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Chapter 6

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When Dean came back into the room he had to smile at the sight of Sam and Danny cuddling together, the halfa wrapped around the small Goth as if protecting her. He knew that he couldn't leave Sam yet though. While she had finally accepted Danny's love, she was still on edge and he was sure that the halfa knew that as well. Sam wasn't one to just let something go, not when she still held fear and uncertainty in her heart. She loved the raven haired male, but she was still hurting over what had been done to her because of his own cluelessness. As for the one that had placed a hit on her alive and able to strike again. Hell, he didn't know if the hit was still active or not. Giving them one more look he headed toward the other room in the suite, unaware that Sam was still awake and was thinking along those same lines.

While Danny had promised that Paulina was out of the picture and unable to harm her, that couldn't be a certainty with the person who had tried to gun her down that night so long ago. While it had been years, there was no telling what had happened in regards to that, so moving Danny's arm off of her she headed off to the bathroom. Glancing back at the sleeping male she pondered as to what she should do now. He loved her and while she loved him, she couldn't allow him to be given that future that had been shown to them all that time ago. She still had nightmares about that time, Dan hoovering over her with his red eyes filled with murder. Danny would never be that person if she could help it. Sighing she entered the large space before closing the door. It only took a few minutes and a quick call to find the Goth sneaking out of the building and into a dark car waiting for her at the curb. While it was still light outside, she knew that in few more hours that darkness would fall and by that time she needed to be out of the city. While she didn't know where she would go, she knew that it needed to be somewhere far away from anyone that knew her name.

What she failed to know was that she was being followed, the car that moved forward from the shadows keeping close enough not to lose her, but far enough not to be noticed by the paranoid female. "Where to?" the driver asked a few moments later.

"The airport," she said before glancing behind her. She felt like she was being followed and while the car behind her switched lanes and another took its spot, she felt little ease in being away from the safety of the room. Before she could turn around though, the car behind her shifted and the car that was tailing her slammed into the bumper of her car. Sam was thrown forward as the driver cussed, trying to pull over, but at her cry of warning he shifted again to keep moving. "Speed up, please." He looked at her in the rearview mirror, uncertainty in his gaze. "That wasn't an accident."

"What?" He seemed to think she was lying, but when the car slammed into them again he realized that she was correct in her statement and tried to speed away from the car that seemed to speed up with them. He asked no questions as she buckled up, fear making her eyes huge at the realization that she had been right and wrong all at the same time. Running would do no go with the person trying to kill her on her tail and that being back at the hotel had been a better option. She should have stayed with the two males, at least until after the wedding, but then again, she might have put Dean in danger as well. This person had been waiting for her, had known she was in the hotel. She reached down to her bag, and then seemed to change her mind as the car struck them for the final time as they were thrown into the car in front, her body falling forward before another car hit them from the side and then all was dark, her last thoughts of Danny.

The halfa in question was just waking up, his mind instantly coming alert when he noted that he was alone in the bed. Reaching over he felt the side of her bed, the sheets still warm. He looked around, thinking maybe she had gone to the bathroom when his hands found a note halfway under the blankets. Cursing he pulled it out while getting up. "Fuck," he muttered, knowing without even looking at the words on the page that she had run again! Skimming the few words she had chosen to write he found that he was right. "God damn it, Sam!"

His voice must have been loud enough because Dean came rushing into the room, his green eyes wide as he took note of the angry halfa and the missing Goth. "She did it again." It wasn't a question for the other male. He knew that she would run when given the chance, he had just assumed that she wouldn't have done it with either of them awake and yet, he hadn't heard her leave. Danny scowled, wondering where she would run to now when a knock came at the door. Dean went to answer the door only to find a police officer on the other side. The halfa blanched at their appearance while Dean allowed them into the room, his own face ashen. If there was an officer there without a call from them, then that only meant that they had bad news.

"Hi, my name is Officer Fang," the young male said, his brown eyes looking at both males with pity while his hand raked thru his blond locks. "I am looking for Danny Fenton." The halfa stood, his eyes narrowed at the male before him. "We have a Samantha Manson in our custody."

"She's okay?" he asked, wondering why Sam was in the custody of the police.

"She's alive, but I can't say that she's okay since she took a rather nasty hit to the head after a car attempted to run her off the road, but she is being watched by one of our officers at the hospital." He pulled out a notepad. "Her driver gave us an idea that she was being followed, her words, and that when the car struck him the second time he knew that he needed to call for help. Unfortunately, he was not quick enough when they were struck again and while he is alive, he knows nothing more about why she was being pursued." Dean looked to Danny, knowing that he probably knew more than the halfa in this.

"She had a hit on her," Dean stated. Danny was shocked, though he had a little knowledge that Sam was worried about Paulina attempting to harm her. Sure, Valerie and Tucker had used the same word, but even halfa had been a little skeptical about there being a hit on Sam. Hits were done by the mob and their town was too small for such a thing. "About four years ago she was gunned down while out walking to her favorite bookstore." As he explained this Danny's mind kept going back to that day that he had heard she was in the hospital. He had thought it was out of place for a drive-by in their town, but no one would tell him anything, save for Sam had been attacked, but not much more and that the Goth in question wanted everyone to leave her alone... even him. If he had known that it truly hadn't been a one time thing, but something that could happen again with her in town, he would done something more than just throw the Latina in the Ghost Zone.

"We got the man who hit her, but with a hit, well, there are more waiting to complete it." Sam would never be safe, not until it was called off. The officer stated all that he knew about such cases and with that Danny headed off into the darkness of the night to his family home. There was only one thing to do and that was to get his ex to lift the hit. Dean watched him go and after getting more information on the new attack, headed for the hospital to check on the Goth.

Entering his home and heading for the Ghost Zone, Danny made a plan that if Paulina refused to take the hit off of Sam he could still manage to get it removed with just one man at his side. Though the male ghost had caused past chaos, the ghost was likely to assist him as he was one of the few ghosts that wasn't out to get him. With that in mind he headed off into the glowing green and purple of the Ghost Zone off to where he had left the Latina in the hands of Klemper. It didn't take him long to find the large ghost, the sound of his cries for a friend echoing clearly.

What he came upon had the halfa laughing as Paulina was standing encased in ice with just her head free to cry out in frustration and fear. When she saw him, her eyes grew wide with fear and a little bit of relief. "Not here to free you, not just yet, Paulina." Her eyes started tearing up.

"Danny! Please, you can't leave me here with this!" Klemper turned to him, and Danny just shook his head.

"You have to call of this hit that you placed on Sam," was his simple response, to which her eyes narrowed. Oh, this was going to take a bit of persuasion.

"She deserves to die!" the Latina spat. "She's a nobody!" His own eyes narrowed. "She belittled me in school!"

"You weren't a great person, Paulina, just a bitch that Sam wasn't afraid to speak her mind about and you proved it all to be true, but I could just leave you here."

"Then how would you save the freak?!" His eyes flashed blue as more of the ice from Klemper's attack moved up her neck now, her eyes growing wide.

"I don't really need you, as much as you like to think that I do, but I am giving you a chance. You don't deserve such niceties, but here I am trying to not become what you are pushing me into." Her brow rose at his riddle. "Oh, I forgot, you didn't get to die at the hands of my evil side, the one that came out because of a certain Goth dying." That seemed to get her thinking, weighing out her options. "And know this, Paulina, if Sam does die your death won't be quick or painless." She looked at Klemper. "Worse than what you have been dealing with in here." He moved closer to her prone form, not close enough to touch her. "I will enjoy torturing you with not only my ghostly wail, but ripping your body apart... limb by limb with only my ice to keep you alive for several days worth of torture at the hands of ones like Klemper here and perhaps even the Warden." When the Latina noted the wince from the other ghost she finally relented.

Danny didn't release her from the ice though as he grabbed her and drug her out of the Ghost Zone.

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