What Happened? @kawaii_chibi_phantom
Chapter 5

Danny was left in the hallway, Dean having told him that Sam was indeed coming to the wedding, but would only stay to watch Tucker get married and nothing more before she left again. He couldn't let her leave again, but he had to figure out the puzzle that lay before him. With all that Dean had told him he now had more of a picture of why Sam had left all that time ago, but there were still things missing.

"Because it had to deal with you."

Had she been mad at him for something? Sure, she hadn't been to happy with him dating Paulina, but she had not said a word to him about it. She had continued to hang out with him, but other than that nothing jumped out at him. Maybe he could get another person's view on this. Flying off he headed back to Tucker and Valerie's home, that phrase screaming at him in his head. How could it have been him that made her leave? It didn't take long for him to get back to where he had come from, but before he could say a word Valerie spoke.

"So, you talked to her?" He shook his head. Her brow rose at this. "Why? Did you even see her?"

"She was asleep." Tucker looked at his soon to be wife. He knew that meant Danny had avoided talking to her for fear she would eat him alive. The Goth wasn't one that liked to be awoken, but why had he been gone for so long? "I talked to the guy in the pic that Paulina sent me."

"Paulina sent that pic? Why would you even listen to her?" Tucker inquired. He had been sure that when Danny had broken up with the Latina last year that he would steer clear of the crazy bitch. She had only wanted Danny for his popularity, something he and Sam had both pointed out, but the halfa had refused to believe. "Hell, with that shit she pulled, I'm surprised you didn't send her to the Zone."

"You will," Valerie said softly. Tucker shot her a look while Danny raised a brow now. "Trust me, Danny. When you find out what we know about your ex, you will want to send her to the Far Frozen for the rest of her natural life."

"I'm sure that no one knew what was happening with that attack, not even Tucker or his soon to be wife, Valerie."

"It's so strange that you would say that, because Dean said the same thing." He explained who he was talking about and then proceeded to explain the whole story that he had learned from said man. "He seemed to think that I would know who he was talking about, but I still ca-"

"Paulina," Tucker and Valerie said in unison.

"Paulina?" Now he was confused. He knew that the bitch was cold after she had killed the child in her womb. It hadn't been his, but he had still found her behaviour cold and then he had found out that she had been on the pill. She hadn't wanted to have children and with the fact that she would soon find a rich man to marry, she wouldn't want to ruin her body. It wasn't just the fact that she had cheated on him or the baby itself, but her reasoning for all of it. She hadn't planned on staying with him forever, just use him and move on.

"She would have placed a hit on Sam after all that she was doing to her in school," Valerie stated, her anger rising at the thought that the Latina had gone further in her attempts to keep Danny and Sam apart. She had the male that she wanted, but she also wanted to hurt the one that had not cowed down before her. "I know you never saw it, but then again you were too busy sucking face to see all the violence that Paulina liked to inflict on Sam."

"What?" He looked to Tucker, hoping that Valerie was lying to him, but his friend nodded. It was true. Sam had been hiding it and in turn Tucker had kept it to himself.

"She didn't want to cause you any issues and Danny, it would have only made it worse."

"I could have he-"

"Would you have really believed her when she had no way to prove it?" Danny thought back to it and regretfully he wouldn't have really known who to believe at that point, but he felt sure that he would have listened to what she said and in that he could have tried to find out what was truth and lie. "You know that Sam would never lie about something like that," Valerie pointed out. "I may not have been her best friend, but I still knew that Sam was a straight up person when it came to that kind of stuff and she wasn't even one to spill it either. She kept that kind of shit close to her chest." She then told him what she had witness long before she had hung out with their group. Danny could remember that time. He had been walking over to join his friends, but Paulina had kissed him and he had forgotten to ask what had happened.

"I went to help bandage her up, but she just warned me to keep it under my hat and that she didn't need help with such a small wound. I thought it was rather strange that she seemed to blow off such a strike, but if that was just the tip of the iceberg than that attack on her that night was the monster lurking under the waters."

"I have to find out what happened before she leaves again!" He went to get up, but Tucker stopped him.

"Give her time to sleep and then go there tonight and talk to her. With how Sam is I doubt she would be happy to be woken up to talk about something I am sure she didn't want anyone to find out." The halfa wanted to bite his friend's head off, but he also knew that Tucker was right. Sam wouldn't just rip into him, no, she would lock him out again and possibly this time for good. Nodding he sat back down as the group talked about what they would do with all this information and how to go about talking to her about what had happened. The pair wouldn't go with Danny, but he needed a plan and they were the two people that could help him.

The Goth in question awoke several hours later to find Dean looking rather apprehensive. Raising a brow she asked, "What's up with you?" He shot her a look, a look that she knew all too well. He was hiding something or was he waiting for so- "Dean, did you do something?"

"More like... we had a guest today," he muttered. He knew that he did the right thing, but Sam was going to be ticked off with him and while he loved her like a sister she wasn't one to get on the wrong side of. She would either run again or beat the shit out of him and neither one of those options sounded good right now. Her face fell, the fear in her eyes and the way her body stiffened told him she had an idea of who it was. "I told him that you were asleep and while he didn't want to leave, especially knowing how yo-" She jumped up, her sudden motion throwing him back a step in surprise. She didn't say a word to him, her movements quick as she headed for the door. He was turning to stop her when Danny appeared again, the Goth cussing as she backed up from her destination.

"God fucking damn it! Dean!" she yelled as she looked over at him. "This is why I didn't want to come!" Danny frowned at her as she scrambled back to the bed, the sheets flying up as she leaned against the window behind the bed. "Danny! Get the fuck out of my room!" He wanted to yell at her, but that anger in her eyes was overshadowed by the fear as she tried to remove herself from his space. If Paulina had been the one to attack her then it made no sense as to why she was looking so afraid with said woman not in the room. He took another step toward her, Dean taking a step to the side. "You mother fuckers! God! I can't even expect my friend to be on my side after w-" She stopped, refusing to spit out the words that had come to mind. She wouldn't tell Danny what had happened! Never!

"I have an idea of what you were going to say," Danny said, her attention on him at those words. She glowered at him and then turned to throw a cold glare at her other friend. "He didn't tell me what happened, but I gathered it from what little he did tell me and from our friends." She hissed at him as he drew nearer.

"So help me, if either of you even touch me I will fuck you the hell up!" It was a threat and while Dean looked unsure Danny didn't. He knew that she would do what she promised, but at the same time he felt that she was just trying to scare them away from her. It wasn't going to work on him. He wouldn't step back and the look in his eyes told her that. "Don't think I won't castrate you, Danny." She was like a scared cat that was spitting to warn the enemy that it wasn't happy with it, but there were no claws for it to defend itself.

"Sam, I'm sorry that I never no-"

"I don't blame you for that!" she spat back. "I don't want to talk about anything else, so get the fuck out of my room!" He shook his head. "Why do you continue to do this shit?! I just want to be left alone!" She looked at Dean now. "When this is all said and done I will be getting on a flight far away from anyone!" Dean blanched at her words. That was his worry to begin with, but with her looking at him Danny took a jump at the distracted woman. His body hit hers and pushing off the window they landed with a heap on her unmade bed. As soon as the shock wore off from his attack she began to struggle. "Let me go!" He held her tight, all the ghost fighting making him stronger and able to keep her close to his body. He could feel the heat coming off of her and the fear that seemed to mix with her anger until she finally burst. "You're going to kill me!" He almost released her with that cry, but he tightened back up on her.

"No I'm not and no one is going to hurt you, Sam, I won't let them."

"You can't protect me every second!" she spat. "You can't stop what will happen if you stay around me!" He was so angry at Paulina for what had happened to Sam, but the fact that she had managed to turn his friend against him in such a way was a blow that he had never seen coming.

"Sam, I can take care of her. Pau-"

"What about your child?!" she cried out now, his words cut off with the knowledge that she knew about that unfortunate information. It seemed that she knew she had struck a nerve, but it wasn't what she thought it was. "You wouldn't get to see your child!" A sad smile came to his lips and with a subtle move he leaned over and kissed her neck. The woman in his arms stiffened at the contact, going silent in his arms as he continued to kiss her neck several more times.

"There is no child, Sam." Her head turned slightly to try and look at him. "There was one, but it wasn't even mine." She still said nothing. Dean listened to the other male as he continued, sitting down on the edge of the bed as he watched all the different looks that passed over Sam's pale features. "She was cheating on me, hell, she wasn't planning on staying with me for very long." Tears began to form in her amethyst orbs. "Sam, I was wrong. I didn't love her."

"W-What?" she managed to stutter out.

"I thought that I loved her, but I wasn't really. It was more apparent when I found out and I didn't feel anything. I was mad at her for what she had done, but I was more mad and hurt that you had left than anything." She sucked in a harsh breath at his words. "I had feelings for you, but was afraid that it wasn't anything more than a crush and even then it would be wrong for me to try to take anything from you more than our friendship."

"Danny? What are you saying?" Dean also wanted to know, but he had a feeling that the young raven haired male was confessing his love for the woman in his arms. Would she accept it? He kissed her neck again, goosebumps rising on her flesh.

"I know you're not that clueless, Sam." She wanted to smack him for that comment, but all that came out was a soft chuckle. "I was and hell, I still have my moments." He chuckled now, his hot breath tickling her ear. "Blame it on my father." Dean stood up now, looking down at the pair that had seemed to have forgotten he was even there, and walked toward the door silently. Happy that his friend had finally gotten the one man she loved. He was sure that she would be okay and if she wasn't then he would be waiting outside to find out what had happened, while he filled his wife in on what was happening with the Goth that had been in their care. "I'm saying that I love you, Sam. I love you more than a friend is supposed to love another, but I do and I want to be with you." She stiffened again, the thought that while he said he loved her that she wasn't a safe person to be around. He turned her around, still under her as he pulled her close to him, their lips touching briefly. When he pulled back he found her looking rather dazed, her cheeks flushed. "Do you want to give us a chance?" It seemed that his words brought back those thoughts that had left her mind upon their kiss.

She really wanted to be with him, to give him children and to be by his side for the rest of their life, but could she really risk his very life. "Danny, I love you, but I can't do it, not wi-" He kissed her again, his hands moving up her body and tangling in her hair. She couldn't fight it, the feelings that swirled in her belly at his touch and his kisses were driving all the concerns out the window. When he pulled back, he smiled up at her.

"She won't be able to get to you with where she is now." She blinked at him before the male before her pulled her back down for another kiss as she clung to him. She could trust him. She could allow him to be by her side and that no one could harm either of them. He turned her over, the Goth now under him as he moved his hands down her body, his lips moving to nip at her neck. She could do this with him by her side, no matter what life threw at them. With a slight whoosh of cold he was before her as his human half, not even breaking contact with his lips on her neck. She moaned when his fingers brushed against the sides of her breasts. "What do you say now, Sam?" he whispered against her collarbone.

"Yeeeees," she groaned out as his lower body rubbed against hers. Smirking he made her clothing intangible as he went further down, his lips leaving a wet trail down her pale skin with a few licks of his tongue. She arched into his touch, her soft sounds the only sound in the room.

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