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Trains and A Devil's Advocate

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After spending the night at Medusa's place, where they were well-fed and had clothes and supplies delivered via Hermes delivery to make sure they were well stocked, the one-time Monster honored her word and drove them personally to the Amtrak Station and bought them tickets. She kissed Percy, Naruto, and even Annabeth on the cheek much to the girl's shock.

"Please be safe, my darlings. I don't want to hear a word about any of you getting hurt if you can help it." She looked at them with warm, loving eyes so different from the insanity once present. "I will be going to Camp Halfblood, I am still Immortal and I do believe they could use another soul to help educate you, demigods. I prayed to Artemis, it was her idea actually and I am actually quite fond of the idea."

Naruto beamed a smile at the lovely lady. "That would be great, you'd get a massive family and you would never be alone again."

" That is the goal. I think I will help with Modern History, Mythology, Ancient Greek, and life skills. So many demigods lack any lifeskills. I think that would be a great way to honor the goddess who helped save me." There was a clear nervousness in her voice, and Naruto realized that in a way she was still cursed. Bound to serve the fickle gods as a servant instead of a reminder of their wrath.

"You'll do well. They will be so happy to have you!" He hugged her, smiling as he pulled away. "I'll see you later, Medusa."

Her smile was radiant as they entered the train.

They would end up spending three days on the Amtrak train, heading west through hills, over rivers, past amber waves of grain. To their shock, they weren't attacked once, but none of them relaxed, even Naruto despite his power. Percy was still a wanted boy and Naruto...well he likely pissed off Athena so he was naturally in danger. Percy was the biggest concern though, thanks to his Stepfather putting a reward for him in a national paper.

"Don't worry," Annabeth told him. "Mortal police could never find us." But she didn't sound so sure.

Naruto and several disguised clones kept track along the entire train, using his strong senses for monsters but came up blank. As a result, he almost missed the Centaurs in the fields, and what may have been the Neiman Lion frolicking in the grain.

"So," Annabeth asked Percy after a while, during the end of their first night on the train."Who wants your help?"

"What do you mean?" Percy asked.

"When you were asleep just now, you mumbled, 'I won't help you.' Who were you dreaming about?"

When Percy told them about his dream, Naruto's mind went into overdrive. The books and scrolls Artemis had forced him to read were kicking in, pages upon pages of knowledge filling his brain. He had doubts it was Hades before, the bias was so clear, but now he was even more certain.

Annabeth was quiet for a long time. "That doesn't sound like Hades. He always appears on a black throne, and he never laughs."

"He offered my mother in trade. Who else could do that?"

"I guess ... if he meant, 'Help me rise from the Underworld.' If he wants war with the Olympians. But why ask you to bring him the master bolt if he already has it?" Percy just shook his head. "Percy, you can't barter with Hades. You know that, right? He's deceitful, heartless, and greedy. I don't care if his Kindly Ones weren't as aggressive this time-" Naruto frowned, hiding his thoughts as he listened to her speak. There was a story there, pain like his that lay dormant but still shaped her.

"This time?" Percy asked. "You mean you've run into them before?"

Her hand crept up to her necklace. She fingered a glazed white bead painted with the image of a pine tree, one of her clay end-of-summer tokens. "Let's just say I've got no love for the Lord of the Dead. You can't be tempted to make a deal for your mom."

"What would you do if it was your dad?"

"That's easy," she said. "I'd leave him to rot."

"You're not serious?"

Annabeth's gray eyes fixed on him, She wore the same expression she'd worn in the woods at camp, the moment she drew her sword against the hellhound. "My dad's resented me since the day I was born, Percy," she said. "He never wanted a baby. When he got me, he asked Athena to take me back and raise me on Olympus because he was too busy with his work. She wasn't happy about that. She told him heroes had to be raised by their mortal parent. I appeared on my father's doorstep, in a golden cradle, carried down from Olympus by Zephyr the West Wind. You'd think my dad would remember that as a miracle, right? Like, maybe he'd take some digital photos or something. But he always talked about my arrival as if it were the most inconvenient thing that had ever happened to him. When I was five he got married and totally forgot about Athena. He got a 'regular' mortal wife, and had two 'regular mortal kids, and tried to pretend I didn't exist."

Naruto grabbed her hand. "I hate to play Devil's advocate here, but maybe your mom is to blame a little here. I mean who guesses that a virgin goddess would be able to have kids? I think it is unfair to just drop a kid off on someone's doorstep with no warning or anything... seems a little rapey to me to be honest."

Annabeth flinched, but the girl was too logical to not see his point. She sighed. "You make a good point. Doesn't explain my stepmom. She treated me like a freak. She wouldn't let me play with her children. My dad went along with her. Whenever something dangerous happened-you know, something with monsters-they would both look at me resentfully, like, 'How dare you put our family at risk.' Finally, I took the hint. I wasn't wanted. I ran away."

"How old were you?"

"Same age as when I started camp. Seven."

"But ... you couldn't have gotten all the way to Half-Blood Hill by yourself."

"Not alone, no. Athena watched over me, guided me toward help. I made a couple of unexpected friends who took care of me, for a short time, anyway."

Naruto sighed. " Was she clear sighted, your Stepmom?" Annabeth shook her head. "Then I can't say I blame her, all she knew was that you made everything dangerous without the means to detect the danger. I guess in a way she was protecting who she could from the person who she saw the problems around, I am not saying forgive and forget but maybe accept and move on. Trust me, one abused and neglected kid to another,,.. it really helps."


Artemis smiled kindly as she watched her beloved Godson and his friends. They ended up leaving the train after the Third day, comfortable and capable and on their way to Hades' realm. If only they knew that a single act of kindness, saving Medusa, undid many of the dangers they would have faced... she was not as good as Apollo as seeing the future but all gods could do it. She could clearly see what would have happened had they merely slain the one-time monster.

Fighting Echidna to satiate Zeus' hate and rage, Being ambushed by Ares for some reason, fighting a trap set by Hephaestus... being trapped for a time in the Lotus Hotel. It would have put them so close to the deadline they were bound to, even with Naruto's powers, that failure would have near at all times. She had never been more grateful for Naruto's inherent hatred for injustice. It had reshaped his very future...

And he had saved someone that Artemis had wanted to save for eons. Medusa had been a Maiden, abused by Posiden and punished for being abused. It was wrong and as the protectress of women she long since felt like a failure for not saving Medusa. Tapping into Kyuubi's chakra, Narut's chakra and her own divine power had allowed her to not only undo the curse but restore the Woman's immortality born of being the child of Two gods and blessed her with protection against the Gods' collective wrath. So long as she didn't deserve it, of course.

The only downside to all of this was explaining it to Athena, she could already hear her bitching...

In Naruto's words, this was going to suck... Believe it.

Sighing, she turned and started towards her sister's temple. "At least I get to see how a child of mine would be in terms of power. I never considered that they would be different from my Hunters. Naruto getting stronger in the woods, in nature, it may make him a better sage... I can sense he had the potential before my blessing. I wonder how it will affect that. I cannot wait to see."

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This was short and fun to write.

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