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Chapter 2

"I don't understand why you didn't use that chance to kill them all," a voice stated behind the long haired male, the small male scowling at what could be considered his father in some strange fashion. Just that thought alone made the child shudder. To have such a man as a father would doom that child to death since said man never did his own dirty work and allowed his "children" to take the sword for him should it come down to that. The male chuckled darkly, the sound echoing around them in the silence of the room. The place was always so quiet, a deadly silence that was only broken when someone should come in and say something or the male in front of him started talking to himself. That was often enough that it seemed the male before him was going crazy, slowly from the evil that consumed his body and the lust for disaster that throbbed in his blood.

"Ah, but that wouldn't be nearly as entertaining as what will come from my interference in that night's activities," he said, the tone of his voice one of immense pleasure as he thought of all that could have happened in that night from his tainting of the drink that only two of the party goers had needed for his plan to work. Another chance to taint the one that held the ability to purify him, the one that would be of more use to him if he tainted her very soul. It had been a hard task in the past, even the brat that Kagura had been left in charge of had failed to bring about her darkening that he yearned for. She was a hard one to break, Kikyo hadn't even put up a fight when he had helped her to betray her Hanyou and yet this girl held a purity that made him feel like a vampire being exposed to the sunlight. He feared her for that purity, but this latest scheme would break that purity because it was so uncertain what the outcome of his interference would led to for those two unwilling participants. Chuckling again he turned to the child. "Keep an eye on them. Tell me what happens when it all goes downhill."

"How do you know it will?" the small child asked, his periwinkle eyes narrowing in suspicion of how this new plan would work better than all the others. It seemed rather simple for something that would bring about further tainting of the jewel, well, what part they had of said jewel and while that was quite a bit of it the group that fought against them held another large part of it. It wasn't as large as their portion, but it was enough to make the child question who would win in the end. He didn't want to die, but he didn't want to live under the dark haired male.

"That's the thing, humans are so predictable," the male stated. "So emotional when it comes to those they love and when those they love hurt them..." he faded off to leave the rest of his sentence up for interpretation. The kid got it, but it still didn't make any sense as to how it would taint the jewel. Leaving it at that he went to do just as the male had told him to do. Follow the group and find out what kind of turmoil his intervention had wrought.

Kagome seemed nervous as she entered the home of the lord that had allowed them to rest there, her scent told him as much, but what he couldn't figure out was why she was she feeling nervous. She hadn't come to find them, no, upon leaving the hot springs she had rushed to her and Sango's room, not even allowing Sango into the room at first as she made noise digging thru her bag as if something in there were more important and such a secret.

"I thought you took her clothes," Inuyasha stated, annoyed that yet again they were denied the opportunity to head back on the road. "It's past dawn now and we are still here!" he growled. Sango shot him a look, one meant to covey the threat of death if he didn't shut up.

"I did bring her clothing, but when I got back to her she was freaking out about something." Looking at the wall that stood between the group and the Miko from the future. "She said that the clothing I had brought her wouldn't do and came back to find something else." That was noteworthy to the group as Kagome hadn't ever been too picky about her attire. After all, she wore what was comfortable and easy to do battle in since that's what they did most of the time.

"Her baths are annoying enough," the Hanyou stated, failing to notice that the noise in the other room had stopped. "Now she's gonna have a conniption about her clothing now too!?" Sango backed away from the door, Miroku and Shippo also moved as far from the silver haired male just seconds before the door burst open to reveal a rather ticked off female with brown eyes that seemed to crack with a icy chill that filled the room.

"Annoying you with my baths?" she hissed, the question filling the air for a moment as all the occupants stood still, hoping to keep her wrath from tearing into them as Inuyasha even found himself immobile from the look of absolute hate that filled her chocolate eyes. "I'll have a conniption about whatever the fuck I want to have a damned conniption about!" Her hair seemed to swirl around her as the pink aura of her Miko powers rose with her anger. She had gotten more powerful over the months, the training with both Kaede and Miroku helping her to control her powers, but when I came to her emotions...well, she had little control when she was in a particularly foul mood. It didn't happen often, even when the pair were having a spat she hadn't really powered up, but this time she was way more upset and it showed. Turning her gaze to Sango, she seemed to change her tone, a softer one that still held an icy chill to it. "Can I use Kirara?" she inquired, her reason for doing so obvious to all, but Inuyasha still managed to insert his foot in his mouth.

"Now, listen here, bitch, you are not going home!" At the icy gaze that settled back on him she threw his words from so long ago back at him.

"And what makes you think that you have the right to tell me what I will and won't do?" she hissed and they all felt the temperature drop even more in the small space. Her aura was growing and although the humans in the group really had nothing to worry about the half demon in front of her knew that if he didn't shut his mouth and keep it shut that she might "accidentally" purify him. "That's what I thought!" Kirara meowed at her and in a flash the pair were off, Kagome having calmed her aura enough to ride the fire cat off towards the Bone Eater's Well leaving the group to watch her leave them behind. Shippo was the first to say something, his small form shivering at the thought of how angry the young woman had appeared.

"Kagome can be super scary," he stated, looking up at Inuyasha, "Especially when someone can't keep their foot out of their mouth, eh?" Miroku and Sango chuckled, uneasy about the whole new experience with the irate human female. They had never seen her act like that before, well, not that angry before but she had lit into the Hanyou before on a few occasions she had never come off as deadly. The male in question blinked at their words, feeling mildly ashamed for riling her up as he had, but still unsure as to why she had been that angry. That was new since he had made such comments in the past about her bathing habits and although she had been angry at him she had never laid into him before, nearly purifying him in the moment either.

"Ah, the wench has her moments, but she ain't all that scary," he said before turning to head into the girls' abandoned room to grab her yellow bag. This just meant he would have to go back and get her, but knowing that the rest of his group had no real way to head back to the well meant that he would have to wait until the fire cat came back. Sure, that's the reason you're waiting to go and get her...Not the simple fact that you nearly wet yourself half breed.Scowling at the words from his demon he scoffed, annoyed at the fact that his demon would choose to that moment to mock him. Shut up. Bitch doesn't scare me! The chuckle of his demon only made him more angry, but he ignored it as the group packed up and headed off toward the village that was connected to the Bone Eater's Well and where Kagome had originally come from all those years ago. To think that it had been nearly two years ago when the young girl had come to their era...

Said girl, now a woman in her own right, was watching the trees and landscape below her pass quickly, the fur of Kirara grasped in her shaking fingers as she willed the bile in the bottom of her stomach to stay there and not tumble from her mouth as it had earlier when she had went to put her clothing on. As soon as her naked body had been exposed to her eyes, really looking in a way she hadn't upon first awakening in the bushes of the courtyard, she had looked down at the clothing choice of her friend and had run back to the safety of the waters. She was covered in marks, bruises and bite marks that marred her flesh. Why was she covered in such rampant love marks...or could they be called that if she didn't know the person responsible for those marks. She had sent Sango away before pulling the clothing on and rushing to her bag, hoping she wouldn't run into anyone, let alone the one that she feared would make a big deal about her injuries.

Inuyasha. He would have wanted to know who had done that to her and he wouldn't have let it go until she had admitted her loss of memory to give him such information. He was like a dog with a bone...Chuckling softly at the analogy that said dog demon would not appreciate she sighed. If the marks were any indication then the soreness of her body gave her the other clue. Not only had some of the aching of her body had subsided somewhat, but another part of her body still hurt horribly. Not a real pain in the sense that she could do something about it, but a tenderness between her legs that gave her a sick feeling in her body. Shoving the thoughts aside she tried to urge her stomach to follow her thoughts and stay down. Meowing of the fire cat she currently was riding let her know that they were close to the well. Thanking the cat with a pet of her yellow tinted fur, her fingers stroking the place between the cat's large ears. Purring at her attentions the cat soon began to lower the pair down to the ground.

As soon as she found herself stationary she hopped off Kirara and thanked her again before jumping thru the well, wincing at what she would be telling her mother about her impromptu moment of weakness. Her mother trusted her on the other side as much as she did on her side of the well, so now she would have to tell her mother that she had broken that trust and didn't know who she had slept with the night before. A double blow alone with just those two bits of information, but the fact that she had gotten drunk before such mistakes had been made was just another nail in her coffin. As the light engulfed her she tried to think about how she could break such news to her overly happy mother and what her mother would do to her once she spilled this information. Landing with a slight groan of pain she looked up to the roof of the well house, feeling a trepidation that she had never felt when she came home to her time. There were times she had felt torn when she came home, after a fight with Inuyasha or a particularly hard battle against their enemy, Naraku, but today it was a feeling of such despair that she was feeling like such a failure. It wasn't an honorable thing to get drunk and have sex with someone that you didn't know or didn't remember and while it was accepted for the most part in her time it wasn't something she had ever felt the urge to try...well, she had yearned to do it with one person and that was all it would be...A yearning for something she would never get to try.

"Kagome?" came a soft voice, questioning who was in the well house. It was obviously fate that the Kami up above was having so much fun at her expense.

"Yes, mama," she said as she looked to the ladder that her mother had put in the well for her so she wouldn't have to struggle getting out of the hole in the ground. How she wished that same ground would just swallow her up. Her mother's face appeared at the lip of the well, clearly worried as to why her only daughter was still in the well and that same daughter sounded strange, her voice not her usual cheerful tone nor was it an angry tone that told her that Kagome had had another fight with the Hanyou that usually came with her. Watching as her daughter climbed slowly up the later she knew something was bothering her child and it didn't seem to have anything to do with the one who usually sent her back into their world in a sour disposition. Kagome fell into her mother's arms as soon as she climbed over the lip of the dry well, her body shaking with all the emotions that seemed to war inside her heart and her head, the words that she needed to tell her mother coming out in a jumble of nonsense and yet her mother seemed to understand what was bothering her child. Shame. Shame was tumbling out of her and coming off of her very form as well.

"Oh, my baby," she cooed as she held her child tightly, allowing the young woman to cry it out her shame. It felt like forever as they stayed in that position, her arms aching from the hold she had on her mother, the energy that was now leaking out of her with every shudder of her body and every tear that still managed to make its way down her cheek. "You feel a little better?" her mother asked her, her walnut toned eyes locking onto her daughter's chocolate gaze. Nodding at her mother's question she sniffled. She hadn't cried in a long time, not that she hadn't felt the urge during her time in the Sengoku Period when it came to the Hanyou who held her heart. It had started out as a mild crush, but in the months that came to follow their first meeting she had come to realize that she had more than a crush on the infuriating male. Now she was ashamed of not only what had transpired without her remembering the deed, but that when he found out he would see her as being used goods. Not that it should matter to him since he was only interested in Kikyo, but she knew how possessive he could get when it came to other men coming near her. Hell, the way he reacted when Kagome allowed Koga to get away that first time was like she had betrayed him for the other male. It was far from the truth, but she didn't think her feelings would be appreciated by the half demon so she had told him something that hadn't been a complete lie on her end.

"Um, I need to talk to you..." she faded off as her cheeks burned with embarrassment and shame at the information she had to give her mother. She would need her mother's help after all. "Can we go inside?" At her mother's nod the pair made it across the yard, the sun beating down on them but neither paid it any mind. Both women were on the same wave length and at the same time Kagome was on a more depressing wave length. Finally they sat down at the table and with a quick glance around she was sure that they were alone. Her mother would be upset, but she was more than certain her grandfather might have a heart attack to learn that his granddaughter had given up something that he had always told her should be given to her husband on their wedding day. Good luck with that!

"Grandfather is visiting his friend's home in Chuo City and Sota is on a date with Hitomi." Knowing that they were alone in the home the young woman looked down at her hands, a few tears trying to make an appearance as she willed the courage she needed to tell her mother of her shame.

"I-I...um... I got..." Her mother reached over and touched her daughter's cheek in a calming gesture.

"Kagome, you are almost an adult," her mother said. "And as such I know that you may make some good and bad choices. I did the same thing when I was your age." Surprised by her mother's comforting words she felt doubt enter her heart that her mother had ever done what she had done the night before. "Just know that I will be there for whatever happens in the present, past and future." Smiling at her daughter she could see the fear that still tainted her daughter's brown orbs.

"I got drunk in the feudal era and then to make matters worse I had sex with someone and I don't know who they are!" She took a breath at the end of her sentence, her eyes back on her hands that rested in her lap, waiting for her mother to say something, but when nothing came and the silence felt so thick and full of tension she looked up to find her mother's shocked face. They said nothing to each other for a moment before Kagome blurted out, "I-I'm so sorry mama! I did something so shameful!" Before another word could escape her lips she found her mother hugging her tightly, a soft sound of surprise slipping from Kagome's mouth. She had expected her mother to disown her the moment the words left her lips, but no, her mother was hugging her as if she couldn't let her go. It was almost too tight, but she breathed a sigh of relief as her mother finally pulled back.

"Oh, my baby, I'm not mad at you, but I must admit I am a little disappointed," she clarified for her surprised child. "I want to take you to the doctor as soon as we can get an appointment!" Sighing again she allowed her mother to make the appointment. "And until then you are to stay here," her mother stated, a hardened tone slipping thru. Wincing at the tone she knew she deserved it, but she couldn't just stay on this side. She had to go and help her friends and her mother knew that. "No, Kagome, I am not forbidding you from going back to the past. You can go back after the doctor's appointment. I want to make sure that this lesson in moderation didn't knock you up or give you some kind of std." Then her mother turned thoughtful. "Do they have ways to protect against that in the past?" Turning redder at her mother's strange question she agreed to her mother's stipulation as she rushed to get away from more possible embarrassment to come from her mother's mouth. Now the question was... how long would it be until said appointment and what would Inuyasha do when he found out that she wouldn't be coming back for a while?

"He can just stuff it," she muttered when she recalled his words earlier that day. "Kikyo can just help him until then, not like he wouldn't enjoy some time in her company." Scoffing at the pain that crushed her heart at her own words she entered the bathroom to get a real bath, throwing all thoughts of the past to the back burner.

Ah, another chapter to this story done and now I must put some more into my other story, Into the Bone Eater's Well! I would like to thank the readers who have not only favorited my fic but are following it too! 25 and Individua do mal thank you for taking the time to read this fic! And for the first review that Individua do mal has given me! Not gonna reveal the answer to that tho! ;)

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