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Chapter 38

Talawolfgirl : This is true! He would do anything to protect his love, but could what the Queen is capable of keep him from saving her? You shall find out in this chapter! Enjoy!

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His sword came into contact with her own that she had pulled from her own flesh, the long blade the same blue color of her skin as it sparked against his own. Pushing her off of him, the blades sparking and screaking as they ran along each other echoed in the room as she came back at him, jumping off a wall to strike down at him again, his sword slashing out to stop her. It was like a stalemate, the pair of them could do no real battle in the small space and it was making him upset. He didn't have time for this! He needed to get to Kagome and find out if she was okay! As they dodged and parried in the small space he looked around, hoping that somehow he could use his Wind Scar or something in the space without taking down the structure around his ears, but there was no way since this was the very front and center of the castle. He would end up burying his mate in the rubble, if she wasn't conscious and the feeling that was in the back of his mind told him that she was on the very brink, the pain that came thru their link taking some of his attention from the fight before him. The opening that it gave allowed his opponent to strike his right arm, blood spurting out onto the cold rock beneath his feet.

"A little too preoccupied, half breed?" she queried with another smirk as she went back at him, her blade slicing the air before him when he jumped back to avoid another hit on his person. There wasn't much he could do here and he couldn't move the battle out of this space because of what was going on outside so he was stuck when his mind seemed to recall that he had a move that might be safe enough to use in the space without much damage to the structure. The problem with this move was he was still perfecting it, the last time he had used it had been against an opponent after just receiving it from his own brother's sword. In his mind he tried to picture it, the feel of it as his blade changed to the shock of his attacker, her red eyes watching with confusion and awe as the blade grew dark, small stars and what appeared to be the galaxies around them appeared on it. He continued to concentrate, his eyes opening to watch as the aura of his blade grew violet in color, the pulsing of it sending out the power it held so his opponent could feel it.

She took a step back but it was too late as he cried out, "Meidō Zangetsuha!" And with a slash of his blade, his feet leaving the floor as he jumped up to slice her from top to bottom, her body splitting down the middle as a hole appeared between her body, growing slightly and changing to match his blade as she found herself being pulled apart and into the space he had opened up. It pulled her in even as a scream left her lips, the sound of her pain echoing around him, but he paid no heed as he raced around the attack. It disappeared with the last of her form as he ran down a dark corridor, his nose to the air as he tried to sniff Kagome out. Her scent was very faint in the air, still fresh enough to tell him that she had been here recently and he followed it further into the darkness.

Miroku fell to his knees, the kaazan burning on his flesh, the pain hitting his heart even thru the poison he had taken at the old man's place unable to take all the edge off his taking in so many monsters, their evil far stronger than those demons that Naraku had sent to him. He watched as Sango came to his aid, worry evident on her face as she tried to concentrate on taking down more of the blobs that transformed into women before them. They were dwindling a bit in numbers as Sesshomaru continued to slave away at striking down as many of them as he could, Kirara aiding as she too took large bites out of some of the creatures. It felt like a losing battle with how many of them that there had been and even with the fight that seemed to last forever there were still more than half that they had started out against. Hope was fading fast with only the three of them able to fight, the slayer's energy slacking with the exertion that she had used to keep up with the ones that had been raining down from above when suddenly the area behind them was filled with a war cry, several voices and howls reverberating in the air around them.

Glancing over his shoulder Miroku watched in both awe and shock as Koga came running with several hundred wolves and other demons quickly following. They raced past him, people they had met on the road including Minako and other children that had been at that village among the fighters that promptly went work with various weapons to decimating the enemy before them. Ayame rushed to his aid, fending off more of the red women that were coming for what they saw as a moving target, Gina and Hakkaku at her side fighting even as there was fear in their eyes upon seeing what they were fighting against. Even Rōyakan was with them, his large mouth opening to expel more wolves to help battle against the red monsters. It was a battle for the ages as all the people that the group had come in contact with aided in trying to take down the evil that threatened not only them, but the one woman who had touched them all.

Sango smiled at the fact that not only had Koga returned after what had happened with him in the group, but he had brought others to help them fight against the Queen and her monsters that had roamed far and wide, killing not only humans, but demons as well. Even the little foxes that had participated in a test with Shippo were there, their tricks enough to weaken or keep the attention of the monsters as others quickly destroyed the offending women. The slayer's mouth fell open though when a scythe-like weapon passed close to her, striking a monster that had been almost upon her. She turned to find her brother among the large mass of fighters, his eyes turning from her in guilt while also striking down more of the monsters. She couldn't believe it! After all the searching she had done her brother was before her, his eyes betraying his feelings. He remembered it all! The death of his father at his own hand, the killing of his people, all of it! She mourned for him, for the innocence that he had lost that day, the fact that he had been under Naraku's rule killing others at the evil Hanyou's command. She mourned what his life had become after that dark night so long ago and she yearned to go to his side, but judging by the look he had shot her, was still shooting her every few seconds, that he wasn't ready. He didn't seem to believe that even thru all this that he deserved forgiveness and the love of his only remaining family at his side.

Turning back to the task at hand she vowed that he would know that she forgave him, that she didn't see him as unlovable and that he had more family waiting for him to join them. It was just a matter of time, after all they were at the final battle, she could feel it.

It didn't take very long to find the room that held the Queen's throne with the power that was being unleashed upon the Miko as it shuddered with all the evil being poured out from it. Turning toward the door he could feel the evil coming thru the stone doors, the heat and cold that clashed at that doorway and without a second thought he threw it open, the sight before him breaking his heart, tears burning his eyes as his demon howled in anger and anguish. Kagome lay on the floor, motionless before a woman he had never seen before but he knew without a doubt was the queen herself. Her dark hair fell past her waist, the black mass hiding her face from his view, but he could only imagine that she looked triumphantly down at the Miko, having dealt a fatal blow to his mate. Hearing the door open she turned to him and he was right, she looked quite content with herself, her black orbs glimmering with joy at the motionless woman before her. "Well, well, well," she said in a mocking tone, her blue lips twisting maliciously at his angry appearance. "You came far earlier than I had even thought, half breed." She looked back down at Kagome, her laughter echoing around her before she spoke, her voice so filled with hate as she looked at the one woman, the one person who could have annihilated her, the woman before her that had only managed to destroy her physical form nothing but a weakling compared to the Miko.

"You fucking bitch!" he hissed, his fangs glinting at her in the semi-lit room. She only laughed at him, her eyes twinkling with mirth at his words.

"So, that is where the pure female learned such vulgar language." She was acting as if she had been just a caretaker of his mate, a friend that had sheltered the Miko from the outside taint when she in fact had done the tainting, with the help of one missing person. "I can see by your eyes that you are wondering about the one known as Naraku." When she received no answer she just shrugged. "He was supposed to be here when you came," she stated, almost looking regretful for the absence of the dark Hanyou. "But the cunt on the floor, the pure Miko that you came to save from her fate, killed him in cold blood." A mirthless chuckle escaped from her lips. "After all that I had planned for all of you, she went and destroyed him and left me with very little choice but to punish her before you got here." Her words were full of disgust and anger as she narrowed her eyes on the woman still laying so still before him, the power of the Queen still pulsing around her. "Don't worry, half breed, she still lives... for now, but she will remain in that state, reliving all the ugliness that I have shown her until she dies from the heart break of it all. The fact that she believes you didn't love her as she loved you, that she worried about how her children would be treated by you and the simple fact, the most heart breaking of all for her," she said, coldness in her tone as she turned her attention to him, "That she couldn't protect those same little ones and she was so clos-"

Before she could finish that sentence Inuyasha rushed at her, his blade striking her skin while at the same time he was thrust back by her evil barrier, a bit of blood leaking from the wound on her cheek. She frowned, her blue slender fingers reaching up to touch the spot he had managed to touch, the mar with his blade. Of course with a strange wind that seemed to come from the far corner of the room, a white mist coming from that same spot her skin was healed and all that was left from it was blood that still slid down her face.

"Ah, so much better," she breath dropping her hand and glaring at him. "I never knew about the powers of that sword, Naraku held no such memory and the woman, well, she had so many other things on her mind." She approached him, her barrier flickering around her, not like Naraku's which had held tight like a ball of purple light. "I was hoping that he would have been here, feasting upon her when you came to call upon her, but as I said she killed him." Snapping her fingers a body appeared next to Kagome's still form. It was what was left of Naraku, his body just a mashed up bit of flesh, his face still visible even with the burns that marked his features. "She used way too much energy to kill him, leaving her vulnerable to my punishment for her actions, but then again, she seems to be a stubborn little bitch. Thinking that you would come for her or that she could somehow get away from my castle." She tsked now, looking back at the body of the Miko. "She would have made a good weapon, especially once I killed her babies."

He growled low in his throat at the mention of her plans for not only his mate, but for his pups. "She would never have allowed it," he spat, his blade pulsing with the need to kill this woman, his demon cursing her existence and him for allowing her to become a slave to this evil woman. She by far outranked Naraku, making the now dead male look like an peon compared to her own evil and power. He could feel it in the room, brushing up against his own aura that still flickered with Kagome's own Miko powers. He blinked. When had that happened? When had her powers come to him, engulfing him in her own protection. He looked over at her form, watching for the one sign that she was still able to do that and he almost fell over when her eyes looked back at him, flickering between the grey blue that came from her tainted form, to the chocolaty brown that he had come to love upon seeing her for the first time. She was fighting, the darkness that still swirled around her form, her skin burning and healing in a cycle that never seemed to end, but now that he knew she was trying he could fight with the strength that she was giving him.

Without warning he struck out at the woman before him, her cocky smirk disappearing when the pure energy from the weakened Miko burst from his sword, the blade turning pink as it cut thru her barrier. With a screech of pain she shot backward, her barrier failing to return where he had struck it, her eyes flashing in anger as she cried out for something he couldn't see until they were upon him, all the monsters that had been in the darkness running forward in an attempt to bring down the Hanyou that had dared to strike their master. Inuyasha turned toward them, his blade at the ready to destroy them when voices and the sounds of footsteps echoed outside the entryway to the throne room. He paid them no mind, ready to strike down the ones that were trying to keep him from his mate, but before he could swing his sword his brother shot before him, his blade taking down several of the monsters with a single strike, the power of the blade hitting the wall behind them with such force that it shook.

"Trying to take on all these monsters yourself, brother?" he inquired with a smirk, the slayer rushing past them, her boomerang raised in one hand while her katana thrust out in front of her, the larger weapon being utilized as a shield as she knocked a few of the monsters off of her with it. Miroku rushed by his other side, Kohaku hot on his heels as they struck down more of the monsters, the sounds of battle resounded around them. More of his allies burst in behind them, thrashing monsters left and right, his own golden gaze turning to the one woman that still held his mate captive and would continue to do so until he struck her down.

"So, Queen of the Void, seems that you didn't count on such a large force to counter your own," he gloated, her eyes wide as she took in the massacre of her own creatures, their cries mingling with the sounds of weapons clashing and feet moving in tune to the strikes. She was overwhelmed, the fight from before for the diamond that would have given her power flashing in her mind. The princess standing before her on the frozen land, so dark with her own energy before a flash of light blinded her, the woman before her grasping the diamond in her hands as she stood alone before her... or so it had appeared when more people came to her side. The woman had stood her ground, a sad look on her determined face as the others gathered around her with the same looks of resolve on their face. Powering up she had managed to strike down so many of them that had come to the princess' aid, their cries unheeded by her or the princess, but she hadn't given up, no, the woman who had been pure like the Miko that still lay before her had struck back.

"I don't care if the whole world were to be standing before me with the intent to strike me down," she hissed. "I would kill every last person and still be standing before them in all my glory," she taunted, her face becoming impassive as she tried to tamp down the fear that sizzled across her flesh. "I don't even care if my body dies, because I will find another and I will be born again while you all lay in your own blood without a breath leaving your body." Her laughter echoed around them all all the other sounds fell silent, the monsters of the woman before them all laying on the ground dead while others disappeared into dust at the warriors' feet. She looked out at all the faces before her, still laughing at their outrage, their anger fueling her to continue in her killing. "You will all fall at my feet, joining that wretched Miko who dared to defy the one evil that surpasses all that you could even imagine!" she cried out, her laughter dying for a moment. "Even that fucking bastard Naraku could never hold a flame to what I can do!"

Without forewarning she powered up, the castle around them shaking with the force of her evil, mists of grey swirling around her, drawing the remains of her monsters toward her as she grew, her body towering above them as the structure around them crumbled. Inuyasha rushed over to Kagome, his hands moving to grab her, the evil scorching his palms forcing him to pull back, but he wouldn't allow her to be harmed as more of the walls broke, the rocks tumbling. The others rushed to leave the space, save for his group who hesitated in their worry for the fallen Miko. "Get out of here!" he snapped, Sango and Miroku looked at each other, still unsure of leaving the pair behind. "We'll be fine," he assured them moving to stand over his mate, his pants staying intact as the flames tried to burn him. When it appeared that what he said was true, that they would be fine with him left alone with her, they headed off, looking back one more time before exiting the collapsing building.

They all looked up, the sight of the evil Queen a horror to gaze at as her skin turned a colder blue, her black eyes narrowing and changing to the point that not a speck of white was left in them, her power swirling around her. She was now standing tall, the rubble of her castle surrounding her feet while some it still stood tall behind her even as more of it crumbled it. She stood nearly twenty feet tall, her hair swirling around her with the power of her aura. She had made the decision that had destroyed her home, but she cared not since she would rebuild once they were all dead at her feet. The ground that had once been the castle floor pushed her up higher, their head craning further back to keep her in sight, some of the warriors backing away from the sight, afraid of what she would do with them so close to her form. "Stand strong!" Koga yelled, his own men sticking close to him while others looked among themselves with worry clear in their gazes. This was it... death or victory for their would be nothing if they retreated from this ultimate battle.

Around them the air swirled, more of the grey mist being pulled from the downed monsters, some of the men and women in the large mass backing away from the bodies, their blood the only thing left as their powers, their life force being absorbed by the woman's imposing frame before them. "Be ready!" Sesshomaru called out, looking for his ward and Jaken before noticing that they were not on the battlefield around him. He tried to push it out of his mind, the belief that his lackey had done his job and had taken the small child out of the danger zone. Turning his attention back to the woman before him he watched in surprise as a pink light shot out from the rubble below her, the gleam of it growing brighter as it struck the Queen in the shoulder, a cry of pain screeching out of her parted lips. She turned to see who would dare strike her, the purity of the hit not lost on her. Her blood spilled down, pooling in the rocks below her.

Everyone looked over in shock to see Inuyasha with a worn out Kagome at his side, her body supported by his arm around her waist. There was no weapon in her hands, just a bright pink glow that emanated from her hands that were still outstretched, shaking with the weakened state of her body. She glared up at the evil woman, her eyes now brown and all her wounds healed for the most part. "I thought you could read my thoughts, bitch," she spat with fury, "If that were the case then you should know that I won't allow you to continue to hurt my friends or my family!" Her whole body lit up with a bright pink light, the darkness gone from her aura where it had once tainted the brilliant rosy color. The Queen growled in annoyance.

"How did yo-" she stopped, snarling at the one who just wouldn't die. "Never mind how you got out of my power, you will die!" Rushing forward, her body arching to attack the Miko with outstretched hands sparking with power she struck out, her power flaring over the barrier that kept the pair safe. It crackled with the invasion of her evil, but didn't waver as Inuyasha held up his blade, still glowing pink with Kagome's power while a red tint shimmered on the blade itself with his own demonic power. Looking toward Inuyasha she nodded and he pulled back his blade as more of her power moved toward her fingertips, the light so bright that it almost appeared white in color. Everyone watched, trying to see what was happening while not being blinded by the power pouring out from her fingers when something even stranger happened as the Queen tried attack again. In the middle of that orb of power appearing at her fingertips appeared a smaller orb that glowed almost violet in color. It flashed black for a second before radiating pink with the outer part of Kagome's power.

"The Shikon no Tama?" the pair asked together, watching the fully formed stone glimmer and shine, the Queen screaming when the power at Kagome's hands burst forth, Inuyasha striking out with his blade only seconds later. Some of the people watching from below this event shielded their eyes while others turned away as the whole battlefield went white, like a blank sheet of paper where nothing was seen. The only sound that could be heard was a wail of pain, the scent of burnt flesh filling the noses of all those that stood by, most of them covering their sensitive appendages at the disgusting odor just moments before they felt the warm coat of blood that seemed to explode from the fight between the three beings before them.

The light faded slowly, revealing the pedestal that the Queen had been standing on, nothing perched on it but blood that leaked down it slowly as it pooled at the base. All eyes turned toward the pair that still stood there, not a drop of blood on them even as it flowed around them in their barrier. Cheers broke out, Sango pulling Miroku into her arms as her lips slammed down on his. The evil was gone, evident by her absence, the blood and the evil that was dissipating in the air. No one saw Inuyasha turn to Kagome, the jewel of four souls falling into her hands as her power died, her body sagging against his for a moment as she stared at the small pearl that had brought so many pain, including the male still standing at her side. His mouth was moving, but she heard nothing of it as she managed to grasp the stone tightly in one hand, the darkness claiming her yet again, a smile still on her lips as he caught her, worry in his voice as he cried out, "Kagome!?"

So now the Queen is gone and all that is left is Inuyasha proving to Kagome that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, but with Kagome blacking out his main concern is if she is okay. Stay safe!

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