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Chapter 44

windbreaking : Thank you! I wanted it to be his daughter, forgiveness, to be the one that opened her arms to him. Symbolism is everything in that moment. I want to thank you for being here thru this whole fic! You stuck by every step of the way and as a writer I appreciate when there is someone giving you the input that you need.

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Kagome now sat in the small hut of Kaede's as the others sat with her, her daughter was still in Inuyasha's arms while her other children were dispersed around the room. She, of course, held her youngest, Itsuki, who was watching the others in the room with his little golden eyes. Mosu was in Kaede's arms while her son Mori was in Sango's. Everyone was looking at her little bundles with such adoration and Kagome knew that she really could never leave this place that she had called home. She called the people before her family and even though she wasn't sure her place with Inuyasha she knew by watching him with their daughter that he would make a wonderful father. That took a bit of the weight off her shoulders. She had worried about that, but now about her having to be close to him...

That was another issue all together and while the voice had stopped talking to her, she found that her energy seemed to be back to normal so it was true what Sesshomaru had told her. She had to stay next to Inuyasha and the only way out of that was if she were to take a new mate. She didn't want a new mate. No, she loved the male before her and would never love another like she loved him. That was part of how a mark worked as well. She had to want the male that marked her, to love him, and there just wasn't anyone out there that she felt that strongly about. Sure, she could marry a human if she wished, but they would not be able to remove the mark so she would end up in the same boat. She sighed softly, her son looking at her with that look again, though it was more questioning it was still his look.

"Oh, Inuyasha, did you want to show her something?" Miroku inquired as he approached the Hanyou. The male in question raised a brow at his sudden question, but yes, he wanted to show her the new home he had designed for her, but he didn't want to take her out there with the children. Not yet. No, he wanted her to see it first and talk to her. He needed her to want to come and live there with him. He didn't want to force her, but he would do whatever he could to get to get her to stay there... even if it was only because of their children. He looked to Kagome, handing off his daughter to the monk.

"Kagome, can we talk?" She glanced up at him, her eyes shuttered at the moment, but nodding did hand her son off to Shippo who happily took the boy, though Itsuki smirked at him. The kitsune's eyes grew wide as he too saw the resemblance between the boy and his father.

"Only for a moment, Inuyasha," she stated as she walked toward the door, throwing over her shoulder, "It's almost time to feed my babies." She walked out, the flap closing behind her. He stood there for a moment, his eyes narrowed at her back, but with an encouraging look from the rest of his friends he moved to join his mate. He hadn't been that happy to hear her call their children, hers, like they weren't his children. Sango had been right, that Kagome had withdrawn herself from including them together and he had even seen it that moment he had come upon them on the road as well. This was going to take a bit of work, but he would do it. He would have his mate by his side. She glanced back at him, her heart clenching tight, at the pain that was in his golden orbs. There was determination there too, but she didn't understand why. Did he really think that she wasn't going to let him see his children?

He went to take her hand, but she moved to the side, her brown eyes letting him know that she wasn't ready for that, not yet. "I just wanted to lead you to where we were going," he said, his voice soft, hurt. That did surprise her, the hurt. Inuyasha wasn't one to betray such feelings and yet, here he was, an open book to her. Deciding that she could give him her hand, at least for him to lead her to where he wanted to talk. A smile lifted his lips as she slipped her fingers into his and allowed him to take her toward the edge of the village. They walked in silence for only a few minutes, the villagers around them waving at them. "Kagome," he said suddenly, her eyes flickering over to him. "I know that what happened that night is still unclear to you, but I have remembered it..." Silence was his answer, but when he glanced over at her he could see her surprise. "I won't force you to do anything, but you should known that when ma-"

"Sesshomaru told me about the cost," she stated, cutting him off, her feet slowing for a moment. "I told him that I wouldn't run." That seemed to bring about joy, but at the same time he was rather irked that his brother had interfered, but her next words changed that feeling to surprise and gratitude. "He was surprised that neither of us had gone off the deep end yet, you know, since we hadn't been around each other that much since that night." She smiled then, a rather sad smile, but a smile none the less. "I think with our memory wiped, that with it gone it helped." A giggle slipped past her lips. "Never thought that something Naraku did would protect us in the end."

"Yeah," he said turning from her. "I never even thought about that." It was true. If the fact that their memories had been wiped was the reason that neither of them had felt the pain of separation, then he guessed Naraku had done them one mercy. "Though if he had just let it al-"

"I don't know," she said as they reached the edge of the village. Her eyes looked forward, orbs growing wider at the sight before her. She shot him a look, surprise in her orbs. "Inuyasha?" He smiled at her, the look of surprise in her eyes a good reaction, but he could see that there were more emotions swirling in her eyes and while some of them were good, others warned him of the other path she could chose. She was happy and unsure. She was excited and fearful. She wanted what he was offering her and yet she didn't know if she could accept it.

"Kagome, there has been only you in my heart for a long time," he stated, turning toward her fully. "I don't know why I kept hurting you, knowing how I felt about you, but I wanted you by my side for the rest of our days. I want to have more pups and to walk the same path with you no matter where it takes us."

"Inuyasha, I know that's what you thi-" He pulled her toward him, his lips crashing down on hers, her body stiffening at the sudden contact. He almost pulled back from her, but just as he went to move he felt her soften as her mouth opened to his. They stood there like that, before their house, holding onto each other as if they could not release the other. He didn't want to let her go, his claws clinging to the cream colored kimono even as he pulled back to look down at her. Her eyes were glazed, but there was something else in those orbs... memories seemed to be coming back as she gazed up at him.


Kagome walked into the hot springs, her ears listening for the door closing behind her before removing her clothing, tossing each article to the corner of the room as the heat from the spa's steam warmed her body. She sighed in contentment of the feeling of being out of her sticky smelly clothing. Heading for the spring itself, her footsteps echoing in the medium sized room louder than the sound of the door opening she failed to notice that someone else had came in the room, their form so still one would think it were a statue. Kagome groaned as her first foot touched the almost too hot water of the spring, her body shivering with pleasure. This hot spring was soooo much warmer than the others they had come across and she wondered about that as her other foot joined in the warm of the water.

"Ohh..." she husked as she stepped further into the waters until they were at her navel, the steam making her skin glisten. She wished more of the springs were like this even as her mind drifted off somewhere deep in her heart, a yearning for another hot touch... the one of a certain silver haired male. She yearned for his hands, his mouth to be where the water was, his appendages the warmth she felt on her thighs and navel. Sinking into the water before disappearing under the surface she failed to hear the rustle of clothing or the steps of a male walking toward the water where she was until she came up, her back still toward the entrance, towards the intruder just behind her until his hands wrapped around her upper body, his claws touching her breasts softly. She gasped, immediately trying to turn to see who was with her, but he wouldn't allow her, not yet as his mouth curved around her hair and his mouth pressed softly against her neck... kissing and sucking softly. She groaned, a warmth pooling in her lower region. It felt so good, his mouth working its magic on her body, but he said nothing and she really needed to know who was touching her, bringing her such pleasure so again she tried to turn, pulling away to look up into golden orbs.

Her mouth fell open upon seeing that Inuyasha was before her, his hands on her waist with such lust and something else gleaming in his golden eyes. She tried to say his name, but he stole it with the crash of his lips on hers... Taking advantage of her open mouth he stuck his tongue into her mouth, her body relaxing as he explored her mouth, taking time to taste it all as she groaned, her hands finally moving from her sides and onto his arms. She moved them up, enjoying the feel of every twitch of his muscles, the feeling so wonderful and leaving her moaning in excitement. She tasted so delicious, like she smelled. Right now he could smell her arousal perfuming the air with intoxication that not even the sake could give him. Feeling drunk on her smell and the taste of her in his mouth he dug his fingers into her hips, his claws marking her skin and the smell of her blood drawing his demon even closer to the surface as those same claws grew longer. She gasped when his elongated fangs nipped her lip, but she didn't pull back, a moan of satisfaction escaping into his mouth.

He pulled back, but only to press kisses to her jaw, his teeth nipping at the feature he was currently perusing as he hands began to move, his claws just barely touching her as he stroked her sides. Goosebumps broke out and the woman before him shivered as she drew out in a whimper of need, "I-Innnuuuyaaassshaaa." His body grew tighter at her enunciation of his name, that same part of his body rocking against hers once as he growled.

"Kagome," he rasped back as he pulled himself away from her, his hands falling to her hips again. She whined softly when he stopped, her eyes still shut as she continued to enjoy the tingling in her body, her lower body feeling slick even in the water. "Kagome," he said again, his lips brushing against hers, hoping that she would open her eyes and look at him. He had something important to tell her and he wanted her to pay close attention. She slowly opened her eyes, as if they were too heavy to lift. Struggling to keep his demon at bay he words came out ragged, "Kagome, I want you to know that it's you that I want, you that I love." She smiled at him, her lips red from kissing.

"I love you too, Inuyasha." Smiling with happiness that she had spoken the words that he had feared she would never say in such a situation, that she was so willing to be standing before him in all her sweet glory giving herself to him. He crushed her to his body, his mouth covering hers with passion that seemed to burn in his veins as the purple slashes of his demon form appeared on his face, his hands moving with more need, more urgency to feel the entirety of her body. She followed suit, her small hands moving over his creating tingles of pleasure that brought him higher and higher when...

End of Flashback

She blinked, her eyes reflecting an emotion he feared he wouldn't see in those chocolatey orbs ever again. Love. "Inuyasha," she whispered, her hands coming up to rest on his face. "You told me this. You told me that it was only me that you loved." She smiled then, her smile reaching her eyes as she pulled him back down, her lips just inches from his. Their breath mingled for a moment. "I never stopped loving you, no matter what happened and I know now that you were always there with me, even if neither one of us remembered it." She finally lifted her lips to his, her kiss so soft, but so full of her love that filled her being, the feeling so strong that she feared that she would die from the bliss of knowing that he did love her. He didn't love anyone but her and she should have realized that, but in her ignorance and his, they had lost that bliss and now that it was revealed to them... "I love you Inuyasha."

"I love you too, Kagome," he husked as he pulled her into his arms before disappearing into their new home, the place that they could thrive and fill with more pups as well as raise their pups to have a happy life. One that would be full of love and family.

So, that is the end of this long fic. I hope that you have all enjoyed reading this! I enjoyed writing it just as I have all my other fics!

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