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Preparations for the Future

I really am getting better with needed filler and spreading things out so it feels more like a story and less rushed...

The episode where they went to the Chunin exams had a five day time skip! I am fleshing out more.. for Rai's sake.

For the Chunin exam chapters I will try to go longer then normal to compensate for these shorter filler chapters...

I am going to try and write with Ino, tell me how I am doing, I have never written her I think. I sort of planned on them dating from a earlier starting point, around then first episode she appeared in.

"So your fighting in the Chunin exams too?" Rai asked, dodging Kabuto's strikes. They were slower then he knew Kabuto was capable of, deliberate so he could practice the motions. Still the man was not holding anything back, hitting hard when he did connect. So far Rai had been hit at least a dozen times, each one leaving him with bruises and a surge of pain. He knew he would be crawling home this day...

Kabuto smiled a little as Rai dodged a singular strike. "Sure am, this will be my seventh try. I don't have much hope we'll pass but we need to represent the Leaf, you know what I mean?"

"A little. Is that why we are working on my dodging training early? I mean you did say it was next weeks exercise and this is only my second day at the Hospital."

"Precisely. I'll be gone a lot over the next month, and you'll be training in the generic classes but you can take what I've taught you so far and apply that to your own training. A lot of your training in general, the ninja part of it, will be self training so it's fine that I am doing this. The actual healing parts have to be person to person, hence your classes."

Rai considered that. "Is that why we are training on the water right now?" And so there were, as they were in a large training field behind the Hospital designed solely for the Medical Ninjas like him.

"Again, your right. I want you to merge your skills and get the most benefits from them. I will make you into an unstoppable medic!"

They shared a warm smile, only for Kabuto's strong palm to smack him dead in his shoulder making him wince as one of his many bruises screamed in pain. This was not going to be a pleasant day, he was pretty sure he was going to crawl home indeed. That little thought was right, completely right.

Their training session lasted another hour or so before Kabuto stopped, sitting them down against a tree where he brought out a small scroll and handed it to Rai.

Rai, naturally, asked. " What is it?"

"That is the basics of the Mystic Palm. We start you on it early so you can get a feel for it and understand your own progress. We want you to really see just how much your training it helping. I think you can master the first stage of it by the months end. You seem talented."

That sent a blush through Rai's face. " Thanks, I try."

"You do, which is why I think your talented." Kabuto gestured to the scroll. "At least two hours of your training will be on the Mystical palm each day, with the rest of your training being on reviewing your knowledge and chakra control. In three months, you could easily become a medic level one. Not just because that is the minimum training required but because I think you will genuinely be ready for that rank. Not everyone reaches that rank so easily, some take six or more months. I have a feeling you'll get it."

"Thanks, seriously, thank you."

"Your welcome. Now study that scroll on your days off. I will be testing your knowledge on it next time I see you. Oh I should mention, even if I wasn't in the chunin exams you would be healing in a group. They like a preceptor with you when your learning jutsu. They like to have all of the students there as one so they can really evaluate the group potential and so you can get to know each other. You'll need it if you ever get good enough to cast group healing jutsu."

" I like that."

"You should. Now, we'll rest for a bit then I am going to show you how to practice dodging by yourself. It isn't as easy as working with someone that can help you, trust me."

'Maybe I could teach Ino this stuff and spar with her,... if her teacher is as lazy as she said, it would be really helpful.' That thought sent a blush through his face as he considered the girl that had, baring no refusals, declared herself his girlfriend after their kiss. 'Yeah, I think I will.'


Ino felt like she was flying as she sat down for her dinner with her father and mother, a smile etched into her face so strongly it would take more then a kunai to cut it off. It was silly and stupid but her kiss with Rai stayed in her head, even if it was the next day. She had just passed through the gardens where it had happened, leaving her happy and almost giddy with the memory.

Silly but he was happy with it.

"What has got you in such a good mood, baby, is is the chunin exams?" Her mother's strong voice drew her from the wells of her own happiness.

"Huh, oh... um... no, that is nice but no... I... I have a boyfriend." She beamed at them, proud of herself and the entire connection she had forged.

They both smiled at her, neither being stereotypically overprotective or irrationally angry. Her Daddy, her favorite man alive, leaned towards her. "And who might that be?"

"Rai, Rai Uzumaki."

The silence that broke out was almost painful, but she expected that.

Her Daddy blinked a few times. "Really... Rai? I thought you hated Naruto?"

"I did, but...when I realized what could have created Rai, a Yami... I realized how wrong I was. I was a bully, which is awful given how I protected Sakura from Bullies. I wanted to make amends so I spoke to him a few times... he is nice, sweet and really smart."

Her mother actually coughed, a confused look on her face. " I thought you liked the Uchiha boy?"

"So did I, but I realized that was a fantasy. I mean Rai is actually there for me, he talks to me, trains with me, eats with me... Sasuke never even looked at me. Not even once." She looked down at her plate, as shame filled her. " When I realized I was being a bully, I sort of looked at a lot of things and realized I was in the wrong. I all but stalked Sasuke, it was... creepy and I plan on apologizing to him some time soon. He deserved better that, as did Naruto. I really am ashamed of myself, who I was and how I acted."

She expected a lot out of her parents, but never proud smiles or her father saying. "That means you grew up, baby. That is something to be proud of, I know I am proud of you. So proud it actually hurts."

"Thank you Daddy... so your okay with me dating Rai, even though he's your patient?

"Um... well, yes. He is a good kid, with a good head on his shoulders. I am able to be nonbiased, so it won't affect his treatment. I actually plan on seeing him solo in a week or so and Naruto a week later. I need to evaluate them, see how they are separating especially with them both choosing such different paths."

She could not help her huff of relief. " That's good... thank you, really Daddy. I really do like him. He's... different, different then any boy I know. He's nice and smart and challenging and really, really loyal to his brother. I like that... and he's a good kisser but you don't want to hear about that." The whole family laughed a little, leaving the girl uplifted and proud. "He's been helping me with my training. I never realized it but Asuma is a poor teacher, really he barely works with us... honestly, Rai and I sparring together is more then we ever did with Asuma."

Insantly the room darkened and her father's eyes did as well. "Really... hmm... I will have to talk to the Hokage about his son. Your education should not be hindered, none of yours should be."

"Kakashi's a poor teacher too, Rai has all sorts of stories about him."

Her father did not seem pleased about that but Ino was, happy to finally get something like that out in the open... and she knew that finally something would be done about her poor education. Finally she would actually have a team that would work hard and not be filled with a lazy ass and fatso who only stuffed his face

'I deserve better... and so did Rai. We actually want to work hard! Maybe we could become a team, partners... that would be great.'


'I did it.'

Naruto panted, huffing loud and harsh as his body strained to move, his arms screaming in agony as he went through the motions of his new Katas. The sight before him uplifted him, making it impossible not to smile or smirk. He had done it, with great struggle... He had cut off a branch without chakra, just sheer strength and accuracy. It was not easy, but he had managed to do it.

'Rai was right, I heal quickly and that means I get stronger really, really fast. I can already see a different in the shape of my arms, in the speed of my strikes and the cleanness of the cut.'

And that left him with a surge of pride.

Rai had his path, a healer and a support ninja. Naruto would have his, becoming a powerful swordsmen and Kage. His first stop, becoming a Chunin! He could not believe Kakashi had signed then up, it just seemed unbelievable. Amazing and terrifying all at once, if he was being honest. Rai had made him read up on the exams before, during on his many excitable moments, so Naruto actually knew what that weird red haired person, the guy carrying the mummy and their blonde girl were talking about much to the shock of his teammates.

He was extremely excited about the entire thing and could not wait, he wanted to show off his power. What he could do with a sword and what he could with the jutsu he and Rai had learned, his new taijutsu style and everything they worked on together. He wanted everyone to see he wasn't the worthless kid he had been, he was amazing and powerful and definitely going to become Hokage.

And he would show them all, no one would stop him.

The Old man would be proud, Rai would be proud, everyone would love and respect him...he would be seen, wanted and powerful. He would matter...

No one could take that from him...

No one.

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

This is really short but I am experimenting with Ino so... yeah. It has been hard, but fun to write from her perspective. We will be seeing her more often, more interesting and well worn stories not just romance. We will see more then what we normally see of her. She had so much potential, as a person, character and Kunoichi that never got to showcase all of what she could be or become. I wish we saw more of her, of her identity, values, personality and presence. So I will be showing this and these things, or so is my hope.

Love, your Ninja Overlord,


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