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Chapter 19

windbreaking, she is and I tried so hard to make the scene as close to what they seem to be.. sisters that share no blood, but are bonded thru comradery! Thank you for reviewing! Onto the story!

Miroku eyed the older demon, wondering what she was thinking with her information and then turned to look at the other two males stand so far away from each other, but it appeared they were both deep in thought so he returned his attention to the only woman in the room. "If," he said, "If I may ask you as to what you know about an Oni no Miko?" She turned to him, her golden eyes cold, but she did not look at him in anger, only in a detached sort of way.

"What else is there to tell you, monk?" she inquired drawing the attention of her son while his brother remained deep in thought. She could see his pain, read his features so well and it was something that she knew he would need time to get over as well. He was just as hurt as the Miko and not just because she had slept with another male. She could see that he was working on that, but now, he had to get past the own guilt he felt in failing her. She couldn't help him with that because she had never felt such a foolish emotion. No, she had little in the way of emotions as most powerful demons did. They did not allow emotions into the equation. Not even when her mate had gone to the human woman had she felt anything. No betrayal and no hate for either of them. She didn't care what he did as she hadn't felt any love for her mate either. She had only needed him to produce an heir, a powerful son to continue their bloodline.

"Why does Kagome have demonic powers? I do understand that she was given them for a reason, but how does that work when even Inuyasha's own mother gave birth to him with no issues? I doubt she had powers from that and what I understand was a love story in itself since he died for her." She chuckled.

"They are rare, Mikos with such power and yet with such love for others they should never approach," she said. "Demons are known to be dark creatures while humans are more pure with their emotions, but we are one in the same, save for powers. Humans do not often have such things and are normal and weak." She pointed to him, her thin finger nearly touching him as she leaned closer. "You, while you are a monk, you were not born with such power. It was learned, while Miko can be the same way they are also taught to hate those that would taint their very soul. Never to marry, nor to have children? Could you imagine that you are to hate while not hate? To be given such a task so young in life while retaining a purity that only a child could truly feel?" He shook his head. He couldn't imagine because as a monk he was allowed to be with a woman, to marry and continue his bloodline.

"Okay, so what you are saying is that Kagome and the other woman are different, but you said that she was trained as well and Kagome has only had a few days of training." She shook her head.

"I never said this Miko was trained, just that she was a Miko," she replied. Sesshomaru was listening to them talk, his eyes turning to his brother to see if he too was listening to the words that were being spoken, but no Inuyasha was in his own world. While he knew that everything was piling on top of all the occupants of his group, he knew that the Hanyou was feeling lost when all his friends were just trying to unbury themselves. Inuyasha wasn't even doing that. He was stuck under it, only aware that while he could breath his heart was hurting, his brain on overload and his soul was breaking as he wondered how he could be with Kagome when he would be tearing her soul asunder. "She had been born with such powers, never trained to use them until she had reached her twelfth birthday when she had been found wandering around the countryside. She had been lost, searching for food or maybe something else when she came to the village that she would later protect." Miroku raised a brow. Where was this girl's family and what had she been looking for? A home? Food? Shelter? Love? So many things that would lead a person to wander unchecked. "She had always known of her powers, or so the stories say, but again, no one knows if she wrote them. They are in a woman's hand, written so long ago that the paper was turning brown, wasting away, but she had female children too so who's to say it is not second hand knowledge."

"Mother, do not beat around the bush and answer his question," Sesshomaru spat, turning his gaze upon his matriarch. "What he wants to know is if the powers she got were from more than one source and if it also caused her to transform." Miroku shot him a look of surprise and nodded before turning back to the woman before him.

"She did transform, her body changed to match that of her mate, but only after she fell pregnant," the woman stated. "She did not become a full demon, though she did look like one, but merely a half demon, the blood running thru her veins holding that power. It never went away, even after she stopped having children." The door behind them opened, Kagome and Sango appearing before them. Kagome looked at Inuyasha, his back tense and his head down as he still was in deep thought, but then she turned to Sesshomaru.

"Shall we leave now?" she asked and with a tilt of his head he directed her attention back to his brother. She shook her head at his obvious hint to talk to the younger male. She would talk to him later, when they were alone, but right now they needed to find Naraku. "I-I, we, don't have time right now to talk," she said instead. "We need to get on the road." He understood and with a farewell toward his mother they turned to leave, his mother's next words stopping him.

"You will find him in the far south," she said, all of them turning toward her. "I have done what you asked of me all that time ago, Sesshomaru. I have sent spies out to find this Naraku and he is in the south, but be forewarned," she stated with a pregnant pause. "He seems to be alone and one knows that when an enemy seems outnumbered that it is only a façade." That being said she waved to them before turning and headed off to an unknown spot. This was news that would not bod well for the group because that meant he was in fact not alone and with no idea as to who was with him they had no plan to work with.

The pair watched from their hut, their unusual eyes taking in the village with its new features and old inhabitants. Yes, they had done nicely setting up the place that would be the graveyard for their enemies, well, Naraku's enemies and their prey. Humans walked around looking normal as they toiled the grounds of newly grown trees that bear fruit of the highest quality and the best after effects. Koe smirked. This wasn't always fun for her brother but he took just as much pleasure in the set up as she did, it was the waiting that he hated. He wanted to see this Miko, smell her, and take her as his own and while he could not do such a thing...at least the last part, he wanted to see her in the way that only a predictor would yearn for its prey. Walking out and leaving him behind she sniffed the air, the winds changing enough to bring her the smell of their prey that was just on the horizon and heading their way. Ah, so the news of their master had them moving and with that movement they would be forced to pass by them. She could only dream of all the ways she could keep their little treat with them, stall them as the girl was removed from their company, while she would enjoy eating her tasty meal, but only after they were in the pit of despair. Now, to figure out what weather would detain the group within their walls.

"Rain or snow, dear brother?" she asked with a look back at him, her tongue coming out to wet her pale lips. He looked around them, his eyes taking in their surroundings before giving her an answer.

"We are not surrounded by mountains that would retain the cold weather so well, but perhaps a good storm with a bit of sleet might keep them for a few days or even just rain that holds the dangers of lightning and torrential rains would be better in keeping them not only indoors, but would allow for cover when we finally view our reapings." She nodded. Ah, yes, they first must eat the fruit and then the fun would begin. Turning toward a young child, a girl that was barely ten she issued an order, the human nodding slowly at the command. Walking over to the closest tree she picked a few red apples before going and taking a few oranges from another tree. Putting them in a basket she rushed off as Chimei-teki turned to another villager, a male that was barely old enough to become a father, and took him into their hut, the darkness swallowing the pair as she turned back to the girl, watching as she disappeared from view before she joined her brother in the hut.

Koga had joined the group as soon as they crossed the threshold of the Demoness's lands, the wolf jumping up at their appearance. "So, is anyone gonna answer me about why my Kagome looks so different and smells so off?" The woman in question slid off Inuyasha's back, her eyes wary as she approached the wolf leader, the Hanyou staying still even though his demon howled at the loss of her warmth and the simple fact that she was anywhere near his rival for her affections. She silenced him with a look, one that bespoke of her intentions with the wolf demon. Warning him to keep his hands to himself she began her tale, the one of her first sexual relation, one of the mark that was on her neck, and the fact that she was knocked up. He listened, though he wasn't happy about any of it, and while he was unhappy about her condition he still said, "I do not care about it, not in the way that over-ride's my feelings for you, Kagome." He yearned to lay his hands upon her, to take her away from the group and mark her as his, but with her words he could hear that she wasn't going anywhere and with the fact that he was aware of her feelings for the silver haired mutt, refused to allow him to take her. He wasn't afraid of Inuyasha, no, he may be frightened of the older brother, but he wouldn't do it knowing that Kagome would hate him for it. "I will go with you," he stated. "I will help to defeat the one that wants to take you from us all."

She blinked in both surprise and confusion, a smile appearing on her face at his words, his acceptance. He had not reacted like she had been prepared for. She had been sure that like Inuyasha, he would bombard her, want more information, would be mad at her and curse her for her actions, but he did none of that. She knew he was upset, but unlike the Hanyou she was not turned away, not treated as if the world were ending and that...that made her feel better, but it also bespoke of how his feelings were not like the Hanyou. No, he was not emotional like Inuyasha, which told her of how much the silver haired male felt about her. He was mad, and yes that hurt her, but the fact that he was mad told her of how attached he was to her. Sango had told her as much and while she believed her about his feelings she also felt that it could be because they had been together for far longer than the rest of them.

"Are you done, wench?" inquired the very one she had been thinking of and with a look toward him, her smile actually reaching her eyes as she nodded. "Let's get to it then." Getting back upon his back she clutched onto his fire-rat just seconds before they all took off, running off toward where Sesshomaru's spies had seen the evil demon. They wondered if he were truly alone, but knew that somehow he was not and while that was more than likely given with how he liked to spawn his own little helpers they wondered as to whom they would be fighting and would it be before they reached his new hideout. It didn't take long for Kagome to find herself closing her eyes and falling asleep to the warmth of the male carrying her, his demon aura seeming to sooth the smaller auras in her stomach. She found it strange and yet, it seemed to aid in keeping her from getting sick as she had come to do when motion was involved. She couldn't wait until she was past all this, though she had never read a book about it she had taken a sex-ed class in her studies for school. It had been a part of her home-economics class when she had been going to school so it had been a minute, but she recalled some of the teachings and even with this knowledge it was lacking from her actual demonic pregnancy experience.

Naraku stood in his main room, again alone save for his Saimyōshō who buzzed about with information on his newest pawns. He knew that they didn't trust him and though it made him chuckle that they would still do this task for him, he knew that they too would betray him but he didn't care. He would take them into him as well, joining their powers with his own. "Just you wait, my prey, I have so many plans for you all." Turning from them he headed outside, his new castle on the edge of a mountain that had once held Ryūkotsusei, the demon that even Inuyasha's own father had failed to slay only for his half breed son to take him down. He had hoped that the dragon demon would have done away with someone that Naraku viewed as weak, but alas he had failed and now that very idea was gone too. He was growing more powerful with each battle and although Sesshomaru had at one point tried to do away with his own brother it appeared that they were no longer at odds. He would have to make sure that this new battle, if anyone could call his new minions' underhanded ways a battle, wouldn't fail and while he was sure it would not he needed to ensure that his prize was taken out of the fray immediately upon weakening.

He had seen that she had not only gotten stronger as well, evident by their last fight, but that her darkness was now disappearing and that was something he could not allow. He needed that darkness to taint her and in doing so it would allow her to be taken over easier and it would taint her unborn babies. Ah, that would be such a wonderful thing and it would only make him all the more powerful. What made him even more impatient for that to happen was if the Miko gave him a daughter. She wouldn't be treated as such, just another incubator with her mother when those babies were out. He would scorch that horrid mark off of her and make her his in mind, body, and soul! Laughing he returned to his castle, his spies flying out to check upon the pair of demons and the group that would soon be enjoying their rough treatment.

They had only been travelling for a week, maybe less when a small girl ran to them, her cries of fear filling the air around them. Inuyasha was the first to voice his discomfort with the small girl, feeling like something was off about her, but Kagome agreed with him, at least on something being off, but since the small girl seemed so frightened she said that they should see what was wrong with her... That was how it all started.

"H-Help me!" she cried, looking at them with a mixture of fear and unease, but it was her voice that alerted all to the fact that this girl wasn't normal. She didn't sound afraid in the sense that something was chasing her, but as if she were sent to give them a message of fear. "There is a bad man at my village!" Sesshomaru watched the girl and noted that she looked like Rin, her dark hair short and pulled back into a ponytail. She looked healthy though, as if she were not as bad off as her clothing depicted her to be, the rags barely her size as they sagged off her small form, but upon looking into her eyes he found that he too agreed with his brother. The others seemed a little wary of the girl, though Miroku approached her first with a small sutra in his hand hidden from her view. She eyed him, backing a way a step when he came too close to her.

"A bad man?" the monk inquired, looking back to where she came from only to note that there were dark clouds hoovering over the land that seemed to be hours away from where they were. She nodded, explaining that she had managed to run from him as he ate her neighbors. "What does he look like?"

"He has long dark hair and his eyes are red like blood!" she cried as the sound of a thunderclap pierced the skies, a lightning bolt striking down behind her where the clouds were slowly moving from...or were they getting bigger? "He wasn't very big or look like a demon..." she faded off as a strong, cold wind blew across the clearing they were in.

"We need to find a place to seek shelter," Sango stated as she noticed how fast the impending storm was moving toward them. "I don't like the feel of that." Upon agreement they decided to take the girl with them, but when she grew upset that they were moving away from her village Kagome and Sango took her to the side, both women trying to get her to understand that they would be no help to her if the weather were to make them or her sick. It took a bit of encouragement, but finally she agreed to go with them, telling them that she knew of a cave close by before running off ahead of them. There were hesitations from the adults in the group, but Shippo and Rin seemed to want to follow the girl, ignoring the cries of their guardians they were off.

"I don't like this," Inuyasha stated, noting that the girl had not only gotten what she wanted, but had avoided the sutra that Miroku was now pocketing.

"She is just a human and a child at that, brother," Sesshomaru stated, still eyeing where his ward had run off with unease. She might be a human child, but he didn't trust her with his ward and thus walked a little faster to ensure that she would be safe.

"We'll just have to keep an eye on her," Kagome stated, moving quicker as the clouds above them covered the sunshine and allowed the chill to move in with it. "Though I doubt she is a demon or even one of Naraku's minions since she holds no demonic aura or a scent of him..." Still something about the girl was off and they just had to wait and see if she were an enemy or a trap by their enemy. When Kagome and Inuyasha entered the cave that the young girl had told them about they found her sitting in the far corner with Shippo and Rin sitting as close as she would let them, seeming a little frightened of the pair. "What is your name?" the Miko inquired as she moved to sit close to her, the small girl's eyes wide as she edged closer to her and away from the other two.

"Minako," she said. Kagome smiled at her as Inuyasha moved to stand close to her, fearing that the small girl could really do something to the Miko. "Are you the Miko that everyone says is very powerful?" This drew the attention of the Hanyou, his brother also staying close to his ward as Miroku and Sango prepared a fire while Jaken just stood off to the side. He didn't like being in the group and while he knew he could never voice such a thing to his Lord he still felt it. The cave was rather big, but it still felt too cramped for his taste.

"Okay, Minako, where are you from? And how do you know of me?" She was given a small story about the girl's village, and how the two people that ran it now had told her to find them, to bring the powerful Miko who traveled with a silver haired demon. She looked over at them now, noting that there were two demon's with silver hair and a wolf demon, seeing him brought her fear back up and she noted that the human child with them also seemed uneasy around the male. "Okay, well, that makes sense since we have been helping others with the same problem as yours."

"Kagome," Sango called, pointing to her big yellow bag. "We don't have enough food to feed everyone and with that storm about to br-" she was cut off as another rumble of thunder gave warning before all they could see outside the mouth of the cave was a curtain of rain and nothing else. "Shit, well, what I was about to say was we can't go hunt." Minako smiled shyly now as she produced several apples and oranges from her small sack, stating to their surprised looks that she had been in the orchard of their village collecting for her family when the demon had attacked. When none of them asked for one she took one of the redder apples and took a bite to show that it was safe and good. Shippo grabbed for an orange, smelling it with such a serious look before proclaiming it was safe. The only ones who didn't take a fruit were Inuyasha, Koga or Sesshomaru while the others finished off the meal before Shippo asked for a story.

"Well, how about a new one?" she asked the kitsune, the apple that she had just ingested giving her an idea as he nodded. "This a story about a girl that was so fair and kind that everyone fell in love with her at first sight," she said softly as the others continued to prepare what was left of her ramen supply and other things like jerky and ninja food, Sesshomaru, Inuyasha and Koga standing by and looking uninterested, but they were listening to her story as she continued on without a pause, "But one person, an evil lady wanted nothing more than her to be dead because she was envious of the girl's beauty..."

So ends another chapter! Naraku is onto his newest partners in crime and while they are making plans to capture the group, the girl waits for the chance to take them toward their trap... Stay safe!

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