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Chapter 3

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It of course only took that hour to get there, but Sam wasn't sure if she could keep herself hidden, when even if she checked into the hotel that was that exclusive and very private, there was a chance that someone like her parents would be sure to see her. They were always travelling though and the fact that she was going to check in under a false name there would be little chance that they would catch on. The car they were in was inconspicuous, a light blue Honda Insight and while it wasn't her kind of car, she knew that if she had driven up in an electronic car that she would stand out. Not to say that someone around the area wasn't into the same thing, but for her it would stick out. It was Dean's car, his raven hair fluttering slightly from the wind blowing into the small space.

"So, where is the hotel?" Smiling at him, she pointed down the street.

"Should be right down the street on the right. Phantom Paradise." He raised a brow, his green eyes curious. "I know, but it was the only one in the area that I know would be more secure and less likely that anyone I know would be, well, besides my parents." He nodded as he pulled up in front of the entrance of the rather nice looking hotel. It was a rather bright building, almost twenty stories high with its gleaming windows. On the curb was a male dressed in all white, while his vest was a deep blue. "Um, that's the valet." He chuckled. Just like the woman next to him to think of such a posh hideout. She didn't like her wealth and even then she had figured that no one would know her here. No, not from what he understood about Danny and Tucker, her friends that she had left behind, the pair hadn't even known she was rich until she had turned 15. Pulling her hat on, she climbed out as Dean followed suit.

"Do I need to gr-" She shook her head. No, they would get it all for her, not that they had much. Neither was planning to stay more than a few days and after the wedding on that third day, well, they were heading back. Nodding, he followed her in as the Goth in front of him watched for anyone she knew. She felt so guilty, acting so unlike herself with all the skulking about. She had hated leaving without a word to her friends, especially Danny, but she had really wanted to leave with her mother breathing down her neck about how she was going to be married off at the age of 18 to one her mother's friends' children. She was not an item to be sold and her mother knew that and yet the woman continued to do just that, act like she was some sort of property that she owned. While fuming she opened the door, Danny flying low overhead as he watched for any ghosts out and about. He noted that two people that he had never seen were entering the large hotel, the pair being dressed super casual for what he knew to be a more upscale establishment, but he ignored them.

They weren't ghosts and just because they were not dressed like one would expect to for a place such as Phantom Paradise, it was none of his business. As he was heading off, he thought he heard the name 'Sam' spoken in a male voice.

"Sam? You okay?" Dean asked, his hand coming down on her shoulder. She jerked to attention and realizing that she had stopped in the doorway when her eyes met those of a person that she knew all too well. Dean noted the tenseness of her body, the unease that was coming off of her in waves. Before her stood the one woman she hadn't wanted to see, the one that would spill her secret to Danny, her own teal eyes wide in shock. The male with her looked up to see what she was looking at, his own eyes narrowing as he moved to pull her next to him.

"Damn it," she muttered. She had forgotten that Paulina was rich. The other woman narrowed her own eyes, taking in the woman before her. She looked rather familiar to her, but she couldn't seem to place her and then suddenly she realized who she was looking at. Sam had matured, her body filling out in all the right places and while her clothing wasn't what the Goth had worn when she was younger, the former cheerleader knew it was her when she saw those eyes, amethyst orbs, looking back at her. Smirking she walked over to the woman she had called 'freak' for years.

"Samantha? Is that really you?" she inquired, her gaze turning to the dark haired male glaring daggers at her. "And who are you?" She was liking this hunk of a man before her, his green eyes staring her down. "You don't look like you two belong together, you know, with her being a fr-" His growl of warning cut her off as Sam tried to think of a way to get herself out of this mess. Danny would find out that she was here! Paulina may not like her, but she would do anything to make them fight as well. The halfa would have told the woman he was dating everything, the fact that Sam had snuck out and that he was ticked off with her. That would all benefit the woman before her.

"Not that it is any of your business, but my name is Dean and I suggest you remember," he spat. "You will find yourself six deep under if you insist on talking about Sam like that!" She took a step back, watching in fear as Sam whispered something to him, his eyes flashing at the woman before him. Oh, he was looking colder by the minute and the Latina knew that she was about to be reamed so before Dean could say anything she moved back further before rushing off into the crowd. The dark haired male turned to Sam with a look of concern.

"Welp, that plan worked sooooo well," she muttered just before heading forward. Maybe she could get to her room before he was alerted to her temporary place of residence. The woman behind the counter smiled, though it wasn't a relaxed smile. "Hi, um, Dean and Alex Castiel checking in." The woman's fingers moved quickly across the keyboard as she found them on the screen.

"Ah, yes, we have the room on the 15th floor ready for you," the woman stated before handing them each a key. Thanking her she yanked Dean down toward the elevator, unaware that Paulina was watching, her phone to her ear.

Danny was just about home when his cell buzzed in his pocket. Wondering if Tucker needed something or even his parents he was rather annoyed to see Paulina's name on the screen. 'She just can't let it go,' he thought, but he knew that if he didn't answer she would keep calling until he gave in. "Should have just shoved her into the Ghost Zone for time with her favorite artist," he muttered, but answered it. "What don't yo-" He stopped, his eyes narrowing with a flash of his power. "What do you mean?" Listening for a few minutes, he decided to ignore the woman on the phone, but he would still be on the alert. If Sam was indeed back in town he wanted to find her and talk, but it sounded a little fishy since Paulina liked to find a way to get him back to her bed. "Just stop calling me," he growled before hanging up and changing directions. If Sam was back in town, did that mean she was coming to the wedding? If that was indeed the case then that meant Tucker had been in contact with the missing Goth.

He didn't know if he should be relieved or ticked off that not only did Sam give their friend information to contact her while he was given no clue as to her whereabouts or if the fact that Tucker had not told him was worse... Another alert went off on his phone, a pic was sent to him and in that pic was the same pair of people he had seen enter the grand hotel. In that pic was a woman, though hidden under a hat while talking with the concierge he could tell who she was, but the male that was with her... he didn't know who he was and the fact that he was right on top of the small woman made him growl. So she was back and she had brought another male with her. Had she met him wherever she had moved? Snarling once more he sped up. His friend was going to talk to him about this! There was no getting out of it!

Valerie and Tucker were sitting down in their main room, his spot on the couch filled with papers from work. Being a Mayor was hard work, but he loved it and even though quite a bit of it was paperwork, he didn't have to do it alone. Valerie was on the floor before him, papers organized on the coffee table before her.

"Yeah, this one doesn't sound like a gr-" Whoosh! All the papers flew as two pairs of eyes found themselves staring into a pair of cold green orbs. "Danny?" Tucker stood as Valerie moved to collect the papers that had fallen off the table. A warning growl was his response to Tucker.

"You know where she was," he spat, Valerie stopping what she was doing, her form frozen and with that Danny knew that not only did Tucker know, but his soon to be wife did too! The Goth and ghost fighter hadn't been the best of friends, but they got along pretty well... still it didn't make him any less upset that she knew too. "You both knew!" The techno-geek fell back with a sigh as his fiancée continued to pick up the mess while Danny glared down at them.

"I didn't know where she was at first," Tucker stated, looking rather upset himself. "I'm sorry man, but we were there the night she left town." Danny's eyes narrowed further as he de-transformed from the shock of what his friend of several years was telling him. "We were out in the park when she came past and sh-"

"She made you promise to lie to me?" he stated, the cold tint of his voice making the room feel cold, like they were in a cooler. In that moment he felt all of his anger dispatch, his body going lax as he sat down on the floor. His heart gave a twinge at the knowledge that she had wanted it to be kept from him, that she hadn't trusted him with the knowledge that she was leaving and to top it all off his friends had known for the last few years. "How?" He looked over at them. "How did you find out where she lived?"

"Her mother," Valerie stated. Her mother had known where she was too? The woman had told him she had no idea! "She hired an investigator to find Sam, but when she tried to contact Sam, well, you know Sam." Yeah, he thought he knew his beat friend! He would never thought she would leave them behind without so much as a word. "She threatened to move again, further."

"Further?" he asked in confusion. Did that mean she was close?

"Yeah, she's only an hour north from here, but when Pamela thought that we could help she gave Tucker the information. It didn't help."

"Yeah," Tucker said with a shake of his head. "First off, when we called a male answered and when I asked about Sam he told me that she wasn't there and that she wanted to be left alone." The male on the phone... could he be the same man with her now? Was that her boyfriend? "She didn't call us back, but I went ahead and sent an invite to her. She did send a note back, but with instructions that she would not be there." He looked thoughtful as Danny thrust his phone at him, the pic of Sam with her unknown companion. "She's here?" Danny didn't say anything more, but they could tell by the look in his eyes that he wasn't going to let her get away again, not if he could help it and with that he was gone.

"Do you think she's going to be happy when he shows up?" Valerie inquired. Truthfully Tucker didn't have an answer for that. Sam loved Danny, but she had run away from him. She had said it was because of her mother, but the pair of them had a feeling that her letter had been a half truth and that she had meant another woman, like Paulina, or maybe she had meant Danny. Who would want to watch the love of their life date the one woman that had tormented her for years?! Danny didn't know that either, but Tucker had sworn to keep that under his hat and Valerie herself had also witness the torment that the Latina inflicted on Sam. The only difference was at the time she hadn't been their friend so had not seen her getting involved a great move. Sam had hated her and would have hated her interference, not that Sam hadn't handled it well. The Goth had pushed it off and had ignored the other female's attempts to tick her off, though as they had gotten older it had become more violent.

Flash Back

Sam had been sitting at the table outside, the Goth having preferred to be outdoors, away from all the people inside, but she hadn't noticed that her enemy had found her, the Latina moving to stand behind her. Danny and Tucker had been inside getting food at that moment, the small teen having brought a salad from home. After the first two years of high school she had seemed to opt in bringing her own food so she wouldn't have to wait in line. Each year that had passed had only brought her closer and closer to screaming when she had to be around the other students in the crowded room.

Valerie had been sitting off by the window inside, her green eyes falling on the Goth sitting there alone. She had watched with shock as the other female came over and with a violent shove of Sam's head had knocked the girl into the hard wood table top. The Goth had quickly moved to look behind her, the bit of blood from the hit dripping down her forehead, but she had paid little heed as she ripped the other girl apart. Paulina hadn't seemed to care and when Danny had arrived immediately clung to him. He was Danny Phantom after all and she loved all the attention she received by dating him. Danny hadn't seemed to notice that Sam was hurt, but the Goth had already moved, something uttered to the group as Tucker followed her in concern.

It was then that Danny seemed to notice that his friends had left his side, but with a quick kiss the Latina had his attention again...

End of Flashback

She wasn't sure how Danny hadn't noticed that red mark on the pale skin of Sam, or the blood that had dripped down her face... hell, even when the pair had sat down he hadn't noticed the bit of blood on the light wood of the table. Shaking her head. Sam should have told him about his girlfriend, but Tucker had explained that when Danny was around Paulina he didn't seem to see anything. An infatuation that had his judgement clouded. Someone needed to say something to him now because when it came down to it, Danny was upset and without a good enough reason for her departure it would only do more harm to the relationship between the two people who were more close than most couples.

It was then a plan surfaced. Once Danny got to Sam, and he would, he would come back. Sam would send him off, there was no doubt about that and then she would tell the raven haired male about what his ex had done to the Goth for years.

What will Danny say when he finally comes face to face with Sam? Will Valerie really tell the Phantom about all the torment that Paulina did to Sam?

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