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Prologue- Death is the start

I keep on trying this story, it is so hard for me but so worth the effort. I am trying people.

This was Inspired by Pulling my Weight, a Sakura Story.

Tsunade sighed, long and low, wiping sweat from her brow. Her hands shook, even as they slowly started to dry up, losing the chakra that acted as artifical collegen. Her body, which had been strong and mighty, whitered away until she truly looked the part of an old, ancient women. She didn't bother to hide, collapsing next to a very stunned Jiraiya, sharing in his agony and fear.

"He'll be alright... I think." Her words were empty, tired but powerful. "He's strong, he always has been. He has so much of his mother in him."

Slowly the Toad Sage nodded. "I know... but... I never expected... he was so still... "

She understood, patting his hand. " What happened Jiraiya… I need to who what happe-"

"Orochimaru." His declaration stopped her, they shared a pained familiar look. "We, I... I found Orochimaru's base, one of them here in the Land of Fire. We were just about to leave when a contact told me about it...Naruto over heard...I was told it was empty, so I took him... thought it might help satiate his need to help Sasuke… " Shuddering Jiraya turned from her, looking down the hall. " Naruto ran off impulsively triggering a trap, we were separated... When I found him, Naruto was battling something... do you remember my report when I took Sakura with Naruto and I to investigate in the Land of Rice, a base we found where a survivor of the Fuma clan became a chimeric beast of flesh?"

"How could I forget... I am still analyzing the tissue sample you sent back."

"We found another one... Naruto was bitten, it transferred another curse mark into his body but it was too you saw..." Jiraiya shuddered for a long moment. " He screamed, he was so still for a while... then he had a seizure, two of them...the mark boiled off of his skin... Then he stopped breathing." Cold hate washed off of Jiraiya, he turned to her and she saw the man who destroyed countless people during Two Shinobi Wars. " I destroyed the attacker, then had Naruto reversed summoned here... he was dead wasn't he..."

She didn't want to answer, but couldn't lie to those eyes. "Yes, he was... the Seal contained chemicals that Naruto could easily bond with, he could easily become a sage I think.. but the rest of the seal contained something else entirely... it destabilized Naruto's seal, and... the chakra of the Fox ripped through Naruto's chakra coils and caused a heart attack... He died twice. Even though I revived him, he is no longer a Jinchuuriki… he lost the Fox entirely... he is entirely free of that fate... but at a cost. His chakra levels are great reduced."

Neither Sanin could manage to say much after that...

Both just stayed there, waiting and wallowing in the near loss of someone so near and dear...

Then Jiraiya said the very next words that came to his heart. " What is he going to do now, Tsunade?"

"What do you mean?"

"Without the Fox... never mind... what happens now?"

Confused and concerned, Tsunade allowed the change in topic. "He'll go into rehab to rebuild his chakra coils... and his body. He is in a coma now to heal... he might need to restore his whole body. Why?"

"Nothing... I... I'll be back." In a swirl of smoke, the Toad Summoner vanished, leaving a very confused Tsuande looking where he once sat, wondering where the hell he went and why he just up and left...

Thankfully, she didn't have time to wonder. She had to restore her chakra levels, so it was time to eat. No point in staying in her hag form any longer then she had to!

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

Any characters I should include?"

Short but interesting, a great prologue I think.

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