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Chapter 35

InuKagLover 1992 : Loved the Bailey School Kids! First one I read was 'Vampires Don't Wear Polka dots' and was hooked! And in this chapter is the answer to your question about her powers. :)

windbreaking : We all know he would love to be disrespectful to her, but the fear of that savage beating he would receive afterward and the fact that she has many tools at her disposal to deal with demons, I'm pretty sure keeps him from retaliating. And yes, it would be good if he knew more about mates and what their bond is all about, but he doesn't even think he has a chance at mating since he is Hanyou and both demons and humans (besides Kagome) hate his kind.

Talawolfgirl : Sadly since she doesn't remember that night all that much more than he does it would do her no good. They both have the beginning of that night and part of where they soon get together, but nothing after that. Without that crucial part of the night they don't know if one might have taken advantage of the other or from Kagome's POV if Inuyasha just saw her as a Kikyo look-a-like. Rough seas up ahead until that comes to light.

Inuyasha was trying desperately to fend off the depression that seemed to envelope him, but it was hard to thrust it away when he felt depressed and angry. That was another emotion that was trying to get the better of him. After what Sango had said to him it was no wonder that he felt a little depressed about how he had been treated Kagome. He hadn't truly had a clue that she liked him like that, maybe she thought he was cute, after all she said that about his ears and she had told him that she liked him the way he was, but that was hard to believe that she would have wanted him as a mate. He was a Hanyou, a breeding that was looked down upon and yet he felt the depression and anger were not his own, as if there were someone out there trying to give him those feelings. He glanced over at his brother, who was sitting alone as he usually was, under a tree just about six feet or more away. His brother could tell him if it had to do with mating with Kagome, but he was hesitant to ask his brother, after all he had his pride.

Another thought made him stand, turning his back to the other two who were passed out next to the dying fire in the pit. Pride meant nothing if the Miko died. She had given him the pride and confidence that he had never had. Sure, he had it when it came to fighting, but she had made him a better person and more confident that if he allowed others closer to him that they too would see that he was a good person. Not even Kikyo had done that for him. No, she had been super concerned with being normal, something he had wanted as well. They had been different though. He had thought about, even agreed to comply with her request to become human if that meant she could be normal. He knew now that in the end they would never have been happy, not in the way that Kagome mad him. He would have given anything for the now dead Miko, but what would she have truly given him? A shorter life span with a woman that he hadn't even been sure had ever accepted him for who he was and where he came from.

He would have given up on his dream of becoming a full bloodied demon for a woman who wanted him to give up himself when she would have had all she wanted. He found himself feeling kind of relieved that he hadn't done it, though the way it had ended hadn't been all that great. That was a blessing in disguise in a strange way. He had found out that she never truly had trusted him and he couldn't say that he had fully trusted her either, but he had loved her. He had also met Kagome because of it, his true love... his true mate. Walking over to his brothers still form he stopped a few feet from the brooding male. At first he waited for his brother to acknowledge him and when he was finally about to open his mouth Sesshomaru finally made the choice to talk. "What is it?" His golden eyes opened to lock with Inuyasha's own golden orbs.

"Um, about mates," he said, almost feeling awkward standing before the one male that had more information on his kind and yet had always tried to kill him, blaming him for his father's untimely demise. He had never thought of it like that until Kagome had asked him about it one day. She had wanted to know what had happened between the two to make them hate each other and he had told her that in the beginning he hadn't really hated the older dog demon. They had only met once and that had been by chance when his older brother had come across him after his mother had died. It had been a chance meeting and the hate that had shown in those golden orbs had made the ten year old child shrink a bit in fear. He had known of Sesshomaru, after all his mother had told him that he had a half brother when he had turned two after he had complained about not having a sibling like all the other kids in the village. None of them would play with him of course and that had been what had prompted him to ask his mother for a playmate in the form of another sibling.

She herself had never met either his mate or their child, but her mate had told her to stay away from them. She hadn't asked much about them, but she had to guess that since Inuyasha looked so much like his father that his half brother had to share some of the family resemblance. It was rumored that all Inu-youkai shared two common traits: silver hair and golden eyes. He had yearned to meet his half brother, but his mother had shared the same concern as her mate had and had told him that they could never meet because it would be a final meeting for the two. At that age he hadn't understood, but when he had met the male he had known why. That look that was in his eyes matched those of the villagers that had sneered at him, wanting his death since he was an abomination.

"What about them?" his brother asked, breaking thru his thoughts with his cold tone. Inuyasha scowled at him, no longer feeling awkward, just angry and then he realized he didn't know the exact question that he wanted to ask the older male. "If you don't have an answer then you are wasting my ti-"

"Can they feel each other's feelings?" he snapped, the question coming back at his brother's dismissive tone.

"If the bond is strong enough they can," he stated in a disinterested voice, but his eyes told a different story, one that Inuyasha just didn't comprehend. Was his brother already mated? No, his brother was too cold to mate with anyone, unless they were like his mother or even himself. Both of them fit that bill quite well, but he couldn't be bothered with that. If Kagome were feeling those two emotions now than all those other days that he had been so mixed up with all the emotions than that meant she was feeling them. "They can even communicate without speaking, but that takes years for most mates to get that far in their bond." Communicate with each other without words? Did he mean they could communicate telepathically? If that was the case then maybe he needed to find a way to use that. "It's not that easily done, brother. You and the Miko are new mates, so that part of the mating wouldn't be an easy task, like I said." He sounded rather annoyed that the Hanyou would ignore his advice after asking for it.

"Your mother even said that we weren't normal mates! Oi, you even saw what happened to Kagome because we mated!" Those were valid points, but even if they were different there was no guarantee that they could master such techniques that early in their relationship. "I think I'm even feeling her emotions!" That was new, Sesshomaru looking up in surprise. Sure, some mates could feel emotions between them, but only when the circumstances were dire and while Kagome was indeed in danger, there was no clue that proved she was in dire straits.

"That is truly interesting, but it doesn't mean anything for something that takes most mates years, like I said before." Inuyasha just scoffed at him before stomping off to find a tree to sit in. Looking at the pair as he walked by he wondered if he and Kagome would ever have that? Sango and Miroku weren't laying too close together, but her hand was laying under his. The pair looked so content by just that small gesture. He and Kagome had held hands and to him it had felt right, but even then he had only thrust those feelings to the side and now he had to prove them to her. After all that he had done by following Kikyo around without any thought of how it had affected the younger Miko he knew this would be a task. If only he could remember more about that night! Had he confessed to her? He would have told her why he was marking her, right? With a growl he jumped into the tree closest to him, his back settling against the trunk. He looked out over the tree tops and wondered what Kagome was doing now?

She had to be trying to get out of there, didn't she? What was holding her back? Kagome! Kagome! Please come back to me! He sat there with his eyes closed, trying to concentrate on the Miko that he ached for, hoping that in some way that his brother was wrong and that he could reach her even if they were separated.

The Miko in question was sleeping at that moment, though nothing was around to wake her she didn't sleep soundly, the darkness weighing her down even in sleep. She could feel it, like a real live nightmare that never left your side while it continued to whittle at your very soul. Her heart ached and for the first time since she had been brought here two things happened almost on top of each other. She shifted, still sleeping lightly as the silence echoed around her making her feel even more alone as a tear made its way from under her lashes. She was scared and she was lonely. She had neve been alone for this long, having always had her family or her friends at her side. It wasn't because she was a social butterfly, but she seemed to collect friends like a butterfly catcher collected butterflies except she didn't have to catch them. They were drawn to her and she knew deep down that she had loved being around her friends, enjoyed their company as much as they seemed to enjoy being around her. "Inuyasha," she whispered, another tear escaping before she found that she was shaking with the need to release them all. The fear, the loneliness, the confusion, and the heartache. All of it was hitting her at once as she finally sat up, her light sleep giving her no rest as her body protested to another night of lost sleep.

That had to be another thing that helped break her down. Having no sleep could drive a person mad and make them do whatever they could to get it, but she wasn't in the right place for that. She needed to stay strong, to hope that her friends would be here soon. That thought made her feel a little bit better, but the thought of Inuyasha being with them clenched her heart painfully. Like the slayer she hadn't had anyone to confide in, being left to her own fears and worries was another thing that was causing her to become darker. It was a loss of faith in those that loved you and she knew they did, but at this moment she feared that they were lost and not going to make it before she was unable to resist the call of the darkness around her. After the talk, well, the threat, from the Queen earlier that evening the Miko found that she was even more worried about the future of her children. The Queen had almost sounded happy that the strike from Naraku would cause her to miscarry, like it was a goal that would come sooner than later if she had anything to say about it.

If only she could use her powers, but the darkness was causing them to recede and that in itself was another worry as well. Was she losing her powers because of the darkness, the evil that was in the castle and if that was the case then did that mean that they would be forever gone if she succumbed to the evil? Or were they just become dormant? Or were they being stolen by the Queen?! She had said that once Kagome let go then she would become the best weapon that she could use to rule the world...

Kagome! Her train of thought was cut off as a familiar voice called out to her. Looking around she tried to figure out where it had come from, her eyes watering up again at the thought that she was free, but when she called out to the voice and no one responded she wondered if she were going crazy. Was her mind playing tricks on her since she missed the Hanyou so much. Kagome!

"I-Inuyasha!" she cried out, standing up to rush to the barred window from earlier. Looking out she could see nothing, even with her demonic vision couldn't make out anything on the landscape below. She was sure she had heard his voice this time. It had sounded like he was right next to her, calling out her name, but she knew he wasn't there and now she knew that he wasn't here at all. "Inuyasha! I can hear you but I can't see you!" Silence was all that was left after she stopped talking, but she still listened hoping for his voice again. She had felt lonely before, but the sound of his voice had mixed effects...she felt all the more lonely and yet, at the same time her heart had stopped hurting.

Please come back to me! Come back to him? Did he think she wanted to be here?! Sitting back down on the stone cot she leaned back against the wall, her eyes closing as she decided to take a weird idea and run with it. If he wasn't here and she could hear him speak three times, all of which sounded like he were right next to her than that meant he was speaking to her via her mind.

Inuyasha! Inuyasha! she called out twice, her mind centered on his image, his golden eyes and silver hair as she tried to contact him as she felt that he had. At first all she got was silence and then...

The Hanyou was laying on the limb, his brows furrowed in concentration as silence was the only answer to his plea and he almost gave up when he felt a change in his emotions. There was fear and...loneliness... and sadness. He could almost feel moisture on his face, but a quick wipe of his cheek revealed there was nothing there. He felt a slight elation as the fact that he could feel her tears even if it was heartbreaking that she was crying. He hated it when she cried, but to know that he could feel it made him feel better because it meant that not only was she still alive, but she wasn't evil like she had appeared earlier even though his brother had called out the Queen that had been controlling her. That evil bitch had made it sound like Kagome had given up, had left him when it appeared that she hadn't done that at all. He began to concentrate again, reaching out for her almost wanting to reach out with his physical hand at how much he ached for skin to skin contact with his missing mate.

Inuyasha! Inuyasha! His eyes flew open at her voice, knowing that he had made contact with her when his brother had brushed off his confidence. Where are you!? Why aren't you coming to get me!? He felt sadness tinting those words as he closed his eyes again, trying to sooth her thru their nonverbal contact.

I'm trying, Kagome, I promise. Please calm down, it's not good for our pups. He could feel the sadness temper a moment later. Waiting for a moment until it was down enough that he could ask her questions he felt her relief come thru stronger. Where are you? We've been following the destruction, but it's all over the place and it's making it harder to get to you.

She's probably doing that on purpose, Inuyasha. She want's me to break! She wanted to tell him that the Queen was intent on killing their pups, but she wasn't sure if she could take how he would react. Sure, he acted like he cared about them, but that could just be him trying to get her to stop crying. We're in a big castle that is almost invisible because it's in a mountain, actually part of the mountain on the darker side of it. That didn't give him much. Naraku liked to hide his castles that way as well, but since most mountains were similar in this area that would make it harder to figure out which once she was in. It was then that she gave him a better idea of where she was, as if she had felt his frustration and confusion in that moment. It's the largest one in the area, bigger than even where Koga lives. He almost growled at the other male's name, but pushed it down. She didn't need him to be petty at that moment and besides he had her now. She was his and another would never take her away from him!

Got it! We'll find you, Kagome, don't you worry! He wanted to tell her that he loved her, but felt that with how she thought he didn't feel that same way made him pause. It wasn't the right time. He would tell her when they were alone and in person. The Hanyou wanted it to be where she could see that he wasn't lying, that he wasn't just trying to do the right thing after impregnating her. Kagome, please take care of yourself and our pups until I can get to you. He received no answer, silence greeting his plea, but he knew that she was okay as her feelings were still coming thru the line. Satisfied that his mate was okay and that he knew where to find her he fell asleep with very little difficulty, unaware that she too had finally found sleep knowing the very same thing, that her mate was coming to get her and soon she would be free from this dark castle and the Queen who threatened her and the babies lives.

Now they have a link and with that link comes the information needed to find Kagome, but will the Queen figure out what Kagome has done and do something drastic to get her back for it? Stay safe!

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