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Chapter 2

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On the other side of the portal Jack, Maddie, and Jazz looked around, the sound of a motorcycle causing them all to check the area around them as the larger male of the family cried out, "Suffering spooks! Where is Danny?" He smiled now, proud of himself. "I bet he would love to see this!" The red headed teen before him tried to look nonchalant, though she looked rather nervous if you knew her all that well as she gave him a response.

"Not doing anything that has to do with ghosts," she managed to state as Johnny, the ghost boyfriend of the female left behind set his sights on her. She was the perfect female in his eyes.

"Hello, new girlfriend," he muttered with a smirk.

Hours later found Danny still fighting ghosts, his eyes looking rather bleary as he captured a rather large white and green cobra, the snake having put up a great fight and losing. At that moment the sound of the cycle streaking down the street caught his attention, that and the fact that his ghost sense went off. Seeing the young male ghost look down at his hand, something that at that moment didn't seem strange to Danny, he headed off while Johnny talked to his hand, his ring reflecting his captured girlfriend.

"What is taking so long?" she whined. With a low growl the male proceeded to placate his girl, informing her that he was on the job.

"I just think that if I have to look at this girl for the rest of my life that I want a girl that looks good." Kitty, his girlfriend, didn't look to pleased with his answer until he continued. "You don't want to be stuck in the body of a nerdy girl or something, do you?" With that said she realized that he was right. She didn't want to be ugly. She wanted someone that she felt was worthy of her spirit and the man looking for a vessel for her right now.

"Okay," she agreed just as Danny pulled up next to the motorcycle.

"Hey there," the white haired halfa greeted. "Might want to slow down because you are sooo speeding." Johnny threw Danny a glare before issuing an order to the shadow that rode alongside his bike. With a growl the dark form lunged at the halfa irritating his master. The white haired teen was caught off guard and with a cry of surprise he fell back, the creature still clinging to him. As it dropped him the teen hit the ground rolling. The shadow moved off, hitting a pole as he headed back for his master, the slice of form actually managing to cut the steel pole in two.

The halfa was so stunned from the fall that he almost didn't move fast enough as the light pole came crashing down on him, but with a cry he rolled away, his thermos not so lucky as the light hit the ground with a loud crash, glass going everywhere while the pole hit the contraption holding all the ghosts he had caught in the last 24 hours. With an angry hiss it released all the ghouls allowing them to take to the skies without a backward glance at the now frustrated halfa.

"Dang, of all the luck," he muttered, unknowing that he was being watched by the male with the shadow, his cycle and him on the building not five feet from Danny. Danny took off toward the skies after his released captives while the shadow rejoined his master before the pair rode off in the opposite direction.

The next day Danny walked alongside his two best friends telling them of his horrible night.

"And because of some stupid shadow I had to spend another night chasing after the ghosts that I had already captured!" Sam took a bite of her popcorn with a look of concern for her friend.

"Maybe you could look up shadow ghosts on your PDA," she said to the techno-geek at her side. As soon as Tucker pulled out his beloved device a familiar hand reached out and took it. Before them stood Kwan, Dash, and another football jock, the trio smirking as they looked down at the other teens.

"Look at me! I am Tucker Foley," Kwan said with flare of his hands as he posed with the electronic device. "I am styling large with the latest technological fashion!" The other jock laughed while Dash shot his partner a look of disgust.

"You do that a little too well," the blond stated. With a cry of disgust at his own actions the jock threw the device at Tucker before running off.

"He's contagious!" Kwan cried. Tucker looked at the jock and then at his PDA, disgust on his face and anger in his voice as he yelled at the people around him.

"Here!" he growled handing the electronic over to Sam, who along with Danny looked miffed. "You take it! I am so tired of being labeled! By the end of the day I will no longer be called a techno-geek!" With that said he stomped off leaving Sam and Danny looking at each other in both surprise and worry. Rushing after their upset friend they passed by Jazz who was looking at some paintings of clowns, the look on her face one of thoughtfulness as she talked to an actual clown who sat below the pictures with a paintbrush still dripping with paint.

"Sure, he is smiling on the outside, but on the inside I bet he is a pool of misery," she stated. The clown shook his head, informing her with a hiccup that the clown was smiling on the inside as well. Overhead, on the wires that hooked phone lines together rode Johnny, his eyes gazing around him, looking for Jazz, the one that he had deemed perfect for his girlfriend's new body.

"There she is! The daughter of the fat man who fried your body!" Kitty didn't look to impressed, but was about to give in when she spotted another female, her raven hair pulled back partway in a ponytail.

"No!" she cried. "Her!" Johnny looked over to where his girlfriend was looking, which was hard when she was in the ring, but finally he saw who she was pointing out and his own eyes grew wide with adoration for the new meat his woman wanted. She was perfect. Even more so than the redhead. Sure, he could get the revenge for his woman by taking over Jazz, but then this new target looked more inviting. Changing course he headed for the female of choice, who had only two male teens next to her.

"Easy pickings," he said.

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