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Chapter 27

InuKagLover, nice to hear from you again! You shall get some of your answers in this chapter as I know that is a bit of the confusion that I did on purpose in the beginning, but now you shall find out what happened, well, some of it. Thanks for the review!

Again, thank you to all my readers and reviewers! I appreciate it all!

Naraku stood waiting for the sun to set, his red eyes narrowed off in the distance. Another day had passed, the Miko was still strong, though he hadn't thought she would crumble so quickly. He may be evil, able to taint those around him for his own purpose, but he had known Kagome was stronger than the others. After all that was why he had hunted her down to take her down. She was too strong and he couldn't have that, not if he wanted his jewel to darken. Speaking of that jewel... He hadn't found it on her, a curious thing since she was the holder of it. Pulling out his half, well more like 3/4 of the cursed jewel, looking into the darkness that swirled around it with the center like a sun, shining with the purity of the woman he was holding. It was growing brighter since he had brought her to his castle, a slight hitch in his plans that he had known would be possible. The closer she was to his portion the more likely her aura would cleanse it and that was something that he would never allow to happen. It was the reason he had infused his home with as much darkness as he could before bringing her here. There would be no light in his home, no way for her to have an ally in this dark space. Now he just had to wait for this demon to come and bring him the information he had sent his spies out for. The little wasp-like creatures couldn't really fight, but they were good when it came to gathering information and with the fact that the heroes were coming to rescue the Miko left him with little time to wait for them.

Sure, they could find him if he moved, but that would mean more time since he had to move this very evening as he was aware of the group that was just mere hours away from his castle. He had thought it would take them longer to get to him, but with the fact that Inuyasha, that half breed that had thwarted his plans with the dead Miko when he had cast her aside this last time before he himself had killed her. She had been useful, her undead form holding onto those last feelings of malice from her true life fueling her need to drag the Hanyou down to Hell with her. She would do it by corrupting the relationship between the younger Miko and the Hanyou. She would twist their relationship to break them, but no, again the silver haired male had managed to get past it all. He had seen what the Miko was, even though he had also fallen victim to her truths that he, Naraku, had used to his own advantage. Who would have thought that one night of sake that loosened the lips of the hurting souls. Kagome had allowed the Hanyou to take her when Naraku had wanted that pleasure, to torment the pair with his touch tainting her soul.

This time that blasted older brother of the Hanyou had ruined that for him! He hadn't been able to infuse his own scent into the woman as she lay there naked before him that night, her body being held close by Inuyasha. Even to this day it made him so pissed off to know that the only thing he could do was hide the evidence of her partner from both of them. To this day the silver haired male didn't know that he had taken the Miko, had no idea whom he had slept with, but Naraku was happy with that knowledge since the Hanyou knew he had had sex with someone. Maybe he thought that it was just a random human female or maybe he thought that Kikyo had somehow been able to take him in her dead form. No matter. He would continue to wonder since his mind wouldn't be able to break the lock on it, and that would continue to be the case since he was half human. His human half wouldn't ever want to know, burdened by the idea that he had not only betrayed Kikyo by taking the side of her love rival, but that he had slept with someone when he truly loved the Miko who had freed him from Kikyo. He knew that was the ultimate betrayal to Inuyasha. After all, he hadn't been truly in love with the other Miko, not when she hadn't been able to accept him for who he was.

Chuckling darkly at that he sneered at the door that led to the younger Miko. That was truly why his plan had failed. There had been no love for them to betray, since neither of them trusted the other, not fully anyway. If there had been trust like there was between the Hanyou and Kagome, then there would have been a stronger love. After all, this Miko was hurt over what he had revealed to her, but she didn't believe it or she didn't yet to believe it. With that belief she would question why he had done it and then had discarded her. There would be the questions of why he had even slept with her if he had done it because of her appearance or the drink had pushed him into the belief of that appearance. Her look wasn't that close to the other Miko and yet, she held the same coloring in a slight way that would led one to believe she was in fact Kikyo. A buzzing sound hit his ears and he turned to see that the sun was almost gone, the night shrouding his spies as they entered his window, one of them moving further toward him. Listening to the news of the witch he needed, one that had been sealed in the area farther North. That would take him past the dog Lord's lands, possibly too close to it, but he would take that chance since this witch held a power, a power to darken the souls of those she wanted for her own. He would use her for his deeds and then dispose of her when she was done being useful... if she was even still alive. The wasps didn't know of her current state, only of where her lair had been.

A dark and lonely part of the land that held no growth, no life, nothing but a barren castle that was so much larger than his. Chuckling again he turned to head down the hallway, past the room that held the Miko, down to where he needed to be to transport his castle before he stopped. He wouldn't need his castle. He would claim hers instead and leave this one for the group to find. Swiveling on his heels he headed back to the room, the door slamming open to reveal a tired looking female, her face healed, the marks from his demons gone. It was a frustrating sight, but it was out of his hands for now. "Let us go, Miko," he snapped, yanking her up by the arm before tossing her on his shoulder before the pair disappeared into a dark void that opened up in the doorway behind him.

Hours later found the group trudging behind the Hanyou, the light from the sun long since hidden beyond the horizon. "Inuyasha, we have to stop and rest," Miroku said, holding onto his fiancée's waist tighter as his body pulsed with weariness and pain. His wounds needed to be treated again and everyone in their group, save for the non-humans, needed rest. The Hanyou's golden eyes shot back at them, noting the fact that Sango and Miroku were barely holding onto a tired looking fire cat, Shippo and Rin were yawning and while neither Koga or his brother seemed tired, they too needed to eat. They had only made one stop for the day and that had been nearly ten hours before. He was surprised that his brother hadn't snapped at him, but then again his brother seemed to be preoccupied at the moment, his own golden gaze scanning the horizon before them.

"Fine," he said, slowing down with Koga skidding to a stop beside him. The wolf appeared just as ticked off as he was with the stopping, shooting him a glare at the newest interruption. "Don't give me that look, wolf. Just because I agreed with a fucking truce with you doesn't mean I will take that shit." Koga growled low in his throat.

"You know that we're so close, mutt," he said instead of what he really wanted to do, beat the shit out of the golden eyed male. He was still pissed off that Kagome had chosen the male instead of him. She had chosen the one that had failed her in more ways than just leaving her to be captured. He had caused her sadness, making her cry when he failed to notice how much she loved the Hanyou. He had chosen to go to the dead one every time she had called. Maybe not this last time, as he was aware, but enough times that he was sure Kagome was broken hearted. "She's just around the corner for all we know!" Inuyasha snarled, his fangs gleaming in the moonlight.

"You don't think I want to rush after her as well, that I fear what is ha-" He sighed, stopping his words with a rake thru his silver locks. "Fuck it, I'm not talking about this with you." He was tired of them all, but he was more upset with the wolf and he didn't really know why. It wasn't because of his interest in his Kagome, no, Kagome had settled that so long ago, and it couldn't be because he felt the other male wasn't part of his pack, that he was the leader of another pack entirely... no, Sesshomaru was also leader of another pack and even with the hatred they sometimes felt for each other he didn't find himself with the other male. No, there was something else that bothered him about the wolf leader. "Maybe you should go back to your pack, maybe just wait for us to get Kagome." He really wanted to say for him to just go back, to never come near them again, but he was trying to be nice, like Kagome had asked of him all those times, being sat for not doing as she requested. He just couldn't be nice to the wolf, not really and then it struck him. He didn't trust the wolf. He didn't trust this male around his pack or around the Miko who was missing.

What would cause that feeling? "The fuck you think you're talking to, bastard?" the wolf roared, the others becoming tense as they watched the pair begin another argument. Did they not remember the dog demon's warning of castration? Had it already slipped their minds? Seriously, they had been on the road for one day since that talk and yet here they were again, fighting, though not with fists... not yet at least. "I ain't leaving Kagome's rescue in your fucking hands! You'll fuck it up like you did in being her protector! I should have taken her with me that day, not allow her to stay with the likes of you!" Sango's eyes narrowed with Inuyasha's own golden orbs. This wolf was talking about all of them and while Miroku also looked aggrieved by Koga's words he leaned back against Kirara, the fire cat laying down with her fangs bared at the wolf. He was making quick enemies of the group, if he hadn't already with the actions in the past.

"Are you kidding me?" Inuyasha asked with a bark of laughter, bitter and angry. "You're the fucker who kidnapped her and then proclaimed your love for her when all she did was show you kindness!" Their voices were growing louder. "Hell, the only reason you ever were able to help her was by using the shards in your legs and now without those you're nothing but a useless bastard with feelings for a woman who basically told you to fuck off! How stupid can you get?! Chasing after a female who doesn't want you!" Blue eyes narrowed at him, shock and anger flickering in the depths.

"What about you, dog breath?!" Sango and Miroku shared a glance, they knew where this was going and it wasn't going to be good. Sesshomaru stood there, watching the whole thing and also had insight on where this was about to go, and he too didn't want to deal with the fallout that would only cause an actual bloodbath to occur.

"Wolf," he hissed, his voice cold, but Koga ignored it.

"You're always chasing after a dead bitch!" Sesshomaru's voice was low as he again called to the wolf while Sango prepared to knock one of them out to stop the impending fight. "Kagome would have been better off if you had remained on that fu-" SMACK! The fist of Sesshomaru came down upon the back of Koga's head while Sango thumped the Hanyou at the same time. The slayer let out a sigh of resignation.

"I knew we shouldn't have let him come with us," the monk stated, shaking his head. Shippo giggled, though he had been worried for a moment there. Rin leaned forward, her body resting against Ah-Un who seemed to sigh himself. Jaken walked to Sesshomaru's side, his staff taping the prone form of the wolf while Sango moved Inuyasha's body next to Miroku's side. "You know he's going to strike the first person he sees after what you just did and I don't want to be that person." Sango laughed before looking down at Koga's body.

"I shall take him back t-"

"I will do it," the demon lord stated, grasping the wolf by the back of his armor before disappearing into a ball of light that shot off from them.

"Okay, well, one less issue," the slayer stated before asking the kitsune and Rin for help with dinner. There was still boar left over from lunch and while Kagome's bag still amazingly held some of her snacks and such, it didn't have anymore ramen. Rin took the pot and with Shippo they ran off to find some water for the rice from Minako's village. At least they had that, it would be a filler that would allow the meat to last a bit longer. The two returned rather quickly, Jaken following close behind Rin as he knew what would happen to him if he allowed any harm to happen to his master's ward. It didn't take long for everyone to eat, Inuyasha still laying unconscious next to Miroku, Sesshomaru showing up moments later without the wolf leader. Sango was the first to ask, "So, how did that go?" The silver haired male just scoffed. "For fuck's sake, I was just making sure we don't have to deal with another issue and you know there will be one because he will come back once he wakes up."

"No, he won't," Sesshomaru stated, taking a bit of the raw meat from the yellow bag, his eyes narrowing at the plastic that seemed to keep the food from his stomach. Sango snatched it from his fingers and removed the food before shoving what was left back in the bag. "I have ensured that if he were to come back, he and his pack would find themselves in a rather life threatening predicament." Ah, so he had threatened their lives... great.

"That might stop his pack," the slayer said, a groan from the Hanyou shifting her attention as he spoke. He had been awake it seemed thru the last part of the conversation.

"He might be a bastard, but he wouldn't want to lose anymore of his pack, so just drop it." Sango sighed, walking back over to hand him the food they had prepared for him when he finally awoke. Amazingly enough he didn't strike out at anyone, though anyone could see that he was pissed off at what had happened. "And next time just knock him out, not me."

"Silence brother," the silver haired lord said, watching his brother take a few bites of his food. "You know very well that the wolf wasn't the only one looking for a fight. Knocking him out wouldn't have stopped you or your demon from annihilating the male you see as a rival." Taking a bite of the raw meat he continued, "After all, he knew just what to say to further piss you off and make you weak from your damned human emotions."

"He couldn't get to me," the Hanyou stated as he scarfed up his food, ready to start back on the road, but knowing they would be going nowhere that night. No, they would have to wait until the morning. His brother shook his head, but didn't say another word. Koga's words would have made the demon that lay under the surface come out and without the Miko there to subdue him they would have to fight him and nothing but death would stop him in that scenario.

I know, it's a bit of a slow chapter, but the battle is closing in... They have moved on and the group has lost a member for the better in my opinion. Don't get me wrong I love Koga, not as much as Inuyasha, but I do love him. He would have been an interesting partner for Kagome, but not the right one. Stay safe!

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