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New Goals

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Naruto had never felt so tired, not for so long and for seemingly no reason. Not when he fought Gaara, or Haku or even when he fought Sasuke. It was ridiculous how he felt, from the moment he woke up from that attack that weird creature in Orochimaru's base...he just felt empty, drained. Granny Tsunade had told him it was because the Fox was gone, so he wasn't being flooded in the rush of energy of it's power at all times. He hadn't realize how much power it had given him over the years just living in him. How much energy it had pumped into his body that just... lay there, even when he wasn't using it outright.

Kami, he could remember when he first woke up, feeling so utterly drained that he could barely move. The sound of Tsunade's voice just barely leading him to the realm of consciousness.

'Why are my eyelids so heavy... why is everything so heavy...' Naruto struggled to even opened his eyes, unable to fully move like his muscles were fill with some cold heavy liquid. 'I can't get up, I can't get up, I CAN'T GET UP!' He wanted to scream, panic, do something other then lay still trapped in his own body. However even his panic seemed to be weighed down by that cold, liquidy feeling.

Shaking inside, he fought against the feeling for what felt like days, getting more and more tired with each passing second... eventually he quit, too tired to go on. He stayed there, trapped for several eternities... then he heard her voice, a voice familiar and warm and comforting.

"Naruto... please, wake up... I ... I need you to wake up. Your all healed now, I even managed to heal your muscles so you don't have to go through rehab... so please, please wake up."

Fire washed through him with her words, and like fire it burned away the cold liquid in his muscles bit by bit. " Grannny..." He somehow mumbled, pushing his voice with all he had, the release of pressure intense... so intense he almost fell back into the void.

"Naruto!" He heard her say, and once again he felt that surge of fire wash through him.

"GRANNY!" There was a pop and slowly he managed to open his eyes, the bright lights of the hospital room too bright but still he kept his eyes open, turning them towards the source of the voice... "Granny Tsunade!"

Her saw her, tired and worn but still beautiful. Her smile lit up her face and she seemed to become even younger then her transformation let on. "Your awake. Finally...I missed you kid."

He hadn't been able to believe it... he died, literally died! Kyuubi was gone and he was weaker then ever, his chakra and body free from just having Kyuubi in his body. It was all too much...None of it hurt though, like hearing that Jiraiya only wanted to teach him because of the Damned Fox and so abandoned him. That hurt... a lot... It was only Tsunade offering to teach him if he proved him self in the next year that kept him from being too upset.

'Stupid Pervy Sage... Damn him.' Naruto had thought that a lot ever since he knew that little bit of trivia. 'I'll show him. I'll become Hokage without him!'

Still, he didn't let it keep him down. He had a new mission, become Genin level and show everyone he wasn't just the Damned Fox! He hated having to read, it was stupid and he hated it, but he would do it if it meant being Hokage. It they could do it and needed to do it to become Hokage, then it was a needed evil, like eating vegetables ...

And so here he was, looking at a scroll that showed the Katas for the academy Taijutsu style. He had it open on the ground, and moved his body like it showed. It felt sort of awkward, he didn't like how rigid it was, but he was determined to pass. The consequences of failing felt more... real then they had before. The Old man had never made him feel like he would never have the chance to be a Ninja, he always gave him so many chances... Granny wasn't like that as much. She was stricter, meaner and meant what she said.

Thankfully she could be nice to him, and let him train away from the academy on a training field that his classmates didn't use. No one would know that he wasn't even a genin anymore. That was more then a little relief, he couldn't imagine the mocking he'd get from them all...

"Of course, Granny Tsunade said I could just tell them I was in rehab to get my skills back after being killed in combat..."He remembered her saying that, but still found the entire thing painful. He couldn't quite understand that whole dying part, he never felt dead... there was no light at the end of the tunnel, so feeling of weightlessness... he just was unconscious one minute and awake the next. That's it.

Only when he woke up, he was weak, tired and had a fraction of the power he used to have...

'I'm never going to catch up to Sasuke now, I am so behind... I can't make clones, or use Rasengan or do anything like I used to! I can't even Summon a toad to help me... I only was able to fight Sasuke when I used Kyuubi's powers and now... now I can't do that. I need to work harder, be better!'

Gritting his teeth at that thought, Naruto buckled down and looked back that scroll, moving with the Katas as best he could. He hated this, feeling so behind but there was nothing he could do... He was helpless... but he wouldn't be for long...

He would become great and powerful and fulfill his promises. First he would save Sasuke, then he would show Pervy Sage that he didn't need him, then he would become Hokage... All on his own if he had to.

Believe it!

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