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Chapter 4

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Jumping out of the well, the Hanyou rushed off to their friends. He was still unsure of what the feeling was that crept in at the words that Kagome's mother had said. She hadn't said it specifically he felt that he was the cause of this sudden strange attitude from the normally happy Miko. She wasn't one to seclude herself unless, like her mother said, she was in need of a doctor. Maybe she didn't want to get them sick and that's why she refused to come back. There had been that one time when she had fallen ill in his time and it had gotten so bad that she had to go back to her time.

And even then she still tried to do that school shit she's always so worried about. He didn't get it. She was too sick to fight alongside him, but not to sick for something that held no meaning, at least not in his time. She hadn't been happy about being stuck in her time and he knew that she didn't like to leave them hanging, but she had said that in her time it was very important to get her schooling done. Thankfully, this last year she had done what she called "homeschooling" and while she still had to do her work, tests and all, but she didn't have to go to school. As long as she got her work done, early or not, she was passing her classes. That was one less thing to irritate him since he wasn't really all that happy to let her go back to her time for something he still deemed as useless. Maybe it was because of that promise she had made, the one that she appeared to be ready to break, about staying with him. What would this schooling be worth in his time? Shaking those thoughts to the side he decided to think about that for another time.

"Where is she?!" came a cry from the small kitsune that barreled into him, his head striking the Hanyou's gut. Letting out a surprised 'ooph' he grabbed the small fox by his fluffy orange tinted tail. "Why didn't you bring her back?!" He was starting to grate on the older male's nerves, his squeal of anguish hurting his ears. The small appendages flattened to his head at the sound.

"Silence, kid," he hissed as the other two from their group came out from Kaede's hut just a few yards in front of him. The older Miko stepped out behind them, looking rather worried herself at the fact that Kagome wasn't with him. It wasn't very often that when he went to her world to get her that he failed to return her to their time and the look on his face didn't help matters.

"Ah, so Lady Kagome will return later then?" Miroku asked, sure that it was another spat and that Kagome had probably sat him until he gave in and left her behind in a huff. The pair were always feuding with each other, whether it was because of her temper or his, it didn't matter what. They seemed to get a long in a way, their arguments just part of their relationship...though neither seemed aware of the other's actual feelings. He had wanted to point it out, to stop all the bickering, but Sango had told him not to. It wouldn't help if they pushed the two together, no, it would only serve to make it way more awkward than it needed to be for the pair. It was best if they figured it out on their own while the only other adults in the group helped it from getting too out of control. Inuyasha shrugged, not knowing himself and that made the monk worried, Sango raising a brow in confusion while Kaede almost chocked on the tears that threatened. "What do you mean?"

"Kagome went back to her time and told her mother something that apparently had happened the other day, ya know, at that celebration." They all nodded. Yeah, they all remembered the celebration, well, two people had no inkling what their night had entailed, but no one needed to know that. Inuyasha wasn't aware that he was alone in his missing time frames from that night, but while his friends were aware of his unknown sexual partner they were not aware that he didn't remember any of that night after he started drinking. "Well, whatever it was Kagome has refused to come back for now and will be going to the doctor in a weeks time to find out why she's acting so strange. Her mother even said she had to sedate her." That bit of information was startling to him and he thought that maybe that's why she had moved far from her daughter's room. Maybe Kagome hadn't wanted her mother to tell him all that she had and with her worried about her child's state of mind or maybe something was wrong with her body, she had wanted him to know how bad it might be.

"She was rather distraught over her clothing," Sango pointed out, recalling how distraught the girl had appeared when she had taken the clothing. "In fact she had gotten out of the water, but I never got a look to see why the clothing I brought was so bad." Miroku looked thoughtful. He could remember vaguely what the Miko had been wearing when she had come into the room, but not in full detail as he was rather fearful of his life at her display of open rage. He knew that she was powerful, but he had never seen her power warp out of her body like that, as if it were a bomb detonating around her form.

"She was wearing something she usually reserves for the colder weather," Shippo stated. All eyes turned to him. "You know, that turtle shirt or whatever it's called."

"Ah, her turtle neck," the monk stated. He had remembered her bringing some of her time's clothing choices since the weather had become cooler at night. While the temperature had been dropping with fall just around the corner that morning hadn't been particularly cool in anyway. The rains that fell around their area kept the cold at bay for another few weeks, at least until winter blew stronger and overtook the land with snows. They hadn't really been finding any shards in the last few weeks, but then again after having come across Naraku just a few weeks past to witness the size of his portion of the jewel as he gloated about his soon to be completed jewel. That had led them to believe that the jewel was complete for the most part, in their portion and his being all that was left. Kagome had been their means of looking for the shards, but even with that task complete she was still needed to purify the jewel. Kikyo could have done it, but the dead Miko wasn't a friend of the group, still staying out of their sights unless she wanted something or she called for the Hanyou. The last time any of them had heard from the Miko she had required Kagome's assistance in surviving the wound from Naraku's miasma.

"You don't think she was attacked, do you?" Sango asked, though if she had none of them had been aware of any evil lurking on the grounds of the residence they had been resting at. "Now, that I think about it, Kagome had been acting weird yesterday. In fact she said something about that night, that she didn't even know how she had ended up at the hot springs." That rose the brows on all of the faces before her, but the look that was most curious was Inuyasha's. His face paled, his golden eyes growing wide but then narrowing down as if something strange occurred to him. Sango's own eyes narrowed. "What's that look about?" He seemed to realize that she was talking to him and with a shake of his head he blew her off, turning away from her piercing gaze.

She wasn't at the spring this morning, he thought to himself. She hadn't been there when he had woken up...he had been alone, he was sure of that so why had she said she had ended up there without any knowledge of getting there. That made no sense for her to lie about her whereabouts, at least not to them. They were her friends and it's not like they would have hu- Oh, shit! Yeah, he had humiliated her with his talking, that anger she had felt had been humiliation and maybe another emotion as he had been too frozen to really sniff out her emotions all that clearly. "Uh, I plan on going back in a week to see how her appointment went, but while we wait for her I guess we can check for any leads on where Naraku is." While it was true that now one had seen the spider demon for weeks it didn't mean he was dead. No, it was more than likely he was waiting for the opportune time to strike and with Kagome on the other side of the well with whatever was ailing her they were in a tight spot, almost like sitting ducks for him to swipe at.

"We really could use her right about now," Sango stated sadly. She was the glue that held the group together and she was also the one that could see the shards so they would need her to target where the dark Hanyou was hiding out. Truly they could do nothing but ask around and if that didn't pan out then they were stuck waiting for Kagome to come back...if she came back. "I don't think she's going to abandon us." She voiced what everyone in the group was really worried about and not for the reason that most would think. Its not just because she was the one that could find the shards, but she was their friend and whenever she had to go to her side of the well she was missed by all.

"How about we make her a get well note!" Shippo suggested. "We could let her know we are thinking of her and miss her!" It was a great suggestion, but as the others turned to head back to the hut where the little kitsune kept his art supplies that Kagome had kept him stocked with the soul collectors appeared. There were only two this time, the serpentine like creatures swirling overhead, but well where Inuyasha could see them. This time he hesitated in going to his past love's side, torn between being here with his friends or going to her, the one that wanted his soul when she finally went to Hell. He wasn't even sure he was going to go with her when it was time for her to leave this world. He didn't want to go with her anymore and that was Kagome's fault as much as his own. She had made him see sense and that he shouldn't have to shoulder the responsibility for something he was not responsible for, but she was also the one that had made him feel more comfortable in his own skin. He hadn't felt that since his own mother. It had him reflecting on how different the two woman in his life truly were. Sure, he had been mistaken when he first saw her and her smell had been similar to the now dead Miko's but they were like the sun and the moon in the way they not only treated him, but those around them. Kagome drew people to her in a way that Kikyo never could with her indifference. Even though they both were powerful in their own right and Miko's to boot there was a different way they went about using said powers.

He looked back at the group having not noticed the presence of the soul collectors and decided that he would ignore the Miko for now. Once the group had given him the letters for their friend on the other side of the well he would be here to deliver them rather than causing more trouble in the group. When he followed them tho the soul collector followed him, almost intent on getting him in trouble either way as it slid toward the hut to announce its presence. Huffing at the pushy way Kikyo was acting using said collector he turned and headed toward where the other one waited. It was like she knew he wouldn't want his friends to see the reason he was leaving them behind and since that was indeed the case he rushed off before they could catch him and so he could get this over with and back to the group.

Finally coming across the woman who had called him he could see that she appeared hurt and angry that he had not come at her summons, that she had had to make him come when in the past he had come with no hesitation. It's that girl's fault. My copy has his heart when it should be mine! The dead Miko was quite upset, but clearing her features of all emotion she approached him, reaching out to grasp him in a hug. He allowed her that courtesy, but he was tense thru the whole exchange and that only seemed to fuel her anger.

"What is it, Kikyo?" he bit out, trying to be polite to the Miko before him, but he felt that each time since that night she had been healed by Kagome that she wasn't calling him for any other reason than to bother the other Miko. She wasn't telling him anything new about Naraku so she was only staking claim on him, trying to force him to be with her in a way that was making him uncomfortable. Kagome had never done that, making him choose between hanging out with their group, with her, or going to Kikyo when she called him. No, she held her tongue, telling him it was fine and that the other woman needed him. She didn't look him in the eyes anymore when she said it either and the waves of guilt and sadness ate at him as he disappeared to see the dead woman. "Is it news on Naraku's whereabouts? Or a new demon he had sent on the rampage?" She looked at him, her eyes narrowing.

"Do you not love me anymore, Inuyasha?" He looked mildly surprised at her question. She had never really asked him point blank about his feelings for her other than the first time she had appeared to him, dragging him down to hell with her...or at least trying because Kagome had stopped him. She had watched the whole thing and although she seemed rather upset at that moment she had claimed only to having witnessed the entirety of what had happened between me and Kikyo and that she felt lonely. There had not been a day that I had not wondered as to what had happened that night. I had some memories, but upon hearing Kagome's voice calling to me I found myself in a hole and said Miko sitting tied to a broken tree that had not been broken when I had first entered the clearing. Kikyo had not tried to kill her at that time, that was one thing I was sure of, though the dead Miko did attempt it once so long ago. Kagome would not fill me in on that night, what transpired between her and Kikyo and what I had missed in my blackout. Kaede had admitted to me that her sister had visited that same night, asking about Naraku and mentioning the future born Miko as well. She seemed upset that Kagome had healed him when she hadn't even been given a chance, but that wasn't entirely true either. With Kagome I had almost instantly fallen under her spell, her friendship easy to accept even when I had denied it. Maybe it was because of Kikyo, but I highly doubt it even now.

"I-I don't think that our love was ever meant to last," he said softly, sadly. "We never fully accepted each other and although our love wasn't one born of passion but of a feeling of needed companionship, I feel that all I truly owe you is one debt." She looked sadly at him, the fire of anger still burning brightly in her eyes. "Revenge for the both of us. For your untimely death and for the loss of what probably would have never been a happy union." It made no sense and it made so much sense. He didn't love her like he did the younger Miko. She didn't come to him because of loneliness, since she made friends no matter where she was, and she wasn't looking to change him, because she loved who he was, even if it was in friendship. He felt so stupid for all the things he had done to hurt her all this time, but he didn't regret that she had wanted to stay with him. She had asked to stay with him and he had allowed it...she had wanted it and he hadn't been able to let her go. He had thought his heart lay with the woman before him, but even if she had held it at one point it had never been true love for him.

"You don't love her, Inuyasha," she spat. "She's just my copy and even if she is willing to lay with you she will never stay with you!" She was pissed off, knowing that if she could make him doubt his affections for the girl, belittle those affections. "After all, why would she want to lay with someone who would be scorned for laying with a Hanyou? A demon would be just as bad and that would defile her! She would be tainted for all to mock or worse," she said, letting the words sink into his brain, into his heart and he knew that she was right. Kikyo had only wanted him to be human for that reason as well. She would not have just been defiled by allowing him to possess her body, heart and soul as even a half demon. He had to be human, but Kagome had never asked him to do that while Kikyo had. Maybe she really had loved him and he was just confused by her warm nature. After all, she only loved him as a friend, never asking for more. Kikyo felt that victory was close. He would relent to her and stay with her. The reincarnation would not interfere. Yes, she knew that Kagome loved him and not in the fashion as he thought she did. No, Kagome loved him as more than a friend and while Inuyasha was blinded to it she was not! She knew that his love for her had been taken by that bitch and she wouldn't allow it to stay with Kagome. Inuyasha left her, walked away without a word and while the Miko was rather upset with his departure she knew that the seed she had planted was taking root and soon it would fester until the Hanyou came back to her, came with her down to hell upon the death of Naraku.

She would allow him to do that one thing since she wanted Naraku's death as well...

Ah, so her true colors are exposed and Inuyasha begins to doubt his own worth to the future born Miko that he has finally figured out he loved, truly loved...Where will this take them when the truth about her missing night of memory comes to surface. There is no way that a demon or even a half demon wouldn't figure out her secret or is there? Thanks again to those who review. I appreciate it! Stay safe!

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