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I am rewatching the series as I am writing this, and I didn't realize how much I enjoyed the Original series... though early Naruto's crush on Sakura was as pathetic as Sakura's on Sasuke or Hinata's on Naruto and just as shallow... It as also really annoying.

With some soreness, Rai followed his brother towards the academy. His brother's stomach made a loud growl, and Rai couldn't help but roll his eyes. " I told you that milk wasn't any good. There was a reason I opened up that new carton."

Naruto pouted, turning towards Rai he frowned. "Yah yah, I know. Your always right."

"Never said that but okay... and who is that?" He pointed away from Naruto towards a poorly disguised person with a false cloak all rumpled up by a fence. The fencing on the cloak was facing the wrong way to begin with.

Naruto frowned at it for a moment but before he could respond, a funny looking little boy with a weird helmet rushed out of the fabric and screamed. "Your mine Naruto!" Before rushing at them then tripping over the fabric of his cloak.

Unable to stop himself, Rai laughed hard, the sight too funny for reason where as Naruto just stared at the idiot boy.

"What do you think your doing, Konohomaru?" Naruto's tone was so blasé, so bored that it left Rai a little confused.

"Wait that's Kohohomaru?" He stepped forward and kneeled, helping the kid to stand.

The kid, being dumb, piped up with a groan. "That was a slick move. That's why I respect you as my rival, Naruto... who are you? There are two of you?" Konohomaru gaped at them both, flashing his head back and forth. "Boss, you never told me you were a twin!"

Rai laughed a little, not sure why but he was enjoying the kid's energy. "We aren't twins, but we might as well be I guess."

"Oh... okay... I guess... Naruto! Fight me fair and square!" The kid put his hands into a handsign, his chakra at the ready but before he could act on his movements, Rai shook his head.

"We have orientation to get to, you can play with my brother later. Okay?"

Konohomaru blinked at him. "Orientation... wow..." He looked at Naruto who beamed a smile.

"That's right, as of today I am a ninja. Believe it!" He flashed his headband, a smirk on boiling on his face.


"What are you... there are two of you?" Rai looked up, seeing Shikamaru Nara looking at them with nothing but confusion. "Naruto, I thought you couldn't do the clone jutsu? This isn't for dropouts, you can't be here unless you graduate."

"Oh, I'm not Naruto. I am an accidental biproduct of Naruto playing with a secret technique. Names Rai, think of me as Naruto's brother, his twin if you'd like." Rai's stomach ached, as several other people finally took notice of him. He heard the whispers and saw several people glaring in disbelief. He tried not to care but he did, far too much to be comfortable. He wanted to hide away, to be far from those judgey eyes but he couldn't flee he had to be strong. "And yes we are both Ninja. Naruto stopped Mizuki from stealing valuable secrets, so he was awarded his headband. I was originally Naruto, a clone, I so when I proved that I was worthy I became a Ninja too."

The kid blinked, looking shocked and confused but nodded slowly anyway. "My dad did mention something weird happened, he just didn't say what... nice to meet you Rai, I'm Shikamaru."

"I know. I have Naruto's memories... kind of. But between us," He leaned in, seeing Naruto look at him with a suspicious glare. " I think I'm the smarter half."

"Hey! I heard that, believe it!" His brother lunged towards him, pushing him to the side and flashing his headband at Shikamaru. "You see this, it's a regulation headband which means I am a ninja now. Believe it."

Shikamaru nodded, sighing a little before rolling his eyes but before he could speak a crash busted through the door, showing Sakura and Ino doing something typical of them, racing to prove which one was better suited for Sasuke. It was weird but they had been doing it for years, and that was with the crush Naruto had on Sakura... which Rai didn't get since Ino was way prettier.

His face flushed a little as he looked at her, her pretty blonde hair and green eyes, that perfect apple shaped face, her purple clothes... she as beautiful.

'But mean, I can remember her being mean to Naruto a lot, calling him names and excluding him from things... actually Sakura was the same way, so why does Naruto like her so much?' Rai tried to remember, focusing hard on Naruto's memories but he just couldn't figure out the reason. She was never nice to them, to Naruto. 'Must be an emotional part of his memory... kind of stupid really.'

It was then that he realized he was grateful to not have the emotional part of Naruto's memories. Relying on just pure information made it clear that Sakura was not very nice or worth liking.

'There are a lot of pretty girls in this class, but have any of them been nice to us?' Turning he saw a very pretty girl who's name he could not remember. She had blue hair and white eyes and she was wearing a cream colored hoodie...

She was also blushing something fierce.

'Who the hell is she?'

Hinata almost passed out, seeing two very handsome Naruto's sitting next to each other even if they were dressed totally different. Rai, the other Naruto, had a cute little braid and his hair was slicked back and his clothes were more subtle. Lots of green and grey, he looked very handsome but so different Naruto. He seemed calmer too, less itchy then Naruto and more focused...

'He's looking at me!' She squeaked inside, shuddering as he focused on her with a strong gaze. Her eyes widned as he started to approach her. 'He's coming over!'

Darkness danced at the edges of her vision before he fully approached her, smiling kindly. "Hi, my name is Rai Uzumaki. I saw you staring at me... did you want something?"

She shook her head, unable to speak so much as a word as he stared at her.

"Oh... um... can I ask you your name? I don't know it."

"Hi-h-hin-Hinata." She, somehow, managed to squeak out.

"Hello Hinata." He smiled at her and she felt darkness take her entirely.

"Hinata, what the hell?" He reached over and poked the girl a few times before checking her pulse. "She's alive but she fainted... why? Weird girl...anyway..."

More then a little freaked out, he walked back over to Naruto, only to find his brother on the ground and Sakura piping up a soft. "Good morning Sasuke." As if she hadn't just shoved his brother to side.

Anger exploded in his chest and so, without a care, he shoved the girl to the side.


"The most promising new student, Sasuke Uchiha. Is that him?"

Hiruzen nodded as they looked into his crystal ball. "Yes, he's the one."

"He's the only survivor left from the Uchiha clan." Kurenai said, her voice mellow and just a little sad.

"That's right."

The crystal ball's image shifted until it revealed Naruto, Rai and a very stunned Sakura on her side.

"Naruto Uzumaki, Huh... and that' s his clone, Rai correct?" This was Kakashi Hatake.

Together, as a group, the monitored the situation and listened in carefully as Rai spoke. "You have been bullying Naruto for years, well today it stops. Get over yourself Sakura, Sasuke doesn't want you and probably finds you as annoying as I do now."

The girl, blinking, shot up and shot a fist at him, only for him to easily catch it. "What, Naruto you..."

"Not Naruto, so back off." He shoved her again before turning and helping his brother off of the floor.

"Hmmm, so he's protective of his brother, that's good." Hiruzen breathed out a whiff of smoke, turning towards Kakashi. "Your going to have a hard time if she doesn't stop. Rai is taking his training very seriously, I saw him practicing Dancing Leaf Taijutsu and a Water jutsu. I give him a month before he is good enough to use both in combat, which will put him over Sakura by a large margin. She will be a target of abuse if she doesn't calm her harassment down."

Kakashi nodded. "I can see that and oh, Naruto might in for some trouble."

They all turned to see Naruto crouching on the table, staring directly into Sasuke's face with a growl on his lips. Before anyone could remark on that however, Rai reached over and yanked Naruto back.

"Stop that, Sasuke didn't do anything. He can't help if the girls are obsessed with him for no reason. Leave him alone, Naruto."

"But Rai!"

"NO! Naruto, you don't like being bullied and harassed so why do it to others? Huh?"

Kakashi frowned, though it wasn't visible through his mask. " He sounds nothing like Naruto, I thought he was a clone."

"He was one but he has been reading quite extensively, it has given him quite the vocabulary. He finished three books this weekend alone due to reading whenever he wasn't training. He also got Naruto to work along side him, so I imagine he will be improving quite a bit as well."

"Hmm, that's good. Naruto needed the improvement."

"They both did... It is good Rai is not as impulsive as Naruto, he might keep him out of trouble."

Kurenai hmmed at them. "Why is that, that he is not as impulsive? Reading wouldn't change that much, would it?"

"He lacks Naruto's emotional development. It seems that Naruto's impulsivity is not natural but a product of his environment. Rai is developing his own heart, so to speak, and so he is not having the same behaviors Naruto has. He seems to be calmer, more mature and a touch more rigid then Naruto. I believe in part it has to do with being around Naruto and him developing in response to being what is needed instead of just becoming Naruto. Or so is my theory."



"As of today, you are all Ninja's. To get here you faced difficult trials and hardships." Rai wanted to roll his eyes at Iruka's speech but decided it was better to just let the man speak. "But that's nothing, what comes next will be far more difficult. Now you are only genin, first level Ninjas. All the genin will be grouped into three man squads with the exception of Rai Uzumaki, who will be apart of Naruto's team until a new team opens up."

"Wait!" Kiba barked out, growling at Rai's direction. " Who's the new guy and why is he allowed to just graduate? We had to go through the Academy but I have never seem him here before."

Rai raised his hand before Iruka could speak. "If I can, I'll answer him." Iruka nodded and allowed him to speak, so he turned to Kiba with a smile. " My name is Rai Uzumaki and I was a clone of Naruto, who used an experimental jutsu to accidentally give me separate life. I know that's weird ,so just think of me as Naruto's twin brother. I have all of his memories and so I can do all you can in terms of what the academy lessons. And the Hokage personally approved of my graduation because technically I was still just Naruto when he graduated and went here."

Kiba just blinked at him, still clearly confused.

"I hoped that helped you Kiba, because I need to finish. He is right though, and do not treat him as if he is just Naruto. The Hokage made it very clear that he is a separate person and should be treated as such, just as you aren't actually Akamaru even though you and him work together. Does that make sense?" Kiba finally nodded and sat down, giving Iruka a chance to finish. " As I was saying, each genin team will be lead by a jonin, an elite Ninja. We want each squad to have a balance of strength and abilities so that's how we set them up. " Iruka continued. "I will now announce the squads. Team Seven :Naruto Uzumaki, Rai Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha."

Rai's head hit the desk, and he did all he could not to groan, knowing fully well that he would now have to deal with Naruto's crush on Sakura and hate of Sasuke, Sakura's crush on Sasuke and hate of Naruto, and Sasuke's disdain for both.

Turning to Sasuke, he sighed. " I am sorry your going to have to deal with this. You don't deserve that."

Sasuke, oddly enough, gave him a considering look and nodded at him. No words were exchanged but they seemed to have an understanding on that front at least.

"Iruka Sensei!" Naruto barreled up, squaking at Iruka. "Why does a great Ninja like me have to be on a team with a slug like Sasuke?"

Iruka gave a smirk. " Sasuke had the best scores of the graduating students. Naruto you had the worst scores." Children started laughing and Rai couldn't entirely fault them, Naruto was making a pointless scene. "To make balanced team, we put the best student with the worst student."

"Just make sure you don't get in my way." Sasuke's voice, which Naruto and thus Rai had rarely heard, suddenly drew their attention to him. "Loser."

"Hey what did you say?"

"Knock it off Naruto si-" Sakura snarled at Naruto but her words were cut short when Rai put his hand on her shoulder and squeezed tight, making her gasp.

"Stop being rude to him."

After clearing his throat to get their attention, Iruka had one last thing to say. "After lunch you'll meet your new Jonin teachers, so until then class dismissed."

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Each episode of importance will be split in two I think, for ease of writing... but not every chapter will be an episode. I will be doing original chapters and altering episodes as it fits the changes Rai brings.

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