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Chapter 32

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The group had barely left the small village merely forty five minutes ago, not even an hour when a cry of pain pierced the air, all head swiveling toward the sound. "Was that from the village?" Sango asked, looking to Miroku for her answer. He nodded. It had sounded like it was that village, but what could have happened in such a short amount of time. They hadn't passed anyone on the road heading that way and Niko had said that her mate had headed this way, that the darkness seemed to be coming from this direction. Could she have been wrong? Not about him going this way, but about the evil coming from this direction? Inuyasha didn't wait for anyone, rushing back to where they had just come from with the feeling that Kagome was there. He didn't know why he felt that way when it just as easily could have been one of those monsters, finally coming back for what they had lost at the last village and the chance to finally take the lives of the village they had been unable to destroy due to the demons that lived there and protected it. They would need to rush if they wanted to be there to stop it and without the hinderance of the two children that shouldn't be too hard.

He had only made it a few miles when a monster, one that resembled a rather strange bull or something of the sort, its red eyes narrowed with a smirk on its blue lips. The whole creature was blue while the skin tight outfit it wore was a red fur that covered most of her body. It was a girl, one could tell that just by the face, not that the fact that it had breasts wasn't enough of a giveaway. "Ah, more prey," she said, licking her lips. "Too bad that only two of you are worth anything while you two delicious looking men are nothing but a good kill." Sesshomaru looked bemused that it thought it could kill him that easily, not that it would be much of a challenge to kill. After all that was what that human had said, that none of these monsters were all that strong. Whipping out his poisonous whip he lashed out, the horns of the creature extending to push him back as it wound around her horns. Before his whip could burn into the bone of her horns though he felt his energy draining, though it wasn't enough to put him out of commission anytime soon he knew what the woman had been talking about. His power was draining away, but she didn't seem to care too much about him as she thrust him away and into a tree, turning her attention onto Miroku who was the closest to her. Whipping her head back, her red hair flipping back with the action she ran at him, intent on taking his energy when Sango thrust into her with her boomerang, the bone made from demons reacting to the energy coming off of the now amped up monster.

This wasn't going to be an easy battle, not if she could capture them at a distance and take their energy as she had Sesshomaru who was already up and more pissed off than ever that he had been caught so easily.

While the battle between the group and the monster continued on just a few miles away from their destination Kagome stood by the sidelines in the village, watching with a dull expression that flickered with sadness as the monster she had been left with devoured the humans of the village, a second monster having joined because of the Hanyou and demons that were in the village. A small girl, just barely seven watched with worried orange eyes full of fear as her mother was drained right before her eyes, her body becoming thin and frail with every second that passed. She had been lucky, like the girl from the other village. She had stepped out of the village chasing a bright blue butterfly only mere feet into the forest when the first scream filled the skies. Turning to see a raven haired woman approaching with a winged creature next to her she had hidden behind the thick trunk of the tree to her right. She wanted to run to her mother's aid, but fear kept her hidden, watching as her mother faded into nothing, her body hitting the ground with a thud before sinking into the ground. She noted that the ground where the bodies were falling became as dead as the bodies that covered it, the ground becoming black with death. The grass died and the mud seemed to darken.

She had heard of this happening from her father so she knew that this woman with the strange creature were in fact the monsters that were killing demons and taking the life force of the humans that were in each of the villages. She feared that her father would not make in time to save the rest of the villagers as each body hitting the ground sounded louder and louder in her ears, but then she looked at the raven haired woman. She was not like that creature, no, she looked like a Hanyou with her pointed ears or maybe a fairy like those in the stories her mother would tell her at bedtime. She tried to hold back the sob that threatened to spill forth from the thought that her mother would never read to her again, that her father would mourn her loss and possibly like most mated demons, die from the heartbreak of losing his mate. It was a rare occurrence for a mate to live long after the passing of the other. Would her father leave her behind as well? Giving herself a mental shake she tried to do as her father and mother had always asked of her. I have to be strong. She would aid her father and get revenge for her mother. Making sure to get all the information she could about this woman who stood off to the side, she wondered as to why the woman was there.

She wasn't doing any of the killing and seemed tense at the murders that were taking place in front of her and while she seemed upset at what she was viewing she also seemed to be detached. Something about her looked familiar, but the coloring of her eyes was wrong. The Miko that she had heard about before had brown eyes, the one that had been missing from the pack that had just left their group. The pack! They couldn't have gone far and she longed to run to them for aid, but knowing that if she made one sound the monster might hear her she stayed still, more ponderings about the woman with them causing far more questions than she had answers for. The other monster with them was shoving the younger inhabitants of the village toward this woman now, her grey blue eyes looking down at them with unconcealed pity.

"Are these ones Hanyou?" the monster asked almost irritated with the task given her. Yuma watched as the raven haired woman leaned forward, her nose just above the young child's head, his whimpers growing louder as he looked up at the woman with fear in his large brown eyes. She shook her head, turning from the child to look away from the direction of Yuma. Another one was thrust before her, this one was a bird Hanyou, his black eyes narrowed in anger even as his small body shook.

"He's Hanyou," the woman stated, a sad tone to her voice after scenting him. Before another word was spoken the monster decapitated the kid, his blood splattering on Kagome. She paled further if that was possible, wincing as she looked down at the blood on her blue dress, almost looking horrified to see her dress ruined or was it because of the blood, the death of the child? Yuma watched this with interest, her fear pushed back so she could pay better attention, though when the kid was killed she almost let out a whimper of her own. That was her friend, Kino. She had grown up with him and had become close since he was just a year younger than her. He was like a brother that she never had. How could they do this? She had known there was evil out there, look at the demons out there that killed their breed because of the mating between demons and humans, but this woman, she was human and demon, but not like a Hanyou, the scent in the wind told her of that and yet she held the smell of demon as well. It was strange to her because even though her mother had mated with a demon she held his scent and while they intermingled this scent from the woman was different.

Yuma watched as more children were slaughtered until the girl from the other village appeared before the woman, her eyes downcast as she shook with the fear that she would be killed as well, though not quickly as she was human and would die as her own mother and brother had before her. She would suffer a long death as her energy was drained. There was a crashing sound off in the distance or so it sounded, but suddenly the pack that had been there earlier was back, blood and the scent of death clinging to their bodies as the began a quick attack on the monster that was draining another human, its body thrown from its prey and to the ground. Yuma was watching them with relief and failed to notice that Kagome's eyes had widened in fear with relief as she backed away toward the side of a hut. Inuyasha glancing that way as the winds mixed all the scents around, hers falling into it to a point that it almost diluted it. He moved to where she had been standing only stopping for a second when he saw the bodies of the children, the one girl still standing there in fear as she fell to her knees. The monster behind her was looking at him with anger and joy. Seemed that she wanted a real battle, not the mindless slaughtering of humans and demons.

Stepping back the children ran to his side, hiding behind him as Sango and Miroku came over to attend to them, Sesshomaru looking around at the carnage, at the lack of blood save for the blood of Hanyous and demons that colored the dark ground with a splash of red. He sneered at the remains, repulsed at the death of such young children, some that even reminded him of his own ward with their dark hair and small size. This monster had killed them for the fact that they didn't fit their needs. It was so like him and yet, he would never had killed a child, no matter if they were human or demon. He might be cold, but a killing a child held no honor as they could do little in the way of protecting themselves, even demons were still learning how to survive in the world that they were brought into. He turned his attention to his brother and the monster that was looking at him as if he were a meal just waiting for them to devour it.

Kagome took a step back from what she was sure was to be a battle that would cost the monster its life. They weren't strong enough, she had heard the queen complain about that. They needed more energy from the humans to do real battle, then she would have stronger warriors to hunt for the other half of the jewel and to kill all that she didn't have any need for. She wanted to rule the world and with that she was also searching for something. She had heard them talking about it, Naraku and the Queen about a diamond that she had yearned for, one that was no longer around. It had disappeared and she had no idea where it was, had searched thru the time periods for the item. Kagome wondered as to what it was and if she couldn't find it would she take the Shikon no Tama in its place? Surely Naraku wouldn't allow that since he wanted it for power, then again he no longer really needed it. The Queen had done what he wanted the jewel for... To make him a full bloodied demon with immense power, but now the Queen was stronger than him without the diamond. But then why was she still looking for it?

She would never find that out, not while being captive to the queen because in the end she wasn't under Naraku's rule. Strangely he was in the same situation as her. Wasn't that ironic that while he had taken her captive he had ended up as being a captive as well? Taking another step back she watched as the monster attacked the group and while part of her was drawn to fight along side them not only was she incapable of doing just that but she feared what would happen after all that, when the monster was gone and she were free from her captivity. Not that that would happen so quickly.

Fight. Kagome startled at the voice, the Queen talking to her and she shook her head. Do you want to die? Do you want your babies to die? No, she didn't want them to die, but she couldn't do it. Like before she found herself contemplating taking the only other way out. Dying before she would be forced to fight against the ones she had once called friends. Ah, so you would rather die then confront them? That could be your fate, but I need you for now and since you refuse to fight I shall make you. Suddenly the Miko found herself unable to move, her body feeling like it had that time with Tsubaki as she was forced out of control of her own body, the chill that came with it. As she walked out of the shadows, her eyes narrowed, no longer with sympathy of her targets like she had been feeling only moments before, but with a cold iciness. She turned the corner as the monster was killed, its body falling at her feet. The blood that spilled out of it was the only thing left of it as the body itself disintegrated right before her, shadowing her before her appearance was revealed to the rest of the group.

"Kagome?!" Sango cried as Inuyasha gasped, his heart twisting. Miroku looked up at her cry, his own eyes widening at the woman that stood before them. She was different, the appearance of her similar save for the coldness of her new steely gaze and the aura that came off of her. It was black, with no pink tinge like it usually held. It was like she wasn't the Miko they had travelled with and in a way she wasn't anymore.

"K-Kagome," the Hanyou stuttered out in shock, her lips twisting in such a cruel way that he fell back a step when he wanted to rush to her side, to see if she was okay, to take her back to where she belonged... by his side. She watched him, her eyes chilly as she took them all in, almost dully looking at them as if they meant nothing to her, but that wasn't Kagome. She was never cold like this! "What did he do to you?!" he bellowed, his eyes still watching her with surprise and worry.

"Who?" she asked, her voice so emotionless, flat with disinterest. Her tone could rival that of the older demon next to him who was watching her like she were a specimen that he was trying to pick apart, but he said nothing.

"Naraku of course!" Sango interjected before the Hanyou could answer, his own face frozen in confusion at the tone she was using. "He kidnapped you! Don't you remember that?" Kagome just laughed, her eyes closing slowly for a moment as her smirk fell for a moment.

"Oh, him, he's done nothing to me, except freed me from you," she said, opening her eyes to glare at Inuyasha before turning to the slayer. Miroku moved closer now that the kids were free, running off into the forest next to the village to hide. "After all you were all disgusted with me, refusing to stay by my side once he lied to you, claiming that he was able to taint me. Like I wasn't strong enough to protect myself." Then she sobered up, her cold eyes turning to Inuyasha. "And you, half breed," she continued on, a distasteful tone as she said the word as if it tasted horrible to even speak it. He winced, hurt reflecting in his golden orbs, but she didn't even react. "You have done something that has hurt me more than anyone else here." This wasn't Kagome! None of them bought it for a second, but Sesshomaru was the first to speak, his voice turning colder when he realized what was going on.

"You are not the Miko, Queen of the Void," he stated, the words clipped. No one said anything as she broke out in laughter, but it was a dark and humorless.

"Ah, but she is the Miko, though she really wants nothing to do with any of you," was her response to the surprise of the others, while Sesshomaru just continued to stare her down. "Her body now belongs to me as does the other one you are searching for, though he thinks that he is my equal even as he knows that his power cannot match mine." She touched her stomach finding herself burned by the aura of the unborn pups, her face twisting in anger at the fact that she could do nothing to change the fact that while Kagome herself had given up her body that her babies would not give into her. There were a powerful entity that even she would be weak against once they were born. She was aware that until that time she needed to get them on her side, corrupt them into giving into her or once they were born she would hold no cards against the very powerful woman she was controlling at that moment.

That would be a mistake when that time came as Kagome was way more powerful than she herself was even aware. The Miko could purify her with just a blink of her eyes and it would be over for her. Naraku and she never stood a chance which was why she was happy that he had come to her castle, had brought the Miko with him without even knowing that he had done what she had needed him to do. There was no more diamond for her, but this girl, this woman was the diamond in a way, her powers could match if not outshine the magical jewel she had been looking for. Now she just had to gain full control over her and it would be done.

"Kagome! Oi! Can you here me?!" Inuyasha called, hoping that if what this woman said was true that Kagome was still in there and could hear him, but the woman in front him only smiled.

"She can't hear you, though she can see you," she stated coolly. "I want her to see your reaction when I tell you a wonderful thing that Abyss did a while back, something that she has finally figured out, but has the reason wrong... sooooo wrong that it works all to my benefit." Silence was all that greeted her words, no one daring to say a word. "You see she found out who fathered her children and who marked her as theirs, but she thinks that he was confused that night." She smirked as she looked at Inuyasha. "Looks like you're not the last of your line, half breed." Shocked gasps were heard from all save for Sesshomaru who looked unaffected by this news.

"W-What?" He couldn't believe it! How could he have done that and forgotten it?! Then he recalled that next morning and the smell of sex that had covered him. He had had sex with someone and to his relief it was with Kagome, but that was another question that came with that knowledge. How had he forgotten? He hadn't drank enough sake to have that kind of effect while Kagome had drank a bit, she hadn't been all that drunk either. She had walked around after that without even a stumble so why had she forgotten it as well? Had she regretted it?

"The Abyss, or as you know him, Naraku aided in that part, taking your memories of that night to work to his benefit, but he hadn't counted on the Miko recalling parts of it so soon. She had dreams, you see of that night but she couldn't find all the pieces to that puzzle until Naraku cleared it up for her, letting her know that the half breed was her mate." She sounded so gleeful about all the drama surrounding the pair of mates, enjoying the fact that it had caused such misery. "She was the perfect target, with her purity an easily exploited fault you see." She paused to allow them the time to absorb all that information, to take it all in and process it. "Sadly that's all he needed to tell her and her mind ran with it." She looked at the slayer and the monk. "You two had nothing to do with that and yet with my help I made it seem as if you were all against her, willing to push her aside for that night." Her smirk twisted further. "Telling her that now that she was damaged goods that you, slayer saw her as a traitor and you monk, she saw you trying to get a taste of her body." Another dark chuckle slipped out of her lips, the lips of their friend whom had never looked at them like this, so full of hate. "Not even the best part either."

Sesshomaru growled in annoyance, tired of listening to this woman gloat about herself. "I've heard enough!" he snapped. "You're all talk and very little action hiding behind the woman who if none of you weaklings had interfered wouldn't have so easily fallen into your trap!" Her smile fell, her eyes flashing in anger at his words.

"I'm stronger than you," she stated coldly, her smile returning to fight off the anger that was building and the fact that she could feel the Miko fighting against her, trying to regain the control over her body. "But I don't feel like fighting out here, not when I have a perfectly good home waiting for you to die in." With a flash of light, dark and purple she was gone, leaving them to stand there in shock and confusion. They had more information than they had had before, but more questions and worries to deal with now that she had revealed one large piece of the puzzle.

Now it has been revealed to the gang what happened that night, but that just leaves them wondering as to what state Kagome is in and whom their real enemy is! Stay safe!

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