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One thing I want to get better at is writing pleasure scenes. Not sex scenes but scenes about life, just hanging out and not always training... or fighting or directly story driven... I am weak at that.

"So what do we know about the boy? Is he capable of harnessing the Kyuubi's powers or is he without use to this village."

Hiruzen sighed, hearing Danzo's voice. Though the man was no longer apart of the council, ever since his attempt at a coup using Kakashi all those years ago, but he had allowed him to be a part of today's meeting due to the sheer vital nature of the subject. He wanted to control the information Danzo received, at least as much as he could. Hiruzen was no fool, orders meant nothing to Danzo. Root was still around and that meant that Danzo had knowledge on almost everything in the village.

Leaning forward, Hiruzen took a puff of his pipe. "The boy's name is Rai, and he is of great use to the village. In his most recent mission he performed admirably, showcased sensory powers and was able to compartmentalize the death of all those he killed. He also played a great role in assisting Sasuke and Naruto both to master Surface Climbing exercise in remarkable time when given their vast well of chakra. He may not be a Jinchuuriki but that does not mean he is not without value. I project that despite being Naruto's clone, his potential is entirely his own. As it is he requested to receive Medical training and will be working at the hospital twice a week to gain a mastery of healing."

Koharu nodded. "That is good, we have so few healers. Do you think he will excel?"

"The boy has sensory powers and a rare determination, I do believe that these two things mixed with his advanced chakra control will allow him to master many healing jutsu. How skill he will be is to be seen but I foresee greatness there."

"How does he have sensory powers, Naruto has never shown signs of this ability?" Homura asked, her voice stern but undeniably curious. "They are clones after all, their abilities should be identical, or near it anyway."

Inoichi turned towards them, shaking his head. "He isn't a perfect clone of Naruto, he was born of Naruto's repressed spirit. He lacks the impediment of Naruto's painful childhood, which means his growth rate will be different from a psychological standpoint. They are essentially twins and many twins have shown vastly different potential, even identical twins. As for his sensory powers, well it may be unique to his spirit. Sensory powers come from the soul and body. The boys may have a physical potential for it, their parents were both sensors after all. However because of his mental growth and development he may have either unlocked it from his body, or developed it entirely on his own through the manifestation of his growing soul."

They all trusted Inoichi's words, his clan was filled with sensors and their jutsu relied on that power. Few others, even Tsunade, understood that power better.

"The mission to Wave, no matter how much of a cluster of misery is was, proved very fruitful. Sasuke developed the sharingan, Naruto has taken up Iado, Rai his sensory powers... growth in this new generation is exactly what we need, especially with the Chunin exams coming up in a month. We may very well have many new candidates for the exams this year. I foresee a greater turnout and showing then we have had in years."

Koharu nodded, as did most of the other Council members. "That is good." The Elder said. "We have had such lack luster exams over the last decade or so. Other then Itachi and Shisui there has been little to show off to the other villages over the last decade or so."

Not a single person disagreed, not even Hiruzen. There really have been a poor turnout for the chunin exams since the Kyuubi attack, that there were so many heirs that might participate really would bolster the village mission set for quite some time. It was about time for some growth, the lull had and was taking it's toll on the village resources. They needed to get stronger and stay that way.


"Here Naruto, take these scrolls." Rai handed his brother half a dozen scrolls, which Naruto took with an excited expression. "These are on Iado. Except for one of them, which is on working on your speed. You'll need that for Iado."

Naruto nodded. "Thank's Rai, your always helpful."

"What got you to pick up Iado? I mean I don't mind, hell I'm pretty excited about it, I'm mostly curious."

"Oh... well, you said you were going to take up healing and being a medic... and I thought that was special and amazing, so I wanted to do something just as amazing. I remembered our lessons on Iado, and it just seemed to fit. I suck with handsigns and I love close combat more then the jutsu we learned. I thought being a Ninja was just about cool jutsu but since you came about, I started to realize it was so much more. It's about being smart, and powerful and skilled in a lot of ways. It's about being steathy and careful... we could have died on that mission if Kakashi wasn't all of those things. I want to be better... I made that my Nindo, a new Nindo. I want to make my own path, be my own person and have skills that fit me not just look cool and fancy. Is that silly?"

Rai felt a swelling of pride in his chest. "Not even a little, Ru. Not even a little. I... I was worried you weren't taking your career seriously enough but to hear all that... well, I think your going to be an amazing Hokage."

The two brothers shared a smile, and a sense of warmth that came from family.

Then Naruto broke it by chuckling. "Well, I'm going to go train. I don't think Kakashi will bother to help me with this, so it's up to me. Um... I thought of one thing before I go. You should focus on long distance stuff, you seemed to do well on the bridge when you were farther from the battle. You got hurt twice the moment you came down. Might be a good idea for you to work on that..."

"I'll keep that in mind Ru, enjoy your training."

"I will! See ya, Rai." And with that, Naruto booked it from the library, ignoring any and all signs demanding there was no running.

Rai just sighed at his brother, knowing he would never gel with the formalities and rules of the world. He was too busy making his own. "What a tool... but I love him, so what am I going to do. Idiot... wonder what Ino is doing? It's been a month since we chatted, maybe we should hang out... I think I'll find her. I have a few days off, might as well doing something fun."

Collecting his new books and scrolls, mostly on the shushin and the next stages of the Dancing Leaf Taijutsu style. He also grabbed books on anatomy, physiology and basic first aide to get a better memory of a subject Naruto had, once again, ignored in school. A subject that would come in handy when he started working as a healer next week. Or so he hoped.

After returning to his apartment to put his stuff away, Rai shot into the streets to find Ino. She had told him where here house was, so he decided to start there.


Ino's house was, naturally, one of many in a compound of nice houses. The whole area was covered in flowers and bushes, complementing the grey slanted roofs and light painting on the side of the buildings. It invoked a sense of sophistication that just defied anything Rai had ever seen, even including what he saw in Wave. These people were wealthy, powerful and they knew it.

He couldn't wait to have that kind of money, and instantly added it as a new goal. He had memories of Naruto hoarding his money, knowing he would be overpriced in certain shops and driven out of others. It was sort of already a goal he was born with, as Naruto himself wanted to have money and the respect that came with it

Walking towards the entrance of the main building, he quickly knocked on the door and waited for a response. After about a minute or so, he heard a muffled voice telling him to hold on. After a few more seconds the door slid open, revealing a pretty women. She was taller then he was, with dark brown hair pulled up into a bun by a red ribbon. She had a complexion more like Ino's, only her was marred by thin wrinkles at the sides of her mouth. She wore a dark blue dress clipped at the neck with a blue gem.

"Hello?" She looked at him, taking in his form for a moment before a smile crossed her face. "You must be Rai, how can I help you honey?"

"Uh, yeah, I'm Rai, nice to meet you Mrs. Yamanaka. I'm looking for Ino, I wanted to hang out with her."

"Oh, well she is home at the moment, I'll go get here. If you'll hang out here for a moment she'll be out in a heartbeat." She smiled at him before closing the door back up.

He waited like she said, just looking about and admiring the beautiful structure all around him when Ino finally came to the door, a huge smile on her face. "RAI!" She threw herself at him, squeezing tighter then any hug he had ever had. It made him feel really good... she smelled kind of nice, sort of flowery. "You've been gone for so long, I thought you forgot about little old me."

"How could I forget you, Ino. Your the only girl I've ever talked too, your kind of special like that." He gave her a tipped smile, sort of happy to see her excitement, not many if any people, were ever this happy to see him. "I just came from from a C ranked turned A ranked Mission... wanna hear about it? Then we can talk about whatever you want. I remember you mentioned that your family owns a flower shop, we can talk about that if you want. Or maybe we can spar, I do wonder how skilled you are. It's up to you."

Her smile was beyond wide and she all but threw him away as they ran off, going to walk through the streets together.


"... And they were going to name the Bridge after us, but they couldn't figure out who to name it after. I mean Naruto and Sasuke saved Tsunami, Kakashi killed that Haku guy, Naruto killed Zabuza, I killed Gato, Sakura guarded Tazuna... It was hard for them to decide. Naruto and I sort of made a suggestion, that they name it after the team, so now it's the Lucky Seven Bridge. Kakashi managed to find and retrieve Zabuza's awesome sword and now it belongs to the village. Naruto used his clones to help with the building of the bridge, so I helped with that when I wasn't guarding Tazuna."

Ino's green eyes were wide, as awe filled her. "That's amazing! I can't believe you guys did an A rank and saved an entire village! An entire nation from a mobster, that's just epic! You should really be proud."

" I am, it was amazing and scary and fun and powerful and weird... we weren't ready for it but we did it."

"You really did... I'm so jealous." She nudged him, a warm expression in her eyes.

He just laughed at her, unable to hide his slight blush. "So, what do you want to do now?"

"We can go eat and talk some more, I'll pay. It can be my treat. Just no barbque, my team is always eating that."

"And no Ramen, Naruto never stops eating that. How about dumplings or dango?"

"Oooh, that sounds great! I can tell you all about my team with the lazy ass and food boy."

And off they went, to enjoy a wonderful meal together and finish the bonding that started a month before.

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