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Chapter 7

While Danny was dealing with the woman responsible for it all, for Sam disappearing to where she lay now, Dean sat by the bedside of his friend with his wife on the phone. She was worried, terrified and blaming herself for not thinking about that a hit could still be on the small woman. "None of us even thought of there still being someone out there, waiting for her to come back." Sam hadn't said anything about her feelings on the matter, but then again Sam was never one to voice such things unless she were truly sure that anyone, let alone close friends, would be in danger. He knew that if she had been aware that after several years of being scarce that someone could target her again, she would never would have let him come with her to this town. She would have braved it alone, taking the trip without telling them.

He looked at the bed, worried with how pale the Goth looked, her skin so light that even the white sheets that covered her prone form were dark in comparison. He knew she would pull thru though. Sam had just found the love of her life again, his own love shining thru, and she wouldn't want to leave him behind... not with the possibility of him coming the male that the Goth had told him about. Dark Dan. The man that had been her halfa after her death. She had been sure that while she had been part of the reason, that his parents death had played a bigger part, but Dean was sure that it had more to do with her. She had stuck with him thru it all, had been able to break the spell he had been under when Freakshow had tried to make him kill her. The male had been able to do bodily harm to all but Sam. Her cries of terror and fear making the halfa's eyes open to what he had been doing. Dean reached out and took her cool hand.

He hoped that Danny was having luck with his ex and the hit, because if there was even a chance that she could come back after the Goth then Sam would do what she had been out doing... she would run from them all. She would be alone in the world, staying clear of anyone and anything. No one would know if she lived or died and that, Dean knew, would cause what she hadn't even thought with her own beliefs on Dan. Hell, he had been surprised that Danny hadn't changed into Dark Dan when Sam had not returned to their town after all the years she stayed gone, but then again she had been alive and while the halfa hadn't known that for sure, there was a chance that like Sam, he knew that she was okay. That was more proof the pair belonged together and for it to take as long as it had made him sad. Sam deserved to be happy, after all the shit she had dealt with growing up to finding love that she had never thought she would get to enjoy... Danny was a good kid, clueless, but a good kid.

"You know he loves you," Dean said softly. "Running away would have solved nothing, but to cause him and you heartache. I don't understand why you would want to do that to either of you." The air grew colder, the hair on his arms rising with the temperature drop, but Dean didn't seem to notice as he rubbed his thumb over Sam's pale skin. "I always told you that you were so stupid when it came to talking about how you feel, not that you weren't outspoken at certain times, but damn it, Sam, you were just being stupid in not telling him all that had happened to you." Danny stood there in the shadows, listening to the other male spell out what the Goth had been thru. He had found out a bit from all of them, but nothing concrete about the rest of the story. "The first time that she grew violent towards you, you should have said something, anything, to let him know what was going on." He shook his head. "You're just a big heart. No brains. You fail to think about yourself and when that happens you don't realize all the pain that you cause by just keeping it in and not just to him, but to yourself."

"She's always been that way," the halfa stated, his hand coming to rest on her covered feet. Dean jumped, turning to look at the other male in surprise. "Can't say that I'm not mad when she does that, but I figured that one day she would realize that I would never want her hurt. I would have thrown Paulina to the side or at least ripped into her, if I had known, but she never said anything and Tucker kept his mouth zipped." He moved to the other side of the bed, a small stool his seat, but he didn't sit. He looked down at her, the hand that had been on her foot coming out to touch her cheek. "I love her no matter what she does, hell, if she had made it out of her tonight I would never had slept. I would have been chasing her until the day that I died." Danny sat down now, his hand falling to his side even as his other hand grasped her hand. Both men sat there, each holding her hands.

"The bitch?" Dean asked.

"Frozen, but the hit has been called off and now she awaits in the Ghost Zone." Dean raised a brow at that. "Not that prison wasn't the best choice, but with the Warden of the Ghost Zone's only prison, she will never be allowed out. She will be there for the rest of her days." He smiled sadly. "Couldn't trust our justice system with keeping her from coming back, ya know?" The other male nodded. Just because she had attempted to murder another individual, her money could allow her to be free or they could believe any lie that left her mouth. She would never learn, that solidified after her words to him in the Ghost Zone. He never liked being the bad guy, but when it came to Sam and her life, well, he couldn't allow anyone to harm her. "What did the doctors say?"

"She took a rather hard strike to the right side of her head," Dean said, the bandage wrapped around her head showing a bit of blood on the side indicated. "But, they believe that she will be okay with no internal bleeding, but they won't know the state of her mind until she wakes up." How long would that take? He would love her no matter what state her mind was in, but he wanted her to be healthy and for him that was the most important thing. Sam was strong and wouldn't just lay down and die, no, she was stronger than that and with that thought he leaned over and kissed her hand. Though her skin was cool to the touch, it wasn't cold and that gave him faith that she would be just fine.

Hours later found Dean asleep in the chair, but Danny couldn't take his eyes off of Sam, the color of her skin having become less pale as the hours had passed, but she still hadn't woken up, not that he believed she would just pop up... well, maybe he had. She was one to prove that she was okay, even if she wasn't feeling the greatest at that moment. "Sam," he murmured softly, his thumb brushing the top of her hand as he spoke. "I love you. I could never live without you, even after you had left me I still looked for you. I looked for you around the town and in the small cities outside of it. It was as if I could still feel you close by and while I couldn't seem to locate you, I knew you were alive and that you were safe, but I wanted you by my side." He sighed. He had missed out on being with her, choosing to stay with a woman whom he had thought he cared about at the time, even when something in his heart kept whispering that she wasn't the one. He chuckled now. "The ironic thing was, and I know you would find this funny," he stated, closing his eyes for a moment. "There were several times that I called her by your name."

"Danny," came a soft voice, almost too soft that he hadn't been sure he hadn't just imagined it. Opening his eyes to look at her, he found himself looking into amethyst orbs that seemed to twinkle. "D-Did you really do that?" A smile broke out on his face as he nodded, moving quickly to wrap himself around her as his lips crashed upon hers. They clung to each other for what seemed like forever, their kiss one of love and passion, before a groan from behind him forced them to pull apart. Both glanced over to find Dean waking up, his arms stretched over his head as he groaned again. Sam chuckled, her hands reaching out to pull him down to her again. Just inches from her lips touching his she said, "I love you Danny." Dean smiled as the pair kissed again before standing up, phone in hand to call his wife and tell her the good news.

When the day of Tucker and Valerie's wedding came, the pair were happy to see their friends cuddling close together in the front seats, the pair smiling back at them as Danny's hand rested around the Goth woman's waist. They were planning their wedding for the following month, but hadn't said anything to the others since it was their day and all.

Danny had been concerned with Sam not wanting to stay in Amity, a worry that was put to rest when Sam announced that she would be opening her gallery in her hometown later that day. The halfa hadn't known about her gallery, but when Dean had shown him some of the pics that were shown on the Goth's online site, he had been quite surprised as to what the Goth had painted. They were all paintings of their town, of all the ghosts that they had fought over the years and even some of him in said battles. Several of them were going for $100 while he found that she even had sold some at $10,000 a pop. Her business was thriving and so with all those funds, most of which she sent to charity, the Goth wasn't dependent on the family fortune and free to be her own person without her parents holding that over her head. All in all, their life was their own to do as they wish. Danny had his love, the woman that would help them fight ghosts, and Sam had her long time love and her artwork.

"Do you, Tucker Foley, take Valerie Grey to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, thru sickness and health..."

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