What Happened? @kawaii_chibi_phantom
Chapter 4

Danny appeared before the hotel, his eyes narrowed at the thoughts of all his friends keeping the secret of his Goth friend from him. Sam, she was just as wrong for what she had done, but Tucker had seen how he had reacted to her leaving without a word. Just a damned letter was left to him with nothing but a few words to explain herself. He didn't believe those words and now that she was back, he was damned and determined to find out why she had really left him. Flying to the floor she was on he looked for where her room was, and while he hated that Paulina had given him that information he was glad that she had been paying attention enough to give him the floor. The Latina hadn't known what room they were in, but he would find it.

Sam lay sleeping on the bed, her anxiety over the situation leading to Dean giving her a sleep aid. She hadn't been sleeping and while she hadn't said anything to him about it, it wasn't hared to tell with the dark circles under her eyes and the pallid of her skin. He was worried about her health concerning the halfa that she had told him about, but knew that no one could make the raven haired female do something she didn't want to. She wouldn't listen to him when he told her that even though Danny had been dating the other woman that she shouldn't reveal that said female had been threatening her. That as a friend she should tell him what the other woman was doing to her. Her response was still replaying in his head.


Sam stood before Dean with a grimace as he waited for her to speak. It had been a few days since she had come into his home and while he and Blossom were happy to see her, they had yet to hear the reason that she had wanted to run away from her home, from her friends. Sure, she had told them a while back about how much her mother was pushing her toward a marriage with one of their own, but both of them also knew about her feelings for her halfa friend. They had seen in the news about the male in question and knew that he was a great guy, a little clueless, but otherwise an upstanding person all around. Like the family and friends of Danny, they too saw that the pair were made for each other and even though Sam had never expressed his feelings towards her, saying that her friend was into one girl that had tormented her, they knew something had forced her hand. Had it gotten worse? The girl had gotten more violent, they were sure about that, but Sam had never told them all that she had done to her.

"What happened?" Dean asked. Blossom sat behind him on the couch, worry clear in her eyes.

"I told you," she said with a sigh, shuttering her gaze to keep him from seeing the pain that had been reflecting in them. "My mo-" He stopped her, pushing her into the chair behind her to the surprise of both the Goth and his wife.

"No, Sam," he said, his brows coming down in frustration with the woman before him. "You told us part of the problem. We know there is something more to this and if you don't tell me what it is I will call Danny and I will tell him where you are." She paled at his threat. Would he really do that? He could see the question in her eyes, even as she tried to hide it from his gaze. "I would hate to go that route, Sam, but you are hurting him with what you're doing. Does he deserve to be without his friend because of some unknown reason?"

"Fine," she muttered, turning away from him. "I left because of her, Paulina." Was he right? Had the girlfriend to the halfa tried to harm her? "I know what you're thinking, and yes, she did do something, but it wasn't what made me leave." She sighed, her eyes closing for a moment, as if she were thinking on how to word what she wanted to say, how much of it she wanted to reveal.

"Tell us," Blossom said softly. "Don't hide from us. We're your friends and would do anything to protect you fro-"

"She threatened to reveal my feelings to him, but again, not the complete reason for my exit from Amity." She was being so vague, as if she didn't want to utter the reason as to why she had left and while she obviously didn't want to talk about it, he could see the tears in her eyes. "She said she was-s...pregnant." Pregnant? She left because of that? "She said that if she told him that she would leave after dropping such a bomb, using my feelings as the reason that he would hate me." She looked at them now, the pain so clear in her amethyst gaze. "He would never gotten to see his child because of me and that, that was something I could never do to him. He deserves to be with the one he loves and with her carrying his child," she paused, her heart breaking with the knowledge that she was not the one pregnant by his side and that she had to move away from him, not that she hadn't thought of doing so after the Latina had dropped that bomb. She would never have been allowed to stay by his side, not with how Paulina felt about her and not watching him raise a family with the other woman.

"There is more to that story," Dean said, his own heart breaking for his friend, his wife reaching for his hands as they waited.

"Yeah, when after telling me this she again told me to leave, to stay away from him," she responded. "I did just that, but Danny, Danny didn't stay away from me, no matter how much I pushed him away." She chuckled. "It seemed that he was upset with me for pushing him away and like always, he didn't take that rejection very well, not from me anyway."

"You've always been close, so why would he?" Dean asked, pointing out what she herself had been worried about after the confrontation with the Latina.

"I was stupid," she muttered. "I thought that eventually he would give up and there wasn't much I could do until I turned eighteen, ya know? Hell, he could come into my home without my consent anyway, so how was I to keep him away." The next part came as a shock, to Sam when it had happened, and to the pair staring at her, waiting for the other shoe to drop. "Paulina's family is rich like mine, but she used it in ways that not even my family would do. She put a hit out on me."

"What?!" the pair cried out, anger coursing thru Dean's veins like a bucket of ice had been transfused into him.

"I was walking to the Goth bookstore that I loved so much. I thought as it was night that no one would bother me. Paulina was hanging out at Danny's house with him and Tucker was with Valerie so I was alone. It happened just as I turned the corner. A car came flying by, the shots that were fired hitting the wall behind me... and some did manage to hit me..."

"But I didn't see an-" She cut him off as she removed the hoodie she was wearing and you could now see the bandages on her right arm. There was a faint coloring of red on them, but there were at least three of them.

"They weren't the best at their job," she stated, moving her shirt up to show more of the spots where she had been hit. "I was lucky. One of my Goth peers saw what happened and called for help." She chuckled again, dark like before. "While in the hospital that night, I told my parents that I didn't want to be seen by anyone, not even Danny. I knew he would find out. He always does." Silence as she pulled her shirt back on, the hoodie following. "He did try to come and see me the next day, but no one would let him in. Sure, he tried to come thru the walls, but we had bodyguards that were posted with ghost weapons. I didn't want him hurt, but I didn't want him in there either. It would only end bad for both of us."

"Because of Dan, right?" She nodded. "Paulina didn't know about that though, did she?" Sam shook her head.

End of Flashback

Sam knew that it wasn't a one time thing, a threat that the Latina would follow thru with it if she needed to and so she had left them behind. He wondered if she would try again. If she would see Sam being here as another threat to their relationship. The woman didn't look like she had a child, not that he could tell since he had never met her before, but with Sam's reaction to seeing the other woman he knew that she still remembered that. It was a fear that Sam didn't show to anyone. She had never been afraid of anything, not even when she had been harmed, but when it came to the male she loved she wasn't one to play with the thought. She refused to allow him to be hurt, even if that meant she had to hurt him in a different way. One that she saw as a safe hurt. One that she believed he would get over. She would rather he not ever want to talk to her than become what she had seen in that future so long ago.

The room grew colder, the woman on the bed shuddering in her sleep. Dean knew from what Sam had said that it could only be a ghost or it was the one person she was trying to stay hidden from. Turning toward the door he found himself looking at Danny, the other male looking rather irked with what he was looking at before he scowled. "Who are you?" he asked, his tone hard.

"Dean," he said with a glance toward Sam, looking back at Danny a moment later. "And you are Danny, the halfa that is friends with Sam." It wasn't a question and the halfa in question found his temper flaring at how the male was acting. He was acting so friendly towards someone he knew very little about, save for the fact that he was with Sam, a woman who had left him behind to be with Dean. "Now, if you don't mind," the dark haired male stated as he stood to walk over to the halfa. "She needs her sleep and we need to talk."

"I'm no-"

"As I know you are rather close to her, and I know you care about her, you do know how she is when she doesn't get her sleep and I don't want to be on the receiving end of her temper any more than I am sure you do." Still scowling he took one look at the woman sleeping behind Dean before disappearing from the room, the door opening seconds later with Dean heading past him. "There are a few things that we need to discuss when it comes to her and her leaving Amity." It was all he said as he continued down the hall. As torn as Danny was with leaving Sam behind he chose to follow the other male, grumbling something dark under his breath as he de-transformed.

"So, you know the reason she left," he muttered.

"Yeah, and as much as I disagree with how she did it, I can see some of the reasoning behind it." That didn't help how the halfa felt about the male talking to him, but the next thing said made him wonder how much or in this case, how little he knew about what Sam's life had become while he had dated Paulina. "Anyone would run away when faced with death, but then again, knowing what would happen to you if that happened..." He left it open, knowing that Danny would put some of it together.

"Dan." Dean nodded.

"She didn't want that for you and I'm sure you would never have wanted her harmed, even if the person who was trying to kill her had not known what dire consequences were to come from their actions." He sighed. "Not that she cared about such things."

"She? She who?" Had a ghost been targeting Sam? Was it Dan again? He shook his head at that thought. The other male was locked away, never to be seen again.

"Oh, you know her and she's not a ghost, but since it's not my place to give you all that Sam has disclosed to me, I can't tell you all that much." Danny growled a warning at the other male's refusal to tell him what had been attempting to kill the Goth. "I'm sure that no one knew what was happening with that attack, not even Tucker or his soon to be wife, Valerie." This man knew a lot about them, but Danny couldn't figure out where this was going. He was feeling more rage and worry at all the unanswered questions. "Hell, I had to threaten Sam to even get her to give us the reason she had run away. She's never been one to run from problems, not even with her mother in the equation." That's what he had thought too. That the reason she had given them had not been the truth or at least not all of it, but then he realized that Dean had said something curious.

"Us?" Looking surprised for a moment, he remembered that Sam hadn't really told Danny about him or his wife.

"My wife and me." Danny stopped mid-step. This guy wasn't Sam's boyfriend or lover? "Sam and I have been friends for a while, well, long distance friends since we were babes." At the perplexed look on Danny's face he continued. "We met when her mother was having little playdates. We were probably six or so when we were first placed together, not that I liked her like that, but she was like me. Both of us are the black sheep in our family and we both refused to be like our parents wanted. I didn't want to be rich and Sam felt the same way."

"How come I never heard of you?"

"Sam isn't one to divulge such information," was his response. "She doesn't talk much about her family, except when they tick her off." This was true. He had not known that Sam was rich in the beginning, never allowed over to her house, but this guy had. He was part of that circle. "We were both like that though. We stayed friends and when her mother set her up with one boy after another I was there to kick their asses if they ever stepped out of line and believe me," he growled. "Even as kids those fuckers were mean. She could handle herself pretty well though. Sent them home to their mothers with more scrapes on them than she had. Her mother stopped doing it after a few years, but by that time we were separated. My parents moved to California and Sam had you, so I knew she would be okay." Danny wanted to ask more from him, but Dean continued, "Sam has had to deal with a lot of shit, but so have you and yet, she seems to keep going with you at her side. When she came to me with this new issue I told her to come back, even after the attack, to tell you what was going on, but she refused."

"Why wouldn't she tell me?"

"Because it had to deal with you."

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