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A Dangerous Mission!

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"YEAH!" Naruto bellowed, hands in the air! "Alright!"

Naturally it was Sakura who replied. "What are you getting so excited about Naruto?"

"This is the first I have ever left the village, I'm a traveler now believe it!"

Rolling his eyes at his brother's adorable behavior, Rai turned to Tazuna before he could run his mouth. "Don't worry, he may be dumber then a box of rocks but the rest of aren't. Especially Kakashi, he is very powerful so you have little to worry about." Naruto almost face planted at his comment but when he turned to face his brother Rai just winked before putting a finger to his lips. "Behave yourself Naruto. Not everyone is okay with your bounciness."

Naruto pouted some more but nodded, they had been working on his behavior and there had actually be some improvement. "Fine, but I'm still going to be Hokage, believe it!"

"I know you are, but not everyone can see your potential. Right now though your a genin, so you have to act like one. We don't attack our clients, or threaten them. We keep our mouths shut and move on our way until our next mission."

Naruto's pout was reaching epic proportions but finally he nodded. "Fine... so boring, your boring Rai."

"I love you too, now let's go."

And so they went, moving on the road towards Wave Country.

After about ten or so minutes, Rai felt a tap on his shoulder, drawing him to look at a very concerned Kakashi. "Can we speak for a minute?" As he nodded, obeying his teacher, he heard Sakura pick up conversation with Tazuna. The two Ninja moved away from the others, standing about ten feet away when Kakashi spoke low and soft. " Why did you tell The Hokage that I haven't been teaching you?"

Frowning, Rai looked at his so called teacher full in the face. "Have you?" The man sputtered a little but Rai didn't let up. " Do you know what Naruto and I do every day for training? We get up by five am, eat a healthy breakfast I usually cook since Naruto can't cook and I wanted to learn. Then we discuss a random subject, usually something we red the day before or thought about. By Six we are at the training field sprinting laps, fifty right now since we stopped at thirty at the academy and had to make it harder for us.

From there we do our stretches, push ups and sit ups and whatnot... then we spar.

"Alright Ru, make ten clones for me to spar with then ten for you." Rai looked to his brother, still exhausted from the run and early rise.

He waved a hand at him. "I know, I know you say that every morning. Shadow Clone jutsu!" Twenty clones appeared and they divided accordingly. "I know what your going to say, use my Kata's and actually work hard. I remember."

"I know you remember Ru, now let's do this!" Moving about fifty feet away, he and the clones all settled into their stances, there was a pause...and then they struck, screaming as they did so. Rai flew low to the ground, rising to unleash a harsh kick to one's stomach, dispelling him. He fell low and, tripping another and stomping on his head.

He blocked two strikes, much to the pain of his arms, and used the motion of the second block to bring the clone in for a headbutt, dispelling him instantly.

The rest of the clones stopped, holding their heads. "Ow Rai why are you so mean?" Their pause only lasted a minute before they shot back at him, swinging and kicking like mad men. Their stances getting sloppier and sloppier as he continued to kill them.

"Cause your stances are sloppy and your attacks are easy to predict." He sighed, dodging most of their attacks, using his better speed to meander around them to unleash a punch to the back of their head, killing two of them.

The remaining five only last another ten or so minutes, but by the end of it Rai was panting and sweating and very sore as he always was. His brother's clones may be sloppy babies but they were strong, energetic and powerful sloppy babies and that meant a tough fight no matter what.

Turning to his real brother, just in time for Rai to get his breathe back, he saw him finally and neatly defeating them. To his pride, his brother actually almost fully retained his stance and katas.

"Good job Naruto! Now, once your rested up, let's start on our Jutsu training. I want to master the Water pulse by this weeks end."

Kakashi looked at him softly. "And did you? Master the Waterpulse I mean?"

"Master is a strong word, but I think I can use it in combat. I have against Naruto's clones. He can use the Water trumpet jutsu but the handsigns are a bit too complicated for him for some reason... not entirely sure why but they are." He turned to Kakashi, eyes firmly on the man before him with a coldness he never wanted him to see. " So you see, when I say you aren't training us, I meant it. I cannot think of anything you have actually taught us besides teamwork. You barely earned the title of sensei. Captain would be better suited since your not interested in actually teaching us."

""" Kakashi'""

Inside, Kakashi recoiled at the boy' s coldness. 'He's not wrong, I haven't taught them much but at least their taking initiative on their own. Or well, Rai is. I doubt Naruto would do so well on his own, he lacks the drive to focus on a task so whole heartedly without having his hand held. That he mastered the Shadow Clone jutsu is a miracle on it's own."

And so they walked, for several miles before something caught Kakashi's eyes.

It was a puddle, randomly set in the side of the road.

'Not very clever of you, it hasn't rained in day and with this heat there is no way anything would have survived this long. I wonder who their after, us or Tazuna… only one way to find out.'

And so, he allowed the attackers to wrap their chains around him, even as he replaced himself with a log at the last second. Quickly hiding in the trees, Kakashi watched as his students reacted to his death.

Sakura screeched, Naruto gasped his name, Sasuke looked determined and Rai seemed focused.

In an instant the attackers rushed behind Naruto, ready to bind him but before they could, Sasuke pinned their chain to a tree with ease while landing on their claws, using them for leverage to kick each of them in the face. They severed their chains in that instant. As they flew back, both recovered in an instant due to sheer training and force of will. One rushed to Tazuna who was quickly guarded by Sakura, the other towards Naruto who froze in shock.

"Water Style, Water Pulse Jutsu!" Collecting on Rai's palm, water swirled into a orb that went flying straight into the attacker rushing at Naruto, sending him flying into the tree, where his back cracked against the hard wood.

'I've seen enough.'

With a fraction of his speed, Kakashi collected both attackers in his arms, saving Tazuna and a doomed Sakura all at once.

"Hi." He said. And it was clear that everyone was stunned, even the immovable Sasuke. "Naruto, sorry I didn't help you right away, I didn't mean for you to get hurt but I didn't think you'd freeze like that." His eyes moved to Rai, who was shakily approaching his brother. " I guess you can use that Jutsu in combat afterall, it was well executed." Then he moved to the others. "Good job very smooth. You too, Sakura."


Without even needing to speak, Rai turned to Sasuke and shook his head. "Don't be a jerk, freezing is normal on your first battle. Fight, Flight or Freeze they say. We even learned about in the academy, it's just a matter of overcoming that urge and training yourself to the path you want to follow."

Kakashi nodded. "He's right, there is no shame in that Naruto, just do better and be better. Simple as that...Your very lucky though, if your brother hadn't interfered you would have been in serious trouble. There is poison on these Ninja's claws." Naruto went white in that moment and Rai felt a sense of relief that his brother was okay. "By the way Mr. Tazuna, we need to talk."

It was Tazuna's turn to look scared.

It took only minutes for Kakashi to scold the man for lying to them and revealing the scope of the mission to be B rank at the least...

And only a minute longer for Naruto to whine. " Come on, we can do this! I won't freeze any more believe it! I swear!"

Kakashi just sighed. "Very well, I do believe we are going to continue with this mission."

And so they went, moving on leaving their attackers tied to a tree to be arrested later onwards on a mission way above their paygrade to a land where they very well may die...

Poor Rai could not help but look at Kakashi, stunned he would let them continue when this was so far above their skill level.

'Does he care at all or is he that confident in his own skills... either way, this is too much... I can't believe he would force us on this mission. He never even asked us what we think, just listened to Naruto's whining... we are going to die one of these days and it will be his fault...'

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

This is a fun but hard chapter, I suck at action scenes...

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