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Chapter 8

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A few days later found the group entering the place that had been rumored to have been struck down by a rather powerful demon, and upon entering the place they found it just as they would expect, but worse. There were still bodies laying around, their remains untouched in any way that would lead one to believe the attack had been for food. No, this attack was just to kill people, maybe to lure them up there. Kagome slid off Inuyasha's back, looking so upset at the carnage before her. It was horrible what this era had been plagued by Naraku, and most of the blame lay on Kikyo while a good portion was her fault to in some way. She had come here and then she had broken the very thing that was giving the spider demon power. She was ready to be done with this shit, having to dance to his tune since he the upper hand, but what villain didn't? It made her reflect on the movies and shows that she had seen in her lifetime. All the villains led the hero's by the nose, taking control of the situation until it hit the climax of the movie and then the hero was suddenly large and in charge. They wouldn't, in her opinion, take their revenge in a vile way, no it was 'I got my revenge and now the justice system or the Grim Reaper even would take care of them'...Karma really, but still for some of the things that had been done to those very heroes she would have dealt it back to the evil source 10 fold.

Shaking her head she wondered at those sudden thoughts. She wasn't one to be violent, no, she was feeling rather strange at the moment. The thoughts that seemed to run parallel to her own were the exact opposite to how she felt. Sure, villains deserved all they got, but she had never felt particularly hateful or murderous toward anybody, no matter who they were or what they did and yet she could feel that rage. The guilt that almost tinted it. Was it because she was feeling guilty about such thoughts? What was wrong with her? She tuned back in to hear Sango's strangled gasps, her face paling at the sad sight before her. There was a woman and her two children, the two kids barely eight combined, huddled under her, all their blood mingling together. Kagome could feel a slight lurch of her stomach, even Sango seemed to feel it as she looked away from the sight, Miroku dragging her to him with her head hidden in his shoulder. She sighed. How nice it was when a guy could feel his mate's pain. Mate? Wasn't that only for animals? Human's had partners, so why had that word come unbidden to her mind?

"You okay, wench?" Inuyasha asked, coming to stand before her. His red suikan blocking her view of the dead bodies, but she knew that eventually they would do what they always did to pay respects to the dead. They would bury them and she wasn't going to shirk this task because of a little upset stomach. She had never been fond of dead bodies, I mean who was, but she still bore her task to give the spirits peace. Sure, she had been raise in a temple, but even with the few times she had worked as a Shrine Maiden with her grandfather she had never really had to experience such things. Movies were okay because she knew it was fake, but being here in this time was a real eye opener and so she had found that she could not leave them strew about in such a way. They had been people too. She nodded and moved to find a tool to dig with and he followed. It took a good portion of the day to bury them all, especially between Kagome and Sango. For Sango it was simple, she was thinking of her brother whom had been missing for so long now that the group was beginning to wonder if he were still alive and if he wasn't would they find his body so they could bury him. Sango was trying to be optimistic, but with every day it became a bleaker and bleaker outlook. Kagome, well, she was sad about the children for a few reasons. She knew the pain her friend was in, but she also could see her brother at that age...and then for some reason her eyes would just continue to leak at the depressing feeling that sunk over her. Inuyasha looked over at her, now that they were done, as she looked out at the lowering sun with tears still leaking from her eyes. "Kagome?" he asked, worry in his voice.

"Oh, sorry Inuyasha," she said, wiping at her eyes. "Was just, ya know, thinking about those poor kids. Can you imagine not having a long enough life to find yourself, to learn what you wanted to be or to have a family to provide for?" Those were shocking words from her and yet it resonated within him that she would be thinking about that when he himself had been wondering about the same thing. He was a demon and as such he wanted to be complete. To be with his mate, the other half of him and with that to make a family. To have pups to continue on his blood-line. He wanted that with her, but even with her words he didn't dare bring it up. As they stood there, the air cooling around them as it grew dark the pair saw at the same time the two soul collectors that circled the air above them and as soon as Kagome saw them he waited for it, the scent of her sadness rolling off of her, but to his shock it wasn't that strong. No, like her scent it was muted, but still there. Why wasn't it strong like it usually was? "You should go and see what she wants," Kagome said, turning from him to join their friends. The trio off to the side were discussing where to set up camp as they didn't want to camp near the graveyard that had been left in place of a place that should have been filled with life, love, and laughter. People should have been here, raising their kids and working the land. Enjoying what good they had in their life...not buried away from the life giving sun. He was so torn between going to her, knowing she needed him there, even if she didn't know it herself. But he knew from the last run in with the dead Miko that she would not wait so he rushed off toward the outer edges of the small village where the soul collectors were headed. It didn't take long to find the woman calling for him.

If he really thought about it he would know that the way she called him was in no way respectful to his group, nor was it to him, never mind that the fact that it was impersonal to call him like a little slave to be beckoned. No, she didn't treat him with respect since she had been brought back. She treated him as if she owned him and even though he had long ago decided that he wasn't going with her, he had yet to get her to understand that obviously. She needed to come to them if she wanted to speak. He didn't want to hide his meetings from Kagome, not that he hid them from her but what they contained was no long romantic if it had ever been. Sure, he had kissed her, promised her that she was all that he thought of and that he would always be by her side, but he had said that because he had been so torn between his past with her and his guilt for how she died. He had made his promise to Kagome first and she had even reciprocated that promise and then Kikyo had come, his human heart torn with all his raging emotions. He wanted to ignore them and listen to his mixed heart, the emotions of his demon strongly demanding that he take her, that he needed to make her fully his while his human heart was too emotionally with its remembrance of his past with Kikyo. Of course, the fact that she had only wanted his human half without ever having seen it was painful to remember. He had told her he would do it because he had thought he loved her enough to spend his last several years at her side as a human, but if he was truthful he knew it would never last.

"Kikyo," he greeted her, his tone neutral enough, but he still kept his emotions in check. His human half was warring with him to do what needed to be done. To be with the Miko before him or to stop his meetings with her all together if she didn't stop jerking him around. She knew she didn't love him and she knew he knew, but she continued to toy with him, acting as if she cared for him when it really wasn't about that, not now anyway. She just wanted him despite the other woman at his side. She smirked for a moment before schooling her features to almost a regretful appearance.

"Ah, so I come bearing something you may find hard to believe, Inuyasha." She looked at him, staring deep into his eyes since she knew he would be feeling out any deceit at her next words. "Kagome has mated." It was simple, her words conveyed all they needed to for him. Mating was serious and that she was mated and he hadn't even scented it on her was contradictory. When a female mated their own scent intermingled with that of their mate...But maybe that was why she had been smelling so torn when around him. She had found another male, a demon, and had allowed him to tie her life to his...but why? She had promised to stay with him so he had thought he would have time to court her...He thought he had more time.

"That can't be true," he spat, suddenly angry that Kikyo would stoop that far to get him back, to taint the other Miko's name with such lies, but he could see no deceit in her brown eyes so without a sound he was off, running to see if she was indeed marked as the other Miko claimed. As he drew closer to the group's new location he stopped. Why would she hide such a thing? Would he dare believe Kikyo when Kagome had never lied to him? He couldn't do it...he couldn't just accuse her of it, but his demon blood was raging at the thought that Kagome was claimed by another and it was slowly blurring his vision, but the words that drifted over the breeze were what made him snap as his vision completed its not so rose colored feelings.

"Why do you smell different, Kagome?" came Shippo's soft voice, his question holding his beast steady for the moment as he waited, his breath even stilling as the woman before him looked surprised at his question.

"I smell different?" she asked, her tone one of true confusion and he felt that Kikyo had lied point blank to him, but the fact that Shippo could scent out a change in the young woman's scent was a telling sign. He was a pup himself and although as a fox his smell wasn't as strong as his own canine senses, the boy knew what he was talking about.

"Yeah, I can't tell what that other scent is, but my mama smelled like that before she gave me a new brother or sister," he said, each word out of his mouth making her face grow paler by the minute, the faces of Miroku and Sango changing to one of shock and confusion. Only Sango knew that Kagome had had sex and was mated to a male of the demon persuasion. She hadn't told her everything, though she had told her as much as she could remember. There wasn't much information on demon mating rituals there was enough to give her an idea of what it consisted of. But to find that Kagome was pregnant!? Now that was a shocker, but the growl that came from the male moving with purpose was unnerving, her hand reaching for her boomerang while eyes stayed pinned on the now red eyed Hanyou, purple marks staining his cheeks. She had seen this before, but not this way. Not with his sword at his side and no danger to speak of, no this was born from anger.

"Miroku," she whispered. He looked ready to jump in front of the Miko who had stiffened at the first low tone from the Hanyou male still approaching. Kagome looked ready to run, but it wasn't fear that came from her, no, her scent was one of shame and guilt. That same scent from before and even in his demonic form he felt a hint restraint at just those smells coming off of her, they weren't muted like they had been before and that was slowly calming him. He was still in his demonic form though when Sango hissed, "Don't move toward her." At his shocked look she shot him a look that told him not to argue with the demon expert. "Just stay back and relax your weapon." Her own weapon was still in her hands, but she was not tensing now. She knew he would attack them if he felt threatened when what it appeared he was doing what came naturally to a male of the demon variety. He was finding out if one of his pack was really with child and with how the Hanyou felt about that particular member he was angry, but he wouldn't hurt her. No, he might shun her or try to remove the claim that was on her. That would be painful if she didn't accept his claim or she wasn't strong enough to handle the pain involved, but neither of those was a factor here. Kagome would have accepted his claim and she was more than strong enough to handle anything that would bring her closer to his side. She loved the Hanyou with all her heart and as many times as he had hurt that heart it was still full of love for him. Abet it was slightly shattered in some parts, but maybe he could heal her broken heart with the act of claiming her. Making his choice between the two Mikos.

Suddenly he stopped before her, his nose twitching as his lip quivered in a low growl, but Kagome didn't even flinch as she waited, though her skin was still pale and her body was still tense. "He's just doing what he knows, remember that Kagome," the slayer whispers. She knew about this part too. The Alpha of their group was Hanyou and having an unknown around what he considered to be his with his scent still on her clothing, with it on her body was a disrespect to him as well as her. He growled at Sango, telling her to be quiet as he sniffed her, starting at her neck. There was scent there, but he couldn't place a name to it. It seemed twisted, weak and yet it was there. Growling louder as he moved down his demon senses picked up on the scent of a pup. A vanilla laced musk that smelled so sweet that it was hard to miss and yet he hadn't smelled it at all in the last few weeks, maybe it had been longer, but he didn't know.

"How long?" he husked, his body trembling at the knowledge that Kagome was pregnant and she was marked, even if he couldn't see the mark yet. He was still going to see it, even if he knew it was there. He needed and yet loathed to see it on her flesh...He needed to know what she had done for himself.

"Um almost three weeks," she whispered, her shame coming thru so strong now. "I'm sorry...but I didn't know I was..." she faded off, the word unable to form in her mouth, unable to pass her lips. It was stuck in her throat as she felt emotions swirling around in her heart and her head. He growled at her.

"You didn't know you were pregnant? You didn't know you were marked? You didn't know what, Ka-go-me?" He was only showing anger to them, but Kagome could hear it in his voice and when she glanced at his golden eyes so full of not only that anger that glowed in them, but the betrayal that darkened them. She had betrayed him, and it hurt far more than Kikyo's betrayal all those years had. That was a mosquito bite compared to the force of Kagome's betrayal.

She had betrayed him, even if it was without her knowledge. Could she explain it to him? But his words brought a new feeling to the table, one that burned under her skin, flowed thru her veins. It was almost as if his emotions were bringing her own to the surface. "I didn't know what the mark on my neck was until a few days ago and as for pregnant, no! I had a test done in my time and it said I wasn't!" Her temper burned thru her, tears blooming as she felt the confusion at what was going on before her...to her. And suddenly she found herself crumpling as she emptied her guts yet again, this time she knew why she had been so sick, even if it was only a few times and not an every day occurrence. She was pregnant with an unknown demon's baby and Inuyasha, the one that she had wanted to be her first and only...the one that she wanted to give babies to was no longer an option, unless he nulled the mark, but the next words out of his mouth were not in her favor.

"Whoever told you that was right, but what they didn't know," he growled. "Was the only way for the mark to even stay that long was because you accepted this fucking male's claim on you!" His tone was pure poison as he turned from her, his anger shaking his form as he tried to think of why he wouldn't try to lift the mark. Was it her feelings of shame that caused him to pause. Her feelings that led him to believe she had no idea of what she had gotten herself into? That she had truly not thought she was pregnant? Even if that was the case he had to know, even as she still sat there on her knees. She looked up at him and he could see that she was hurting too. It was painful to know that you had lost something precious that you would never get back and what if she really did love this other male? "Who was he?" Inuyasha asked, hurt and anger warring as he waited for the answer. Dreading it, but before she could even form a thought another voice entered the conversation, the group turning in horror at the appearance of the one male that always see to cause trouble.

"Why, it was me," came his response. "After all, it was soooo easy to do when you were rather drunk, Kagome." He smiled, victorious in his gloating. "I told you I would have her and now I do." No one could say anything, even Kagome found her body frozen, her mind blanking out as it short circuited.

"No," she and Inuyasha whispered at the same time.

Ah, so the man who was with her has appeared and Inuyasha is aware of her secret. Kikyo is triumphant in getting him to trust her more than the woman who still held his heart in her hands. She wasn't only marked, but pregnant with another demon's child! Could he get around this by re-marking her or he unable to get over what he feels is a betrayal of the love he held for her? Stay safe!

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