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Chapter 24

windbreaking, I used another villain from another series for their appearance though I did change them a bit to fit the role I wanted them in for this one. :) And thank you! I want to do the series justice!

Talawolfgirl, thank you! I hope that I don't disappoint anyone, but at the same time I can't make it that easy for her to get away. No, true angst and darkness are in store for the Miko though will it work to break her? You shall find out in a later chapter! Thanks again!

I would again, like a broken record, like to thank my readers and reviewers! I'm always happy to know what you are all thinking about the story so far!

Kagome awoke to find herself in a darkened room, though it was the size of a closet she found that it wasn't empty. It was dim, but she could see to the other side of the room, where on the wall were chains and bones that still hung to them. One was completely gone while the other still held skin on part of it, its eyes were open, the red orbs familiar to her. Kagura? Was that what happened to the wind demoness? She was immortal though, without fail she had managed to live through each battle, every wound inflicted on her so why was she here? Why was her body rotting away, her clothing sagging against her frail body? Tearing her eyes from the dead body she looked around, taking note of her surroundings. There was no window in the small space and the door was wooden with a small barred window that was just big enough for a face to fit in. There was no bed or any furniture, but a sudden movement from outside the door drew her attention.

"Ah, little Miko, are you becoming reacquainted with your friend, the traitor that I drew from my very flesh?" he asked with a dark chuckle, though his tone was one of anger, disgust for the one whom they had fought too many times to count. What did he mean by traitor? "She never did like me, but she had no choice but fight for me since I held the one thing she yearned for."

"Naraku," Kagome hissed, anger at the fact that she was in his clutches, but fear at what he planned to do with her still tinting her tone. He chuckled again.

"Yes, it is me Miko," he said. "In the flesh." He seemed to find himself funny because now he laughed, as if he were telling an inside joke, though he was in a strange way. He had always appeared to them as a fake, a wooden doll with a strand of his dark hair and yet because she was on the other side of door he felt it safe to call upon her. Her power flickered around her as she felt her anger grow. She hated the male after all, his presence always spelling despair for her or someone she loved. It was the reason she was still here, still on this side instead of with her family. That, and Inuyasha. He was the light at the end of the dark tunnel that Naraku presented with his existence. Still, she hated him. "Ah ah ah, no Miko powers on my land," he said, her body shaking with pain as her power drained away. She whimpered, biting her bottom lip to keep it hidden from his ears. Her body convulsed with the dampening of her powers. Even her children remained dormant, their auras dim. "I would be careful with allowing your powers to flow. The spell on this cell, this castle in general really, is too dark for your powers to be used without a punishment on your own body... including those half breeds in your stomach." She threw a glower at him, keeping her power down with a slight struggle. She and her babies wanted to deal away with the dark Hanyou, but with the spell it would be dangerous, even fatal to them since they were unable to really protect themselves against his darkness.

"What the fuck do you want with me?" she asked, her gaze hardening as she leveled herself with him. His own eyes reflected glee at her question, as if it were what he had been waiting for.

"Little Miko, you are going to bear me more spawns, and those babies in your belly will be fighting for me against your friends," was his response. "Of course one of them will house my heart, keeping your friends from having a fair chance against them." He paused to let it sink in. Kagome would be used as a breeding mare, allowing for more powerful demons to be brought forth, her own babies to be used as disposable pawns for him. "Though, sadly, they will be nothing compared to those babies in your womb now. Their father is a powerful enough adversary, though he won't be much of a match against his own spawn."

"I won't allow you to use my babies as a tool!" she spat. "And I sure as hell won't allow you to use me as a damn incubator!" He tsked at her, a smirk twisting his features. "Inuyasha will come for me! My friends will kill you and I will be right there at their side when you lay there dying a miserable death that will be karma for those who died at your hands!" He didn't say a word for a moment, but he didn't stop smirking.

"Such language, Miko," he said softly. "Seems that even you aren't completely pure with such vulgar words, though I am sure you aren't as pure as everyone seems to think. You act as if I were no better than you, deserving nothing but a merciless death for killing humans and demons alike, for selling my soul to demons, but..." he fell silent, his smirk growing. "You aren't any better than me, Kagome." His voice saying her name made a shudder crawl up her spine, his tone one of pure lust making her wish she could die right there. She would do it if it came down to it. She would never allow her children or herself to be used to harm her friends, to kill Inuyasha.

"I'm no better than anyone else, but I sure as hell am not a monster like you, Naraku!" she cried out, her power trying again to break free, her clawed fingers breaking the skin of her palms as she tried to fight against its release. She wouldn't chance her babies lives just to strike out at him.

"But you are," he responded, evenly. "You were so glad that Kikyo was killed, I know you are even now glad that she is gone. No more secret meetings with Inuyasha for her, no just a nice warm time in Hell for that Miko." He laughed again. "And, I know that look Miko, so I should warn you," he said, noting that glare that she was sending his way, the look that she would fight to her death. "It was the same look as Kagura, a look of such determination, even if she had to die she would not serve me any longer. That is why she was in those chains, awaiting her death and enjoying no freedom save for having her heart back." When she didn't respond to his information he continued. "I will do the same to you, but you will live and those pups shall be mine, after all, their father will come for them and your mate shall come for you." With that he was gone, leaving her to think about his words.

The gang lay there in the fading light, Sesshomaru checking on his ward before going off to hunt for food while Shippo tended to Miroku's wounds and Sango worked on getting a fire started, her weapon laying on the ground with a hole on one side where the creatures that had battled them only hours before had left their mark. She sighed after getting the fire started, her eyes watering slightly at the sight of her unwieldable weapon before flickering over to her fallen fiancé. He was no worse for wear, though his skin was shredded and his clothing would need mending. With a sad smile she headed over to Kagome's bag, a tear falling for her friend.

"We'll get her back, Sango," Inuyasha stated, moving to her side to grab the pot that laid on the top of the contents in the bag. "I will not allow her to be harmed." She nodded, knowing that even with all the heartache her friend had suffered at his careless actions regarding the dead Miko that he cared about Kagome, loved her even if he never admitted it. He would need to, after all she had pushed her friend into doing the same thing. Even then, Kagome hadn't had a chance and if they didn't get to her in time it would never be revealed to him. Giving herself a mental head shake she forced those dark thoughts from her mind, but unlike the times before that image stuck in her mind, refusing to leave her imagination.

"Will we?" she inquired, her hand coming to her mouth at the question. Rin stared at her from her space by the fire, worry in her brown orbs. Even Miroku and Shippo looked surprised at her words. The male next to her growled in warning, his eyes narrowing at her. "I-I don't know why I said that," she muttered. "I know you will, after all we would all be dead if you hadn't been with us." Sighing he turned from her, wandering off to the nearby stream that flowed by the campsite. The monk struggled to stand, the Kitsune done with his aid on the male, moving to stand before his bride-to-be. She refused to look at him, shame reflected in her posture, but he didn't allow her to keep her eyes on the ground below their feet. He took one hand, his fingers grasping hers tightly while his other hand, the beads clicking together as he touched her chin. "I really didn't mean it."

"Sango," he said, his voice warm with understanding, waiting until she looked up into his amethyst eyes. "He knows that. We know that you would never think that way about any of us, let alone Kagome or Inuyasha. They are the strongest among us, save for Sesshomaru." Koga, who had been off to the side leaning against a tree and silent while this all had transpired spoke up.

"That mutt? He is weak, allowing Kagome to be taken like that and now we ha-" he was cut off as a hand smacked him in the chest, his blue eyes looking down to find the human ward of the dog demon. He raised a brow at her narrowed eyes.

"Inuyasha is my Lord's brother and is not weak!" she yelled, her body tense as she eyed him. "You weren't there to protect her either!" The wolf flinched at her words. They were true, he had failed in protecting the woman he had vowed his affections for. He hadn't been able to sniff the monster out in the shadows and now she was gone because of it. None of them had been there to aid her.

"The Miko would shut you all up," came a cold voice. Rin found golden eyes looking at her. "Even you, child." She looked down at her feet in shame. Sesshomaru held out a large boar, Sango coming over to skin it. Miroku watched the other male, Inuyasha coming out from the woods with a pan full of water. He said nothing and Miroku knew that his friend was in deep thought, probably worried about Kagome and what Naraku was doing to her. And Sango wasn't to blame for that, though he knew her words had hit home the Hanyou's own fears. "I doubt she would want her friends to think so little of themselves." Still Inuyasha said nothing as he set the small pot on the fire before settling down by it.

"You're right," he finally said. "And even with the fact we can not fight him now, she will not allow anything to happen to her, not with her pups to think of." Miroku was right about one thing. It was his worry, but it wasn't for the fact that he was assuming. He knew Kagome well enough to know that she would do whatever she needed to do to protect her unborn children, including sacrificing herself to do it and that was his worry. Naraku could never break her and the evil bastard knew it, but he would use those babies to do it. Force her to bend to his will just to keep those pups and them alive. Naraku would use her love, her pure feelings for his dark uses and while Kagome would submit for a moment, allowing them time to get to her or to get safe because she knew they wouldn't abandon her, she would ultimately take herself out of the pawn position. Out of it all if it could save them and he couldn't allow that. We need her! His demon was very possessive of the Miko, then again, he himself wanted her, had claimed her even if he hadn't marked her. As he was thinking of the Miko he felt a pain crawl over his skin, a pain that centered around his heart and like a ripple of water undulated outward.

"You okay?" Sango inquired, glad that he wasn't still mad at her because she would have to ask something of him that she felt would really make him upset. He blinked, his eyes focusing on her and nodded. "Um, Inuyasha, I need to go back to my village." He nodded again and she was floored. He was acting so mature! Had he heard what she had said or was he still spacing out? "Did you hear me?"

"Yes, Sango, I heard you, okay!" he snapped, his emotions jumping in a blink of an eye. "Go repair your weapon, but hurry the hell up!" Turning from her he yanked a ramen container out, throwing water into it as the slayer finished skinning the meat before cutting into it to cook portions of it while Sesshomaru and the other demons in the group, minus Shippo, ate it raw. The silence seemed to settle around them, though it wasn't awkward, more like everyone was off in their own world and didn't feel like talking at that moment. "I'll be out scouting the area," the Hanyou said as he tossed his cup into the fire without looking at any of them.

"I'll go with you," Koga said, taking another piece of the boar before following the irritated male. For once Inuyasha didn't snap at him, nor did he acknowledge him as he disappeared into the trees with the wolf close behind him as he took the dirt path. Rin sighed as she looked around the group. She had only been around them for a few weeks and before that she had little contact with them unless Sesshomaru came across them. Yet, now, she could see the innerworkings of the group and the fact that Kagome seemed to hold them together and without her they still hung together, but tempers seemed to rise or was it because the Miko was in danger. After all, she hadn't been with the group when they had joined and the same thing seemed to transpire. They seemed out of sorts.

"Rin, get some rest, we have a long day tomorrow," the dog demon stated as he turned toward the forest in the opposite direction as his brother. With a smile at her Lord she moved to join the others at the fire. Jaken stood off to the side with Ah-Un, both close enough if they needed to flee or fight, but far enough that he didn't have to deal with the group itself. Miroku pulled out Kagome's sleeping bag and after showing Rin how it worked allowed her to get comfortable while Sango talked to Kirara about their travel plans. He wanted to go with her, but knew it would be faster for her to go alone this time, not that he was in any condition to protect her if it came down to that.

"Heading off now?" he asked her, her back turned to him as she talked to the demon cat. She nodded, though she still didn't meet his gaze. "Sango, don't be upset, not with your slip of the tongue or even Kagome. I know you're upset, but you need to get your weapon done and get back so we can get her back." She sighed, and turned to him before pulling him into a hug. He had read her like a book, then again he always could. Agreeing with him would be simpler than getting into it with him over something that she couldn't control. She was a woman and she was a human one at that. Not that she couldn't act like it didn't matter to her when it came to the battlefield, but still, she wasn't around someone she couldn't show her inner emotions. No, she could trust him with those feelings because he wouldn't look down on her. He never had, like Kagome he had understood the loss of her family, but unlike Kagome she knew why he did... he did lose his father at a young age, actually seeing the death of his parent like she had.

"I should be back by later afternoon if I can get it done without interference from any demons or even humans," she remarked before giving him a quick peck on the lips and jumping on Kirara afterward. "Be careful." And with that she was off, leaving Miroku to his own thoughts about their situation. Naraku had never successfully taken one of their people for more than a few hours at most, Kagome had been the captive then too. It made sense. Naraku was weak and with someone like Kagome around to purify him he had to get rid of her or taint her so she had no power. He could find that a chore and the monk hoped that he didn't just rid himself of her when she failed to bow to him. She was a mountain and a sapling at the same time. She was strong when it came to protecting others, but would put herself in their place with just a little bit of force.

I hope she knows that if something should happen to her that Inuyasha would wither away, even with Naraku out there to do more harm. It was true, after all even with them to stand by him, the Hanyou only fought better when Kagome was by his side. He felt a surge to fight harder when her life was on the line and this would prove to be no different. Even without her here, he would fight harder to get her back. Which will make him even more of an asshole until she is returned. Chuckling he headed back over to the fire, getting comfortable on the hard ground, his eyes watching those around his campsite until his own eyes grew heavy with sleep.

Inuyasha stalked thru the forest, paying little mind to the wolf that walked behind him, his mind only on the missing female of his pack and what could be happening to her. It also brought to mind the fact that since her mark and pregnancy had been revealed, his own action. He hadn't been himself since that moment. Lashing out at her, anger and disbelief at her actions, that she would hide it from him of all people. She hadn't lied about things before, well, not big things and being claimed was a pretty big thing to a demon like him. Did she not understand that or had she really not known that she had been claimed? He could see back to that moment that he had confronted her and it revealed what he had been too upset to see at that moment.

"I smell different?"

He could hear the confusion in her voice, even now several weeks later, the memory infecting his brain.

"Yeah, I can't tell what that other scent is, but my mama smelled like that before she gave me a new brother or sister,"

Her pale face, the fear and disbelief in her gaze as she listened to the small kitsune's words. She hadn't know, she hadn't known... It repeated itself in his mind, his heart clenching as he realized his own feelings at that moment, the way he had talked to her without any regard for her own turbulent feelings.

"You didn't know you were pregnant? You didn't know you were marked? You didn't know what, Ka-go-me?"

He could hear the bite in his words, see it in her brown orbs that looked at him with such hurt at her own actions. She hadn't been as hurt by his words as she had been at her own actions, her own betrayal when really it hadn't been a betrayal on her end. She hadn't known his feelings and while she had loved him it hadn't been as a potential mate... No, as a friend, like the others that stood by her side and while they had been thinking about her he had been thinking about himself. Thinking about his own hurt when she hadn't done it to slight him. No, she had only done what anyone would have done with a person they saw as mating material. Koga would've done the same thing if he had been given that chance, but Kagome had told him so long ago that she loved someone else. She had told the wolf that! She had admitted to wanting another male... But her own pained cry of 'no' when the spider demon had claimed it as his own told him that she truly had no idea of who had marked her, who had claimed her.

She had said as much, that she hadn't known who had claimed her, left her pregnant and then had vanished like a fog in the heat of the sun. It all came at him, all the feelings that she had been feeling at that moment, the ones that he hadn't been able to see at the time. She had lied to them, but only before that. In that moment she had laid it all bare before them and their enemy.

"I'm cursed..."

She felt cursed by it all, by being there in a confusion because of that one night. That was it wasn't it? She had felt like he couldn't touch her or he would become cursed by it... "Like she was tainted..." he muttered, the wolf behind him growling at his words.

"She's not tainted," Koga said, his tone coming out harsh at the accusation that he heard from the Hanyou's words.

"No, she's not, but that's what he's doing," Inuyasha said, now getting Koga's attention. He hadn't been calling her that, no, he had been talking about what was happening to her. The memory fog that she was in wasn't because he had failed to keep her sober. No, Naraku had been there, somewhere on those grounds... waiting for the perfect moment to make the small woman question her own worth. "And I helped him."

"What the fuck are you talking about mutt?" the wolf asked, growing irritated again at the shit popping out of the other male's mouth. "How did you help Naraku do anything to Kagome? That doesn't make any sense!" The Hanyou let out a dry laugh.

"That night, the night that she became mated, she had been drinking," he said.

"Well, duh, you told us that, hell even the two humans knew that!" Koga wasn't happy with this talk, it only served as a reminder that Kagome had been claimed and while the claim could be changed, it could only happen if the person taking her also held her heart. That was rare. One true mate was what demons were taught at a young age. One true mate and no one else. That was the end. You died when your mate died. There was not second mate, not for the male or the female. And if there were pups, then the mate that was still alive (if they weren't killed at the same time) lived until the pups were old enough or someone else was able to protect them. Even then it was still half a life because you were missing the other half of your soul, the one that completed you. Not even your children could hold such a place.

"No, the sake isn't the reason she doesn't know her mate," he spat angry with the wolf for not getting it and because he had failed her that night. Somehow he hadn't sensed the evil Hanyou and had left her open for the only attack that would destroy her. Death wouldn't have ended it for her. She would have become like Kikyo was... a lost soul with a final task holding her to the earth. She could have ended up like the dead Miko as a walking entity that held neither life nor death. She would have been in purgatory... in limbo until someone killed her again and even then her soul wouldn't be allowed to rest. There would be no one to do what she had done for that child that had died in her time. No one would be able to sooth her because she was the only one who could kill Naraku. The only one that could purify him from this world so that he wouldn't alter the course of her time. "I'm the reason." And with that he turned to head back to the campsite, a new feeling taking over him. Guilt.

He was guilty of once again leaving her in pain, giving her a fate worse than death. He had left her to the enemy twice now.

Ah, so here we are again. More torment for our favorite Hanyou! Kagome is left alone to torment herself over her negative feelings as she was once before led to believe. Will she fight it again or will this time prove more difficult? Will they be able to save the Miko or will Naraku decide that he needs more time even with the group hurting? Stay safe!

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