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Chapter One

Samantha Manson was giddy, an unnatural and strangely natural emotion for her. It was only when she was with the one person that she felt that way, the one man that she considered her equal. Daniel Fenton. Danny, as he was known to her. He was her other half, and yet he was just as she was. He was an outcast, had been since they had been little, the small raven haired boy joining her ranks of social outcast at the tender age of seven. He had been a strange one and yet the small male had been so normal.

He had been new to Amity. A boy whose parents had been world renowned and yet laughed about for their ideas on ghosts. They had gone around the world long before his birth, sleuthing around places such as The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, The Princess Theater, The Bhanghar Fort... If you haven't figured it out just yet, Danny's parents were ghost hunters, one of the most world renowned ones out there. Though they were looked upon as the bravest people out there they were also ridiculed for their belief on the spiritual world. Sam believed in such a world and had since she had been born or so it seemed.

She had believed her own home a site for such strange happenings, her town one known for nothing major. When she had been a few years old she had seen a ghost, a small girl with teal hair, singing in the middle of the town. No one had believed such a thing, choosing to ignore what they considered the mere imagination of a toddler. But that was the past and this week was special, well, to her it was.

It had been when the pair had turned fifteen... The year that everything had truly changed. Danny had revealed his identity to the town. The moment when everyone had realize that teenager Daniel Fenton, son of infamous Jack and Maddie Fenton, was the ghost hunter, the halfa, Danny Phantom. It had always baffled her that they had never noticed their son, how his injuries, his strange behavior had made his disappearances and failing grades happen so suddenly. How suddenly a young male so intent on being popular, being a part of the 'in' crowd had suddenly stopped attending school regularly and how he had suddenly stopped trying to be a part of that same 'in' school life.

It should have struck his teachers as strange and yet with the fact that most of the teachers in that same school had been so intent on becoming friends with popular students such as Dash Baxter and Pauline Sanchez it was obvious that someone that they saw as no one would be overlooked.

Sam chose to overlook that right now. She was intent on the fact that as of this week she waited for the moment when Danny, her boyfriend, would ask her to the dance. She was sure he would be late in asking as the young male was clueless and wouldn't think anything of the decorations being placed around the school during this time. She giggled as she thought of his look as they entered school this morning. He would wonder about it as he had so many school dances, though at that time he had been all about scoring with the Ice Queen, Paulina. That had been how it had been that first dance and now Danny had her. He would surely have everything together after all these years, right?


Danny frowned at his friend, the dark skinned male smirking as he handed a single key to the male before him. Looking at the small key, a silver piece of metal in his hand he looked back up.

"What the fuck, man?" he questioned. Tucker smiled. He took the key back and threw it in the air with a lack of caring and yet you could see in his face that this was a big decision for him. Tucker had never been one for commitments and yet he had found himself committing to one other girl important to the halfa. He had been going out with the older female, Jazz, Danny's sister, for a little over a year now. The pair had been a strictly lax couple, neither of them being all that big on long distance relationships.

"Your sister was the one to suggest it. Said she would be comin-" The halfa shook his head, his hands coming up to cover his ears as he make a face of disgust. Downstairs Tucker could hear the raven haired male's parents bustling around to finish their latest invention. This was a busy time for the pair downstairs. Their kids were leaving the house and now that Maddie was pregnant with their third kid they had decided they wanted to go back to their touring before the last child would be born.

The ghost fighting couple was in their forties now, both of them past what would be considered most peoples' prime and yet they were as fit as fiddle, and ready to do more. They looked as young as they had three years ago and still as able as ever. The pair had embraced Danny's alternate form, both apologizing for their comments about dissecting the young male. He had shrugged it off, but Sam and Tucker had known how much it had bothered him, Sam knowing that it had haunted his dreams...making most of them nightmares.


Sam stood before the school, waiting for her Halfa to show up, sure that even with the last year of school looming in the next few months that Danny was excited enough that he would show up earlier just to get it over with. The male in question appeared just then, almost her to trip as she fell back when he appeared before her eyes. He grabbed her by the waist, bringing her closer to him with a smile. They had been so happy, both of them finally finding each other after years of keeping their distance when it came to the next step up from friendship.

"Hey," she murmured as she leaned up to kiss him. The kiss wasn't anything too intimate since they were on school grounds, but it curled her toes and caused her to moan into his mouth as his tongue brushed against hers. A cough was heard behind them and both pulled apart to see Tucker with such a look of embarrassment on his face that instead of saying anything to him they all just headed inside. School would be starting in a few minutes, so the trio headed to their lockers, but Tucker held back when Danny gave him a look before turning to Sam. He reached into pocket and with a grin showed his girlfriend the tickets to the dance to her surprise. She giggled and throwing her arms around him gave him a quick kiss before Tucker finally moved to join them. This was their first dance together, well, as a couple and she wouldn't miss it for anything.


The week went by pretty quickly, the night of the dance already upon them, the Goth stood before the mirror as she looked over her appearance. The dress was skin tight, clinging to her soft curves and the color of it complimented her skin tone with the deep green that had caught her attention the first time she had seen it. The color was accented with a black corset that clung to her waist while at the same time it pushed up her breasts, the top of her rather large bust peeking over the top. She had been a bit apprehensive of that feature, but knowing that Danny would get a look as they clung to each other on the dance floor she had decided that it was perfect. She still wore her black combat boots, even tonight she wore them. No one would see them with as long as her dress was, the edges of it touching the floor around her. She had pulled her hair up, the long raven locks pulled up in a ponytail that held the curled locks in place. Her makeup was minimal as she wasn't one to overkill that feature, though she still her lavender gloss and eyeliner there wasn't any other make up.

Smiling she wondered about her halfa, the very person she was thinking of appearing at her side as the room grew chilly. She turned her body around to find him before her in a matching green tux, the white of his collared dress shirt almost too bright against the darkness of the outer outfit, but she couldn't help but give him an approving once over. His hair was longer, the bangs dropping over his eyes a bit, but she thought he was perfect and to her, no one would ever outshine him.

"Yo-You look beautiful," he managed to say as he felt a tightness in his chest with the feeling of his pants being to constricting. Sam was beautiful, her eyes all aglow with happiness and he was happy that they had finally figured it all out and that he could be here before her. He was hers and even if others thought differently they could stick it up their ass as he pulled her toward him, their lips clashing in a passionate kiss. He groaned against her lips as his fingers grasped her hips and pulled them against his overheated body. She responded, rubbing her lower body against him with a whimper. They seemed to go on for hours like that, though it had only been mere minutes as he pulled back. It was hard to do when he wanted to take her to the bed that she had slept in every day, the red comforter calling to him. He wanted to make it so that they could be complete in the only way that they had yet to.

"You clean up handsomely too," she whispered, her cheeks flushed against the pale feature of her skin. She squealed as he pulled her into his arms bridal style before exiting out the window. They would have done like most couples, going down to see her family before they headed off, but her family still didn't like them so it was best that they just head to the dance and leave that experience for the dance where a photographer would be on hand to take their picture. She definitely wanted a pic to coumarate this night. She was planning to give him a gift, one that she could only give away once. He was the only one that she would ever give that to and the only one that would be allowed such access to her body for the rest of her life.


It didn't take long to get to the dance, not with Danny flying them there and since he didn't have to hide anymore they landed on the walkway that led to the gym, the large sign in the front of the building un-noticed by the couple as they smile up at each other. Danny holds her hand tightly, pulling her closer to him so that same hand can cling to her waist. She leans against them as the rest of the people around them disappear from their own little world, the sound of the loud music from the large space is unable to penetrate their world. They weren't going to stay long, choosing to spend a bit of time alone, but Danny was nervous, the key to the hotel room in his pocket almost burning him as he leaned over to kiss her on the head, her hair tickling his nose.

"So, um, Sam," he whispers in her ear. "How about, um, we take a break after a few dances." She looked at him in surprise, a sexy little smile on her lips as she seems to know what he is asking, his nervousness alerting to her what he is asking her. She nods, her mouth feeling dry at the thought that she was on the same track as he was, the need to finally be together something that had been pulling at the pair since they had finally gotten together, not that she hadn't had fantasies of the night she and Danny finally made love for the first time. He grinned, the pair of them heading out to the dance floor as the song, 'River', came over the speakers.

Like a river, like a river, sh-

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