Ignorance Isn't As Blissful As It Sounds @kawaii_chibi_phantom
Chapter 13

windbreaking, ah, I wish I had done more, but I didn't want to do too much for fear that sometimes I get too in depth with just the feelings alone. There's more to come in the chapter with how much truth there is to be said. As for the Kikyo scene, yeah, I just felt that it needed to be said. I feel that in the anime she is too back and forth before it becomes like she just sinks into the acceptance when I feel there would have been more for the one who was created from the ashes of a very angry female. A Miko at that. As for Hojo, I didn't like him as a choice for Kagome, neither one of them, but I couldn't see him doing something to hinder her. No, he would never allow his own jealousy to get the better of him when it came to her. Sure, he could come off pushy if he wanted to, but I just can't see it, ya know?

Again, thank you to all my readers and please, continue to enjoy the fic!

Kagome had been resting in her room, having woken up early in the morning to catch her morning sickness before it caught her. While it hadn't been that bad before, she wasn't sure why it was now, she found that it crept up on her around the same time every morning for the last two days at least. So she had started waking up earlier to stop it from having its way, a bit of bread and warm tea the best solution so far. Even then sometimes it grabbed her out of nowhere, and that she was still trying to figure out. Stretching out on the pallet she closed her eyes again, trying to recall now a dream that had come to her last night, her mind trying to pull apart her own feelings while images of the dreams were still semi-fresh in her mind. She could see herself that night, stumbling down the corridor of the large estate, looking for the rooms that had been given them by the lord. Kagome had remembered wishing she had Inuyasha's strong sense of smell because maybe then she could have scented out their room by find Sago or Miroku, hell, Shippo and Kirara had long retired before the drinking had begun after getting some food in their bellies. She could have found that room if she had his sense of smell. She had suddenly felt her body tilt, the consumption of sake making her balance a little off at the moment, but for some reason, even now several weeks later she just couldn't understand why she had been feeling so off balance that night. Sure, she had consumed a few glasses of the warm liquid, but that didn't explain her forgetting that night since she had been quite coherent that night, save for the slight tilting of her world.

She had walked out into the courtyard and having seen the hot springs that had been pointed out earlier that night by one of her many male suitors, though she hadn't been in any mood for all the attention since she only had eyes for one male at that table and he had been practically curled around her...well, not practically because he had been curled around her...growling at said male attention. At this point that was all she could remember of the dream, but now she knew it wasn't a dream, not really. It was her mind subconsciously trying to tell her what had happened. Was there a reason she couldn't remember that night? Had it been so traumatic, if Naraku had been her lover it would have been. Shuddering at that thought she finally rose from the pallet, her mind refusing to allow her to go back to sleep now that she was brimming with all those same worries, guilty thoughts, and shameful memories. Shedding the sleeping kimono she pulled on one of the many kimonos that Hojo had given her, claiming that his mother always kept extra ones for when guests came unexpectedly. She didn't know if she could believe that, but she was still thankful since her own clothing had been beyond repairable in her opinion. Her stomach grumbled at her as she finished dressing and with a soft smile she headed off to find something to actual eat. As she walked into the hall she found she was the only one awake, then again it was still early for most people, the sun hadn't even rose yet meaning she had gotten maybe five hours or so of good sleep before her sickness could rear its ugly head.

Walking down the hall, the library just before her, she turned toward it when the sound of someone walking around the veranda outside caught her attention. Hmmm... Who was up at this early hour? Well, the servants could be, after all keeping up with such a grand estate was a never-ending task, she was sure. Continuing into the library she went to grasp a scroll, her fingers just about to wrap around it when someone screamed and with a lurch she was off, wondering as to what could be happening so early in day, when she found out why. A demon had come into the courtyard and was intent on making one of the servant girls its early breakfast. Looking around for something to grab its attention she found nothing close by so taking the initiative she rushed out to help the girl, her hands glowing with her pink light while a faint taint of darkness still clung to it. Shoving outward at it she managed to knock it off, its flesh burning from her purifying touch, before she turned to tell the girl to run and to get a guard or someone while she attended to fighting the demon off. It was a snake demon, its long body curling around its wound as it eyed her, orange eyes glowing brightly at her.

She narrowed her own brown gaze at it, letting it know that she wasn't afraid of it, holding out her hands as the glow from before returned just as several guards appeared behind her. They stood at attention, ready to fight, but also watching her in awe and fascination as she waited for another attack. The snake eyed her for a moment, seeming to debate whether it wanted to kill her or retreat and come back at a later time to finish what it had started, but what should have been its retreat changed as a cry broke the air followed by several familiar marks that tore the body asunder. "Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!" Her eyes widened for a moment, her power receding as she turned to see Inuyasha slice the pathetic demon into shreds, its body turning to dust as he dropped down before her. His back was to her as he stayed in attack mode. She felt relief and happiness at his sudden appearance, while another part of her reminded her of how he had spoken to her before, the last time they had seen each other and the shame returned with anger backing it now. She took a step back from him, trying to conceal her scent, the feelings that made her reveal her innermost angst to him by scent alone. She didn't want him to know that, not now, not with her feelings all over the place with not only her own shameful moment, but from her hormones all over the place. She knew that that was part of the reason for all the pain and pleasure she was feeling right now, looking at his fire-rat robe, but once she took that first step away from him he turned his golden gaze on her and she was frozen. "Where have you been?" he asked, his voice was low and she didn't have an answer for him, her mind was whirling around with all the things that she was still trying to figure out, but she did notice one thing. He didn't ask how she was and that brought her anger up another notch.

"I don't have to answer that, ya know," she spat, her eyes flashing in warning as Hojo now joined them, answering the question that had been next on his list. He growled low at the other male, another rival for Kagome's attentions, but she just turned to greet the other male.

"Everything okay?" he asked her, noting his guard was out in full force, the servant that was still close by crying, her clothing bloodied from the attack on her and the Hanyou he had sent his scouts to find for the woman before him. Moments later more of the group entered, and more people he hadn't heard of from the Miko. "Oh, seems there are more people than I was told." Kagome took note of the fact that Sesshomaru was there with his small group as well, the small girl that travelled with him running to great her with a hug. Hugging the girl back without a second thought she apologized.

"Everything if fine now," she said as her stomach warned her of its turbulence, her hand going down to touch her now hard stomach. "Just a weak demon trying to find breakfast." She said it as if it were nothing and she had yet to look back at Inuyasha which was notching up the swirling of her stomach contents. "And, yeah, I wasn't expecting there to be more than my own group," she said softly, her fingers brushing against Rin's hair unconsciously as she soothed the small girl and herself by the motion. "This is Lord Sesshomaru," she said, nodding toward the rather intimidating male before them, "and this is Rin, his ward and Jaken." Hojo looked over at the tall male, feeling the urge to piss himself at the mere sight of such a cold looking demon on his grounds, his guards watching the male with open curiosity and contempt. They still feared what a demon could do to them even if the small woman knew him. She was strange herself, but knowing she was a Miko helped to keep their fears at bay.

"Oookay, um, breakfast is ready now," he said, holding out his arm, completely thrown off by all the excitement of the morning, but pulled back when he heard the growl from behind him, Kagome tensing at the sound from the Hanyou behind her. To everyone's surprise she stuck her nose in the air after just a moment's hesitation and hooking her arm in Hojo's she headed for the interior of the home. The man on her arm was tense, he could feel the sweat that was practically bathing his form in it's perfumed scent of fear and Inuyasha could smell it. While it made him glad to know that the male knew who the female belonged to, it still did nothing to assuage the anger that flowed from him at the fact Kagome was not submitting to his will. Giving himself a shake he shoved his demon to the back of his mind and tried to look ticked off, but not angry. No, truthfully he had nothing to be angry about since she wasn't his to dominate.

Not yet, his demon added with a sinful chuckle. Shut up, he hissed back at it. Hojo glanced back at him, his whole form still shaking until Kagome whispered to him and then his scent changed. Joy filled the Hanyou's nostrils and he found himself fighting the urge to yank her from the younger male's arm and claim her right in front of everyone. "Ka-go-me," he hissed under his breath and knowing by her body posture that she had heard him, but was ignoring him for the moment. He was going to call to her again when a hand landed on his shoulder.

"I wouldn't do it," he said, Miroku smirking with such a knowing look that Inuyasha wondered what he was talking about when the monk plucked at his beads and he gulped. Ah, yeah, those things. Seems that with all that was going on that both of them had forgotten the beads of subjugation and he wasn't going to be the one to remind her of their power...if she had truly forgotten such power she held over him in such a blatant way. She had no idea of the other hold she had one him, on that had been fostered the moment he had opened his eyes after his 50 year long sleep to see her before him. At first he had thought the hold was because of who he thought she was, sleep thick in his brain. They all entered a large dining area, servants making room for the extra guests, tho Jaken opted to sit away from the humans with Sesshomaru joining him on the wall, his golden eyes watching as Rin squealed in joy before shooting him a glance to see if he had seen her. Noting that he was giving her a look, though to anyone else it didn't look like his face had changed at all, she relaxed and found a seat next to Kagome. Hojo went to sit on her other side, but Inuyasha was faster, cutting in to sit down next to her with a glare at the other male.

"Inuy-" she began, thinking of what a long meal this was going to be, only to be cut off by Hojo.

"It's f-fine," he managed with only a slight hitch in his breath as he moved to sit a few seats down when the Hanyou continued to glare from his presence still being too close to Kagome and himself. He didn't like the male and he wasn't afraid to say it, but when he noticed that Kagome scooted a few inches from him he turned his golden orbs on her in question. She didn't look at him, waiting as the staff of the castle moved to place food before everyone, even giving the dog demon and his lackey some of the human food. Sesshomaru looked at it with disgust, but since he too needed to eat and it was meat after all, he ate it. As the silence carried on, the only sounds were from Shippo and Rin, who as children, paid little attention to the tension in the room as they chatted happily. "So, Kagome told me that you are after a new enemy," he stated, taking another bite from his meal. Sango stated, that yes, they were after an enemy that they had been fighting for a while and why it was so important, Miroku adding his two cents here and there.

"Why does it matter?" Inuyasha snapped. He wasn't here to talk after all! He was here to take Kagome so they could continue their task of finding the bastard and nothing more. Now you're lying to yourself about that last part, his demon taunted. Kagome shot him a look, her eyes crackling with her anger. "Oi," he grumbled, "What's the matter wench?" The whole room fell silent, Sesshomaru smirking at the emotions that were boiling under the surface of the Miko next to his brother. When would the whelp learn to shut his mouth? Shaking his head he waited for the explosion of her emotions. If what he had been told by them was true than it was best that Inuyasha learn to curb himself because pregnant demons were hardly nice to their mate when taunted or belittled, and while he wasn't sure if it was the same with human females he knew that the gender could be entirely destructive.

She said nothing, but her eyes centered on the necklace in a silent threat that seemed to work because with a single 'keh' he finished his meal and stormed off in just a matter of moments. Sighing she turned her attention to her own food to find that she was no longer hungry. She knew she needed to eat, so with small bites of her food she managed to finish it as the others waited before joining her in their own meal. Sesshomaru had to admit that while she hadn't blown up like he expected after witnessing a few times she had chewed his brother out in a rather loud display, he was quite scared of the burn of her brown orbs. Silent women could be just as scary as a loud one.

It didn't take long for the group to gather, ready to go save for Kagome and Inuyasha, the pair still avoiding each other, well, Kagome was more or less the main avoider. She didn't come out until a little later, her clothing changed to what Inuyasha himself wore, save for it was not a fire rat outfit and it was black, like a mourning outfit, but for now she didn't mind. She couldn't travel in that kimono as it was too long to be comfortable for her so she had taken the offered male attire to wear for their journey. Now she just had to go home, and with a groan that bore the frustration of that conversation with the irritated Hanyou, she headed off to join her group. When she came over to them she noticed that Sesshomaru was still here, and why didn't know why he was there, she accepted it. It was just how her group went, but then did that mean he was going to help them search for the elusive Naraku or was he here for a different reason? "Miko," the older male stated, knowing she would come without another word spoken. Indeed she did come toward him, but when she came closer he could feel it, the shame that had tainted her aura. Though, he could feel the guilt there as well. This was going to be an interesting conversation, but one that needed to be had if he were to find out if it was true what her friends had divulged to him. "Miko, is what I have been told true?" It was simple and asked in a much better way than Inuyasha had asked her if she had sex with Naraku. Any yet she could hear the anger that tinted his tone, his cold tone that was scary enough without the anger. She felt like she was four again when her mother had found out that she had run away from daycare after another kid had shoved her, calling her names because of her weird powers.

"I don't know," she stated simply. It was a vague answer and one that was better than the comment that wanted to come. She hated this part of the pregnancy side effects...she had become rather snarky over little things and while she knew she was no quiet person on her own, she knew her temper wasn't this bad. Though the other side of the coin was just as bad.

"You either are or you are not claimed and pregnant," he stated, not even acknowledging, she was sure, that her friends would have told him about Naraku being a part of that equation. She nodded now, understanding he just wanted to know about the after effects of her one night of sexual relations. "Okay," he said before he moved, moved so quickly she didn't know what to say when his hand came in contact with her stomach. He stood there, his fingers spread over her abdominal, the power in her stomach pushing back at the power he was producing. Everyone stood there, watching, some in fear of what the dog demon was doing and others just wondering. Inuyasha came around the corner and his eyes narrowed when he saw the sight before him, his golden eyes flashing red at his brother's hand on Kagome's stomach and the shocked look on her face.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" he growled as he moved to remove the other male's hand on his Kagome's body, but he was stopped when Miroku placed his staff outward of his own body and in front of the irate Hanyou. His red eyes sent a warning to the beta of his pack, Sango whispering harsh words of warning to the monk to stand back, but the monk refused to do that until Sesshomaru voiced that it was okay.

"It is fine, monk," he said as he pulled back from Kagome, the feeling of his power still tingling her skin, her body stiff as the power in her stomach, her child began to calm down to a fine hum. "I was just checking on the pups." Checking on the pup? Could one do that without machines? Kagome didn't know since she knew that in this time not even the sex of the child was known until birth. Then it hit her.

Pups? As in multiple babies? Kagome could feel the world shake on her, turn her upside down as she touched the very spot he had just vacated, Inuyasha coming to her side just as the word escaped her lips, "Pups," she whispered as the world went black and she slumped into his waiting arms.

What do you think of that developement? Sesshomaru knows something that the others don't now. Kagome has more to deal with now that she's aware she isn't just having a baby, but how many is in that singular word, pups? Where is Naraku hiding and when will he strike? Stay safe!

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