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Chapter 18

windbreaking, yeah, that is going to be a long battle and maybe a little more before that. As for the pair one of them (in their shortened version of the name) is called Voice and the other is called Deadly, Deadly Voice. Her full name is Voice of Death and Destruction and he is Bringer of Deadly Dreams. Kinda gives you an idea of what their power is. I'm not too great with fighting scenes, but I do try.

Thank you again to all my readers!

After the talk with Sesshomaru's mother, a nice woman and quite beautiful in a cold kind of way, Kagome and Sango were led to a large hot springs that the older female kept in the large compound. She claimed that they could use it without any interruption from the outside world while on her lands and Kagome knew what she was hinting at...Kagome needed to clear her head, her heart and her soul of all the darkness and it seemed that the older woman knew that Sango was the one to clear that with. It was strange that the cold demon could sense their sisterly connection, but it made sense as the demon was a female, abet a cold one who seemed to have very little to do with any other person, human or demon. Even to her son she seems withdrawn and yet... And yet there was a maternal love there, her words and actions bespoke of it and while the older male wasn't all that charming, even to his own mother, he was respectful. There seemed to be more to her, more to who she was in the grand scheme of things. Kagome wasn't aware of how right she was because without the older woman his Meidō Zangetsuha would not have ever become a part of his sword before being given to Inuyasha's Tessaiga. She had not only helped her own son, but also the child that had been from his human mate as well. It was all so confusing, but what was more confusing were the words that had not been said to her, but she had heard them nonetheless and here she was, Sango by her side as they walked the halls behind the very woman who knew more than she had told them.

"Here it is," the silver haired demon stated, turning toward a large door, almost ten feet tall if not taller, but it was the designs on the door. They were the markers that were like the moons that graced both Sesshomaru and his mother's forehead, a beautiful purple moon. Without a word she left them, heading further down the hall, Sango turning toward her with a look that bespoke of the nervousness she was feeling being in the large estate, with a demon whom they had learned had eaten humans at one point...they had no idea if she still ate them, but basically they were putting themselves in a hot pot of water, not unlike cooking a meal on the fire as they did every day.

"She doesn't mean us any harm," Kagome stated, sure that even if the woman wanted human flesh she would not touch them, no there was respect for them in her eyes and while it wasn't something they had expected upon coming to her lands, it was there. Reaching out, Kagome pushed one of the large doors open to find that it wasn't as heavy as it had looked, no, it was as light as a feather and so soft to the touch, like silk. Once the door opened, Sango standing close to her as if guarding her and she sighed. Did they all see her as weak now? She didn't feel weak, her eyes narrowing at the thought that even as a half demon they saw her as weak because of her condition, she felt the strength from her unborn babies. What greeted them was beautiful, so surreal as the enclosed room felt more like a greenhouse from her time, the walls weren't glass like one, but they were almost hidden by the trees that loomed overhead. Flowers scented the room to the point that Kagome felt a wave of dizziness, her sense of smell so strong that what would have just made her smile in awe at their beauty was causing her issues with their extra vibrant smell. She almost backed out of the room, but Sango pushed her forward, her eyes taking it all in as she too smelled the flowery scents that hung in the air.

"Come on, Kagome, I have a feeling that we were meant to use this time not to relax, but talk," the slayer stated, sounding a little sad that they couldn't enjoy the wonderful room. When they walked past trees they came to the large spring, its clear waters smoking slightly from its heated contents. Smiling at the beautiful sight of the almost lake sized structure she walked closer, noting that there were vials of unknown substances near one side of the large spring. Kagome looked around and found that the closer they got to the water, the more muted the smells of the flowers were, as if the water's smoky atmosphere drew them in and cleared them out at the same time. It was so strange to learn what did and didn't irritate her new senses, like the sounds that were filling her new ears while at the same time overwhelming with how loud they sounded. She had always envied Inuyasha with his enhanced hearing, but this was ridiculous. How did one handle this all the time? At least he could put his ears down to protect them, but she could not. They were like Sesshomaru's own pointed ones, but she had never seen him react to the sounds that almost overwhelmed her.

Getting undressed behind a divider that was made of the trees that grew together and vines that hung all over them, still climbing to the top. Getting into the hot springs she found there was even a scent to the water of the spring, almost a slight smell of perfume and Kagome wondered at that. Was it because of the vitals that were just mere feet from where she sat or was it natural? Sighing she leaned back, grabbing one of the ones closest to her, a pink container of glass that glistened in the light that was coming from the small openings above us in the rock ceiling. Opening it, she smelled the delightful smell that came from the bottle, all the while refusing to meet the gaze of Sango. It wasn't that she didn't want to tell her friend of her own worries, but that it was against everything that she was to share her inner most fears, her failings that she perceived. She didn't want to admit that she was afraid of losing them all, because even though they could assure her otherwise she didn't want to hear their answer because she couldn't believe it. Sure, her mother had been okay with the sex part, but now she had yet to go home and tell her mother that she was going to be a mother before her 18th birthday. Not that that was a fear here, no, it was normal to be a mother here and again that wasn't the issue. Becoming a mother was one thing, but being pregnant and trying to help her friends was a whole other thing. She couldn't help them if she was still fighting at the advanced stage that would soon be happening. She was two months along at least and was already showing! Would they ask her to leave, ask her to stay back at her time or at Kaede's until the birth?

"Kagome, you know that I'm not one to force you to do anything, right?" Sango said, looking out at the indoor forest. Kagome nodded, still messing with the container even though she really wasn't seeing it. She waited, knowing there was more to come. "But, we've all noticed that since that night you have been acting weird and while we now know more than even you did since that time...and not in a pleasant way either." Sango was sure it was Kikyo who had started all the shit that had gone down that day nearly a month ago, but she said nothing about that since said woman was now no longer walking the earth. "But how are you feeling?"

"Um, okay for the most part," the Miko stated, finally putting the container to the side, but still not looking at her friend. She was still telling half lies and while Sango was not like Inuyasha and could scent out her lies, she still knew that her friend wasn't being completely honest either.

"You know that it's okay to admit when you aren't okay, right Kagome?" When Kagome didn't answer her she tried again, this time bringing up the one that had more knowledge on how the Miko was feeling than the others. "Inuyasha knows that you've been feeling down, more around him than anyone else and it shows. He has become more moody than I have ever seen him, flashing between anger, sadness, and depression to name a few." Kagome shook her head softly as she hadn't noticed any of it, too afraid to really want to see his anger since she knew she had betrayed him. "You need to admit it, Kagome, even if not to me or anyone else, but you need to admit it if not just to yourself that there is nothing to be ashamed about. Yes, it wasn't something you intended to happen, but you didn't will it to happen either."

"But I didn't do anything to st-"

"Kagome," Sango snapped, feeling a little upset at her friend's inability to get past something that she would never let her friends even hurt over. She would give them the best advice, pushing without raising her voice unless you exasperated her with your own feelings of despair. Kagome had even brightened her own feelings about her brother. She had promised that he would never blame her for his mistake, for killing their father and trying to kill her. He would need her help to get past his own misgivings about something that had happened against his own will, that he had not been himself and therefor could not blame himself and yet, Kagome was here doing it to herself and the only one that could truly help her...besides herself was the man she was in love with, the one that held her heart. "Women who aren't even drunk still find that they can't stop what happened and even then without knowing what really happened that night you don't know if you didn't fight back. Hell, we don't even know who the male is. For all we know he's not someone that you don't love in some way, you know?"

"Sango, you know who I love," Kagome stated, looking at her friend for only a moment, after all she had only looked up because of her friend's tone. "There is no one I love more than him and while I know that he doesn't have such feelings I don't think my feelings will change." Sango knew what she was saying because she felt the same way about a certain monk, and those would never change even if he pissed her off to no end.

"Kagome, I think you..." she faded off for a moment, thinking about the fact that both she and Miroku had promised not to interfere with the troubled relationship, but there was no time and it would have to happen. These feelings that Kagome was afraid to express were because of her feelings for their friend and he, being a half demon, was unlikely to know how to express himself unless Kagome took the initiative. Kagome might be mad at her for this, but she would be better off for it. Inuyasha was afraid and that talk with the older woman hadn't helped matters with that. She was afraid herself, afraid that Inuyasha had given up on the Miko or would let her leave knowing it would kill him in the end. She was afraid that it would kill the Miko as well, but at least Kagome had someone who would love her no matter what, more than one in fact that were just waiting to be born. "I think you're blind to his feelings because you're afraid that he doesn't feel like you do about him."

Kagome looked at her in shock, her words coming out more harsh with how fast the slayer had said them. It seemed as if she had been holding them in for a while and that she was afraid to even say them. The Miko knew why she was afraid to say them as well and anger boiled for a moment. "Y-You don't think I know that?" she inquired, moving away from her friend for a moment as she walked toward the middle of the spring before turning back to Sango. "You should know how I feel because you wouldn't say a word to Miroku for the same reason, but at least I don't have to worry about that, no," she said, her voice turning soft and sad, her anger evaporating so quickly. Damn these hormones, she thought. "He's been faithful to one woman, even after she died." The slayer frowned, sighing in defeat about that one. Kagome was right about one thing. The male in question may not have made his choice between the two Mikos, but he had been faithful to his visits to his former flame, but she had also been there when he had put her in her place, telling her that he had no interest in her anymore save for information on their enemy and even now she was out of the picture with her death.

There was still the problem of his choice. Even putting the Miko in her place didn't mean he wasn't still in love with her, no, it just meant that he had finally stood up for Kagome, refusing to listen to the other woman disrespect Kagome for no reason other than her intense hate for the younger Miko. All of us felt that there was no love between the two, but until Inuyasha told her how he felt Kagome would always feel second best and now with the claim on her and her soul being repaired by that same claim it seemed the two would never get over it, never admit how they felt about each other and that wasn't okay. "Kagome, he confronted her the last time she tried to summon him. Hell, he down right refused to go to her and when she came to get him herself, he told her he wasn't going with her and if she needed to talk to him that it better be about Naraku." It was a lot for her to take in, but she did, coming back to sit against the side of the spring, her spot still far from her friend. Sango knew that Kagome believed her, but was still unsure about something.

"It doesn't matter anymore," the small woman said, sighing. "After all, I am pregnant with another male's children and I'm not a virgin anymore."

"That's a hard one to get over when you love someone, but at the same time, that love can get past it. If you truly love him and he loves you as much as the rest of us can see than you both will get over this. You know I'm right." She sighed again, but I could feel it, the fact that she was truly thinking it over and was willing to take that chance. "Besides, I think that Inuyasha was so mad at first because he does want to be with you a-" Kagome began to cry then, her eyes growing wide with tears that streamed down her face.

"He cursed at me," she muttered, remembering the day that he had asked her that hurtful question. "He hates me, and if there ever was love it's gone now, you know because you saw it, hell, you told Miroku to step back when he confronted me." She could remember the anger in those eyes of his, flashing at her with more than anger though as pain, hurt and disbelief resonated back at her. "And he doesn't just hate me for the sex part either, not the pregnancy either. I hurt him and he couldn't seem to believe I would do that..." And I wouldn't either. She admitted that she made a mistake and while she wasn't feeling the shame of it anymore, she still felt the guilt, especially when he looked at her as he had for the last few weeks, but that day was still stuck in her head. Sango then informed her of what had happened after she had disappeared that same day, the sadness of losing her had brought the Hanyou to his knees to the point that even his brother and Koga had appeared, disturbed by the pain he had let the world hear.

"He's a demon, Kagome, and even they have strong feelings and ties to those they consider part of their pack," she said, moving to place her hand on Kagome's bare shoulder. Her fingers tightened for a moment. "Like humans feel betrayal for a slight at them, demons take that same feeling and react, but their reaction isn't hateful, just blunt. Yeah, he's hurt, but just like every time he hurt you with her, you still forgave him and he's grown because of that." That was true. When she had first met the Hanyou he had wanted to kill her, had no mercy and hated even interacting with her or any person, demon or human. He had been a solitary figure, refusing to aid her unless the jewel was involved because that had been his ultimate goal in the beginning. He had wanted to be a full demon and now, now he hadn't even asked for it, forgetting it at times she was in danger. Before it had been, fuck you human...bitch...wench, they had all been said with hate for her and now, when he said those words they weren't said to hurt, no, there was another emotion behind them. Trust. He felt comfortable enough around them to become relaxed and while he didn't open up for the most part, at least with them, but he trusted them to be there for him. To fight along side of him and to have his back, to sleep close to them without a worry that they would kill him as he had been treated that way for most of his life. "Kagome, you are our glue. Without you we would have never come together with such ease and become what I feel is a family and he feels that way too. He has claimed us as his pack, his own little family and unless I am completely wrong and Kami I wish I was, he has never truly had that before."

It was true. Inuyasha had told her as much when they had been alone in her time. He had told her of his mother, the only one that had loved him and while her own family hadn't wanted him he had been allowed to stay in their estate until her death and even then they hadn't tried to save her... not even calling a doctor to make her last few days bearable. He had not been allowed in the home at that time and she had died alone, no one to hear her final words or anything. Sadness fell over her, so strong with her pregnancy hormones strengthening them. Touching her belly she made a silent promise to never do that to them. They would have a family...a pack to call their own. "Okay, I will talk to him about it, see what he wants us to be." Sango smiled before taking a vial from the assortment.

"Now, let's see what we have here," she said with a giggle as she opened it.

Now that Sango has put it out there for Kagome hopefully Miroku will be able to do the same with Inuyasha or maybe it would be best to allow Kagome that fun experience since she has mixed results when it comes to the Hanyou. Will Kagome be able to clear her aura of the one remaining emotion that clouds it...Guilt? Will Inuyasha be able to listen to her words or will he give her up thinking that he is being selfish in wanting to keep her close? Stay safe!

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