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Being watched

Obito was able to fight Minato after a few years of training, yeah with enhancement but still... I wonder how strong Naruo can get after two and a half years of serious training,...

I don't do drawn-out fights if can afford it and there is no need to do it around thugs.

They made it into Wave after a day or so of travel, moving at Ninja speeds to reach the place far faster than before. Naruto was thrown by the sight of the Bridge before him, labeled gloriously. "The Great Naruto Bridge... what the hell?"

Ino laughed. "You told us about your mission here on the way, from what it sounds like you must have inspired people enough they sought to honor you. Be proud of that, Naruto."

"She is right, you are great, Naruto." Hinata squeaked out.

Blushing a little, Naruto moved with his team towards the town proper and almost immediately he was recognized, even without his old orange jumpsuit.



It was was really odd, he liked it sure but at the same time he hated it. Kakashi and Sasuke did just as much... why not honor them too? Why focus solely on him, a few words could not hold that much power, could it? Then again, he swayed Gaara with a few words, and a Fox driven ass whopping...

Waving at everyone, he put on a fake smile, masking how uncomfortable he was.

'I'll have to get used to this, being the Hokage... only, they were never bad to me... do I really want to be Hokage anymore... damn thinking, it ruins being an idiot and running on pure emotion like I used to.' Naruto shivered a little. 'This place is one giant reminder of my old self, the embarrassment of who I used to be... the nightmare of my old shell... I can only hope to one day be rid of that.'

"They really love you here, Naruto!" Ino declared, unable to see how uncomfortable he was.

" Yeah, I guess... let's hurry." Putting his hands together, he took a risk. " Shadow clone jutsu." And one clone appeared, taking half of his chakra leaving him more tired than he would have been before but not so tired he was weak. "Go get the sword... and their bodies. We can use them for genetic experimentation." He hated doing that to Haku, but his lessons with Tsunade made him realize it was stupid to not take advantage of the powerful corpses. Sighing, he turned to his team. "We need to go to Tazuna's house, he can tell us where to find the thugs."

They nodded and off they went, to the home of one annoying construction worker.


Bear, the ANBU sent to watch Naruto's mission, smiled as the boy sent off his clone. 'Smart boy, collecting the bodies for the village... very clever. Not many can change their moral boundaries enough to move past honor and do something like that...'

Creating his own shadow clone, Bear sent one after the clone while the real him shot after Naruto and his team. After a few minutes, he watched as they walked into a nice, small house by the waters. He listened in with a jolt of chakra, just after the introductions.

"... yes, it is nice to see you, Tsunami... yes... Thank you..." Naruto sounded stressed, tight and tired. "We cannot linger, we need to kill off the bandits, the remnants of Gato's thugs. Can you tell me where they are?"

"Oh, they are in the old mansion about two miles from where you buried Zabuza and Haku. To the North. They have been attacking off and on, but we are standing up for ourselves now, so they aren't doing much but still."

"Thank you... we will leave now."

"Why stay longer?"

"We can't, we have to get back to the Leaf... we are very short staffed thanks to the invasion."

"I am sorry to hear that... maybe another time.

"Yes, maybe... anyway, we have to go. Have a good day, Tsunami." And like that, the boy and his team blasted off, rushing to go attack the thugs. Clearly stressed by something.


Bear's clone smiled as Naruto's clone dug into Zabuza's grave, sealing away not only the sword but the bodies. They were rotting and gross, reeking of rot and dirt. Despite this, the boy paused only to bow. "I am sorry, but this is for the best... thank you." And with that, he turned and hurried away, moving to the real Naruto, meeting up with him, "Here are the things... it was gross..." Then after handing the scroll, the fake Naruto poofed away. The real Naruto recoiled, just as the real Bear did when he dispelled his clone.

"Do... do I get their memories?" He asked. " I remember digging up their graves... and I... I need to talk to Tsunade."

Bear smiled as Ino said. "They were used for information gathering, so... yeah, you likely do get their memories."

"I see... I will have to play with that. I can see so many things I can do with that. It is good to know I can cast that jutsu with my current reserves. I can at max do two or three of them but it would really stretch out my chakra. Anyway, we need to go kill some people. Let's do this."

"I wonder if he knows he can train with that jutsu... if nothing more he can read and continue to study, making up for his laziness before.' Proud, he followed the kids as they moved towards the grey mansion ahead.

Naruto pulled out two staves, twisting them and his shoulders. "We need to be fast, no showboating... No dramatic jutsu, keep to taijutsu or weaponry, no point in wasting our chakra can't believe I said that of all people given my past... sigh... Ino, you are support, Hinata and I are in the front... but do not hesitate to kill."


The kids took one deep breath and they flew forward, into the house through the windows. Bear heard screaming immediately, and he got close enough to watch the battle.

Naruto dived under a sword strike from a fake samurai, lashing out with his staves to knock aside said sword before slamming the rods against the man's neck killing him instantly. He grabbed the sword that he knocked aside and threw it, impaling a man through the shoulder, killing him a moment later with a sharp Guy level kick. The boy didn't hesitate to use the motion to roll around and pop up, using a chakra enhanced fist to shatter another man's ribcage.

Hinata, with grace and speed, almost literally danced around people's strikes, killing and disarming with pokes and strikes that disabled people making them collapse. Her taijutsu was different than her family's style, it was softer, taking advantage of her flexibility and grace. She twisted and turned, less sharp than a typical Hyuuga, her movements more delicate and precise. The girl had clearly made her own variation of Gentle Fist... she would truly excel in ANBU if that was true.

Ino threw kunai and senbon killing people swiftly, her face green but managing it with her Yamanaka training. The girl did not do amazingly well, combatively, but she managed to push aside her nausea which was very good.

The entire fight lasted about five minutes and it ended with a whimper.

Hinata and Naruto both puked moments later. "That... was terrifying," Naruto said. "I... how do you get used to that?"

Ino sighed. " Daddy's therapy will really help I think... but finding a purpose helps too."

"I guess your dad will be very, very busy for the next few weeks with me."

"And me..." Hinata said. "I... I think I need help. You are right, If I am to be in ANBU, then I need to get used to doing terrible things."

"Let's get out of here." Naruto said. " Sealing the bodies first... that comes first then we go."

"Then we go." The girls both said and they got to work sealing them away.

'Their combat was good, the boy was wise to not waste their chakra. It kept the building standing, it kept the fights short and sweet and it keep them safe. There were some problems, like not doing research or investigating before they fought but that is fixable. That they killed the thugs so fast was good... and their puking was good too, they did not fully break down but still showed signs of stress. They also spoke of taking to a therapist, that will really help them in ANBU...

I watched them during the chunin exams, Naruto and Hinata have made drastic changes... this is good... this is good... Tsunade will be very happy with this news. We need more capable kunoichi and the Hyuuga need an ass kicking, The girl could surpass Neji with our training... yes... it is all coming together.'

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

This was fun to write. The chapter was meant to be fast.. that was the entire point. I wanted to show that showboating only makes it too slow...

Love, your Ninja Overlord,


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