Thirteen @kawaii_chibi_phantom
Chapter 1

In an ally just outside of the city Danny fought a large, white squid-like ghost, the creature spotted green and squirting black ink at the ghost hunter. He dodged the blast, though not like the black ink would ruin his suit since it was also black.

"Watch it!" he yelled while pulling out his thermos, the invention that his father had made to suck up the ecto-villains that plagued their home town. Tonight was a particularly bad night. The white haired ghost boy almost believed that it was bad luck that got them this evening because the ghosts were everywhere and not just his usual ghosts, but new ghosts and all animals! As he shut the lid on his thermos his cell rang, the familiar tune alerting him to his Goth friend's call. "Sam?"

"There is a-a large wolf creature outside the Nasty Burger!" the Goth cried. Danny could hear the sound of the wolf closing in on Sam, the breathing growing louder and closer. A small whimper escaped Sam's lips and Danny was off to capture the creature that intended to harm his friend. When he came upon the scene he found the raven haired beauty crushing herself against the wall as much as she could to escape the drooling fangs of the white and green wolf that growled and crept closer to it's prey.

"Down boy!" Danny cried as he sat atop the creature. "Don't eat that! It's a vegetarian!" With that he slammed the thermos down on the head of the wolf and sucked it up into the container. Sam shot him a look, that said While I am happy you saved me that wasn't funny at all. Before he could say anything his phone rang again, the Goth waiting while he answered it.

"Ghost snake by the park!" Rushing down to Amity Park Danny and Sam watched in dismay as Tucker tripped over his backpack as he turned to see if anything was behind him. As he looked forward though, the snake that he had warned his ghostly friend about arched over him, a hiss slipping from between it's lips. The halfa charged forward as Tucker let out a wail of fear. Tackling the ghost he again pulled out his thermos for the hundredth time that night. Looking to Sam and Tucker he voiced a concern that had been on all their minds.

Where were the ghosts coming from?

Back at Fenton Works a familiar man stood over a control panel, his wife and eldest child stood by watching him with two different emotions on their faces. His wife looked proud while his daughter looked less than trilled by what her father was doing. He kept putting his thumb on a scanner, the end product of this being that every time he did it the portal opened behind him and let out a ghost each time. Wailing apparition after wailing apparition came flying out and into the night sky. Finally he stopped.

"I told you this genetic lock was a great invention." He was proud of himself, anyone could see that. "It is a perfect way to prevent any unauthorized access to the Ghost Zone." Unbeknownst to him on the other side in the Ghost Zone, several thousand ghosts were waiting for the door to open again. Behind that long line was a single motorcycle that rushed toward the portal that would mean freedom for the pair riding it.

"Are you sure we are going to make it?" the green haired female inquired as she clung to the waist of the blond haired male driving the roaring machine.

"Yes," he said before issuing instructions to a shadow that came out from under him. The shadow rushed forward, making it's body in the same shape of the portal that it's master had wanted kept open, leaving it's middle open for access to the other side.

"I don't know if it's such a good idea to use that stupid bad luck shadow," the woman said. The male shot her a look of annoyance before turning his attention to the road ahead of him. Revving up the engine he sped forward, the woman protesting moments ago mute as she attempted to stay on the bike. As they came thru the portal the shadow moved away allowing for the door to close behind them. As it closed it managed to snag the green haired woman, her cry of pain causing the male to stop.

"KITTY!" he cried out as he slide to a stop, his bike turning slightly from the quick stop. She stood up, her arms hugging her form.

"I can't maintain my form! Part of me is stuck in the Ghost Zone," she complained as her form flickered in and out of existence on the plane between the worlds. "I put my energy into some of my stuff," she stated as her hands moved to do just as she had said. Three things were given to her boyfriend; a ring, a purple scarf, and a red jacket. "Get some woman to wear these so that I may become her to replace the body you fried!" The male looked at the items in question and then at his girlfriend as she continued. "Find me a body, Johnny. I have to go back to the Zone before I disappear forever!" Heading for the Zone she yelled out, "Don't forget me, Johnny! Don't forget me."

"I won't! I will find you a new host." With that promise he sped off and toward the portal to the human world.

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