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Chapter 36

Talawolfgirl : Kagome is in a place that is quelling her powers, keeping her submissive since she is powerful and a strong opponent that the Queen doesn't want to deal with going against her. As for the pups, yes, they are demon/Miko breed, but like their mother they are being kept submissive, though they have kept others from them they aren't able to do much unless Kagome can find a way to get the darkness out of her heart. Right now she's still too wounded from her lack of memory.

InuKagLover 1992 : He loves her so he wants her to be calm so that their pups and her stay healthy and yes, he needs to try and get the darkness away from her which will be hard considering that her idea of that night is part of that reason the darkness was able to become apart of her. It's up to him to prove to her that he loves her or it could spell more disaster from the pair.

windbreaking : I was hoping it came out okay since I still feel that there is still a wall between those two that will never really go away. And you will find out about that location in this chapter. I hope you enjoy the chapter!

Thanks to all of my readers, reviewers and followers! I appreciate all of your support in giving me the confidence to continue this fic! I might have another in the works, but it's still a work in progress to the point that I don't have it on paper at all just yet.

As the sun rose high into the skies the beams hit the eyes of one silver haired male in the tree, a smile on his face as he continued to dream of Kagome, her chocolatey brown eyes gazing up at him with so much love. Her body was still ripe with his pups, the evil Queen was gone and Naraku was dead at their feet. It was the dream that would soon become a reality if he had anything to do with it. Stretching as the sun warmed the air the Hanyou opened his golden orbs, shielding them from the bright light before hopping down to the campsite. His brother was still awake, his own golden eyes watching the other side of the camp, where the sun was coming up. It was just after dawn and he was anxious to get on the way to finding Kagome, after all he now knew where to look for her and with any help from his travelling brother they would have the exact location. Turning from the two still sleeping he headed back over to his brother, again finding himself where he had just been the night before asking the awkward questions about mates, but because he had asked the question he now had the answer that they had all been searching for. Without changing the position of his gaze his brother asked, "Here for another birds and bees talk, brother?"

Scoffing at him he shook his head before responding, "No, I have information, but seeing as you are the nomad of the family, brother, I felt that you might know more about a mountain that is larger than most, part of it is always encased in darkness." At his words the older male raised a brow as he turned to Inuyasha. "Ah, so you do know what I am talking about?" It was a question but at the look that was in his brother's eyes he knew that it truly wasn't one. His brother knew this place and knew it well enough to look ticked off at the mention of that place.

"It is always encased in darkness, but it was never dark," he said. The way he said that only confused the Hanyou. How could a place be both dark and not dark? That made no sense. It was almost as if his brother knew what he was thinking when he spoke again, "The place used to be a very lively place, full of life and the like, but after the massacre of the people there, well, it's never been the same. The ground was so saturated with blood that nothing could grow there and while it is nothing to me since it's not part of my own land, several of our people were..." he faded off for a moment, looking rather upset.

"Were they killed there?" Inuyasha inquired, hearing the sounds of the pair waking up behind him. More than likely they could see that the brothers were conversing about something personal and had decided not to interrupt, instead going about the morning routine like getting water for breakfast and cleaning up after they were done. He had not concern for any of that right now, he had to know about this place where Kagome was being kept and so far it sounded bad. His brother looked away for a moment, his brows knitting together.

"They were killed, but they weren't the people that lived there," he said, sounding rather unhappy now, his tone turning colder than Inuyasha had ever heard it. "You were too little to remember it, but it was where your mother lived after having you." Inuyasha's eyes grew as wide as saucers. He had lived in this place with his mother?! He didn't remember living anywhere but where they had, with her family. "It's where father had placed you two for protection, where he was killed." He turned his golden orbs toward the Hanyou, almost looking angry at the male before him. It brought up what Kagome had once told him, that his brother was angry because of how his father had treated him and his mother. He had loved them more in the older demon dog's eyes and even if it wasn't true it had only become solidified when Toga, his father, had died to protect them. "He had married her, mated with her, marked her and when she had fallen pregnant he didn't feel she was safe in her home town so he had taken her to that village." Silence filled the space between them, only broken by the sounds of the pair behind them cooking the meal and talking softly among themselves. "It was a village full of demons and humans alike, all of them living like that village we passed days ago. This area is a haven for their kind and this place was the largest one in the area, a town instead of a village. He felt she would be safe there should his own people rise up or her people killing her for what she had done."

"For marrying our dad or for being pregnant with me?" Inuyasha asked softly, feeling so torn now that he knew his father had truly cared about his mother, not that she hadn't said the same thing for years when he had been so upset that his father had left them alone. Now he knew. His father had tried to protect them, give him a normal life with others that were like them, but he had ended up dying the night he had been born. How had that happened to one that he had heard had been so powerful?

"Both," came Sesshomaru's response. "She had been defiled, as her people looked at it and our own people, demons in general, saw it as being weak to fuck and mate a human. I saw it as that way as well. Humans are too weak to be of any good, but then I see your Miko and even the slayer and know that in some instances that it isn't true."

"What happened to them? How did my mother survive that?" His brother chuckled darkly.

"Father and I happened, though at the time I was only doing as my father, a great Lord and warrior asked of me. It had nothing to do with your mother or even you. I looked up to our father even if I thought he had made a mistake. It was the day he died." It seemed that they had lived there throughout her pregnancy if that was the case. Nine months of calm and serenity and then... "They did it so cowardly," he spat. "Attacked in the nighttime, when everyone slept they came for that town, killing all as they searched for your mother." Scoffing he continued, "The fucked up part was even if they had found her first they were still going to kill the others. That town, the village we passed, all of them were considered a disease that needed to be eradicated."

"You used to be like them," Inuyasha pointed out, his brother growling menacingly at his words.

"I may have been similar to them, brother, but I wasn't a monster like them! I may have killed them if they had come across from me for what they did, but I would not have hunted them down, killed them in the night!" His voice was rising with each word, the others now looking over as his eyes flashed red. "I would not have killed innocent children!" The Hanyou stepped back, aware that he brother was truly mad at his accusation and since Inuyasha had not known much of his brother he had no way to know that his brother wouldn't have killed them all. "Fuck, I was the one that began killing our own to stop the slaughter, but by the time we had gotten there almost all of them were gone, your mother safe in a home closer to the mountain itself. Even then, it wasn't just our kind there, no her own men were there slaughtering any that they came into contact with."

"That's how he died." It wasn't a question this time. No, his mother had stated that his father had died just after he was born...Just seconds after he was born.

"He came upon your mother in the throes of labor, that's why he had headed out that way, but when information came at the same time about a planned assassination of her and the people whom had harbored her, he came to me and asked for help. I wanted to tell him no, but I knew of that town as well and knew that none of them deserved to die. Not that way."

"He knew that my mother was in labor?" His brother nodded.

"A mate knows such things, brother, but when he went to her one of her men, a man named Takemaru. Her family had sent him to find her, to kill her for the shame she had brought upon them. They had no idea that she was pregnant." It was a gruesome story, but they had to go there, that was where Kagome was.

"Kagome is being kept in that area, the castle of that bitch is now in that spot." Sesshomaru chuckled, Inuyasha growling at his laugh. This wasn't the time to laugh! She was in even more danger knowing she was in a place that had held such misery and death!

"Do not think that I am laughing at her misfortune. It should have been the most obvious place for someone like the Queen of the Void. A place so full of death that she would have nothing pure in her way and such an ample amount of humans to slaughter for her energy." Still growling Inuyasha stated that they would be heading out before turning from his brother to grab some food while it was still warm. Snatching a bit of the dried meat and a bowl of rice he stalked off toward his tree to eat. Sesshomaru turned back to look at the sun, a sad smile on his face. How ironic that your son's mate should be kept in the same place as your mate was, father.

On that same mountain Kagome found herself waking up to someone pulling at her clothing, tearing bits of it off to expose her to the cold air of the castle. Shuddering she opened her grey blue eyes to find Naraku yanking the top of her dress away, most of it falling to the ground. With having just had the best sleep she had had since coming to this place she found that she was a bit groggy, her body feeling too heavy to fight back as he pressed his lips to hers. She felt the bile rise up in her throat as her powers began to resurface, not as strong as before but enough to make him pull back, but just when she thought he was going to leave her alone he struck her in the face where he had the day before. That side was still tender so when his hand made contact with it again she felt an even stronger pain than before. She refused to cry out though, her body shaking in anger mixed with disgust. She wouldn't give him the benefit of hearing her pain. Kagome continued to fight against him, pushing him into a wall with her demonic strength, but it only served to piss him off more and it also seemed to arouse him further as he finally pushed her up against a wall. Before she could fight him any further he grasped her wrists tightly in his hands before shoving them roughly against the stone wall behind her.

"Don't think that I haven't forgotten about you, Miko," he rasped as his mouth slammed back on hers, his tongue penetrating her orifice in a motion that was meant to mimic the sexual act that he wanted to do to her. He pulled back from her mouth after what felt like hours, his mouth moving down to her jaw, his fangs nipping at her skin while he ground his lower body against hers so she could feel his hardness, his body's reaction to what he was doing. She tried to move her arms, tried to free herself from his grasp as his mouth moved lower, his hands moving down her arms as he neared where her mark was. What was he doing?! His fangs brushed against her mark and she felt something in her twist in both anger and revulsion, her pups reacting to the sudden invasion of what their father had left as a claim to their mother. The power that arched from her abdominal was stifled when his hand was removed from her arm to slam into her stomach.

She couldn't take it anymore, not the attempt to rape her, the attacks on her body, but the last straw had been that punch. While it hadn't appeared to do much, the pain that she felt for her babies amplified her almost dormant powers as they surged around her, her eyes flashing a bright golden red simultaneously with the power of her unborn babies as she blacked out...

The group had been heading for the mountain, following behind Sesshomaru since he was the only one that had been to the place. Inuyasha was running behind him, speeding past the trees when all of a sudden it almost looked like he had tripped, his body doubling over as a cry was ripped from his throat. Everyone stopped, the sight of the powerful Hanyou on his knees clutching his stomach a sad sight. Miroku jumped off of Kirara's back, rushing to his side while Sango followed. Only Sesshomaru stood by, watching his brother with interest before reaching out to shove the two humans back as a golden red aura rippled over his form with a bright pink underlying in a pulsating way that burst out. The power from him seemed to shake the trees as another cry was torn from his throat, this one not one of pain, but of anger. The four of them watched in awe as the male before them seemed to change, his demon form trying to come to the surface even as he tried to fight it.

If he changed with the anger that had been in that cry, they were all dead and they all knew it, so Sesshomaru shoved them back onto the fire cat's back and sent them off with, "Get the fuck away!" Turning to his brother as the others continued to run away from the scene, Sango looking back over her shoulder in both confusion and fear while Miroku watched the road ahead. He knew why Sesshomaru had done what he had done, but he was worried for his friend. What had happened in that mere few seconds? Meanwhile Sango was wondering if how he had reacted, become so angry in one second that had followed that cry of pain, if it had to do with Kagome. From what she knew of mates, there had been something she had heard of once, but it had been a rumor, like the one where a Miko would lose their powers upon having sex, about how mates could feel each other even if they weren't anywhere near each other. While she felt bad for Inuyasha, she also felt fear for what was happening to their missing friend. Had she died? She remembered that night that Kagome had gone missing the first time, the howl of absolute pain that had escaped the Hanyou, the same cry that had brought even his cold brother to their doorstep.

"Do you think he'll be okay?" Sango inquired as she turned to look at Miroku. He nodded. He had a feeling that Sesshomaru would help his brother thru whatever was bothering him, whatever was making him change, but only time would tell. Kagome had always been the one to stop him, to bring him back to himself, but without her here there was only one that was strong enough and knew enough about what to do because even the monk felt that it had to do with the missing Miko. She couldn't be dead! There was no howl like there had been before, but something had happened and judging by the way the Hanyou had reacted, it had to be bad.

Sesshomaru stood close to his brother, watching with fascination at a transformation he had only seen one time and that had been a hard battle with the Miko coming to his aid. Even then she had shown strength, not just by standing up to him, but putting herself out there when his brother could have killed her. This form had no mind like his human half. It was just instincts and those instincts were to kill or be killed in this mode, but he felt that this time there was something more behind it. He had to have felt something happening to the missing female and he was reacting in the way that most demons would. Demons didn't abide with their mates being harmed, going to kill the ones responsible while at the same time making sure said mate was safe.

"Brother, if you change now then you won't be able to find her, even if you could smell her and I doubt you can, you would never be able to get to her without doing serious harm to yourself." A growl from the hunched over Hanyou was his only response, but it was more than he thought he would get. It only confirmed his own assumptions. This form wasn't like before, it was more intelligent and aware. "We're still at least a few days away and you're holding us up, holding yourself up from getting to your mate and your pups." He knew he was taunting a very pissed off male who was only reacting to what could be injuries being dealt to his missing mate. He was already on the edge since mates weren't supposed to be too far from each other for very long and for as long as they had been separated he was surprised neither had gone crazy before this. Either it was the influence of them being unaware of their status or they were indeed stronger than most mates.

"I w-will save her," he muttered, a growl following his words as he looked up into his brother's golden eyes, his own eyes flashing red and gold as he tried to temper his demon, make it understand that he wasn't going to allow anyone else to hurt her, her own pain dissolving thru their link as she blacked out and then all he felt was her power surging. It seemed to sooth his demon as his eyes returned to their golden glow and he was able to stand up with just a minor pain in his gut. She was alright now, her pain was almost gone now, her power was toning down as well signaling that whatever or whoever had hurt her was not a problem anymore. Or they were subdued after her power had surged. Giving his brother a shaky smirk they headed off to catch up with the others.

Is Naraku gone now? Did she kill him and what will the Queen do when she finds out? Stay safe!

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