and get in touch with Sam. We're heading back tomorrow, and we just need to make sure everyone's prepared for our return," Bella turns her head towards him brow furrowed. "Jacob finally phased, didn't he?" Paul nods, watching her face closely.

"I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing," She murmurs. "You let us worry about that. Jacob's not ready for alpha right now, and I doubt for a long time. He'll get used to it, just like we had to," He assures. "So, wait a minute, I'm confused. Sam is alpha because he phased first, right?" At Paul's nod, he continues. "But Jacob is really meant to take over one day? How does that work? He's a teenager, and I'm sure you don't just give him the position just because. Teenagers are…you know? What's to stop him from wanting it now if he did want it?" Bella hums in thought, looking to Paul as well for that answer. He shifts in the seat for a moment, and the streetlights from outside gently shine in over his eyes, a small glint of what looked like silver in his eyes. It disappeared just as quickly as it appeared, Bella nor Charlie any the wiser.

"The way it works can go two ways. One, Sam can pass over the position peacefully by letting the power transfer. It happens only during a full moon, and only when Jacob is mature enough to take it on. The power won't transfer unless it deems Jacob worthy and ready. However, there are more brutal ways it can happen. If Jacob believes that he is ready, he can call forth the spirit of Taha Aki, and challenge Sam. The challenge is done first by calling upon his spirit, then if Jacob isn't a beta, he must bring forth a wounded beta beaten by his hand upon Sam, thus challenging him for his spot," Both are silent for a moment, unsure if they wanted to know the rest. Paul continues as he looks at them both with a hard expression. "Sam and Jacob then must fight till either one submits or the other dies. If Jacob is a beta…" He pauses for a moment, his nose wrinkling at how foul the tribes achieves describe it.

"And wishes to fight Sam for alpha, he must go for the alpha female. There's a hierarchy with wolves and it applies more to us that many of us originally thought. You have the alpha, the alpha female, the betas, omegas, and the rest of the pack. Each status is important within themselves, each making up for the pack. The rest of the pack are usually the young, the one's that need guidance like Seth, Josiah, and Quil. They look to us for protection, won't usually challenge us, if so, it's only to be assured that they still hold value to the pack. The Omegas are the one's that are usually complacent, fine in their status of where they are. Leah, Levi, Quil, and Jamie are omegas. They're above the rest of the pack for a reason. They are a bit more skilled in combat, but also know their place. Omegas in a traditional pack are the least cared for, basically meaningless. In our nature it's different of course, and they're important in keeping order on a lower scale.

The betas. Jared, Embry, and myself. There's a reason we're right under Sam. We have more capability of challenging him if we wished, but we don't see the need to. We're stronger than the rest, faster, we're on the front line. Then of course you have Emily and then Sam. The archives describe imprints as whatever their wolf is. Kim would be considered a beta. You…I have no idea what you are, but it could be safe to assume that you're between alpha and beta. Now back to Jacob. If he made it to Beta, and he wanted alpha position, he'd have to go through Emily. In a traditional wolf pack, although uncommon, the wolf can wound the alpha female to gain the alpha's attention and goad him to fight. It's essentially what Jacob would have to do, and then it's a brawl between the two, one either submits, or dies…."

Charlie actually shudders before humming. "That's…interesting yet…gruesome,"

"You wanted to know," Paul answers.

Sam brings Bella into a hug, slightly lifting her off her feet, letting out a sigh. He sets her down, nudging her chin with his fingers. "Hey Kid," He murmurs, brushing some of her hair back. She gives him a wobbly smile, and he just hugs her again. "We're going to get her, I promise," He assures. She nods, her arms barely reaching around his thick frame as she squeezed him. Over her head, he makes eye contact with Paul who just gives him a single nod. Sam does the same before bringing Bella inside.

Emily is next to embrace her, kissing her cheek. She pats her face lovingly, smiling down at her. "Come on, I've got just the thing," Emily's chipper nature makes Bella smile, and she happily follows behind Emily as they go into her and Sam's bedroom, the door closing behind them. Paul then offers a helping hand as they get Charlie's things that had been transported to Sam's over to the new home not too far down the street from Sam's. It didn't take much for the process to start, and since it was a newly built place, Charlie only needed to sign a few papers, and with the Council okay with the move, there was no hassle getting the keys.

The boys spend the day helping Charlie get things set up like he wanted. Sam even had Jacob and Quil helping so that they could get used to their newfound strength and gather some control over tedious tasks. "You break anything, you're buying it," Sam warns the two as they were horseplaying around. He shakes his head but keeps an eye and ear out for them. As they decided to take a break, Sam handed them all an updated patrol schedule as well as the new route that would incorporate Bella and Charlie's new home into their schedule. "We've still got that redhead out there, so keep sharp. This place is our second main priority outside of the perimeter. The Cullen's are handling Forks so that takes a load off. We've been given permission to cross the boarder if we must, and the same goes for them. As hard as I know it will be, the Cullen's aren't to be attacked. They are the only one's allowed on land. Their friends are 'kill on sight. I don't care how friendly. They have notified of this and its free game. We stick to our schedules as they are laid out here. Everyone needs to be on time, we cannot afford to let her slip between us. Do we all have an understanding?" He asks, pointedly looking at Jacob, Quil, and Josiah. The three nod, and Sam nods in return. Josiah still had his annoying days, but he was somewhat better than those first few weeks.

He was a little wary about Jacob only because he wanted to be sure Jacob understood how serious this was. "I have a question. What happens if we're late to a shift?" Jacob's question made some sense, so Sam indulges him. "If you're late, I'll have your ass. You'll be working whosever shift you end up extending the following day. You must realize that one. We want sleep like you do. We want to do things in our free time like you do. You're putting our tribe as well as our pack at risk if you're late. The imprints and although I haven't made this clear, Charlie. He's a part of our pack as much as Bella is. Does that answer your question?" Jacob slowly nods.

"Good. Alright, everybody out. Let the man have some peace. Em's cooking tonight Charlie so if you're hungry you know we'd love to have you," Charlie nods gratefully, giving Sam a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes. "Thanks boys, really, I'll probably swing by and get Bella on the way," Sam nods before leaving Charlie's.

Two Weeks Later

The moonlight illuminates the sweat on Bella's forehead as she kicks the covers from her body. She's in a deep sleep, her lips in a frown. The trees were a blur and sounds blended. She couldn't see much, only greens and browns, but she could feel this feeling of despair in her gut. She could hear what sounded like a little boy screaming for someone one. She tried to look around for the source, but she couldn't make heads or tails of anything.

She was calling for this boy, asking where he was, and he just kept screaming like he was in pain. A feeling of urgency washes over her, and even though she was still asleep, she stops moving for a moment before getting up. In only a t-shirt and barefoot, she sleepwalks almost perfectly down the stairs and out the front door.

With a destination in mind, she starts to travel the woods, searching for something. The branches under her feet did nothing to wake her, and she blindly follows no direction. This sense of urgency was sending her to a certain place, why, she didn't know. After a few minutes of walking, she's in a clearing, the moon shining directly in the center. She blindly walks toward the center, tripping over something massive. The fall jerks her awake, and she's too out of it to panic just yet. She turns over to see what she tripped on, only to see a small wolf. He was a light and dark brown, and she carefully gets on her knees, leaning over it. Before her eyes, the fur melts away, and in its place was a young boy, probably no older than 13. Her eyes widen at the bullet hole in his side, and she sucks in a deep breath. "Oh my god," She whispers.

She doesn't even notice that her hands are bloody, and she presses her fingers to his neck, feeling a faint heartbeat. "Hey…" She whispers, getting on the other side of him. He was tan with short and curly black hair. "Hey…" She swallows as the boy softly groans in pain. He blinks open his eyes, letting out a soft cry. Bella chokes back a cry of her own. "It's okay…I promise, you're okay," She soothes. She runs her hands over his wound, wincing as he flinched away from her touch. "I need to get it out…you'll be okay," He's shaking his head, and Bella lays a hand on his chest. "Shhh…it's okay. What's your name?" She asks softly. "Brady…" He whimpers. Bella smiles at him. "Hi Brady. I'm Bella…how old are you?" As she's asking this, she's reaching with her fingers for the bullet. He jerks away from her hand. "13!" He cries.

"Shhh…shh…Okay, it's okay Brady. I remember when I was 13. Do you have a family?" She asks, trying to keep his mind off what she was trying to do. He nods, wincing as she touches him. "Okay….who? A brother…a sister maybe?" She asks, trying to steady her shaking hand. "I have a brother. H-his name is Collin…um, my mom…my dad…m-my my dad shot me," He whimpers out again, and Bella stops, looking down at him. "What?" She asks shakily. Brady doesn't answer, and Bella hears running feet in the distance, a man's voice traveling in the woods. "I'm gonna get you boy!"

Bella shivers and looks down at Brady. "Okay, Brady…we need to get up right now," She takes her hands under his head, pulling him into a sitting position. He cries out softly, and Bella puts a hand over his mouth. "Shhh," She whispers. She didn't know where she was, and knew this place wasn't on the route of patrols that Sam had given everyone. Sam had basically taken her out one day and got her familiar with the area. She knew there was a possibility that there wasn't one wolf close enough to hear her or this man.

As she's getting Brady situated to stand, she looks to her right as a small wolf creeps from the trees, whining. He looked almost identical to Brady's, and she freezes. "Collin?" She whispers. The wolf tilts his head towards her confused. "Okay….um…." She mumbles, watching as Collin eyes her warily before focusing on Brady. He whines, nudging his head against Collin's hair as he came closer. Collin's fur suddenly raises and he's growling behind Bella. She quickly turns around to see the silhouette of a man holding a rifle. "Got you now you bastards. Who the hell are you girl? You better get out of the way before you get shot. You turn into them too?!" Bella's standing, holding out her arms to shield both Brady and who she's assuming is Collin. Collin growls over her shoulder, and she shakes her head. "No sir! But believe me, you don't want to do this," She warns.

She jumps as she hears him cock his weapon. "Collin….you need to howl… right now…" Her heart is racing as she says so. Collin whines as Brady cries out to his father. "No daddy, please!" Collin makes a mixed between a whine and a growl. He wasn't as big as Bella, probably right at her shoulder. "Collin….howl….there are others like you, and I promise you if you howl, they'll save Brady, but you need to howl…" Collin makes a small bark, and Bella bites her lip as the man moves closer. "Move now girl!" He warns and Bella can see the tip of silver glinting off the moon.

Collin now makes a small howling yip, but it wasn't loud enough. "Sir, please. You don't know what you're doing," She shrieks out, unable to maintain her cool as the man shoots in their direction, the bullet mere inches from her feet. It was clearly a warning shot. He wouldn't miss next time. "Collin….fucking howl," She shakily whispers. The urgency in her voice and the warning shot struck a chord in Collin, and he lets out a howl so loud it made Bella's ears ring. He raises his head towards the sky, howling towards the moon.

Seconds later, an answering howl is made, and then another. The man is now alarmed, but he moves into the light, pointing it straight at Collin. "I'm going to give you to the count of fucking 10 to move out of the way or I'm going to put a bullet in you. Those are not my kids, they're fucking monsters…"

"I can't let you shoot them, they're boys!" She defends. She hears him cock the weapon again as he comes closer, and she heavily swallows. "10! 9! 8! You better move, 7! 6! 5! 4! 3!" A louder, more terrifying growl stops him from counting any further, they both turn eyes towards the large black mass that was Sam. His teeth were glistening with saliva, his yellow eyes glowing in the dark.

The man shakily raised his weapon. He was going to shoot something tonight. Another growl from their left is heard, and Bella knows it's Levi by the way he's low to the ground. It was a tactical advantage to swipe for the legs. Bella looks over the man's head at the flashing of silver eyes. She doesn't know how she never noticed it before. Maybe it was the full moon, or maybe Paul was just that different. "You're outnumbered. You shoot one of us, and you won't make it alive to see tomorrow," Bella warns, her arms still spread out. The man's hair is almost gently tousled by the air that passed through Paul's nose. He freezes, dropping his weapon.

"I…I'll tell that new Chief that moved down here. He'll do something about this. He's not like these Rez Cops," Bella raises a brow. "You mean my father? Sure, tell him how you tried to shoot your kids and his daughter, I'm sure you'll both have a laugh over a few beers," He's shaking now, and he's practically whimpering as Sam morphs before his very eyes, naked as a jay bird. "You're going to go back home and forget you ever saw this. If I catch you out here hunting these boys or any of my own, I'm going to make you disappear," Sam threatens.

Paul had also quietly shifted back into human form, and when Brady and Collin's father turns around, he yells out in terror. Paul jerks him by the shirt, glaring down at him. He simply smiles and lets him go. He's running around him faster than humanly possible.

Seeing as the threat was over, Bella turns back around, dropping beside Brady. Sam comes up beside her, and lifts Brady much to Collin's displeasure. "Easy pup. Levi, go get Sue and get her to my house. Tell her to bring first aid," He quickly looks over Bella, his face scrunching up at the blood over her shirt. "Are you hurt?" He asks. She shakes her head. "Good. Paul will get you home and I need you back at my place. Do you realize where you are?" She shakes her head. Heat suddenly engulfs her, and Paul is standing by her side. "You're at the edge of the reservation. About 3 miles away from home,"

Sam shifts Brady before urging Collin to follow along, trying to get him to focus on being human. Paul assesses her for himself, finding that she seemed to be unharmed. "Come on," He coaxes, lifting her up bridal style. She wraps her arms around his neck, laying her head against his cheek. "How'd you get out here?" He quietly asks as he starts to lead them out of the clearing. Bella is quiet for a moment, unsure of that herself. "I…I don't know. I woke up here…" She murmurs, mystified.

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