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Chapter 17

windbreaking, wow. That was one long review, but I love those kinds! I love all of them, even the flames aren't that bad, but okay...So, yes, Sesshomaru is treating her like a pack or clan sister, and even though he envies Inuyasha his pick he knows that Inuyasha has made a mistake and is assisting in forcing Kagome into understanding what she has taken on and while he can be protective he also very blunt in his own way. And, yes, I agree about virginity. In this day and age it isn't looked upon as it was back then, a loss of purity when not accompanied by a marriage. They don't have to be hand in hand or in a particular order, but her soul is torn since her family does have a member that comes from that time when it was looked down upon so she has had that instilled in her, but I think that her shame is more from seeing it in the more feudal way instead of how Inuyasha himself may see it. She is hurt that she has not only given away what she only wanted him to take, but that she now has a physical form of that shame with the pups. It is like most women view a rape, but unlike most women she is not willing to punish the children for a mistake that she has to learn wasn't her mistake, but something that happened even back then. As for Miroku helping her...well, that will be answered in this chapter with more in later chapters.

InuKagLover 1992, Sorry to give you such mental whiplash, but for a good story, in my opinion, you should leave your audience guessing and possibly trying to figure it out in their own way, ya know? I love shows like that like Case Closed/ Detective Conan. Always giving clues, but never directly telling you what they mean. :)

Again, thank you to my readers! I hope to have fulfilled my joy as a writer... Keeping you guessing and entertained.

The liquor had given her such a pleasant feeling, so warm and fuzzy and while she knew she should go and find her bed, she didn't want to. Instead she stepped outside, the night air cool and yet so nice against her warmed skin. She took a step off the veranda, noted the beautiful garden to one side of the backyard as well as a pond that took up a small corner of the other half of the yard. Smiling she sat down on the edge of the veranda, watching the stars twinkling above her she failed to notice that another had joined her, staying off in the shadows as his half lidded eyes watched her with such desire. The person said nothing for her to note his presence and with the sake flowing thru her bloodstream she was more occupied with the night skies.

"Hmmm... you know what sounds good?" she asked to no one in particular, still under the assumption that she was alone outside. The person waited, wondering if she knew they were there, but when she continued he knew that he was safe. "Those hot springs." Giggling at her own conversation, she hopped up and headed for the door that led to an indoor/outdoor spring. Before entering she tugged at her socks first, leaving them on the ground outside the door before entering, the person watching her waiting until the door shut to sigh. The sound carried on the winds, loud enough for the girl to hear him, but she failed to do so as she pulled on the hem of her shirt...

Kagome struggled against her clothing, feeling like it was suffocating her as her flesh seemed to burn, the feelings of pleasure searing her body as she wriggled against Inuyasha's back. The Hanyou who had been holding her legs could feel the heat of her body and a brow rose at her movement, his own body responding to her scent that wafted to his nose. A growl escaped his lips as he slowed, the others stopping to see what the issue was while one person knew exactly what was going on. "Brother," Sesshomaru said, his tone one of warning and question all in one. What was wrong with the Miko now? They were mere hours from where they needed to be and with another stop they would be behind again. He was not happy about this constant stopping, but he also knew that she was in need of such things...bodily needs were fine while this one in particular could not be helped unless her mate were close enough. It was then that all eyes turned to see a whirlwind approaching them, the one in it all too familiar as Kagome struggled to wake from her sleep when the scent hit her nose.

"K-Koga?" she asked, her brown eyes still hazy from her nap. Inuyasha growled as the other male approached them, but when he stopped before them his blue eyes took in the form laying across the Hanyou's back. She didn't move, nor did she greet him as she too became rather wary about his presence. It was unlike her normal cheerful self, but it didn't deter him as he smiled upon seeing her.

"Kagome! I was so worried about you!" he cried as he moved to get a better look at her, noting that not only was she wearing clothing that covered her from the neck down, but that her eyes were different as well. He scented the air and raised a brow before shrugging as he tried to grasp her. When Inuyasha moved her from his grasp he growled a warning at the other male.

"We do not have time for this," the elder dog demon spat, getting more ticked off at the interruption. Kagome nodded, turning to let the wolf demon know that she was fine and that they were going to find out more information on her condition. He raised a brow, his mouth opening to ask another question when Inuyasha cut him off.

"Fucking shit, flea infested wolf shit," he cursed before tightening his old on Kagome and taking off. At first all of them were surprised, Sesshomaru nodding as he took off with his companions, the others following behind as Koga stood there in surprise at first before anger took over. That was his woman after all, even if she smelled off at the moment. He needed to take her back to his hut since it seemed that the mutt could not take care of her, so off he went to grab her when another person appeared before them, a female that appeared to share its looks with the demon lord. No one paid her any mind, only heading past her to the castle that was but a dot in the distance, but she didn't seem too upset as she watched them go before turning her attention to the wolf demon who was stopping, the dirt flying up around him.

"You have no permission to enter my lands, wolf," she stated her voice soft and yet so cold that a shiver passed over his body. "Until I have issued such permission you will leave my land." He let out a bark of laughter. While she might be intimidating to him she was just another dog, another mutt in his path to his future mate. When she noted that he wasn't taking her seriously she allowed her body to contort, her form changing before his eyes to a rather large dog, her eyes narrowing in warning at him and he almost ignored her warning when he knew that if he did that this woman, she would kill him. Resigning to his forced decision he sat down, narrowing his blue eyes at her to say 'sure, I won't go any farther, but I am NOT going to leave this spot'. She could push it, but she was curious about the woman on Toga's son's back so she turned and left, rushing to meet the small human who didn't smell like a human should. She knew humans all too well, after all she did eat them on occasion. They tasted better than demons or even the animals that still lived on her lands, but this girl, she had a demon aura that seemed to be filtering into her blood and that was a curious thing.

Several miles away from where the group was another person stood waiting, well, two people as a woman stood behind him in the shadows. She was the other half of him, making him all the more powerful when she provided her help. Chuckling he turned his dark eyes toward her, the black tone of them like ink that had been spilled, while her own eyes were white like snow in the winter. They were like a yen and yang if you were to look at them and at the same time they held such mixed coloring that you would expect there to be grey area between them. Shi to hakai no koe was her name, though she just called herself Koe while her brother was Chimei-teki and they together were a powerful team that each aided in the task to feed or mercenary work. The one that had come to them had not revealed his true form. They knew that he wasn't a baboon, nor was he the real deal. After all, if they couldn't tell what they were dealing with (whether their task or task master) than they were not powerful enough to live and that would never be the case. They had survived for over five hundred years perfecting their ability as their own parents had taught them before they had eaten them too.

No, they had no remorse for those that shared their blood anymore than those whom they hunted for their blood. It was all to feed them, to give them power to continue to thrive before they found a body to house their seed or to fertilize their egg, depending on which of them you were talking about. Koe was dressed in black while her skin matched her eyes, white as snow, her hair an inky black while her brother's hair was blinding in how white it really was, especially against his black flesh that nearly blended in with his eyes. The only thing about them was their connection, their long hair intertwined behind them on the soft grass. Other than the fact that they were one in that way in others they were different. Koe enjoyed playing with her victims, toying with their emotions before killing them whereas her brother, Chimei-teki, got rather attached to certain prey, debating on whether to use a female for his incubator depending on their power and this girl they were to hunt seemed like she would be the perfect host. Unfortunately for him, this woman was already pregnant and off limits. That was not something he usually agreed to, but for what they were getting in return, a trio of demons, two humans, and a fire cat. It would be more than enough payment and the Shikon no Tama, the piece that the raven haired one held...that would also be theirs.

"I do not trust that he will allow us to keep that jewel piece," Koe stated, finding her brother nodding even without looking at her. He agreed and while he wanted the jewel for himself, he would share the other half with her. She was the only one that he would never kill, no matter what, but that Naraku... They might have to extend him a dinner invitation. Smirking at that thought the pair turned to a village that lay a few hours away from them, their forms glowing as they became humanoid in appearance, save for their eyes that glowed before becoming dull. After all, to get to a prey one had to be able to trick that prey into a sense of being non-threatening.

The older woman, her golden eyes taking in the group before her, her own son standing so close to them that she almost laughed. Yes, she didn't like humans, but both of Toga's sons seemed to find themselves in the company of such beings that she scoffed in disbelief. Her son had always been cold, colder than either of his parents, but at the same time he had learned what it was to have someone to protect as her former mate had asked him all those years ago. Now her golden eyes turned to take in the young woman with them, the same one she had only heard rumors about... a human that did not fear demons, nor did she treat them any different than she would another human being. She treated them in the way they acted toward her, even her son had been brow beaten by her when they had first come into contact.

"So, this girl is a human?" she inquired as she looked to her son again. He nodded and then explained in a few words as he could the situation around the Miko turned half demon...well, at the moment anyway. She listened, taking in all the facts before sitting there quietly to think. Myoga, the small flea that had been with her former mate, had come and asked the same thing of her and she had known of only one person that had dealt with such a rarity. Only one person in her history had ever fallen upon this same issue. "Oni no Miko," she stated simply, recalling that the one that Myoga had been looking for had long since expired, leaving only a handful of pups. Hanyou and yet much more as they had been strong, lived so long that it was just fifty years or so that the last one had died. Their own brood had been Hanyou, purely Hanyou with just enough of their grandmother's power to survive and those were not in this area of the world any longer. No, they had left and so there was only answers left. No proof, save for the story. Stories were not proof unless you had been there and she, lucky for them, had been there when the pup's mother had just died. "She was one of a kind, at least until now." Her son raised a brow at her. " Her name was Hoshizora and she was a Miko that fell in love with a demon, a dog demon that lived over 3000 years ago, still a young adult at the time that your own father was brought into this world. He was a daiyōkai like your father, and he hated humans for most of his life until he came upon her. She had nothing like Midoriko or Kikyo, to guard except for her village and he had come to partake of the human meat that inhabited in it."

"So, this dog demon was a lord that fell in love with a Miko," Sango stated, looking over at the pair that practically matched that story, though Inuyasha had never hated humans, not in a way that he would eat them, but enough that he avoided them. "Why did he stop, assuming he did if he felt the same way?" The beautiful demon before them chuckled softly as she continued.

"He did fall in love with her, but was too stubborn in the beginning and she was too. She was a Miko after all and they are not supposed to care for a demon and the same goes for him. He was a powerful demon, one of noble birth and raised to hate the weaklings that took up a good part of the land. He didn't share his feelings until the day that she almost was killed..." she faded off as she recalled the stories that she had heard and the documents that even backed it up, but those were long gone. Had been missing for nearly a thousand years. "He found her fighting an evil demon, one that feared her powers as she too was powerful, though she had no family to speak of as they had long been dead or maybe not dead, but gone. That is still up for debate to this day since no one ever heard anything about them from her or him." It was such a strange story to be told, and while they were all taking it in with such serious faces she could tell they were all confused, or even in denial that such a thing had transpired at all. "She was tainted, her powers sealed when the evil poisoned her with liquids that swam in her veins. He, Tsukiakari, took her as his mate, marking her in an effort to save her and take the poison from her body."

"He was successful," Sesshomaru stated, knowing that a mark could save another, if they were true mates. Even though it seemed neither had told the other, it seemed that their souls had long since connected to allow that bodily claim. She nodded at him. "So, if that is all there is to the story than why did you imply that this Miko is also one, a Oni no Miko?"

"Patience my son, as I am almost done," she said as she sat down on her throne now, laying her hands on the arm rests of that throne. "The darkness was the only thing that held back her power and even after he had drained what he could from her body with that bond, she still had to believe that she wasn't what she believed she was." This time she looked at Kagome, a look that said it all. She could smell the scents on her, see the aura that was throbbing with the darkness that it was trying to fight. She could even see the pups' auras that blended with the pink hue, but what she could not see was the aura that should be there, the one that showed the claim of the male partner. "What I am truly curious about," she said with a pause, "Is who the father of your pups is." Kagome answered, hesitating in telling of her moment that night and the fact that she had little memory to go on to answer that in its entirety. "As for the Oni no Miko. She became a Miko to those she had once hated because she began to see that she was born to love one. Without her and him becoming one, many of our kind would fail to live."

"So, I'm here to repeat that?" Kagome inquired, looking worried. How would she do that if she didn't know what demon had claimed her? She regretted it, but thinking about her pups, she didn't know what to think. They weren't a product of love and even with that thought she knew that she would love them. Sesshomaru's mother nodded, reiterating that whatever negative feelings she was feeling would need to go for her to be able to become a true Oni no Miko. "Their names though," Kagome pointed out. "Both have to do with something that completes the other. Starlit and Moonlit." That was just a coincidence, the older woman was sure and said as much.

"But why is she becoming a demon or a half demon?" Miroku inquired while looking at the Miko in question. This seemed to amuse the demon before him, her smirk one of amusement.

"Why do you think, monk? Could a powerful Miko of demons be only of purity as humans look at it or should she be one that can handle both sides of the same coin?" Miroku looked at her thoughtfully, pondering her meaning as it was always taught that demons were evil while humans were good. He had never believed that all humans were good, but then again until he had met Shippo and Inuyasha he had never thought a demon to be good either. Was it true that as a powerful Miko, more so than any he had come across in his lifetime or read about in any scroll, should also inherent the powers of said demon to become one? Then he recalled that Kagome wasn't a whole person in herself. Her soul had been too big all that time ago for Kanna to take and while Kikyo had held some of her soul it had not returned to Kagome at the time of her demise. There were so many thoughts, but Inuyasha was the first to get it, Sesshomaru nodding as he too understood.

"It's because she was like Kagome," the Hanyou stated. "She wasn't just one soul and even then she was missing a portion of that soul." It wasn't lost on him that Kikyo hadn't released the soul upon her death and that could only mean that it had gone on its way, Kagome hadn't needed it with her soul patched up by her mate...her other half and now that was his answer to if he could take that mark and make his own...

Ah, more questions answered, I hope and if not there is more in the next chapter. Who are these two demons that are working for Naraku and what can they do to make matters worse for the group? Or just for Kagome? Stay safe!

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