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Time and training

No Naruto Hinata romance, they are just the main characters.

A time skip next chapter.

Two Weeks Later

Two legs slammed into each other, a ripple screaming across the water they were above. Naruto's leg went numb from a chakra blast, Hinata's from Naruto's raw strength. Both flinched and lashed out with a fist, Hinata's being faster hit Naruto's inner arm rendering his entire arm useless. Kicking water into her eyes, he did a spin kick slamming into her stomach sending her flying back. Running chakra up and done his arm with his other fingers he managed to restore some feeling into it, a trick he mastered after two weeks of sparring with Hinata.

"That still hurts you know."

She just smiled, a tad more vicious now with two weeks of therapy and constant training. The shy girl was burning away under ANBU training, revealing someone more vicious, fun loving and interesting. "You'll get over it. You always do." She ran through handsigns, making him panic. "Water bullet jutsu!"

"Damn!" Naruto dropped into the water, releasing the chakra keeping afloat, swimming away until he could surface. Hinata did not have the reserves to manage too many of those but her aim was utterly vicious even without her eyes. As soon as he surfaced, he ran through his own handsigns. "Gale Palm Flurry!" Gathering chakra into both hands, he tossed ball after ball of wind at her, forcing her to dance around the explosive, spreading attacks.

Flipping over one attack, Hinata grabbed senbon and threw them with terrifying accuracy and despite his dodging she managed to get two senbon stuck in his arm and one in his leg.

"That's Hinata's victory." They both turned to Bear, who was clapping.

Naruto pouted then nodded with a smile at Hinata. "You've gotten so much better."

"You too, Naruto."

It was amazing what two weeks with a real teacher managed to do for them both, Their speed was up, their strength, reflexes, taijutsu, ninjutsu. Hinata had learned two genjutsu and regularly practiced on naruto so he could at least shatter them. They were only slightly more powerful over all, it was only two weeks, but they it was noticeable.

Hinata had started to wear weights and Naruto had upped his weights. Hinata found serious help in remaking her taijutsu style while also learning ANBU taijutsu whereas Naruto focused on the Strong Fist while learning ANBU taijutsu. Both were learning kenjutsu, with Hinata doing far better at it, something she also did with throwing weapons. Naruto quickly realized during their spars that Hinata was the better ninja by a fair margin, but he would catch up. He knew she had once had great training from her stupid family, but only up until a certain point and then she was mostly on her own.

They bonded over shared trauma, over being mistreated and hated and controlled by people in power, something Inoichi recommended during each of their therapy sessions. In truth they had a lot in common and neither of them had much loyalty to the village, though they never said it allowed. It was to people within not the village itself. That they hoped no one would notice... it could be disastrous.

"You two are making incredible progress, by your three month mark... well to be honest you both are going to be at least jonin level, Hinata I think you'll be mid jonin level, Naruto low Jonin level. That's merely a guess but it feels accurate based on your growth rate so far. I cannot bleive how badly you were neglected before with proper training you would have easily been Kakashi's level by now... or better but we will never now. Have you both considered your specialty?"

Hinata nodded. "I am really enjoying genjutsu and throwing weapons and of course Kenjutsu!, I never realized how easily they came to me. The sword play, I've never felt less like a failure! It is like I found where I shine!"

Naruto nodded frowned. "Well... I am enjoying sealing now that I have access to it, It is almost easy for me to grasp. I guess I really am an Uzumaki. I am also really liking bo jutsu, I got so many ideas to mix my stuff together. Oh and thanks for helping me learn some wind jutsu, I never knew how much easier Wind jutsu would be for me to learn."

Bear nodded. "You are both talented, you just needed some guidance. Hinata, I will get you some genjutsu and more advanced kenjutsu scrolls. I will also up your kenjutsu spars, get you some more experience and we will start teaching you how to channel your chakra through the blade. You have two strong affinity for Water and Fire, that will only help you in the regards.

Naruto I'll arrange for you some scrolls on sealing and I will see about getting you a bo jutsu teacher. Maybe a Sarutobi... many use a bo staff. I also want to get Asuma to show you the flying swallow technique, you may be more of a blunt force ninja but you can still apply it to your staff and rods.

I am so proud you both, your progress is remarkable, the fastest of any ANBU I've taught, comparable to Itachi or Shisui Uchiha or even Kakashi. Keep this up and you will shine brighter than every one of your age."

Both kids drank up his praise, feeling lighter and fuller than they could ever remember feeling. It was a happiness they could not shake and it made them really, deeply appreciate being Ninja for the first time.


"Hello, Hinata."

Hinata smiled at Inoichi, sitting demurely across from him. "It is nice to see you, sir." she adored this man, he made her feel stronger than ever, never mocking her for her pain or making her feel less than. "What are we talking about today?"

"I would like to speak a bit more about your mother, we didn't have a lot of time to do so before."

She nodded, sighing. "I barely remember her, to be honest, but I know I wanted to be kind like her and strong like my father. She was... brilliantly kind. She had thi aura about her, this love that filled the room. When she died, it is like the Hyuuga compound lost it's love, it's light. My days turned dark then and I lost any trace of love int hat shithouse." She squeaked, putting her hands to her mouth.

Inoichi laughed. " I can see Naruto is having an effect on you."

"He is... I love him, but it has changed. I... I never realized how dependent I was on him. Now I... I see him as a brother, a friend. He is good, but he would never be good for me. We have too similar and separate goals. He doesn't want children for example. saying the world is too cruel for it to happen. I would love to be a mother and a ninja. However, our friendship is making me love being a ninja, gaining power and skill for myself, I never realized how you should love yourself. You've helped in that too and that is just from seeing you four times, five today."

"I am glad to have that effect, you deserve to be happy, Hinata... you really do."

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