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Chapter 30

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Kagome couldn't seem to fight it, all the images that were thrust at her and the voices that filled her mind with worry, with doubt and with so many negative emotions. She knew none of it was true, not a words or the images were true! They were playbacks of her life in the both the feudal era and her own time. She could see her mother at the top of the well, after that night, looking down at her with concern and when she had finally come to the top of the well the words she spoke, her body shaking with fear that only seemed to magnify itself when her mother scorned her.

Her mother called her a whore, claiming that she should have never let her go thru the well everyday where she couldn't keep her in line. Her mother wailed that she had done all she could as a mother, raising her child the best she could being that she had lost her husband and was left to carry on the burden of raising her kids alone. She accused Kagome of failing in her task of being the best daughter, that she had failed her for so long, even going as far as claiming that Kagome had been fucking all sorts of men while on the other side of the well. She had shoved her back down the well, claiming she had no daughter and when Kagome had opened her eyes on the other side she found her friends there glaring at her, Sango claiming that she had betrayed them all, Miroku asking her if now that she was broken in if he could have a taste! Kaede looked at her in disappointment, telling her that she was no longer pure while Shippo just seemed confused as to why she would want to defile herself when she wasn't mated.

It was such a strange sight to see the small kitsune ask her such a vulgar question, but then again seeing Miroku look at her as if she were a piece of meat with Sango standing so close by watching all felt wrong and then there was Inuyasha. He glared down at her, looking so pissed off that his eyes changed red for a moment until Kikyo came to his side, her touch soothing him in the way that Kagome had only been able to do. All the others hurt, but watching as the Hanyou that she loved kissed Kikyo, pulling her flush against him with a soft moan, killed her. She knew that part was true. He had loved the Miko, even if in the end he thrust her away. That was because she was a clay doll now, not a living, breathing, human like Kagome. He still yearned for the other woman to be by his side. He wished she were still alive because then he could resume a normal with her on their side. After all, she didn't belong here, even Kikyo had told her that. Inuyasha had told her that too! Then he had made lo- no, he had had sex with her.

Had he seen Kikyo in her during that night? Had the sake clouded his judgement? She could see that night as she walked thru the courtyard and into the hot springs. It had sounded so nice on that night, her body warm with the warmth of the sake, and the feel of the warm body had only seemed to consume her. She had felt like cooked noodles, like the ones that Inuyasha liked. She had felt like Ramen and he had eaten her up in the same manner. He had savored her whole body, but she couldn't recall if there had been words that night other than her own moans and his. Then she had woken up on the lawn! How had she gotten there and where had he gone? Had he regretted it right after and while she had passed out had snuck out? He had marked her and according to all that seemed to have that knowledge, that was permanent unless another claimed her, but if it stuck then she had accepted it and she had. She loved Inuyasha, how could she not accept his mark? Did that mean the same for him? Had he claimed her because of his own feelings for her or had he seen her as Kikyo in that state?

It was all too much and her heart was hurting, her body ached with pain at the thought that he would leave her if given the chance, that all of that night had been nothing but a mistake! Her children, the ones that had been the gift she had never thought she would get from her one true love, her first love, were going to be seen as a mistake! Inuyasha had already been upset with the fact that she had conceived, but he had seemed unaware that they were his pups and while that alone was heartbreaking she recalled something she had seen on tv all that time ago. Sure, it had been a cartoon, but the patient in it had amnesia, selective amnesia and he had forgotten his wife but not his kids or family otherwise. It had been because of something bad that had transpired between them, something the doctor claimed his mind refused to remember because of the pain or guilt associated with her that had led to his accident. But Inuyasha hadn't been hurt directly after they had had sex, had he? Then again there was the possibility that he had been too drunk to remember and probably thought it was all a dream with Kikyo as the star of his wet dream. It was all possible and with that revelation she felt her body grow colder, weaker, numb with the idea that he didn't want to remember what they had shared.

The only thing she could feel at that moment was the warm aura of her children. They were all that mattered at this time, and they would be the only thing she would live for, even if she lived as an evil being. She could live with that as long as her gift, her babies were all alive and then... then she would do whatever needed to be done for them to be free, even if she had to stay in this dark castle. Even if she had to allow Naraku to keep her.

It took them over five days to reach the village where all the death was happening and during that time Inuyasha began to grow more and more irritated, a reason he couldn't even explain. It was like his emotions were all out of wack again and yet his emotions had been all over the place for a while now. He couldn't figure it out at all and the others were becoming more upset with his strange attitude. Sesshomaru, who had rejoined them on the way to the village with his own bit of information as to who was keeping Naraku hidden wasn't the least bit surprising, save for the fact of what this woman could do. Shippo hadn't had much information on her and neither had Kaede for that matter, only knowing what had transpired before her death which was now known to be fraudulent. "The woman whom she controlled was once a servant of the very queen that held the diamond. Her name was Morganite. She was a beauty herself, but as she worked for the queen she held no real title."

"And she did this all for the love of a man? One that one sided since he was betrothed and in love with the princess?" Sango inquired. The dog demon nodded, frowning slightly as he recalled all that he had heard from his mother regarding this woman. She had been around when this alliance had been formed, on of the people, that while not there when the great battle had taken place, had heard of the tragedies that happened on another continent.

"Tobikomu was the name of the man, a prince. He loved the princess who fell in love with him upon first meeting him. Morganite fell in love with him when she saw him waiting for the princess one night. She was jealous that the princess was to be his bride instead of her, though even at that time of first seeing him she believed him to be in love with her and only wanted to become more powerful with such an alliance. It wasn't uncommon for such an occurrence to happen in royal families, at least in human relationships and some demons." Miroku nodded. It was true that in some marriages that were arranged for the spouses to take on lovers, the woman only allowed this after producing an heir or two. If she were to have done it before then their claim to the household was weak since there was no way to prove the child's father. "When the dark Queen came upon her, wanting to take over the princess's kingdom for the wrong that had been done against her clan when they tried once before to decimate that same kingdom, she was only too happy to do it if she could have the prince."

"So she was only a human as well?"

"She was human in the end as well, only living as long as she had by the dark Queen's will. She didn't have to do any of the dirty work as she had legions to do that for her, the pawns that were of no known entity. Neither human or demon. They are true monsters." Inuyasha snorted. Humans, so easy to manipulate for their weak emotions, but then again the woman he loved was human and although she was an emotional one at that she had never let herself be manipulated by those emotions, though no one had really gotten too much of a chance to do that besides the dark Miko, Tsubaki, and even she hadn't succeeded because Kagome had been much stronger than her. She was the most powerful Miko, which had made her a more valuable target than even Kikyo had ever been.

"We're here," the Hanyou stated as they came over a small hill to view what could only be described as grim. Not even the village of Sango, nor that of Minako had been this bad. Death filled the air, and not only of the people, no, this was death of the land that stretched out before them in a black desolate color. There wasn't any grass on this land, just what appeared to be a burnt survivor of it with no sign or smell of such destruction. It was as if the land had just given up, dying when nothing was around to ravish it to that point. Beyond that was the village, or what was left of the village. The strangest thing was there wasn't a single body, not a drop of blood, just blackened huts as if they too had been burnt, but they were still standing tall, still intact in such a strange manner. And what was stranger still was the fact that it was isolated to just that village, a circle of destruction and the scent of death. "What the fuck happened here?"

"The Queen of the Void happened," Sesshomaru stated.

"Probably best that we left Shippo and Rin back with Kaede," Sango stated. After what he and Kaede had said about the one that might be responsible for the absence of Naraku they had thought it best that the younger ones stayed behind. Shippo had thrown a mild fit, Rin had nodded at their decision and Jake, well, Jaken had been all too happy to remain away from such a person, even though he had tried to hide it. No one would ever want to see what they were looking at, much less experience it for themselves first hand. "Where are the bodies? The blood that would even reveal the destruction that obviously took place here?" No one had an answer, not for the smells that came from the site itself much less the absence of the bodies that would normally be left in such a place.

"We can do nothing here," Sesshomaru stated, looking around the massive black mark for any signs of where it had come from with no clue leading away from the village. He moved to survey the sight, the others following suit as they looked for footprints, maybe blood that was further away from the hamlet itself, but there was nothing. Not a trace of whoever had done this, even though they knew who was in charge of what happened to these people.

"There's nothing here," Inuyasha stated, looking at the others for their input, all of them agreeing that there was nothing here to point out who had done this and what had happened to the village and the occupants that were missing. "Do you think they killed them?" Sesshomaru shook his head.

"No, she turned them into her monsters, I'm sure of that. Once she rises it is said that she will rebuild her army and humans tend to fill that spot, becoming monsters with none of their human side left." Sango was confused about that. What good were humans with no powers. Why not take a demon to fill a monster's spot because they were far more powerful and would make a better fighter in the long run. "Demons are not easily controlled by someone like her. She is still a spiritual creature, even if she is dark. She would find human hearts more mailable to her needs whereas Naraku used others with the promise of power or the jewel itself. Giving neither. With the taking of a human she would need to promise nothing. Just find malice in their heart or turn their soul with her power."

"She's that powerful?" the monk inquired, to which Sesshomaru nodded. "How have so few heard of her?"

"It didn't happen in Japan, the original battles anyway. She may have moved here after the last battle, which I was told took place up north in the cold where she was said to have stationed herself for better coverage." That made sense as even now there were few tales of anyone that wanted to live in such a cold and barren place. The only thing you might get up there is fishing, but there was no place to grow crops or any other means of survival and if hunger didn't kill you then the isolation itself could drive a sane person crazy. Then there was the cold temperature itself, which was deadly for warm blooded beings. "I don't know where the other battle was, but she wasn't stationed there, only sending her minions to fight to find the diamond." When all was said and done they headed onward, hoping that the next village they found wasn't decimated like this one and if it was that it meant they were going down the right path.

Naraku entered the lower chamber, his red eyes falling on the small woman still encased in the darkness that swirled over her. She wasn't moving anymore, her frame was still, sweat covering her pale face with a slight flush dusting her cheeks. She looked as though she were sick, her clothing sticking to her body like a second skin and enhancing the slightly larger swell of her stomach. She didn't look that far along, but with how her body had changed since he had seen her last, before he had captured her, he felt that other things had changed for her. Maybe the babies would be here sooner seeing as she had healed so quickly when his demons had attacked her. "She is ready," came the Queen's voice, rasping delightfully from the shadows before she stepped out from in front of him, the only thing separating them being the tomb that held the Miko.

"That didn't take long," he said, unsure if she was wrong as he had been unable to break thru the Miko's tough interior no matter how many times he had done it. The baby hadn't been able to break her, even noticing that there was a darkness in her heart that she had been able to push away as nothing more than a human's folly, jealousy. "Are yo-" Her laughter broke thru his words, silencing him with how dark that laugh was.

"As I told you to remember, Abyss. I am more powerful and as such have an easier time breaking others, even this pure woman here and she is pure. She makes me sick with how pure she is, but with purity there is still a way to break them. Using that purity against them." She reached out to touch the dark barrier over Kagome, her fingers reaching thru it like it were a black wave that washed over her hands. "And her purity is her Achilles heel if you will. She wants to protect those that she loves, those people that are coming for her and those that are not yet born. She wants to protect them and in that she will be her own downfall." Another laugh broke out from her lips. "Even now she gives herself over to the dark side in hopes that she can trade herself for her babies." Her green eyes locked with his red ones. "That you will give them freedom to leave this place if she stays by your side and adheres to all your wishes."

"She would give up her life, the mate that she has just realized is that blasted Hanyou she claims to love, just to protect their babies?" Now he wanted to chuckle at that. It was futile. He didn't care about her wants. No, he wanted it all. The children would be far more powerful than any spawn he had so why would he give them up? "Then she truly is an idiot." If Onigumo had still been a part of him, his human heart would have wept for this love. He had never seen any love in his life. His parents hadn't really wanted him since he had been a mistake in their eyes. They had used him to keep up their land, feeding him very little in the way of food and he hadn't been treated like their son. He had been treated more like an outsider to their family. No other children were born to their family, not until after he had run away from them at the age of 12. He had heard that they had had another child, another son, and he had been treated like a god. Raised to tend to the household with no backbreaking work.

He had always wondered on that. They weren't a poor family, just middle classed with a plot of land large enough to keep them well fed and given more of the finer things in life, but he had been treated like one of their slaves. He had been nothing to them. After running around doing dirty deeds for money since he had been young enough to get away with it with little in the way of punishment, he had joined a gang. They rode the countryside pillaging and robbing any who crossed their path until he had made a fatal mistake that had nearly cost him his life. The man whom he had wronged had tried to kill him. Letting him get caught in a fire and when that hadn't killed him, had thrown him off a cliff in hopes that that would end his miserable existence. Even that had failed and then as if given a silver lining of his dark cloud the very woman he had sent the other male after had found him, nursing him even though he was a broken man. He would never be strong. He was weak in body while still strong in mind, but that would matter not to any woman or man. He couldn't move, laying there in that cave had been pure torture. He could no longer wreak havoc on those that he wanted to, forced to stop it all and wait for death.

Kikyo should have killed him, let him die where he had fallen. Smirking he recalled the day that he had allowed the demons to consume him. He had yearned, no, lusted for what he would never have been given in that broken body. A chance to not only take the Shikon no Tama and the chance to taint it, but the ability to take the Miko that guarded it. He had wanted to kill her again after that first slice into her body, he wanted to do it in his new form, not that of the Hanyou that she had thought had forsaken her. No, he would show her just before raping her and then killing her that she had fucked up in thinking the worse of a male who would have followed her to the ends of the earth. The Queen stepped back as the raven haired woman sat up, her eyes opening to reveal that they had changed to a grey blue, like a cloudy day. She looked at them with such a dull color and even Naraku found himself marveling at her change. She no longer looked like a woman full of life like her chocolate brown eyes had often betrayed. Now her soul was dimmed and thus her eyes reflected her toned down energy.

"Time for her to bring her friends to us," the Queen said with a malicious glint in her eyes. "With a little destruction courtesy of our little lady here."

Ah, the group have found their way to the start of new destruction, just as Kagome is coming out of her darkness...As darkness. Stay safe!

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