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Chapter 43

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Kagome found herself feeling rather down later that day, not just in an emotional way either. She was feeling rather laggy, almost as if she hadn't had any sleep and while she knew that wasn't the case she couldn't figure out another reason for the lack of pep in her step either. She was a new mom to four healthy babies that required little to nothing from her. They needed her milk and attention, but other than that they were not openly clingy which made her doubt it was her babies causing her to lag around, but there was nothing el-

It's because we are not near our mate!

...you will begin to experience a decline in your heath that will be fatal...

That voice from before was intertwined with the words spoken by Sesshomaru, almost right on top of each other, but she could hear them both rattle around in her head separately... Feeling drained was a decline in one's health, wasn't it? She had never heard of a healthy person feeling drained, but she really had no answer to that question. Had Sesshomaru meant that by keeping herself from the company of Inuyasha, her mate, that she was killing herself? If that was the case than she would do as he asked, her body seeming to turn on her after the male's visit. Could it because all that happened and she was just going crazy?

We need to be close to our mate!

She blinked at how aggressive the voice in her head was being, a voice that she had not heard until that day, the visit with Sesshomaru only a day later. She could feel a pull in her heart, as if it was tugging violently toward the door, her eyes flickering red in the dimly lit hut. Sango was asleep on the bed, had passed out after spending the whole day with her and the babies. If this was her demon than why didn't it react to the other female so close to her babies? Weren't demons protective of their spawn?

Our Beta would never harm pups!

"Beta?" she questioned the room, an answer not forthcoming from the shadows. Then it occurred to her that they were a pack and a Beta was second in command! She glanced over at the slayer with a soft smile. So that meant that Miroku was Inuyasha's Beta since it was obvious that it was Inuyasha who made them a pack, thus making him the Alpha... She frowned. How did she know that? She had only heard a little about packs from Koga as well as some of his men while the other half of information she had was from Sango, but she was sure neither had told her that bit of information. She was turning into a demon, well, she was a half demon now and that was all thanks to the male she had sent away. She could never go home, not that she had wanted to, but being a demon made it permanent since she would stick out like a sore thumb unlike the Hanyou. He could wear a hate to keep his ears hidden, but she... She touched her pointed ears with a sigh. ...she could never fit in. Her hair was still dark so she had some of her human attributes, but how long would that last if it did?

Was she sure that this was the end of the changes in her body? There was no way to tell...

The next morning came with the news that Kagome was ready to go back, surprising the slayer with her since the woman had wanted a week to herself and while she was happy that the Miko wanted to join them again she knew that Inuyasha wasn't done with his surprise.

"Are you sure?" she asked, the other woman looking up from the cribs as she lay her daughter back down.

"Yeah, I kinda...well, I promised him I would stick with him before all this so I guess I have to keep my promise," she said as she turned to look back down at her children, their children. They looked back at her, Itsuki giving her a look that almost seemed...upset. Was it because her son could read her like an open book, something his father had been able to do on occasion, except when it came to going after the dead Miko. That had been a trial, lying to him when it seemed that he started to suspect her of being upset. She should have just told him, but then again she had been afraid that he would have been upset and maybe he would have told her to go home. Not that she would have listened to him, but who was to say when the Hanyou had just wanted to be with his lover. She knew that she was again lying to her friend, though not a complete lie it was still a lie.

"Kagome, he understands that you need your time and he's staying away for that reason, but he knows you'll come back when you are ready." The words were meant to be reassuring but the Miko frowned. He was staying away because it was the only way he could see his children, not because of her. Why did no one see that the only reason he wanted her by his side was because of that one night... that night that had given him pups?! She loved her children, but she knew that for the Hanyou he had never been sure he would ever have children. Then it occurred to her that she had never asked if he wanted children? Giving herself a mental shake she knew that was a stupid thing to think! Of course he wanted children! He was after their children, willing to give up his freedom by being with her to get them after all!

"I'm ready to go," was all the Miko said as she looked over at the slayer, her eyes begging the other woman to just drop in and help her since she couldn't take all the babies at once on her own and there was no way she would leave any of her children behind. Seeing that the Miko was looking rather upset, the look on her face pleading her to just let it go. She wanted to push the other woman, shake her and ask her what she was hiding? Why was it so important now for them to head back, but she pushed that thought to the side. Her friend was being weird, lying about something or hiding it. She had yet to figure out what it was, but with a nod she stepped forward to take the two boys from her friend's arms while Kagome picked up her daughter and Mosu in her arms.

Without another word they were off, farewells passed among the villagers and the Miko as they took the children back to where at least one of them considered home while the other had once felt that way.

Inuyasha had forced himself back to the structure later that night while everyone had been asleep. It had been a struggle to fight his demon side when he too yearned to be close to Kagome and his pups. He wanted the Miko and while he knew part of what had transpired, the most important part she was still in the dark about the whole thing. He didn't even know what she knew, but with the way she was acting there was no way that she remembered what he had and he was finding it frustrating and painful to endure alone. He loved her! He had told her this and she had accepted his feelings by reciprocating them! How could she not know how he felt?! His heart clenched at the thought that she would never remember and they would both be lost. He couldn't allow that! He had to get her to remember that night somehow!

Collecting more wood he continued to work on the house, most of it complete from after he had left, when he had left the group to get his demon under control. He didn't have much more to do, save for a few walls on the outside, the furniture on hold for the moment. It would be getting colder soon and so he needed this house to be ready so his family could be warm and safe. Would she like it? Would she be able to see how much he loved her when he showed her their new home? Only time would tell, another thing that caused frustration, another clench of his heart. He needed to believe that she would see it, that they could finally be together! It had been a long road and while he knew that he was the main one to blame he recalled what Kaede had said all that time ago. It was over unresolved feelings and if her sister hadn't been brought back there may have been a different outcome, but he would make sure that outcome came to be reality. He didn't know what he would do if he lost his mate, his one true love and he didn't want to find out.

Continuing on his task, he shoved all those negative thoughts from his mind, but emotions were harder to control when one was growing weaker against his instincts, his demon finding itself almost back at the surface.

Kagome and Sango walked down the path that she had taken to find this village that short time ago, when her pups had made themselves heard and were born just a few hours after that. They were sleeping now, the gentle rocking of the two women as the walked lulling the babies to sleep, save for one who was, as always, ever alert even as his eyes drooped. She glanced back to see that her son, the youngest was still trying to fight the sleep that was beckoning him to the Realm of Nod. Sango noted that she was watching the small bundle and she wanted to smile. The little boy was like his father, watching for danger, especially when it came to the Miko even as his body wanted to do otherwise.

"Just like his father, isn't he?" she inquired, drawing the golden eyes toward her, his scowl so adorable even as he looked like a miniature version of the Hanyou that fathered him. Kagome nodded as she turned back around. It would take them at least half a day to get to Kaede's village and while she would rather they take Kirara she still was fighting, being stubborn in her way of delaying the inevitable, but Sango had not fought her on this strangely. Maybe she knew that Kagome would not step down or maybe she felt bad for the Miko. Either way worked out for the Miko as they turned another corner, the sound of a twig snapping drawing three pairs of eyes, Itsuki wide awake now, his eyes narrowed on the area where the sound had come from.

Kagome pulled her children closer to her, Sango mimicking her as they both took a step back. The Miko could feel her hackles rising at the threat of whatever was lurking in the shadows. She had to protect her babies and her friend while their hands were too full to fight back so she moved closer to the other woman, a barrier flaring to life around them. The pink tint glowed strongly as the sound of a growl came from the bushes in front of them.

"You better get the hell back if you don't want me to purify your ass!" the Miko warned, her eyes narrowing as they flashed red that seemed to seep into the pink of her barrier. The only response she received was a growl from the darkness as another twig snapped. Who the fuck was trying to harm her and the pups? She wondered if she had fucked up in leaving the village without at least one other person or maybe she had been stupid to turn Inuyasha from coming to her side... She wasn't sure which one she had done to put them here, but somewhere in the back of her mind she knew that she was responsible for what was happening now while another voice raged in her ears...

Our mate!

She raised a brow, her barrier flickering for a second as she glanced over at Sango, her son, the one that had been so suspicious was now smirking as he slept! When had the little boy gone to sleep? She looked back at the foliage, the barrier falling as she took a step forward, the demon in her screaming for their mate, for Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha?" she questioned only to find a growl her response yet again, but it wasn't one of warning as she had thought before. No, this growl was a question... and it needed an answer, but at this moment she had no answer to give which caused another growl to emit from the shadows. "Stop playing around!" she hissed, her anger rising at his strange behavior while the sane part of her knew that judging by his growl this was NOT the Hanyou, but his demon side that was waiting in the darkness. "We're going back to th-" Snap! There he was, his eyes flashing red at her before glancing over at Sango, a warning vibrating his throat.

The slayer's mouth almost fell open instead of doing what she knew was the right way to react, but with a flinch she leaned her head to side in submission, the Miko watching the exchange with confusion when she noted that upon the slayer doing this he turned his attention back to her, waiting again, but she didn't want to submit to him! It was different for the slayer, she was sure, but for her it could mean a whole other thing! She could be submitting to something else that she had already told herself she would not do!

"Kagome, um, you shoul-"

"No," the Miko said with a stomp of her foot, her eyes never leaving the red eyes before her. "Inuyasha, even if I'm your ma-" she was cut off as he jumped at her, the babies startling awake to the sudden motion, his daughter letting out a scream of anger at the intrusion of her sleep. Glancing down at her child she scowled back up at him. "Look what the fuck you did!" She found that she wasn't looking at red eyes anymore though. No, golden orbs, wide as saucers, were now looking back at her before they dropped to the bundle in her arms. Kagome opened her mouth to say something more when the male before her surprised her, his body sagged, all the tension from the demon gone as he blinked at the little girl that had now stopped crying, her brown eyes locked on him. The silence around them continued at the pair continued to gaze into each other's eyes until the little girl reached out, her semi-chubby hands clenching and unclenching as she reached for the Hanyou.

The shock on his face was so clear to the Miko, the look of love that filled those golden orbs as he looked up at her. There were so many emotions in those eyes and as each one passed thru them she felt herself soften for a moment.

"C-Can I?" he asked, anxious and fear mixing in his tone as he waited, his eyes locked with hers. She nodded, watching as he took the little girl, her name on his lips as he pulled her to him. Kagome watched as Kaiya reached out to touch the two long pieces of hair that hung next to his face, her fingers gripping him hard so that his face was close to hers as she took what appeared to the Miko a sniff of the male as if to confirm what had obviously been apparent to the newborn. "Kaiya," he breath again as he twitched his nose causing the small girl to giggle. It was such a tender moment that had followed what she had almost deemed the reason to keep him from the kids. She had feared that while in his demon form he could not see the child as he tried to get to her and that he would have harmed their children without so much as a second thought and while it could have gone down that way it truly wouldn't have been his fault, not completely since she was the one to refuse to submit to him because of her own judgement.

The other children were watching him, save for Itsuki who returned to his slumber. Inuyasha lay his child against his chest, her eyes closing slowly as she listened to his erratic heartbreak, his eyes moving over the other three pups, wonder in his eyes as he looked upon his new family, before his golden eyes fell on her. No words left his mouth and she could find nothing to say either. She turned from him and with a nod toward the village the three of them walked on, the Hanyou stroking his daughter's back as he watched the stiff back of his mate. She wasn't willing to allow him close it seemed, but his demon was calm, the other half relishing in the feel of his own blood laying against him with her scent tickling his nose.

So now Inuyasha has found her as she was on her way back to the village, but after seeing him with his child Kagome still doesn't seem to want him to touch her? How long will it be before she breaks and allows him to be her mate in the full sense? Stay safe!

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