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Chapter 42

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It seemed that Kagome was not done with her visitors as later than night she found herself again with another male at her door. Looking up from her spot by the window, her daughter, Kaiya in her arms while the others relaxed in their cribs. She knew he was there, his scent mingling in the air outside the window just as her daughter tried to turn her head toward the door. The Miko turned just as he pushed the flab of the hut back to enter, his golden eyes taking in her appearance and the baby in her arms that was now observing him with interest. Kagome didn't notice as she heaved a sigh. She had wanted time to herself and yet in less than a day's time she had found herself with company.

"So, it seems that I was correct," he stated, moving toward where the three boys lay, Itsuki giving him the same eye that he had Koga, a warning in his golden gaze. At the look that passed the older dog demon's face she knew that her son had given him his version of the stink eye and she found that she wanted to laugh. The boy was going to be a handful once he was older if he wasn't already with his attitude. As he turned toward her, the children forgotten, his nose twitching. "So the wolf has come as well." He wasn't saying anything that made much sense to her at first and now he was talking about Koga. What was he even doing here? She knew he didn't like humans all that much, or anyone other than the little girl, Rin, as far as she knew. She truly wanted to ask him that, but she didn't dare at this moment, not with her children there and with how volatile he could be when ticked off so she waited. She didn't have to wait long before he continued, "I'm assume you shut him down since you have a mate, though I have to wonder what kind of mate my brother is if he isn't here to see his children or his mate." She felt the heat rush into her cheeks, her daughter whimpering at those words.

"I have no clue what kind of mate Inuyasha is yet since I haven't seen him in a week and a half, at my choice," she spat, her daughter picking up on the tension and beginning to cry now, her tears reminding Kagome that she was holding her child when getting into it with Sesshomaru. Rocking the little girl in hopes of soothing her she toned down her next voice, making it seem calm even as she was seething on the inside. She might not be with Inuyasha, but he was still the love of her life and a good friend. He didn't deserve to be bashed for something that he had no say in. "I wanted time to myself," she continued, keeping her tone calm while ripping into him, "But again I find myself with another person in this hut." She recalled that he had been rather nice when they had been on the road, telling her that she was having more than one baby and seeming to keep his cool around Inuyasha when usually he was trying to kill the Hanyou so she took a deep breath. "Sorry, I-"

"You're weary, I get it," he said before taking a seat in a chair across from the bed. "I figured out that since you were alone something happened between you and my brother and while I usually don't get involved with other people's issues, especially when it comes to him, I find myself drawn to this. Maybe it's because I respect you or maybe it's because the fact that you are the mother to my niece and nephews, but I felt that I should give you a bit of information that might save you further heartache and pain." Telling by the look on his face this was serious she took her now calm daughter back to her crib, her son Itsuki reaching whining when she turned her back. Giving in rather quickly she picked up the youngest baby, his eyes immediately narrowing on the man that was his uncle, still glowering as Kagome took a seat on the bed.

"Are you trying to convince me to go back to Inuyasha, because while I fin-" He put his hand up to silence her, her mouth closing in surprise at his actions.

"You should go back to him and not just because he wants it, but because while I am surprised that you haven't been experiencing any affects, you will begin to experience a decline in your heath that will be fatal. Do you want your children to grow up without a mother just because you are being stubborn?" Her eyes were wide in surprise, fear flickering in them as she looked down at her son. She would be killing herself by staying away from Inuyasha? She didn't want to be with him yet, she wasn't ready to step across that bridge and yet the thought of leaving her children behind, the ones that had just been given to her she found that she had no choice.

"It's not like I'm staying away forever, just a we-"

"Don't lie to me Miko," he stated and as if he knew what was coming he continued, "And don't say you weren't. I hate being lied to. You weren't planning on going back, at least not to be with your mate." He knew that she was torn between going back to Inuyasha, even with that threat that she would die if she kept herself from him and yet he wondered why. Sure, he knew his brother had hurt the woman before him with his continued following of the dead Miko, but even he, an outsider, could see that his brother had strong feelings for the woman before him. "You two are mates and new ones at that, so stop all this stupid avoiding him and go to his side or just let him die, because just like you being away from each other like also gives him the same path." He shrugged. "Though with how you two are holding together you might have a longer time before you both expire."

"Okay! Okay," she hissed, finally getting that her refusing to stand by Inuyasha, even if just to keep them both alive, would be a better fate than leaving her children to be without either parent. The death of Inuyasha causing tears to well up at the thought. She wouldn't do anything to bring him harm, having even fought to keep him alive when he had almost joined Kikyo in death early on in their relationship. Sighing she returned her son to his crib before turning to face Sesshomaru. "I'll go to him." She would, she wouldn't allow him to die just because of what had transpired between them, but she wouldn't do more than take care of her children. That was all she would do. Inuyasha may be her mate because of a mark, but she wouldn't be a mate in any other form but on paper. That was all she could handle, even knowing what pleasure he had brought by his touch.

She could only recall his touch from the little bit that her dream had given her, but she had no further memory to see if he had meant to have sex with her or if he had been thinking of Kikyo as he lay with her in that hot springs. Even now the thought of his touch brought a flush to her cheeks and a tingle to her body. She had always known that he would be as great a lover as in her dreams, but the real experience had been far more memorable. He had surpassed her expectations and she was happy to have him as her first even if she had yet to remember the whole act itself.

"I will take my leave, Miko," the silver haired male stated before turning on his heel and exiting the hut. She knew, even if he had not said it, that he would be back. He would check up on them to see if she was going to be true to her word so with a heavy heart she walked to the flap, the afternoon sun warming her skin. Opening the flap she looked around for a familiar face, unable to bring herself to leave her babies alone for even a moment. Who knew if another bit of unwelcome company would come to call and was surprised and not that she had yet another caller, but this time it was a familiar woman, her brown hair moving around her face as she too seemed to be searching thru the crowd.

"Sango!" she called out as her hand waved in the air, everything else forgotten as she saw her friend that had become a sister to her. The brunette's eyes shifted from where she had been looking to see Kagome yelling at her, an arm raised in attempt to get her attention. Smiling she rushed over to the Miko's side, pulling the other woman into tight hug as tears sprung from her eyes. Kagome felt a few tears of her own, but she laughed in spite of it all at her friend's reaction to seeing her in less than three days. "Hey, why are you crying?" she asked after pulling back.

"Because I didn't get to be there!" Sango wiped a few tears as her eyes narrowed and Kagome found herself in front of very ticked off slayer, a complete 180 from how she had been just a second ago. "And you!" she hissed. "How could you lie to me?!" The betrayal was clear in her eyes as she stared down the raven haired woman. "I thought we're always honest with each other!" Sango was really hurt! She had never lied to Kagome, not even about her feelings for the monk before they had become engaged and she had been sure her friend did the same thing, telling her all of her problems. They had shared so many secrets in the hot springs' waters or when they were alone, when both males were not close enough to hear them. This was her sister and even with the reunion with Kohaku, her own brother no less, she still felt closer to Kagome. Maybe it was because they were both girls or maybe their ages had to do something with it, but she truly felt like Kagome were her own sister.

"Because I knew you would talk me out of it," she said as guilt reflected in her eyes. The slayer could see where she was coming from, but she was still upset with the other woman for not at least confiding in her. She had been worried when Inuyasha had come to them, claiming that Kagome had never gone home, that she had left shortly after Sango had left the well. She should have known that the Miko would do that, after all Kagome had been acting super weird before that, when it had been revealed all that time ago that she was pregnant. It hadn't helped with Inuyasha's reaction to it all since Kagome loved the idiot even with his temper and his- Oh, that made sense then... They were both temperamental and even she had failed to see that Inuyasha cared, though he had a funny way of showing it. Maybe it was a good thing that this had happened and while it would have been better to have the pair remember that night she couldn't say how it would have gone the next morning. They both would have thought it a mistake, that the sake had caused them to behave that way.

"As much as I understand your thought process, never do it again," Sango stated. Kagome smiled at the older woman knowing that she was lucky to have such a friend when even her own friends in her time might not have reacted so well to it all. Not the drinking, the sex, and the pregnancy. "Now, let me see those babies!" Laughing at the slayer's excited tone they both headed into the hut so the Miko could show off her children.

Inuyasha was moving quickly, far more than the men that were assisting him after Miroku had helped to get volunteers to help him in the task at hand. He hoped that it would be done before Kagome came back, seeing as he had a whole six days to complete it and to ensure that he had sent Sango to tend to the Miko. She had been upset when he had first told her of what had transpired and while he had been sure she hadn't believed him at first he had proven his point by taking them to the well where the bag was still at the bottom of the well. While she had turned her anger towards the missing woman he had explained what he wanted to do and without explanation the monk and slayer had agreed, the slayer stomping off to complete her side of the agreement, though she had almost told him 'no'. He wouldn't have pushed it because he could see very clearly that she felt as hurt as he had when Kaede had told him that Kagome didn't want to see him for a week at least. He had thought it over on his way back to his other friends and could see where she was coming from and while it hurt him that she didn't want to give him a chance he had understood.

It had all happened so quickly and yet it had been months of pain for her. First having sex with someone she couldn't recall then the pregnancy and while he had reacted poorly to that because of the pain at the thought that she would rather give herself to another he had realized now that it wasn't about him. She had been just as hurt, feeling guilty for something that she hadn't intended to happen and with no memory of the event he knew she had been in turmoil. Sure, even if he put himself in her shoes he would never know what she was really thinking or why she felt so guilty, but at first he had been sure it was because of whom she had slept with, thinking at the time that it had been Koga and then Naraku had tried to lie and tell them that he had been her lover. While that was not true for a second he had believed it. He had believed the worse about a woman who had never given him any reason to think such a vulgar thing like that! And as for what happened after that, there was no telling. The Queen had admitted to filling the Miko's head with lies, but she had also only fed on the insecurities that she had already held, like that kid of Naraku's had done. Looked for the darkness and yet again it had been found, a darkness that centered around him and Kikyo.

He hated that he was the cause of her pain, but it was because he wasn't good with expressing something like love. Sure, he had shown her in his own way like protecting her, giving her his kills instead of the slayer for her approval, and other things, but who was to say that she understood that kind of thing. She wasn't a demon.. well, now she was, but she still didn't know what such things meant. His actions had been obvious to the others in the group like Miroku and Sango as well as Shippo. Even for a kid he had seen his own parents do that, but the humans of his group had just known strangely enough and yet Kagome had never seen it. Was it because of how he had acted in the beginning, how upset he had been because of her appearance and then Kikyo had come back. He had known of his feelings for the younger Miko from the moment he had seen her, but he hadn't been able to get past her appearance and how closely she had resembled the one who had pinned him to the tree. That had all changed within a few months, seeing that she truly cared about him, but the moment he had known his feelings had changed had been when she had cried for him.

Sure, she had told him she thought he was perfect just the way he was, a Hanyou, but words were meaningless when you didn't fit in. It had been those tears that had truly changed it all. She had cared about him dying, worried about his welfare. It would have all been perfect if Kikyo hadn't come back, but he had caused that... the shock of seeing her alive right before his eyes and the guilt had been strong. How could he have fallen for another after telling Kikyo that he loved her. Now he knew that it wasn't really love, not real love. When you loved someone you accepted them as she had. Someone as pure as she was had accepted him and had given him friends... a pack of people that he could call family.

"So, how long are you going to stand there with that wood?" Miroku asked, grinning at the look of embarrassment that appeared on the face of the Hanyou as he looked down to realize that he had indeed stopped walking and was holding a pile of wood tightly in front of him.

"Feh, however long I want to!" he snapped before heading to the spot where the frame of a house was standing. It was close to the village and yet far enough to give them privacy. He hoped that she liked it since he was trying to make it close to her own time's buildings. He had gone over to the other side to get a good feel for her home and how much of it he could duplicate without things like windows and such. It wouldn't be as big, but it would have at least four bedrooms and a medium sized living room as well as things that could pass for couches and such. Not having any money to have such items made had been a worry, but seeing as their group had done so much for the inhabitants of Kaede's village and some of the others close by as well as Minako's village he had been surprised that it wouldn't cost a thing. They had come together, wanting to repay them for it all, even the demons that had been out destroying the monsters wreaking havoc around their own. Even those men were here helping him and with all that help it would take that week to get it done even if it wouldn't be fully furnished.

Smiling he thought of all the children that they would have to fill the home. He would need to add on more rooms if that was the case and that thought caused the smile to drop as he considered the notion that she wouldn't allow him that pleasure again. That dream had been leaving him hot and bothered as well as heartbroken. If she never remembered how it had been, that they had voiced their love, then what would happen? Could he prove that he had wanted her and that he would never up on her or his children.

We need our mate now! A flare up of his demon had him moving away from the others, Miroku watching him in confusion when he disappeared into the woods. He didn't know how much longer he could take it without her close enough to touch. They needed each other and with her being stubborn she was courting danger, not only from how fatal it could be, but because if his demon gained control in this state others might die and he... he would force himself on her and he couldn't do that. No, it would cause far more damage to their relationship.

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