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To School we go

Thalia is annoying and while I get her joining the Hunters to prevent her part in the Prophecy, it makes me lose any respect for her I had since the Hunters are basically evil...

"What do you mean Naruto is not in this world?" Danzo's words were harsh, filled with unbridled malice that brought Tsunade nothing but joy.

For a man who declared emotions unimportant, he was sure showing a lot of them.

Smiling, she leaned forward, looking at the entire council. " As many of know, Artemis Uzumaki once lived in this village. She was an incredible ally, an archer of tremendous skill and a healer who's powers rivaled my own. She outclassed almost everyone and rivaled my Grandfather in battle. What you may not know is that she wasn't human, at all. She was the daughter of two Immortals God species from another world, one without chakra. In this world Gods, Magic and Monsters rule. Chakra, as it manifested here, never appeared there. The gods however are very, very real. Artemis is one of a council of the strongest twelve gods and goddesses, the Olympians. She is the strongest of the second generation, rivaled only by her twin brother Apollo and sister Athena due to the tremendous worship they obtained and the domains they inherited.

She is the Goddess of the Hunt, Wilderness, the Moon, Women, Girls, Chasity, Wild animals, Nature, Childbirth and Children, Disease and Healing... she was and is the protectress of children and women. She came to our world to find new things to hunt, and crafted the Forest of Death with my grandfather shortly after the founding of the Leaf. It is her blessing that makes the beasts within grow to such size and power.

What you may also not know is that she befriended Kushina and Minato, Naruto's parents, to the point where they were almost her lovers. Both of them, though she would never give into that feeling as she swore to be a virgin forever. She vowed to be the Godmother to any child they had, and when the opportunity presented itself she would aid that child in anyway she could. When Naruto fell in the Valley of the End, his dying lifeforce must have called her. She read his life and future and realized that Naruto would not do well if she left him alone, so she sent him to her world where he could grow and become great before returning in three years."

There was nothing but silence, pained and confused... and then Danzo snorted. "You must be deranged to believe such nonsense. There are no gods, only-"

"Those that would destroy your for running your mouth, Old man." Powerful and filled with light, a voice filled the room along side the presence Tsunade knew to be Artemis. Everyone gasped when she appeared in a flash of Light, her power and presence dominating everyone. "I assure you, not only am I goddess, I existed long before your Sage of Six Paths was sparkle in his father's eye. Do not question me or my power, I am not one to be trifled with."

Tsunade leaned back, smirking at the many different sensor types present in the room attempted to scope out her powers. They wouldn't be able to do it, she was basically a being of pure natural energy. Only a Sage or those that could sense Natural energy, could even fathom her powers. Even Tsunade could only barely do it, and that was due to exposure as a young child.

"My lady, you, I... " Shukaku, ever the elegant being, struggled to even speak. " What could Naruto learn from your world, without chakra or access to Jutsu? If you don't mind me asking, I just want to know."N

Artemis smirked. "Who says he has no access to jutsu? I have seen more jutsu then even the Third Hokage had, my memory is flawless and I wrote them down for Naruto. I have a perfect knowledge of sealing as well, so he will learn that as well. As for what else he can learn... well the sword and combat styles of my people, different battle tactics, alchemy and magic of various types, archery as he will receive my blessing and be well trained in it... more importantly he will learn to work as a team, to value himself, to see himself as worthy and to realize his potential. He will make friends and family and gain an appreciation for art and himself. All things your village has failed to teach him. Or not even bothered to be honest... Hashirama and my dear Tobi would be ashamed to know what you all have allowed this place to become. I expect change when I return with Naruto." She turned and faced the elders, who both stood and bowed low. "I thank you both for summoning me, I fear what would have come without it."

"We too fear that, my lady. We knew you would allow the boy greater power and potential then Jiraiya would. We saw that all he trained the boy to use it the power of the Fox and that would never do." Homura turned and glared at a red faced Jiraiya. "You are a disgrace."

"And yet you wanted me to become Hokage." Jiraiya was smug, like he had won some great victory.

Koharu rolled his eyes. "Only as we had no other choice, we did not see any chance of Tsunade returning. It was fortuitous that she did, for we would have been doomed with you at the helm." Turning back to the Tsunade, she offered a rare warm smile. "Hiruzen believed we hated the boy, that could not have been further from the truth. We disliked his actions and we wanted him to take his role as weapon and ninja more seriously. However we always admired his loyalty, love for the village and willingness to suffer for it. Not many are like that. He can make a wonderful Hokage, we do not doubt that. He only needs discipline, experience and power. Something he will learn from his Godmother."

To say Tsunade was baffled would have been the largest understatement. She, like her master, had assumed the worst of the elderly pair. Only the worst... to learn that they had respect for someone like Naruto was... well baffling to say the least.

"Yes, he will." Artemis said drawing back the attention. "The boy has great potential, stronger then either of his parents even without my blessing. Who knows what he will become with it. Even I cannot accurately predict that... even my brother for all of his power of prediction is in the dark for this." Smiling, she turned to Jiraiya. "Why you chose to neglect him I will never know. You had little excuse for it. I know of the prophecy you are thinking Naruto fits, and he does. The outcome will not change with my actions but the surrounding factors will. Lives Lost, Lives Saved, ease of conquest... that will change. Majorly, I might add. Your life is one of those things that will depend on our godchild's actions. That is abundantly clear... I must depart. Do not attempt to find him, you will only waste your time. There is no way for mortals such as you to cross realms. Even if you could you would be destroyed. It took much convincing of my father, my King, to allow Naruto passage to help our child of Prophecy.

Oh, one last thing, I cannot believe I almost forgot. This is vital. Time passes differently between realms. Naruto will be gone three years here but it may be four or five in my world. He will be nearly or literally an adult by his return. I expect that he will be allowed to enter his parent's home by then. Now... that is all. May you all be well."

Silver light exploded around her, and she was gone, leaving Tsunade to smirk at her council. "I can answer any question you have."

That was a mistake as she wouldn't end up leaving the room for another three hours...

Three Months Later... on Earth!

"Wow... that's... that's a lot of cars." Naruto shivered, hating the things. They smelled horrible, were loud and made him nauseous. Trains were okay, he didn't mind them so long as they weren't packed. He had been on them before, during his time at the Land of Snow. Just looking at cars made him uncomfortable, but he withstood the feeling as much as he could, moving towards the large building before him. It was a campus, an Academy of Higher Learning. Yancy Academy was where his Godmother wanted him to go, to learn of the world he was in, it's history and to adapt to the culture he was in. He hated the idea, he hated school but her newest letter promised him two new jutsu if he was good by some holiday called Christmas... so he went.

Speaking of Jutsu, Naruto knew that if he went back in time and fought Sasuke he would have thrashed him. Not only had he learned about this world, it's language and culture and history... but he had learned a new taijutsu style called Humming Bird that was all about quick flittering movements, relearned the Academy Little Tree Style since the letter said he sucked at it ( he didn't like that but he listened anyway, they were right about the Shadow clones after all), learned three new chakra control exercises and got so good he could do the rasengan on his own without a clone and he started learning about Sealing which he really liked. The letters from his godmother also promised he'd start with a sword soon and learn two separate styles which he really thought was cool.

All in all he loved his godmother! She wasn't physically there but she was giving him jutsu, always had ramen in the house even if he had to learn to cook ( the scrolls and letters demanded it) other things, and seemed to really want him to be strong. He realized just how much Jiraiya and Kakashi had sucked, he was learning so easily now and he was thriving! Yeah he had to read a Dictionary and learn big words in both his language and English so he could keep up... but it was worth it. He was getting stronger and smarter! He felt amazing!

He could see it too! He looked buffer, like Lee did. His Godmother left him with weights and had him training super hard like Lee did, every day while his clones read. He couldn't go on missions or anything but he could get stronger and work out so it was worth it. He had to do his chakra exercises in a secluded forest near his apartment so other humans wouldn't find out about his powers... which was weird.

Still, he was loving this world. People were nice to him, store clerks smiled at him and sold him goods freely, he wasn't considered a demon or a loser or anything. It was a fresh start that he was in love with.

On some level, though he could barely admit it to himself... he didn't miss the Leaf. This was heaven to him...

"Sigh... time to go back to school. Ugh... " Naruto groaned to himself as he walked into the school with his bags on his back, ready to start this next part of his life. He wasn't too happy about it but he figured His godmother hadn't been wrong yet, so why doubt her now?

Even if that meant going back to school...


"Finally... it seems you were good for something dear Uncle." Artemis smirked deeply, watching as her godson walked into Yancy Academy. Though he didn't know it, Naruto had been blessed by her power when she stole him away and now had an extremely powerful aura. Only a child of the Big Three was comparable, and even then it wouldn't last given the nature of chakra. Percy Jackson, Posideon's son, possessed a fine aura and would mask her poor Godson.

She was glad she had scouted the boy out when her contacts In the Sea contacted her about a potential sea prince. It made hiding Naruto far easier, his aura would be too easily identified as hers and that wouldn't do for now. She had too many enemies and he wasn't strong enough yet. He could fight many monsters that was true but that wasn't her worst enemies... no... there were gods that would love to get their hands on him...

Something she would never allow.

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