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Chapter 16

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Kagome really tried for Inuyasha to hold down her stomach, urging it to calm itself so she could ride on the Hanyou's back and not for the reason of wanting to inconvenience her friends, but she truly missed riding on his back, his scent filling her nose and while that was in part why she wasn't having too hard of an issue she was also still smelling all the scents that were much more vibrant than they had been before. It was awesome, as she had always wanted to be able to scent things as he had for such a long time, but with her stomach rebelling against her some of those smells were having an opposite reaction. "Inu-yasha," she groaned out and while he was taking her breaks rather well, she felt bad so her scent was become more guilty with each stop. He wanted to tell her it was okay and that he didn't mind, but it was killing him that she couldn't ride on his back with the way she was feeling. He enjoyed those moments, even if he never told anyone, least of all her. Instead he held her hair back and rubbed her back in gentle circles which the others watched in fascination. None of them had ever seen him this nice before and it was weirding them out while at the same time it brought them silent joy because he was being so understanding when they all knew his conflicted feelings. Miroku didn't understand fully since he had very little knowledge on the subject and was only learning more because of Sango and Shippo. Sesshomaru didn't look pleased, but then again he always looked mad or at the least very detached from the outside.

In his head though, he was still taking in the new features of the Miko and the new things she could do. Her nose was wrinkling even now as she straightened back up and he wanted to know why. Was her nose more sensitive to the point that all the smells were bothering him as it often did for most dog demons? That was the thing though... who was the father? Was he of a canine origin because to his understanding only his kind of demon breed were that sensitive to all the smells, while other ones, snakes and the like had very little issue with such things. He guessed he would have to watch and see if anything else changed. "We still have a long ways to go, brother," he stated. They had been on the road for almost a week now and his mother's castle was to the very far west, another week at least...if Kagome could hold down her food or the lack there of since the small woman hadn't really eaten much, even as his brother and her friends tried to prompt her to eat something. Food had become a problem for the small woman, nothing seemed to stay and he could only think that his mother might be of use in that department as well since she had been in the same situation.

"I wish I could get information about this," Kagome grumbled as she rinsed her mouth out with some of their bottled water before taking a healthy guzzle from the small mouth on the container. "Then again, I doubt any human pregnancy books will do any good with this case." Inuyasha allowed her to crawl back up on him, her eyes closing just moments before they took off as exhaustion overtook her small form. Her pregnancy was becoming a draining process and while Inuyasha could think of nothing to settle her stomach or a way to get food to stay in that same organ he was sure his mother would have had answers since she had given birth to him. But, she was dead and so he had no one to ask about that save for Myoga and that little bugger was scarce to say the least. Just as he thought that a prick on his neck announced the very creature they were looking for so he stopped, making sure that Kagome was still asleep the group greeted the flea demon who suddenly seemed to perk up at a new scent that assaulted his sensitive nose.

"What is that smell?" he inquired as he turned to see where it was coming from only to notice that it was coming from the woman dozing peacefully on Inuyasha's back. "Is Lady Kagome a demon or is she pregnant with a demon's child?" They all nodded, Inuyasha being the one to confirm that she was not only pregnant, but seemed to be inheriting whatever traits from the demon who impregnated her, as far as they all could guess. "I have not heard of such a case in so long," the flea stated, scratching his head in concentration, everyone waiting with baited breath to hear what he had to say on the matter. "I shall have to see if I can find the person who I last knew to inherit such features that way."

"You mean that they are still alive?" Sango asked, curious as to what that could mean for Kagome. If Sesshomaru and Inuyasha were stumped about it, then it was before their time, she had to assume.

"Hmmm, no," Myoga stated with a shake of his head. "They died a long while ago, long before you were even a twinkle in your old man's eye," he said with a look to the elder demon dog. "Though the only one I can think of is from that same family and as a member of the canine family would be apart of one of our many clans." This was news to the two males as they had never heard such a tale in their own clan so it must be another clan that held such a fascinating tale. The information made Inuyasha feel a little better about the pregnancy and at the same time it made him wonder as to who he would know that could fall into that category. The only other canine demons he knew were his brother and... Koga!

"That mother fucker!" he hissed. Then again the male had seemed rather worried for the sake of the small woman, as if he himself had not felt her disappear and a mate knew when their mate went missing...unless he was drunk that night or in heat like most of them did during the spring. But that also made no sense because how could the mate not feel it even if they didn't remember the night it happened. It was in the blood and it drove them crazy when something was wrong with the other half of them. It wasn't making sense and with all that swirling in his head he found his stomach groaning at him, the tumble of his organ making him feel sick to his stomach in time to the woman who was currently groaning as she shifted on his back. "Let's just get to your fucking mother's place. The sooner we know what is going on the sooner we can find out who the father of her pups is!" He wanted to know so he could see if it was just a random demon whom he could kill and take Kagome without the worry of the male coming back to claim her. It would be painful to begin with, the over-ride of the original claim, while the other part of it could be pleasurable if the recipient wanted it and depending on if they did the way most mates had been doing it for years.

Everyone took after the Hanyou as he rushed to find Sesshoumaru's mother, while said male wondered with the rest of the group what had gotten into his brother. As the trip was still going to be a long one since his mother kept a home near his western castle he knew where to find her, but this new information about another canine family that had their traits passed down thru a less than known path made his mind whirl with all sorts of questions he could ask his mother and while he hardly ever went to see her, save for when he needed to get the new technique that had then been given to Inuyasha, he had little to do with her.

A few days later found the group learning something new about Kagome, her eyes changed to a more honey brown appearance, even had a slight glow to them and while that was one thing that was new so was the little bump she was sporting now. Sango had been excited, finding it hard not to when her sister was starting to show and while Kagome appeared to be surprised and happy with the little bump she also seemed apprehensive. If she counted back far enough she was only a month and maybe a week into this pregnancy, but she found that she couldn't form the words needed to ask the two males about how long a pregnancy should last. Well, a demon's pregnancy since with all the new changes she seemed to be inheriting she would soon look like one.

"Can I feel it?" the brunette inquired, looking at the baby bump with such excitement and veiled jealousy. Kagome nodded, allowing the other woman to touch the firm bump. "Oh," she gasped as she laid her warm hand on Kagome's distended stomach. It wasn't just the feel of her belly that had her gasping, but how warm Kagome felt to her. Her skin wasn't as warm as a fire, but it was damn near close. Was it the aura from the babies or was there more to this? With every day more came out about Kagome's mystery mate and the others were intrigued while the two demon males, not counting Shippo or Jaken, were a little of that and worried. Sesshomaru was worried because being pregnant with a pup was one thing for a human to endure since the pup's aura could be too powerful, not a worry for Kagome as a Miko, but a worry for her having more than one at a time. She was a small woman, and while she had the powers to keep her pups safe she would soon be too big to travel. Did she know that? For Inuyasha his concerns lay on the same road, but more along the lines of worry for her being in his time to have those same pups, though in her time, as she always fretted for him, they would be much worse off even if the medical side of things was better. He was torn. She needed to go home, but that wasn't the best bet either. When she gave birth it would cause such an uproar if those children looked more like the father, but then again Kagome herself was looking more and more beastie in that sense too.

"Miko, we may have a problem," Sesshomaru stated, causing all to look up. She waited, submitting to him learn from him and he liked that. Again, he cursed his brother for allowing another to have her, though he felt that his brother had made a choice to remedy that and that made him proud. This would make their bloodline all the more powerful. "I am sure that you are unaware of how long a pregnancy is for demons." It was a statement, because they all knew nothing about such a thing, not even Sango. "I shouldn't have tell anyone here, humans, that this information does not leave here." Again, another statement, all nodding at the confidential information. Kagome held up a hand, forming a small barrier to cover the group. He nodded at her genius before once again talking. "For most it is two months shy of how long human's pregnancy is." That meant seven months, so why was she showing so early. "I do not know for a human carrying a child would calculate out to be, sadly, but for your own predicament it seems that even that time changes." She knew he was referring not only to her being human, but having taken on changes that only a demon or even a Hanyou would have. This was as new to this as any of them and the only hope was that either his mother knew or Myoga found that clan that held that same trait.

"So less time?" Inuyasha asked, worry creeping into his tone. This gave them little time to get their battle out of the way with Naraku, if he even played fair and didn't try to do it when Kagome was too big to fight, hence her putting up the barrier. Though when looking at it, he noted that it wasn't her normal pink color, no, it was like her arrow earlier, darkened with a black tint and golden with red tinting it in such a way that it was quite pretty. Sesshomaru nodded, Kagome wondering the same thing as Inuyasha. This meant that she could be very bulky and with that cumbersome stage that it would be hard for her to fight and after the babies were born...

"Fuck!" she said, her face turning red as everyone looked at her in pure shock, though Inuyasha and Sesshomaru smirked slightly. She had been around Inuyasha too much if she was talking like him now. Was that a side effect of her pregnancy... moods were known to fluctuate during this time too. "Sorry, um... what about the fact that I am having more than one? Will that effect it as well?" The older male nodded. He felt that would definitely effect it. In fact he wondered how much time they truly had to get to his mother and fight Naraku. They would have to destroy the spider demon sooner so there was no crimp in the plans, after all Kagome was needed for the barrier issue among other things, but in that lay another issue.

"Miko, there is one other issue," he said, narrowing his eyes at her to let her know just how serious he was. She gulped at his tone, his expression becoming so stern as if he were talking to a child. "I have no idea how many pups you are having and with the power they are already showing, mixing with your own powers this pregnancy could not only get harder, but you may pop earlier than six months, depending on how many you are having it might be sooner. Pups tend to form faster the more powerful the parentage and since we only have your own to go by, that might be powerful enough to increase their maturity. Then, going by the fact that you are becoming more demonic yourself it might make you more powerful. You can not and I mean, can not go back to wherever you come from which to my understanding is so far in the future that you have not seen any demons, correct?" She nodded.

"I understand, Lord Sesshomaru," she said pointily, Inuyasha trying to hold back the growl. He didn't mind the submissive stance, but he didn't like what his brother was saying. Kagome was in real danger and while he agreed that it was best for her not to go to her time to have the pups, but never go back. He couldn't ask her to do that, no matter what those pups looked like. Kagome loved her family. He was asking her to give up a lot.

So are you. You're asking her to do that by wanting her to stay, his mind reminded him, his demon scoffing at his human side. Mate belongs with us. We would cease to exist without her. Could he ask her to do that too? Yes, he could, but it would be her choice, not him making her stay. Hell, she hadn't seen her mother in almost a month if not longer and it wasn't fair to her. Her mother should know her grandchildren. He held back his growl, wanting to tell his brother where to shove it, but he knew that Kagome wouldn't listen. She would see the logic of it, give up her mother, her brother, her grandfather to protect their kind, to protect her pups. That was who she was and she wouldn't change it for anyone. He didn't want to do that to her, to be hated by her later for his selfish thoughts, his wants when he still was unsure of her yearnings.

"Let's get on the road, we still have another few days before we get there and the sooner the better," the dog lord stated, turning back to head on the road, the others following behind closely as they kept vigil for any demons or Naraku to appear. They knew he had to be mad that they had thwarted him before and his track record had always been to strike back rather quickly, though now, with how he had been keeping a low profile made them wonder with how long they would have to wait for this next battle and would it be the final one? They could only hope.

The darkness of the castle made the man sneer. All his help, all his slaves were gone. Each one a disappointment, having died too soon or having little use to him as he sent them like a kamikaze to their deaths. None of them had beaten the group, not a single one had managed even in their final minutes to do as he had demanded them. Each one had gone against him, become traitors to his orders with little regret, even their deaths had been a strike at him since he could no longer have them at his bidding. He would need someone to heed his calls, to do his bidding with no traitorous thoughts, but with each one he had grown cold to the idea of creating another since a worry of the loyalty would be stuck in his mind and still, he was afraid to try again, to attack on his own. Kagome was a problem and he might have had her had Kikyo not interfered. He had thought of bringing her back, but at the fleeting thought he had known it would not work to his advantage. She would betray him too, wanting the death of the one he longed for.

"What to do?" he asked the darkness and in the silence he received no answer. If only he had someone to trust and then he realized, there was another way to get to her. After all, she may not believe his tale of being her mate, but she was still tainted. Yes, he had seen the darkness in her aura, after all she was human and susceptible to emotions. His own human heart was back in his chest, but his demonic side still reigned over him as he had not felt any remorse for killing the Miko for she was already dead and held no part of his heart. She wasn't the Miko from all those years ago and for his human heart that had not felt the same. Onigumo was nearly no more since he had no one to live for, to die for. He wouldn't even have to do anything stupid, like putting himself out there for the woman, no, he would have another demon do it for the sheer want of the jewel. It was a promise that he would not keep in the end, as he had to have it for himself, for the power...the wish he wanted. Onigumo pulsed within him, his own wish slipping into Naraku's mind. His wish to have the dead Miko. "No," he spat at his other half. Sometimes it grew tiresome to deal with the other half, his human half that was purely separate and still part of him for without it he was invincible, but at the same time it was a weakness that he could not let out of his sight for then he would be gone...death was not appealing for him and he refused to allow it to happen, but if he didn't destroy the woman's faith and purity then he would be as good as dead. Destroyed by that purity.

Smirking he headed off from his room, moving to a darker part of his castle, a place where once a month he was force to hide. Hiding? He hated it, but knew that he had to do it at some point in the 30 days or he would fall apart, be so easy to kill as his body weakened from the weaker demons he had taken in to form his body. Their souls were released upon his consumption, but that was for his own sanity. He didn't need another voice in his head. The human voice was bad enough. Yes, his human half was more than enough of a burden. Opening a door to a mostly empty room he entered, the light from the sun outside gone as he opened a trap door. He locked the door to the room, though there was no one to interrupt him at the moment he still felt that it was more secure from anyone who might come across his castle while he was gone. Tomorrow, he promised the stale air around him as he climbed in, his body immediately falling apart. Tomorrow will be the final battle as they all fall, one by one to the wayside as she gives in. He could wait until she was farther along, but even he knew that could be more months than he was willing to wait. If he had her here when she gave birth, he could control the pups and he knew that even with their status of Hanyou that they would be far more powerful than he himself was. After all, I know who the father is. Smirking he closed his eyes as he thought of the perfect demon for this task. He would use Chimei-tekina suimin no mochinushi. After all, his title bespoke of his alliances, his own yearning. His life was filled by the death of his targets. And he could do it oh so easily too. Yes, this will be the best way, the slowest way, but oh so easy.

More problems arise for the group, and because Kagome has turned into someone who would not be so easy to accept on her side that means she cannot go back. And then there is Naraku. His plans and his secret. Stay safe!

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