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Chapter 3

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On the other side of the well the Hanyou wasn't quite stuffing himself, nor was he looking for the Miko that was dead, no, he was pissed off. Miroku and Sango, being adults and understanding how adults sometimes fucked up, told the male he should probably leave the woman from the future alone for right now. That she obviously needed space, apparent from the blow up just a few hours ago. He didn't want to listen to them, but he felt that they were right about giving her some space and he knew that besides the fact that they were right he would probably end up in a crater that went all the way to the other side of the world if he went over to bring her back. He had never seen her that angry before and as much as he hated to admit such a thing he couldn't hide it from himself or his demon who had grown quiet after taunting him after the female had left. He still wanted to know what was going on with her, worried best fit his feelings at the moment. Hell, he had only done what he had been doing since he met her all that time ago...Antagonizing her because he knew she could take it. She had always been like that and that was probably part of the reason he respected her...and yearned for her. He knew he couldn't give into that last emotion since he had pledged to the dead Miko that still roamed the earth that he would follow her into Hell, even if Kagome hated the fact that he would die after completing the task of collecting the shards. He owed it to the Miko for her death.

He may not have been responsible for her death, no that was Naraku, but he owed her since she had fallen and he had survived. It was in part to her that he survived and that made him wonder why she was so upset with him for living when she had been the one to seal him to the tree, unless it had been an accident. It made sense since she hadn't really been thinking when she had struck him down. That was a question for the dead Miko herself to answer, but he knew she would never give him an answer and he wasn't sure that Kaede could answer it either. They had to have known what the tree could do! Or was it truly the tree and not the wish of the Miko that he survive? No, she was angry that he had lived so that didn't make any sense to him. All the thoughts rattling around in his brain were giving him a headache and while he knew that only Kagome's soothing scent could cure such an ailment he would not go to her. No, he would give her her space and allow her to cool down. Leaning back against the God Tree he closed his eyes and willed his mind to shut down and allow him to relax. He would see her tomorrow, even if she didn't want to come back with him he would make her. She belonged to him and with her promise of staying with him he knew she would eventually come back. She never broke a promise, like the one that she had made when she had broken the Shikon no Tama. That made him smile slightly as he thought of the small slip of a girl he had first met had been so determined to right the wrong she had done so that no one would have to suffer from her error.

She was just that kind of girl, no, woman, she was a woman now and a selfless one at that. Another trait that had drawn him to her. She was so fierce and yet so tame, so gentle in the way that she acted at times. It was a strange mixture, but he loved her for that even if he could never admit such feelings. She would be disgusted with him, a Hanyou, having any such feelings toward her. The desire to be with her way stronger than the way he had felt about the older Miko. He had loved her, in some way, but that was a different kind of love he held for the Miko from the future. The headache seemed to grow stronger with his thoughts so again he thought to blank his mind and relax as he listened to the world around him.

Kagome was just getting out of her bath, after staying in until the water grew cold and she had scrubbed every part of her body to rid herself of any scent left on her. She hadn't thought much of it, the scent of another male on her, at the time of her hot soak in the springs, but upon getting home she realized that she would smell of the one who she had laid with and Inuyasha would smell it too if he had gotten too close to her. That bothered her since she didn't want anyone, save for her mother, to know of her impurity. That was another thing...her purity... would her having sex take her powers away? Could she still hunt the shards as she had been before? Could she purify those same shards? So many worries that weighed her down with their negative connotations. She knew that if that were the case then Inuyasha would want to know why she couldn't do what she had been doing for so long now that it was just second nature. After all, she had trained with Kaede and Miroku to be able to harness that power! If she lost that ability then she was nothing, not a shard detector anymore and not a Miko. It would have all been a waste of her to learn to control those powers and the pair of friends would have wasted their time helping her.

Those thoughts alone made her tear up, her vision blurring as she climbed out of her bath, the water draining just another background noise as she headed for the sanctuary of her room. As she was passing the mirror on the wall of the bathroom she stopped, her eyes widening at the mark on her neck, something she hadn't noticed when taking note of all the marks on her pale skin. "What the fuck is that?!" she screeched, her cry of confusion causing her mother to rush to her side with worry. When she burst into the room she found her daughter clutching the edge of the counter, her fingers clutching the sink so hard that her knuckles were turning white with the force she was exerting. She seemed to realize that her mother was there, her own brown eyes wide at the look of confusion, fear and other emotions that seemed to override each other in turn. She looked back at the mirror, her own eyes looking at the mark on her neck...the fang marks that were reminiscent of the mark of a vampire, but she knew that there were no vampires in the feudal ear and that those marks could only belong to a demon. They had fangs to do such damage, but while her mind was trying to process that she just couldn't seem to figure out who would have left those on her and what they meant!

Inuyasha wasn't the one that did that! No, he wanted Kikyo and would never bed her in such a way and if he had he would have said something to her that morning, but the only words he had spoken had been snarky. He had groused about her bathes and nothing else. He hadn't acted like someone who had taken her...like a lover would do, but she had no other thought as to who could have done this and it was driving her mad. "What's wrong, Kagome?" her mother inquired, her eyes taking in all the marks on her child's body, the large bite on her neck, and the fear and worry that intermingled in her wide chocolate eyes. "What is that?" Kagome looked at her mother, tears falling quicker than before as she fell to her knees. What had happened last night? Who had been her sexual partner and why couldn't she remember any of it?! Her mother gathered her into her arms, her body feeling so numb with all the thoughts that were rushing thru her head again, another headache that she wasn't ready to deal with. After getting her daughter to bed she covered her up before leaving for a moment, Kagome laying there in shock as to all the shameful things she had done in the last 24 hours. It was all too much and she felt her heart clench. Before she could blink her mother was back wtih a glass of water and a pill, both of them thrust into her hands after she was forced to sit up. "It will help you sleep, and trust me Kagome, you need to sleep." Kagome nodded, her body doing what one does automatically when handed those two items. She took them, downing the water before handing it to her mother.

Reaching over her her mother turned on the radio, a soft song playing in the otherwise silent room.

I'm sitting here alone up in my room
I'm thinking 'bout the times that we've been through, oh, my love

Her mother moved to make her more comfortable, pulling the sheets up over her small shaking form. Kissing her daughter on the forehead with a whispered. "I love you. It'll be okay." Moving away from her side she went to the open window and after locking it, pulled the curtains closed, she turned to leave her daughter to the darkness hoping that it would help her to relax enough to sleep.

I'm looking at a picture in my hand
Trying my best to understand

As the door closed behind her mother Kagome lay there, looking up at the ceiling and pondered what she would have to do now. Could she even go back to the feudal era with this mark on her neck? Yes, she could. Would it matter if she did go back, if her powers didn't work? Yes, yes it would. She would be useless, but there was no way to test that now, her body was feeling heavy from the pill her mother had given her. The words of the song just a distant sound that seemed muffled as it continued to play in the dark.

I really wanna know what we did wrong
With a love that felt so strong

She scoffed as her eyes lowered, their weight making it impossible for her to keep them open. Love? Love was a fool's wish. You know the old saying, "You make plans and Kami laughs"? She knew he must be on his ass right then, laughing at all that she was going thru. She couldn't even get the love she wanted, not now and not before. It was all too far away and now, with her being used goods...Well, no one who would want her mattered anyway. She could love no one else the way she loved Inuyasha and that was what hurt. He had ruined her for anyone...not in the sense that she had allowed herself to be ruined. Finally her brain began to shut down as her body relaxed and her mind quieted all of its fruitless thoughts.

If only you were here tonight
I know that we could make it right

The next morning the woman from the future was told by her mother that it would be a week before she could get seen by the doctor and although Kagome understood this she knew that Inuyasha wouldn't. There was the real dilemma and while Kagome was still too ashamed to leave her house, much less leave her bed, she didn't want to see the male that she was sure would try to take her back. She wasn't in the mood to deal with the Hanyou or her friends on the other side of the well. She didn't even want to see her friends in this time either.

"Kagome, I know that you feel bad about what happened, but your friends won't look at you any differently," her mother stated as she sat down on the edge of her daughter's bed, but the young woman in question wasn't budging on her decision. She would rather just wait in her time until the doctor's appointment in the next seven days than deal with whatever was outside the house. Making her point she rolled over in her bed and waiting until her mother finally left to allow herself to cry. She was so mad at herself and yet in her mind she was feeling angry at her friends. The ones that should have at least kept an eye on her like good friends did! She had felt like their group had become more like a family in the time they had spent together, but family didn't just let one member go off and fuck up their life. In the back of her mind she knew that she wasn't being rational, but she didn't care at that moment. She had had sex with someone, possibly a demon, and now she was no longer pure. She hadn't tried to use her powers yet, for fear that they were gone and what she had heard from Kaede that Miko were not to have sex or marry because it was believed that their powers would fade.

It struck her in that moment that it was a belief of the era and that Kaede had not said it was a proven fact. If that were true than it might be possible that she still had her powers, but even knowing there was a small chance that she would be able to use her powers she still felt afraid to try and fail. Closing her eyes she willed herself to sleep unaware that just outside her window in the well house a blast of power burst forward to allow the very male she didn't want to talk into her time.

Inuyasha moved across the pavement with ease, silent as he scented out the very woman he had come to retrieve. She wasn't going to stay in her time for forever and even if she tried he would just drag her back kicking and screaming. He was willing to come and get her in a nice way, just this once, but if she refused his summons than he wouldn't play nice with her. Looking up at her window he could smell her and at the scent of tears, anger and...shame he wrinkled his nose in confusion. What the hell is going on with this female? Jumping up he knocked on the window before pushing against it only to find that it wouldn't budge. Narrowing his gaze in a mixture of confusion and mild anger he growled at her thru the window, "I know you're in there, wench! Open up this window!" There was no response from her but he couldn't tell if she were asleep or not, not being so far from her, but he doubted that after his knocking or yelling that she wouldn't have woken up. The door below him creaked open, the smell of her mother hitting his nose and he was surprised to find a sadness in her scent. Was something wrong with the woman that had become more than just a travelling companion?

"Inuyasha," her mother called to him, her tone hushed as if to keep secret or to keep from waking someone up and that was curious to him. Looking once more at the window, the pink curtains of Kagome's room un-moving, he decided that maybe she was really asleep so he jumped down to her mother. When he saw the look in her eyes, those eyes just a tint different than the young woman who lay in her room, those eyes that were just as expressive as Kagome's were, he knew something was wrong. She led him away from the house, his golden gaze looking once more back up at Kagome's closed window. That in itself was unusual since he had never in the time he had known the future born Miko had ever had the window locked on him nor the the sheets that covered said window drawn closed. As soon as they stood before his tree, the God Tree swaying in the light breeze that blew thru the area. "Kagome will not be coming back to your time, at least not for another week." He opened his mouth to say something, but he had respect for the older female and knew that something had happened to cause her mother to refuse to allow the Miko to come back with him and while he was angry he remembered how much his own mother had done to protect him when he had been younger. "It's not that I don't trust you or any of the others, but Kagome came back yesterday and something..." she faded off, as if she couldn't think of what to say to him. "Something is wrong with her and while she has given me some of the details she doesn't want to reveal too much. You know how Kagome is," she said with a sad smile.

He sure did and while it had drawn him to her he knew that she hated to burden others with something that bothered her. It was like that with him leaving their group to talk with Kikyo. She never let him know how it bothered her, but she was an open book when it came to her eyes, as if she didn't even realize it...or maybe she did and that was why the happy female never looked at him when she was sad, putting on that overly bright smile thinking that it fooled any of them. "So, then it's her that doesn't want to come back?" he asked, trying not to sound so upset, but he could hear his voice crack at the thought that she didn't care enough about him to come back. She had made a promise to him and she wasn't one to break promises so he found that her willingness to forgo coming back very worrisome.

"Again, it's only for a week. I want her to go to a doctor and have her checked out," she whispered, her words relaying a silent request not to ask anymore of her because she wouldn't be able to give it to him. He nodded and rushed off to his time to relay the information he had been given and knew that it wouldn't be enough for their friends...It wasn't enough for him.

Ah, so now the waiting game begins for the future Miko and the answer of whether she would abandon her friends because of her shame...if she would dare to break a promise to her Hanyou... Stay safe!

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