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Check out Naomi's gift by MikaRauch on Wattpad to see an awesome Original Story I am writing. Here is the Synopsis.

Cursed with mortality among a sea of demigod and legacies, Naomi struggles the shine. Desperate to matter, to gain a fraction of the power and influence of her peers, Naomi applies herself to become a heroine unlike any other. One powered by ingenuity and strength of character instead of divinity and nepotism. She seeks the only form of immortality available to mere mortals like her,that which came from being remembered forever in the stories of men. Nothing will get in her way,... except maybe her nephilim brother and those that see that her place was as a breeder for the gods.

"Do you always have a strategy?" Annabeth whispered to Naruto, looking deeply impressed.

He was unable to mask his blush. "Before I came to this world, no... not really. it cost me, a lot... more then I can say. I learned my lesson the hard way, and through a lot of therapy."

Annabeth nodded, looking almost pained and understanding at once.

The warehouse was filled with more statues-people in all different poses, wearing all different outfits and with different expressions on their faces. Naruto felt... terrified, uncomfortable and tingly all at once. Like being in Zabuza's mist, the eyes of the statues on him made him feel like his skin was being rubbed raw. Every nerve searing with awareness. He hated it and he knew instantly that something was wrong. The strange hissing he heard was only making it that much harder to focus on anything but the wrongness.

At the back of thewarehouse there was a fast-food counter with a grill, a soda fountain, a pretzel heater, and a nacho cheese dispenser. Everything you could want, plus a few steel picnic tables out front.

"Please, sit down," Aunty Em said.

"Awesome," Percy said.

Naruto frowned. "We only have so much money, Ma'am." A lie, Naruto was decently well provided for from his Godmother, He could easily pay for their meal if it came down to that, he just wanted to see what this lady did when presented with no money from them. Would her kindness last?

To his lack of shock, all Aunty Em said was, "No, no, children. No money. This is a special case, yes? It is my treat, for such nice children."

"Thank you, ma'am," Annabeth said.

Aunty Em stiffened, as if Annabeth had done some-thing wrong, but then the old woman relaxed just as quickly, leaving Naruto running through his memories. The way this lady just acted, it was not any different then when he first met someone, just before they realized he was a jinchuuriki.

"Quite all right, Annabeth," she said. "You have such beautiful gray eyes, child." Naruto froze, wondering how the hell she knew Annabeth's name. While he was contemplating this, their hostess disappeared behind the snack counter and started cooking. Before they knew it, she'd brought them plastic trays heaped with double cheeseburgers, vanilla shakes, and XXL servings of French fries.

"What's that hissing noise?" Naruto asked, after they had all eaten some food. It was pretty damn good, very, very filling.

"Hissing?" Aunty Em asked. "Perhaps you hear the deep-fryer oil. You have keen ears, Naruto." Aunty Em ate nothing. She hadn't taken off her head-dress, even to cook, and now she sat forward and interlaced her fingers and watched them eat. It was a little unsettling, hav-ing someone stare at them when they couldn't see her face/

"So, you sell gnomes," Percy said, trying and failing to sound interested while Naruto wracked his brain for the Myths of this world.

"Oh, yes," Aunty Em said. "And animals. And people. Anything for the garden. Custom orders. Statuary is very popular, you know."

"A lot of business on this road?"

"Not so much, no. Since the highway was built... most cars, they do not go this way now. I must cherish every customer I get. Ah," Aunty Em said sadly. "You notice some of my creations do not turn out well. They are marred. They do not sell. The face is the hardest to get right. Always the face."

"You make these statues yourself?" Percy asked.

"Oh, yes. Once upon a time, I had two sisters to help me in the business, but they have passed on, and Aunty Em is alone. I have only my statues. This is why I make them, you see. They are my company." The sadness in her voice sounded so deep and so real that Naruto's heart ached for her. He knew that lonliness...

Even if the women had just revelaed her true self to him... and apparently to Annabeth who instantly stopped eating. She sat forward and said, "Two sisters?"

"It's a terrible story," Aunty Em said. "Not one for children, really. You see, Annabeth, a bad woman was jealous of me, long ago, when I was young. I had a... a boyfriend, you know, and this bad woman was determined to break us apart. She caused a terrible accident. My sisters stayed by me. They shared my bad fortune as long as they could, but eventually they passed on. They faded away. I alone have survived, but at a price. Such a price."

"Percy?" Annabeth was shaking Percy to get his attention. "Maybe we should go. I mean, our parents have to be waiting for us."

She sounded tense, and she turned to Naruto who nodded. It was clear only Percy was lost, not knowing who they were dealing with.

"Such beautiful gray eyes," Aunty Em told Annabeth again. "My, yes, it has been a long time since I've seen gray eyes like those."

She reached out as if to stroke Annabeth's cheek, but Annabeth stood up abruptly. "We really should go."

Naruto sighed, drawing on Kyuubi's chakra he heard everyone gasp in shock. Blurring with speed, he found himself behind the women, smashing her face into the table, he growled low. "Medusa, seriously? I thought you only attacked those that attacked you, like those that Athena sent after you? You lived on an island for eons, alone and away from everyone you might unintentionally turn into a statue. Why lure people in now?"

She growled and struggled, but Naruto was far too strong. She gave up soon. "I am alone!" She wailed, her sadness and anger evident in every ounce of her voice. "That bitch of a goddess, she cursed me to be alone for all time. No friends, no family, no anything. Even my sisters faded away! I cannot look at anyone, be with anyone. Even my two children are gone, never to see me again! I am alone, do you know what that is like, a life time of misery and isolation!"

" Yes I do, I swear by Styx." The sky rumbled, and Medusa stopped moving out of shock. Naruto leaned down towards her, all but whispering into her ear. "I was turned into a human sacrifice the day I was born, a monster sealed into my soul. People weren't supposed to know, but they found out and hated me for it. I had no friends, no family... nothing. When I did make a friend, or thought I had, he put a hand through my chest. He broke my neck... I know of your lonliness... " Naruto started to feel his eyes burning, his memories of pain and loss too strong to mask with arrogance and rudeness. "It was only my curse that allowed me to survive... I wish I could help you with it, that my power could become yours and trump Athena's evil. She had no right to punish you forever for a temporary crime... I am so sorry."

Naruto the noticed something odd, something he hadn't before... Silvery energy, the color of moonlight, danced upon his skin mixing with the redish orange of Kyuubi's power. Before he could stop it, the energy bled into Medusa and she too seemed to radiate not only chakra but Artemis' magic. He gasped as the energy rippled across the room, blasting him and his friends away from the table.

He slammed into the statue of a grizzly bear, but quickly managed to stand... only for the world to swirl around him, the very air harder to breathe in. He had never felt so tired, so empty. He felt just... wrong.

"AHHH!" Medusa screamed out, her voice shifting from deep and rough to smooth and rich as her scream progressed. Looking up, Naruto saw the cursed women in a maelstrom of silver and orange power, a dark grey energy like a splinter lay in the bare center. He watched, with great facisnation as the grey splinter was slowly, but surely the grey light was blasted out of the maelstrom and devoured by the Kyuubi's corrosive power. The silverly light of Artemis' magic bled into the Cursed women and healed her as only Artemis, protector of women, could.

The energy faded away within a few minutes, and when it did Medusa stood up. Her veil had burned away, as had most of her clothing, leaving her to turn and reveal a stunningly beautiful women. She had long dark hair that fell in perfect ringlets around her tanned face. Her eyes were brown, but had a multitude of shades of red within them. Her smile made Naruto blush, her lips a perfect ruby red. She was even more beautiful then Sakura and Tsunade combined...

"You... you broke my sweet, perfect boy." She started to sob, her voice filled with such pain that Naruto could not help but go to her and offer himself in the form of a hug. " Thank you, my sweet, thank you."

He nodded into her chest. "No one deserves to be so alone... I wish I knew how I saved you, I have no idea to be honest, but I am glad to help."

She pulled away, sniffiling. "How can I help you, I will in anyway I can!"

"Get us to L.A. or close to it and we'll call it even."

" I can drive you to the Amtrak station and buy you tickets. Persephone herself bought from me, I can give you the Underworld's address." She turned to Annabeth, who looked horrified. " I had wanted to crush your statue, but I am okay now... my mind is still not entirely okay, but I will not harm you, I swear by Styx." The thunder proved her point. "I doubt I will ever like you but... I will not harm you. Whatever happened helped heal some of the damage to my mind, enough to know harming you would be just as evil as your mother's action... now, eat you fill. I will get you to L.A. then abandon this shop. I have a whole life to get to!"

As she set about getting ready, Annabeth ran to him, pale face. "My mom will not take this well!"

"Too bad, what she did was pure evil. There is no other way to describe it. I could heal her, so I did. I do not tolerate evil and neither should you." The girl flinched, making Naruto realize something. "Your afraid of her, your mother... like terrified."

"She doesn't discriminate who she hurts... we are no exception to her rage." Annabeth whispered, all but shaking.

Naruto hugged her close. "I will protect you, I have a beast stronger then she is in my belly. I will unleash it if she harms any of you. Or Medusa! You hear that you grey eyed bitch, touch my friends and I will shove a rasengan up your widen ass!"

The sky rumbled, but nothing else happened. Naruto realized he shouldn't be running his mouth but he hated injustice even now and frankly... Athena was a monster in his books. Plain and simple. He would never allow her to harm his friends, if he could help it, or anyone else that didn't deserve it. If he had to fight the Goddess to save them all, then Hell that is exactally what he would do. No matter how outmatched he was...

It hadn't stopped him before.

Zabuza, Haku, Orochimaru, Sasuke... he had fought them all before and by gods he would do it again.

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