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Chapter 15

Sorry for the short chapter this time, but I wanted to work out the next part on a separate chapter and well, I always want to get at least one chapter out! Thanks to all my readers again!

Kikyo looked at them all, her anger rising at all the people who were worried about the woman she held close to her, her fingers wrapped around the other Miko's neck as they glowed a pale pink light. She could kill the girl right there, end it all, but she knew that as soon as she completed the act that all of them would jump her and they would probably would kill her...she knew Inuyasha would. He was giving her the look right then, his eyes changing colors before her very eyes. She had never seen that blood red color coating his orbs, but then again she had never made him mad at her, not like this...she had never made him mad in her previous form. No, they had been so close, so ready to grow old together, but as she recalled what he had said to her not too long ago she knew he was right. There had never been real love, just a way of having someone who understood her loneliness with her. Would it have lasted? According to him, no, it would never last between the two of him, especially since she could never be with him as a Hanyou. She had made that clear with her request and yet he had agreed without hesitation. Hadn't he? Had there been hesitation? She couldn't recall at that moment and maybe that was better because she didn't want to think that he had never loved her. Sure, her love hadn't been all that real, but she had loved the thought of what they would be once he made his wish. A wish that would make her normal and him, he would be human and then they could have babies and move on thru life until the day they passed.

But that was no longer viable. Even if he did forgive her or acquisitioned to her request that she wanted from him today, there would be no growing old, no babies and no human by her side, but a Hanyou. Something she was raised to believe was a vile blend of human and demon and demons were instinctively evil. While he had never done anything to be considered like his race, she still was unable to bring herself to love him as he was and the woman in her arms, the one that was so tense, did. She loved him as he was and Kikyo couldn't allow him to realize that so she would do the next best thing. Remove the one that was holding him here, the one that had given him all that she herself had been unable to give him. Friends. Acceptance. Love. No, she had given him what she could and it still hadn't been enough so tightening her hold on the pale neck in her palm she took a step back only to find herself letting out a gasp as blood gurgled in her throat. She still maintained her hand on her prisoner, the very woman who was now using the chance given to her to fight against her captor, her own fingers digging at her throat, but Kikyo refused to relinquish her hold and so it was a standstill, especially when the reason for her sudden pain was smirking from his spot behind the group of heroes.

"Ah, Kikyo, my dear," Naraku crooned from his spot, drawing the attention of the slayer and the monk while both dog demons only gave him a cursory glance before turning their golden orbs back to their own loved ones. Rin was still scared, her eyes so wide that they nearly took up her whole face while Kagome had begun to talk thru the hold on her throat.

"I-It's okay, Rin," she whispered, Sesshomaru watching with surprise that her first concern was his ward when she should have been more concerned with her own pups that were probably not all that happy with the situation concerning the one that was living for them. "M-Move away now." Jaken, who had been so worried about getting caught between the pair of Mikos suddenly seemed to awaken as he did what the living Miko told the girl to do, moving her with a tug on her arm. She seemed to hesitate and while she was clearly afraid it seemed that the fear was now for the woman coaxing her to leave her behind. Kagome was afraid, but not of Kikyo at the moment, whose very hold was starting to go lax, but from the tentacle that was hoovering behind her. She was worried that the girl would become a target for it just to get at the group staring at them. Naraku was one for such tactics and had done it before so she wasn't willing to give him a second chance. "Please," she whispered as a tear escaped. Rin nodded and finally went with Jaken.

"I have always loved how pure you are, Kagome," the evil male stated. "I was planning to take the girl as well, but since it concerns you so much I will leave her be," he said, is face twisting into a more sinister appearance as he pushed his tentacle further into the clay Miko's chest, more blood spilling out and down her arm that was still holding onto Kagome, even if it was more lax now. "For now," he promised, throwing a look toward the now pissed of demon lord. Kagome glared at him as Kikyo's body was pulled back into the forest, the tentacle that was in it pulling back as she gasped again, more blood from her mouth dripping into her wound. Kagome turned to look at the woman who had caused her so much pain before glancing at Inuyasha, sure that he was broken by the loss of his lover, only to find that he was still in attack mode, eyes red and his purple strips darkening on his face. It was clear that he was upset and while she hadn't noticed when his demon had emerged, she could only assume that he was terribly upset at the loss of Kikyo. It broke her heart in more ways than one. She never wanted him to feel such pain, but it also hurt her that he was so torn up about the death of the clay doll that had replaced his once known lover. She still believed they were, after all she had seen them kiss and hug with promises of him loving her and never leaving her side. Hell, he had agreed to join the Miko in Hell once, in the very beginning. Even though he had abandoned her once he had noticed that Kagome was in danger, he still had been so torn when Kikyo had left him.

She couldn't deal with that and be pregnant at the same time. With each emotion that swirled in her, another tally mark appeared for her to go back to her time and stay there when all was done on this side. Once she completed her task, one that she had given herself for the error she had made regarding the Shikon no Tama and its shattering. She couldn't stay here anymore. "Now, my little Miko, dear," Naraku said, his tentacle moving closer to her. "Come and join me." She shook her head, her hair moving with her as she moved over Kikyo's body, the blood that was coating the forest floor making it a harder task and strangely enough the scent of her blood was filling her nose in a way it had never before. It smelled so strong, so much stronger than she had ever known it before. Was it because of her clay body?

"I don't think so," she replied as Inuyasha and Sesshomaru turned to attack the male in the barrier, Inuyasha's blade glowing red as it powered up to destroy the barrier when it suddenly flickered and reversed back to a rusty blade. Sesshomaru was surprised, but wasted no time on that as he pulled his own blade, Bakusaiga, the blade that had appeared when his arm had suddenly regenerated after all the years it had been gone. The blade glowed as he rushed to take down their enemy, though no one knew if it could tear thru his barrier as not even Inuyasha's own attack could do that. When Inuyasha couldn't use his blade he tossed it to the ground and braced to use his own claws. Kagome frowned at his discarding of his father's fang and knew that while in his current form he couldn't use it that he shouldn't discard it either. While they were dealing with him Kagome rushed from the area, grabbed Rin and Jake with Ah-Un in tow to rush away from the battle, her mind feeling off from the blood that she could still smell from the bottom of her shoes

She just needed to get to a spot where she could attack from, though how she would do that was another matter all together since she had no bow or arrows and her other form of attack had to be done up close which was also a no go with Naraku in his barrier. If only she could get it down so the others could get to him. Right now all they were doing was moving him just inches as both the weapon Sesshomaru welded and Inuyasha's claws were making no headway. Miroku could do nothing with all of his friends in the way while Sango was trying to hit Naraku with her boomerang, now fortified with the sake from the old man, managed to do as much damage as the others. Looking around she tried to think when she realized that still next to her friends was her big yellow bag and sticking out from it was her bow while the quiver was laying flat on the ground. Now she just had to get to it without getting caught by Naraku. Fortunately for her with him busy battling his tentacle had not moved from where it was so at least the child with her was safe. "Rin," she said, moving to crouch before her, her voice still husky from Kikyo's powerful fingers grasping her neck just moments before. "You and Jaken must stay here with Ah-Un, okay?" The girl nodded. Using a little power she set up her own barrier around the trio before moving to get to her bag that felt like it was too far at the moment.

Creeping over she found Shippo on the other side of the bag, his body stiff with fear as he watched the battle that he knew he had no role in since all his tactics were toys in disguise. "Shippo," she whispered, again her throat burned from both her vomiting just before Naraku appeared mixed with Kikyo's own attack leaving her voice to hoarse to be loud, but as he was a demon he turned to her, his green eyes wide.

"Kagome!" he cried, throwing himself to her as the battle raged on behind him. She shushed him, looking at the evil demon to make sure that he hadn't heard the kitsune's cry and satisfied that it was all clear she pulled out her bow from the bag while Shippo grabbed the quiver. Moving with Shippo clinging to her suikan was a task in itself since she was still trying to be evasive to the eyes of one very egotistical bastard while ensuring that she didn't drag his attention to the occupants of her barrier. Telling him to join them, she made a move to the other side of the field. When she felt she was a good distance from both she got her arrow ready, the bow taunt as she eyed her target, mindful of her friends that were almost blocking the male. She watched for a good minute, assessing the movements between the two forces before her power drew itself toward the end of her arrow, the head of it glowing pink with very little darkness, but then she noticed with some curiosity the golden, almost red tint of the other energy that blended itself almost seamlessly into her own. Was that her children's' aura? Shaking off the question for another time she released her shot, the arrow whizzing thru the air as the colors arched around it and behind it. Naraku looked up a little too late as the arrow struck his barrier and went thru, piercing his shoulder with a painful looking explosion of light that nearly blinded all that were close to him. Inuyasha fell back, Sesshomaru at his side while Sango threw her boomerang in front of her placing it in the grass as Miroku joined her. All eyes were on what was unfolding before them as Naraku let out a cry at the sudden collision of power.

While it was strong enough to immobilize him for mere seconds, because of her tainted aura it didn't last long, his flesh hanging open as his face followed suit before he shot her a look of distain... a promise of when he got his hands on her, she would pay, before disappearing from sight. All eyes turned to her as her face again paled from the overexertion from the activities in the last few hours, between the demon earlier, the sickness that had followed, the news of her now multi-pregnancy, and Kikyo, but this time she didn't pass out, nor did she get sick she just struggled a little to hold it together as Inuyasha rushed to her side, his demon relaxing once her scent hit his nose, invading his senses. Kagome allowed him to hold her, knowing somehow that only he could calm her and while that was true her guilt and shame always seemed to rear their ugly heads, but Inuyasha didn't care as he put his head on her shoulder, the one that held no mark since he still didn't know what to think about that, but recalling what his brother had said he knew that at least it wasn't Naraku that had impregnated the Miko. "Are you okay?" she asked to his surprise and he pulled back for a moment to look at her, his eyes narrowing on the mark that had been seared into her flesh from Kikyo. His fingers reached out to touch the handprint, forgetting that the others were so close and watched in pure amazement as the mark began to disappear before his very eyes. Seeing the shock in his face she blinked and asked him again, his name spilling from her lips in a worried tone.

"W-What just happened?" Both turned to see Miroku with wide amethyst eyes that mirrored Inuyasha's own golden gaze at that moment as the others came closer, each of them looking at her neck to the point that she turned red as she pushed Inuyasha back a little.

"What are you all looking at me like that for?" Before anyone could answer that question another one popped out of Sango's mouth.

"Um...Kagome?" she asked, her name becoming a question as she reached out to push Kagome's raven hair back behind her ear.

"What?" she said as all the eyes before her widened, even Sesshomaru's were gazing rather pointily at the now exposed ear. Reaching up she touched her ear, outlining the outer shell until she moved up, her own chocolaty orbs growing round like saucers. It didn't curve like it had before, no, it went further, pointing at an angle before reaching a point. "What the fuck?" she cried out, surprise the only thing tinting her scent, all other emotions dissipating. "What happened to my ears?!" she asked, her voice coming out rough as she reached up to touch her other ear.

"Interesting," was all the elder demon dog could say. All eyes turned to him, all with questions except for one. Kagome was still trying to figure out why her ears were different and when she thought of that she recalled that her sense of smell had also changed. What was happening to her? Was it because of her pregnancy or was something else playing a trick on her? Was it permeant or was it temporary? She couldn't go home like this! What would her mother say? That brought a chuckle to her lips as she knew her mother would say that they were cute. The others now glanced at her. "I think that a trip to my mother would probably answer some of these questions and maybe your little flea steward." Inuyasha could only nod at that statement, though he had never met the woman she should know something about this, after all she may not be as old as his father, but she had seen so much more than either of them.

"Guess that's where we're going then," Inuyasha stated as he tugged Kagome back to him, and onto his back even as she began to say that the rocking made her nauseated, but decided against it since she was still feeling sluggish and in no way able to stay upright on Kirara and besides that would put someone out and she just couldn't do it...unless she was angry and even then she felt bad after.

Ah, so now there is a new turn of events! Kikyo is gone and Kagome is changing with no information from either dog demon to give her on that sudden development! Naraku has been warned with her new power, but since she is still so conflicted that power is held back. What else could there be to make matters worse? Stay safe!

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