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Chapter 2

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Danny looked at his friend with a smile that Tucker had found a woman, well, the one that had spurned him early on, dating Danny himself for a bit there, had given in and had found love with the techno-geek. It made sense since the pair of them were so alike when it came to their one passion... Electronics. He chuckled as he watched him talk to said woman on the phone.

He also felt a little jealous of the male before him, cooing into the phone and making the sickest comments that the halfa didn't want to see and so he walked away. He couldn't believe that his friend had found love with the most unlikeliest of people and that brought him to his problem. His mind was on the one person who wasn't with them. She had left to get away from her mother, or so she had she had said in her letter. That brought a scowl to his face, not that he wasn't already a little miffed, but the fact that she had left in the middle of the night as they had all slept. She had left that very night she had turned 18, only a few letters to him and Tucker to show for it.

I'm just so tired of being around my mother.

I need a new place to get out from her shade otherwise I can never be free of her.

Those words, though he knew to be true, were only a half truth. He didn't know why he felt that that was the case, but it was what he believed. He felt that Sam had run from Amity because of someone else, someone that she had liked. Yeah, he knew she had someone special in Amity, but he had never figured out who it was. Still didn't know, though Tucker had claimed that Danny knew who she liked. He could only think of people in his school, though none of them struck as the Goth's type. Not to him, but then again, he had believed that they would have made a perfect couple. It had taken him to long to figure it out and now she was gone. She left no address, though Danny wasn't surprised at that. Sam was known to do things like that when she wanted to be left alone and it seemed that she was doing just that.

Maybe that was the reason he felt that she was only giving him a part of the equation and not the whole thing. He needed to know how she felt and where she was so he could tell her his own feelings, but how to do that? Glancing down at the paper in his hands he knew it would have to wait as Tucker's wedding was this week, only a few days away anyway. Sam was more important, but she would be upset that not only did he come looking for her, but that he had failed to go to Tucker's wedding. His eyes widened for a moment and then he gave himself a mental shake. Tucker didn't know where she was so how could she know that their friend was tying the knot and she was going to miss it. Shoving the thought back in his mind he rushed off, back to his home.

Sam shoved her bag into the trunk of a car days later, the next few days until Tucker got married. She wouldn't allow anyone to see her, but she would go and witness the event, though she knew she was taking a chance since Danny was bound to be there as Tucker was his friend too. She was only going because he was her friend and he hadn't done anything to upset her, though he had been rather upset with her and the action she had taken to remove herself from their hometown. Yeah, he had known what she was doing, but only because he had caught her that night as she had waited for her ride in the park. It was a strange thing to have happened when the techno-geek was not all that excited for outdoor breaks, but then again he hadn't been there for the night air either.


Sam crept along the road, her backpack the only thing with her and one rolling suitcase. She hadn't taken any of the clothing in her room that night, only the purple bag that Danny had given her, the spider backpack worn and dull, but she loved it. In the suitcase was a whole bunch of mementos from her life, her journal, a scrapbook full of clippings, as well as a few photo albums among other things. She wasn't taking anything else with her. Clothing could be bought, her bank card from her inheritance with her, though she had already withdrawn enough funds to start her new life since she didn't want to leave a trail for them to follow her. As she had turned the corner toward the park she found a bench and after sitting down made a call.

"Dean? Hey, yeah, I'm just by the entrance to the no-" She stopped mid-sentence as she looked up to see Tucker and Valerie, both of them looking at her in surprise, but when she turned from them with only the words, "The north. Please hurry." Hanging up she stood to look at the two disheveled people before her. They didn't look guilty, though they were both flushed, but the look in their eyes asked her why she was out there. They approached her, the sound of an engine far away from them, but it was getting closer.

"What are you doing, Sam?" Tucker asked her, looking at the bag at her feet before returning his gaze to her. "Are you running away?" He almost looked like he wanted to laugh at those words because they were adults now.

"I'm leaving beca-"

"I know why you're leaving," Valerie said with a look to the techno-geek. "I can't say it's the right idea, but I get it." Sam nodded as the engine that had been in the distance now upon them, a motorcycle with a masculine figure pulling up. With a look, a look that asked for them to keep this secret, she turned away and headed for the bike. The male helped her to position the suitcase between them before they took off...

End of Flashback

He had kept her secret, as Danny had not come to her and while she had thought maybe for a second he wouldn't have if he knew anyway, she knew that was a lie. Danny had been pissed off when she had talked about leaving in the past, of the dreams that she wanted to achieve outside of Amity. While she had played with the idea of staying, the halfa had begun to date Paulina and Sam just couldn't deal with that so she had made the final decision to leave to protect him. 'And me.' Heading down the stairs of her loft. She glanced back at the gallery before her. She had done what she had yearned to do and had opened the gallery, aptly named 'Phantasm'.

"Hey, you ready to go?" came a male voice and she turned to see her only other friend and his wife. Dean took the bag from his wife, the woman before her pregnant, but not too far along. They kissed, the male before her pulling the small woman close in a hug. He pulled back and rubbed her slightly protruding stomach with a soft smile. Dean was a man that she had crushed on at one point, but he was at least five years ahead of her and had married his high school sweetheart. He had been her angel though, even his wife had become a part of her small circle of friends. They had come to her aid more times than she could count when Danny had been the topic of the heartache and so she could not go to him for someone to listen to her.

"Yeah, are you sure you should go?" she asked as she hugged his wife, Blossom. The other woman nodded as she gave her husband another kiss. Dean got in the driver seat and Sam joined him in the passenger side. They had decided just a few days ago that while she was gone that Blossom would run her gallery and Dean, he would go for assistance should it come down to that. Sam had chosen to be where she was and even though she was going back for her friend's wedding she wasn't staying. Even though she had only wanted Blossom to watch her place of business, Dean had been insistent that she was not to go alone so Blossom had pushed her husband to go with her, even though he had been thinking the same thing.

"Love you," he said to his wife before they took off down the road. It would take a at least one hour to get back to Amity. It was funny that even though she wanted to leave him to his own life she just couldn't go that far from her hometown. "We need a plan when we get there," he said with glance towards her. His green eyes were rather bright against his tan skin and the raven hair on his head was the same shade as hers. Some had thought them a cute couple, those who didn't know that he was married, but she had let them know since she felt a friendship and nothing more toward Dean.

"Yeah," she said. "We watch the ceremony and then we're out."

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