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Chapter 28

InuKagLover 1992, sorry that I am confusing you. I don't intend for all the confusion, just enough to keep one on their toes. This next chapter may cause a little confusion as I shake up the role of the villain just a bit. As for Naraku and his taking of their memories. He locked them away and as a human we forget things that hurt us too deeply, but for them this would have been the best thing, finally getting together after all the dancing around that they do in the series itself, but once she remembers she doesn't want to think about it because then she would wonder if he were with her because he wanted to be or because she was Kikyo to him. He has yet to reflect upon that night and as Naraku stated, it was because his human half was easily swayed into keeping something that was locked away, locked away.

When Kagome looked around her, the air around her stale with death, she watched the space below her as she was facing downward on Naraku's shoulder. She wanted to fight him, to thrash until he dropped her, but the ground was so far beneath her that she feared she would plummet to her death. Still, she wondered about where they were. She had never seen this place and while she had recognized that they had passed the Western lands at one point, she wasn't aware of what this side of the lands held for her. Certainly not a place that held such death as this one did. The energy in this place was far more evil than the man that held her and that was saying a lot considering all that he had done since his own birth, long before he had become Naraku. No, Onigumo hadn't held the power that he did, but he had been evil inside and out, wanting only destruction and ruin even when he had been alive. Long before he had come to Kikyo as a bandit that had been wounded and unable to move, forced to allow a Miko, the opposite of his own faith, to care for him. Even then he had wished for her to be like him, twisted and malicious.

"It is so wonderful here," Naraku said, looking around at the place that would be his new base, his new home. It pulsed with the evil that had once filled it with corpses that fought to bring down the good and lively people that had inhabited its very lands. No one was here, no one dared to enter here even when there was no sound from the castle before him. Even it looked foreboding, the large structure dark with only a black aura clinging to it and yet, he felt there was still a being in there, lurking in the silence as if holding its breath at its newest occupants. Did it feed off the evil that now stood before it? Was it waiting for him all this time with a will to thrive in different way than the lives that beheld it?

"What is this place?" she asked, curious as to what was causing her dread at the sight of all the obliteration below her. He chuckled as they dropped down to stand at the large stone door of the estate. He didn't answer her for a moment, one of his hands reaching out to touch the stone structure, cold as death. Kagome could feel the sadness of the place, the malice that pulsed outward toward them as if wrapping them in a hug that was neither friendly nor welcoming.

"This is the home of a wonderful entity, neither alive nor dead when she reigned over the forces of death and destruction." The door opened, revealing the same darkness that was over the land, the windows above them shrouded in that same darkness. There were tatters of what might have been curtains in those windows, but blood splatter on the floor below her drew her attention. Death had been in here, people dying at the door before even entering the domain of this mysterious entity. He chuckled at her tensing, her fear bringing him the joy that he hadn't been allowed to surface at his own castle and while that also brought about a jealously of the tyrant that had run this castle, he found that it would suffice in bringing what he yearned for... her soul's death. "She was a tyrant, joyful in the demise her court brought and deadly when you couldn't do what she commanded of you. You gave her your life when you failed, there was no second chance and when there was one given by her pawn, a queen that she used for her own uses, you received a fate worse than death."

"How is it that no one knew her?" Kagome dared to ask, almost afraid of the answer.

"Oh, they did, but she didn't do just destruction to these lands, no, she was able to travel thru time, like you do Miko, but on a grander scale." He tossed Kagome onto the hard ground, her startled cry echoing in the darkness around her. It was strange, this mist that seemed to twist between one space and into another before becoming more like a fog as you went further back. It was like miasma, but different as it didn't seem to affect her health, no, it was suffocating her like claws around her neck and yet it allowed her to live. "She was more than a queen, a sovereign that held a higher status, but she travelled from Earth and was sealed back here when she failed against her fight with another monarch of true light." He walked past the Miko, almost forgetting her as he travelled further into the darkness. Kagome looked at the door, now closed, and thought about running when something told her that it would be futile.

Ah, you are like that cursed queen, so pure and yet you aren't as pure as you would believe yourself. Kagome blinked at those words. Who was that talking to her? Forcing herself to her feet she rushed toward the door only to be thrown back as darkness struck her. You are as naïve as they come, aren't you? So weak to leave my home, to think that you will escape your fate as the one that brought me here did. She is dead now, long forgotten while I wait in this silence, waiting for one such as your master to free me! Master? Naraku wasn't her master! She once again stood up, turning from the door to look around her. Weirdly enough Naraku was gone and Kagome felt a fear entwine her heart, clenching it tightly. She had to find a way out and with the male that had captured her gone for the moment sh-

"What in the world?" she whispered as she noted a shadow walking in the distance, not in the direction of where she thought Naraku had gone. Was it a safe bet to take by following that shadow? Probably not, but she would chance it. Looking at where Naraku had gone she rushed off to find that shadow, its form streaking down a hallway. Kagome followed behind, the echo of her footsteps seeming so loud to her own ears as she rushed down the corridor. It felt like she was running down that hallway for forever, the length of it impossible with how big the castle appeared on the outside and suddenly she found herself at doorway, stairs that led down to an even darker chamber if that was possible.

"Ah, so you have found it," came a masculine voice. Turning she found herself looking into Naraku's red eyes. She didn't like the way he had said that, as if it were a dark secret that she should have stayed away from. Taking a step away from him she hit the wall on the right side of the doorway, a burn coursing thru her body and numbing her senses all at the same time. He grabbed her and threw her ahead of him, causing her to stumble as she clung to the walls that once again burned her with all the evil that seemed to be emitting from the stones. Had there really been someone out there that had been worse than Naraku? Sure, there was evil out there, all types of it, but this evil seemed to pulse in the darkness, as if it would never die even if it weren't alive to do more evil deeds. Naraku followed behind her, in his hands the Shikon no Tama throbbed with pleasure and pain at the darkness that was drawn to it. The pink that had been it seeming to fade with every step down the long path into what could only be described as Hell as a heat began to throb from its core. Kagome winced as she walked, the fear, the malice, the sadness, the anger, all of it seemed to hit her full force while Naraku seemed to enjoy their little trip down.

She didn't want to go down there, a fear of what lay down there causing her to stumble again when they reached the middle of the stairs. She feared what was down there far more than she feared the male behind her. Was that a strange thing to think when she had seen what he was capable of while this new darkness had yet to reveal what it could do? Yes and no. The unknown was a common fear for even the people in her era, a phobia. That got her attention, her thoughts making her wonder as to what it could be that was repealing her and yet, drawing her in as it ate at her aura, thrashed against the pain of her purity while trying to force its darkness upon her. She stopped mid-step, Naraku knocking into her. "Move it," he snapped, moving against her in a way to move her forward and at first she only shuddered in disgust, but when he whispered, "Shall I take you right here, even with your babes still in your stomach?"

"No," she cried as she forced her feet to move, her body trying to stop her decent into what would only be deadly for it. The closer they got to the bottom the more suffocating the air seemed to be, the darkness like a thick blanket that robbed her of oxygen and strength. She soon found herself at the bottom of the stairs, pausing again to take in her surroundings as Naraku slipped past her and that was when she noticed the shadow from earlier. It stood against the far wall, almost darker than the darkness of the chamber. The chamber itself wasn't super big or small, but it wasn't medium. It was so hard to explain and as she stepped further in she found herself before another opening that seemed to be lit with a strange glow. The chill that exited that room was such a contrast to the one they were in at that moment, warm air against a chill and she found herself backing away from the room, but her feet were walking toward it. In the small chamber was what could only be described as a bed or maybe a coffin because when she drew closer she could see where someone had laid there, their outline almost etched in the stone that curved upward like claws. She moved closer to it even as her body rebelled against the action.

"Here it is," Naraku said moving to stand behind her, his red eyes taking in the rounded tank-like structure above the bed, but frowning when he noted that it wasn't as he had been foretold. No, it was broken on top, shattered to leave just the bottom half of it. Above that seemed to be what looked like a demonic face that was twisted in a fearsome growl, like the tank were coming out of those fanged lips as a jewel of amber rested above its eyes that were more like sockets that held nothing but darkness. "So, she was killed, pity," he remarked, moving to touch the clawed edges of the tomb. That's what the voice in her head was calling it.

The tomb that darkened my beloved prince, darkened him so that I could use him to destroy those he once loved. There wasn't any malice in his heart so it was a rather painful process, at least for him. A dark laugh echoed in her mind, chilling her in the almost frozen room. She could see the shadow of a body here, resting in a tormented way as a scream seemed to fill the chamber. Naraku seemed to hear it as well since he glanced around.

"Guess I will have to fill that with my own malice," he stated, almost offhandly. "Another incarnation to be used in such a pleasing way." Turning toward her he reached out to grasp her, and she knew what he planned to do. He would put her in that thing, would fill her with his malice, but she knew that it wouldn't be just his, no, she could feel the residue of the previous occupant of the tank, even if they were long gone. Did he know it was there? Was he aware of how much stronger this entity's malice was? Their evil was so much more than his and wouldn't be against destroying him to take that piece of the shard from him?

"No! Don't put me in that!" Kagome struggled against him, her powers flickering around her with all the energy she was using to get away from him, but suddenly a burst of energy from the tank above them she was stilled, her movements halted by that energy. Naraku stepped back in surprise, his red orbs looking on in bewilderment. He didn't know, that much was for sure as he watched her body being lifted up and placed in the tomb, a black aura of light enclosing her as she regained her movement, only to find that no matter how much she fought she couldn't leave the prison of that power.

"Who are you?" came a female's voice from around them, the voice held such a dark undertone as it echoed in the small space. The spider demon looked up, his eyes narrowing on the tank when he realized that it was where the voice was coming from. "Do you not speak evil one?"

"Let me out!" Kagome cried out, fists smoking with every strike against the power incasing her. She didn't care, her fear had a deep hold on her as she felt her body spike in pain, her powers trying to help her, but they didn't seem to be a match for this new enemy. What could she do against it?

Nothing, you can do nothing to thwart me! You will be my new host, those things in your body will wither and die if I will it. That stopped her, allowing the energy to brush against her skin as it blanketed her. Good. If you want those babies to live then you will do as I say and allow my energy to become part of you, to thrive in your body as a host to me. Naraku's eyes narrowed, debating if he should remove the Miko from her prison or if he should allow this woman to have what he wanted... Then again, she was a powerful one if she could tame the Miko so easily without a word.

"I do speak to her, half breed," she said again, his eyes flashing at the term that he abhorred. After all, that was why he had the jewel and yearned for the rest. "Do not be hurt over such words for that just means you are weak to allow those human feelings show. If you are weak than you are of little use than fodder for my gullet."

"I did not give you per-"

"I do not need your permission! You gave her to me as soon as you entered my home, my residence that has been waiting for someone stupid enough to think they can own what is still mine even if my physical body is no longer here!" He fell silent, unsure of what was going on and at the same time he hated that she had called him stupid. She was calling him weak and he wasn't weak! He was the strongest force to arrive on the Earth in the last fifty years! No one, not demon or human stood a chance against him! This entity was the same! "Oh, but you are wrong there, half breed! I have taken on the most powerful ones when I was alive, I ruled over a vast army of the dead, all of them bending to my will and dying for my mission to rid the world, no matter what time, of pure things. No one dared to smile in my presence or to laugh in joy, only spite and demented feelings were allowed here. You aren't as powerful as you could be and you will never have that power, even if that jewel you possess were full and round with its former state."

"As if you were powerful, whomever you are! You are nothing now, just a voice that hopes to scare those who enter this domain, and this domain is mine now. I hold a true form, standing before you as the new evil in this age." A shadow appeared before him, against the wall behind the tomb that held the now silent Miko. He watched it with a wary gaze.

"I may have lost a physical body, but I do not need one to survive! I will always be around, no matter how many battles take place against me. I will thrive on those that willingly bring themselves into my castle, who stand before me in the chamber that once held me. The queen before you was stupid enough to allow me to corrupt her when she yearned for a prince that was not to be hers since he loved a woman of pure love. Even that girl was no match for me as I destroyed her world, killed her friends. I am only here because she used their deaths against me, their souls still willing to burn away for her as they used the last of their energy to defeat me. I again ask you, half breed, who are you?" He debated on telling her that it was no business of hers, but he could feel the anger rising in the air around him, he could taste the hate that infiltrated his mouth.

"I am Naraku," he said finally, a huff of anger following his name. He hated that he felt a slight fear at her ability to fill the air with such strong feelings, warnings of what she could do.

"Ah, Abyss, my name is Kokū no joō, the Queen of the Void," she whispered, her voice causing him to shudder at all the hate she held in her name. "You will be a wonderful addition to my court, maybe as an underling or perhaps," she said, pausing as she watched him become angry. "as a king once you are no longer tainted with that human side you hold. I can only imagine that you wish to rid yourself of that human heart." That surprised him, not only that she seemed to be telling him that he would no longer be a half breed, but she knew what held him back. Indeed it had held back his killing of Kikyo for such a long time until he focused on the fact that she was dead and Onigumo relented his wanting of the clay body she held. It only held emotions that he had yearned for when he had been but a human, but it still didn't reflect them even when she had transpired to kill her former flame and his new Miko. "I see that I have your attention, Naraku. If you want to become a true demon, you only need to allow me to cleanse you and then you shall have all that you desire." There in lay the problem. He didn't trust this shadow, this voice, but while it held that allure for his full demonic form he didn't know how that would come about.

"How do I know that you are telling the truth?" he asked, hating how human he sounded with that question. Demons could feel out deceit in one's voice while humans had no way to tell if one were pulling the bait and switch on them.

"You are right not to trust me, as you have just found yourself in such a stalemate in my domain, but what do you have to lose?" Those words spoke of what would happen if he turned down her proposal, that she would cast him off or use him for his power, maybe she would kill him and it would all be done. None of that sounded appealing as he wouldn't get to kill his enemies and rule the world as he lusted to do. "You would gain the power to shatter your foes, all of them fallen at your feet with their blood painting the ground in such a beautiful work of art," she said, her tone filling with such joy. "You could have the woman and her babies would rule as heirs at our side, continuing our mission of darkening the world, torturing the humans that plague the land and making us the most powerful demons." It was sounding better and better with each word that echoed around him. "There would be no end to that malice, that evil that we would spread. We would not only change the horrible future of this planet, but other times would fall to our feet as we rule not only this time, but any that we wish."

"Give me the power to do all of that and I will gladly rule at your side with the Miko as my plaything," he said, a smirk twisting his lips. She said nothing for a moment before the air around him became thicker while he became lighter. Her laughter was the last thing he heard as his body twisted and was drawn into the broken tank, his energy mixing with hers as the broken container corrected itself and became like new.

"Good choice, Abyss."

Ah, so Naraku has given himself up to another evil, one that wishes for the destruction of the world and for the death of all the humans that wander in any time. What will the group do when they come face to face with this? Stay safe!

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