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Over Long Island Sound, the sky looked like ink soup coming to a boil. A hazy curtain of rain was coming in their direction. As Naruto got closer to Percy and Grover, he over heard his Demigod friend ask Grover if they needed an umbrella.

"No," he said. "It never rains here unless we want it to."

Percy just pointed at the storm. "What the heck is that, then?"

He glanced uneasily at the sky. "It'll pass around us. Bad weather always does."

Naruto sighed. " I can feel god power oozing from it, on a massive scale." And he could, like pure static electricity rushing through the air on a scale far greater then what Percy naturally oozed off when he was using his power or was in the water.

At the volleyball pit, the kids from Apollo's cabin were playing a morning game against the satyrs. Dionysus's twins were walking around in the strawberry fields, making the plants grow. Everybody was going about their normal busi ness, but they looked tense. They kept their eyes on the storm.

Percy, Grover and Naruto walked up to the front porch of the Big House. Dionysus sat at the pinochle table in his tiger-striped Hawaiian shirt with his Diet Coke, just as he had on my first day. Chiron sat across the table in his fake wheel-chair. They were playing against invisible opponents-two sets of cards hovering in the air.

"Well, well," Mr. D said without looking up. "Our little celebrities. Come closer," Mr. D said. "And don't expect me to kowtow to you, mortals, just because old Barnacle Beard is your father and my dear sister is your Godmother." A net of lightning flashed across the clouds. Thunder shook the windows of the house. "Blah, blah, blah," Dionysus said. Chiron feigned interest in his pinochle cards. Grover cowered by the railing, his hooves clopping back and forth. "If I had my way," Dionysus said, "I would cause your molecules to erupt in flames. We'd sweep up the ashes and be done with a lot of trouble. But Chiron seems to feel this would be against my mission at this cursed camp: to keep you little brats safe from harm."

"Spontaneous combustion is a form of harm, Mr. D," Chiron put in.

"I dare you to try." Naruto growled out, glaring hatefully at the ignorant god before him. " I felt my Godmom's powers last night, and she is a league stronger then you. She would crush you like the worm you are. His dad would do worse." There was moment of silence, where Dionysius glared at him with hateful purple fire in his eyes. Radiating power, wrathfully inflicting horrible visions of death and destruction and madness onto Naruto's mortal mind... only to get a loud laugh from the boy, disarming the stunned god. " I went toe to toe with Orochimaru, a far scarier entity then you could ever manage to be. Don't try me."

Dionysus relented, with a long sigh, shutting off whatever the hell he was attempting to do to scare Naruto. "Damn brat... fine. There's one more option. But it's deadly foolishness." Dionysus rose, and the invisible players' cards dropped to the table. "I'm off to Olympus for the emergency meeting. If your here when I get back, either of you, I will turn you into an Atlantic Bottleneck."

Dionysus picked up a playing card, twisted it, and it became a plastic rectangle. A credit card? No. Asecurity pass.

He snapped his fingers. The air seemed to fold and bend around him. He became a hologram, then a wind, then he was gone, leaving only the smell of fresh-pressed grapes lingering behind.

Chiron actually gaped at him. "You've fought scarier then a god, a god of madness?"

"Yes, not well but I did it. Even now, with my new powers whatever they are and the new skills I have trained in I would be no match for Orochimaru. I have no doubts he could kill a lesser god. He's... scary."

Sighing with a strained grin, Chiron patted the seats next to him. "Please, sit... all of you." And so they all did. Chiron laid his cards on the table, a winning hand he hadn't gotten to use. "Tell me, Percy," he said. "What did you make of the hellhound?"

"It scared me," He said. "But not as much as it could have. I am well trained and am growing in strength. I am not saying that I am invincible but I am not helpless either."

"You'll meet worse, Percy. Far worse, before you're done. You both will, Naruto and Percy. "

"Done ... with what?"

"Your quest, of course. Will you accept it?"

"What quest, you haven't told us anything, Chiron?" Naruto frowned at the man before him, a touch annoyed with him.

Chiron grimaced. "Well, that's the hard part, the details." Thunder rumbled across the valley. The storm clouds had now reached the edge of the beach. Naruto shuddered, waves of divine power crashed onto his skin on a scale that far superseded even his Godmother's presence.

"Poseidon and Zeus," Percy said. "They're fighting over something valuable ... something that was stolen, aren't they?"

Chiron and Grover exchanged looks.

Chiron sat forward in his wheelchair. "How did you know that?"

"The weather since Christmas has been weird, like the sea and the sky are fighting. Then I talked to Annabeth, and she'd overheard something about a theft. And ... I've also been having these dreams."

"I knew it," Grover said.

"Hush, satyr," Chiron ordered.

"But it is his quest!" Grover's eyes were bright with excitement. "It must be!"

"Only the Oracle can determine." Chiron stroked his bristly beard. "Nevertheless, Percy, you are correct. Your father and Zeus are having their worst quarrel in centuries. They are fighting over something. valuable that was stolen. To be precise: a lightning bolt."

Naruto's stomach exploded. " The Masterbolt, the thing Lightning bolts are made after? The thing that Zeus used to defeat his father, that Masterbolt?"

The Centaur nodded grimly. "Yes, that masterbolt. A weapon of such awesome power it can level cities, destroy Titans and Gods... a weapon unlike anything else. It was stolen..."

"By who?"

"By whom," Chiron corrected. Once a teacher, always a teacher. "By you... Percy, I mean." "At least"-Chiron held up a hand-"that's what Zeus thinks. During the winter solstice, at the last council of the gods, Zeus and Poseidon had an argument. The usual nonsense: 'Mother Rhea always liked you best,' Air dis-asters are more spectacular than sea disasters,' et cetera. Afterward, Zeus realized his master bolt was missing, taken from the throne room under his very nose. He immediately blamed Poseidon. Now, a god cannot usurp another god's symbol of power directly-that is forbidden by the most ancient of divine laws. But Zeus believes your father convinced a human hero to take it."

"But I didn't-"

"Patience and listen, child," Chiron said. "Zeus has good reason to be suspicious. The forges of the Cyclopes are under the ocean, which gives Poseidon some influence over the makers of his brother's lightning. Zeus believes Poseidon has taken the master bolt, and is now secretly having the Cyclopes build an arsenal of illegal copies, which might be used to topple Zeus from his throne. The only thing Zeus wasn't sure about was which hero Poseidon used to steal the bolt. Now Poseidon has openly claimed you as his son. You were in New York over the winter holidays. You could easily have snuck into Olympus. Zeus believes he has found his thief."

"But I've never even been to Olympus! Zeus is crazy!"

Chiron and Grover glanced nervously at the sky. The clouds didn't seem to be parting around us, as Grover had promised. They were rolling straight over our valley, sealing us in like a coffin lid.

Naruto actually growled, his killer intent and chakra flaring with such force the deck they were on cracked with the force. Chiron's chair actually recoiled, wheeling the man back. Everyone shuddered in terror as Kyuubi's chakra came next, turning Naruto's body into what looked like a demon. "Your telling me the god of the... everything is blaming a child who literally just found out he was a demigod... for something he had absolutely no means to accomplish? Even I, with all my training, couldn't have broken into somewhere I have no idea exists. He's not crazy, he's a damn fool!" Lighting exploded, slamming next to them, dirt and grass flying everywhere. Chiron made neighing sound, Percy squeezed, Grover passed and Annabeth tumbled to the ground as her hat was blasted off of her head. Naruto just turned skyward and growled louder. "Try me grandpa, I'll unleash Kyuubi just to be a dick. You don't have chakra, you can't seal him away. He'll reform in a few years and be stronger and more pure. He will fuck you up and all you hold dear. Threaten us again, I dare you."

Thunder rippled through the sky, deafening them all but Naruto just endured it.

Then it faded, leaving Naruto with a smug smirk.

" I thought so."

Chiron shivered. "I beg of you, do not do that again. You may be safe from his wrath but we aren't."

"Fine... but he is a dick. Annabeth, take my seat, I'm too wired to sit. Cool hat by the way, I want one." The girl obeyed, shaking with wide eyes.

Chiron sighed, trying to recover from the terror. ". Long story short... Zeus has demanded that Poseidon return the bolt by them summer solstice. That's June twenty-first, ten days from now. Poseidon wants an apology for being called a thief by the same date. I hoped that diplomacy might prevail, that Hera or Demeter or Hestia would make the two brothers see sense. But your arrival has inflamed Zeus's temper. Now neither god will back down. Unless someone intervenes, unless the master bolt is found and returned to Zeus before the solstice, there will be war. And do you know what a full-fledged war would look like, Percy?"

Percy shuddered. "I know what Kage level Ninja can do from Naruto's stories... if the gods are anywhere near as powerful or even stronger then I am terrified at the mere notion."

"And you, Percy Jackson, would be the first to feel Zeus's wrath."

It started to rain. Volleyball players stopped their game and stared in stunned silence at the sky.

"So I have to find the stupid bolt," Percy said. "And return it to Zeus."

"What better peace offering," Chiron said, "than to have the son of Poseidon return Zeus's property?"

"If Poseidon doesn't have it, where is the thing?"

"I believe I know." Chiron's expression was grim. "Part of a prophecy I had years ago ... well, some of the lines make sense to me, now. But before I can say more, you must officially take up the quest. You must seek the counsel of the Oracle."

"Why can't you tell me where the bolt is beforehand?"

"Because if I did, you would be too afraid to accept the challenge."

Naruto chuckled, unable to help himself. "Good reason then... I'm going with him. I am stronger then anyone in this camp by a huge margin, I will protect Percy and we'll get this shit done."

"You agree then?"

"All right," Percy said. "It's better than being turned into a dolphin."

"Then it's time you consulted the Oracle," Chiron said. "Go upstairs, Percy Jackson, to the attic. When you come back down, assuming you're still sane, we will talk more."

"Wait sane?" Naruto turned to his friend, who already made his way into the building. "If he's anything less then his normal sweet self, I will kill the Oracle. Destroy it beyond recognition."

"I know you would... your a good friend, if not a touch aggressive in your approach. I believe you get some of that from your Godmother's influence." Chiron smirked a little. "She can be quite aggressive when wronged and she has a strong sense of justice."

"I always have been like that, aggressive and into Justice I mean... it just got magnified when I came here. Intolerance for stupidity... quicker temper then I would like, but I am also smarter and more focused. I like this version of me, I can stand up for myself in a way that matters. Trust me I was useless before. It's why I am trying to change Percy, he needs the confidence and care, something denied to him by damn near everyone else."


"Well?" Chiron asked Percy as he finally returned.

Percy slumped into a chair at the pinochle table. "She said I would retrieve what was stolen."

Grover, finally awake from passing out, sat forward, chewing excitedly on the remains of a Diet Coke can. "That's great!" He cringed when Naruto glared at him. " Or not."

" He might die Grover, not great at all. Some friend you turned out to be."

"What did the Oracle say exactly?" Chiron pressed. "This is important."

"She . .. she said I would go west and face a god who had turned. I would retrieve what was stolen and see it safely returned."

"I knew it," Grover said.

Chiron didn't look satisfied. "Anything else?"

I didn't want to tell him.

"No," I said. "That's about it."

It was pretty obvious Percy was lying, Naruto could read that clearly on his best friend's face

Chiron seemed able to as well. "Very well, Percy. But know this: the Oracle's words often have double meanings. Don't dwell on them too much. The truth is not always clear until events come to pass."

"Okay," Percy said. "So where do I go? Who's this god in the west?"

"Ah, think, Percy," Chiron said. "If Zeus and Poseidon weaken each other in a war, who stands to gain?"

"Somebody else who wants to take over?" Percy guessed.

"Yes, quite. Someone who harbors a grudge, who has been unhappy with his lot since the world was divided eons ago, whose kingdom would grow powerful with the deaths of millions. Someone who hates his brothers for forcing him into an oath to have no more children, an oath that both of them have now broken."


Chiron nodded. "The Lord of the Dead is the only possibility."

"Wait." They all turned to Naruto, who was frowning. " New to this World and all... but as far as I remember, he was the only decent god in the entire pantheon who didn't mess anyone up like... ever. Why are we hating on him?"

"A Fury came after Percy," Chiron reminded him. "She watched the young man until she was sure of his\ identity, then tried to kill him. Furies obey only one lord: Hades."

"Yes, but that still doesn't prove he is the attacker... Why would he hold a grudge against Percy personally."

Chiron's eyes widened. "I forgot to tell you both... but After WW2 the gods, the Big Three Zeus, Poseidon and Hades swore to never have another child, they swore on the River Styx. Their children too powerful, changing human history too much. The War was basically Hades' children versus Zeus' and Poseidon's. Zeus broke the oath first, having a child named Thalia in the eighties... she was killed at the Hill, her spirit preserved in the Tree you see there. She was killed by Hell Hounds, courtesy of Hades."

Naruto sighed. "I hate to say this, awful as that is... I get it. I mean they swore an oath and their kids are too dangerous... it's like being a Jinchuurki or sealing away the Kyuubi in the first place. I hate the idea, it's slavery but there is a method to their madness I can kind of see even if I don't agree with it. Just suspecting Percy was a Child of Poseidon would be enough reason to kill him. It still feels like you are reaching here."

Naruto hated bias, and this reeked of just that.

"A hellhound got into the forest," Chiron continued. "Those can only be summoned from the Fields of Punishment, and it had to be summoned by someone within the camp. Hades must have a spy here. He must suspect Poseidon will try to use Percy to clear his name. Hades would very much like to kill this young half-blood before he can take on the quest."

"Great," Percy muttered, rage and fear awash in his voice. . "That's two major gods who want to kill me."

"Hades sent a minion to steal the master bolt," Chiron insisted. "He hid it in the Underworld, knowing full well that Zeus would blame Poseidon. I don't pretend to under-stand the Lord of the Dead's motives perfectly, or why he chose this time to start a war, but one thing is certain. Percy must go to theUnderworld, find the master bolt, and reveal the truth."

"Look, if we know it's Hades," Percy told Chiron, "why can't we just tell the other gods? Zeus or Poseidon could go down to the Underworld and bust some heads."

"Suspecting and knowing are not the same," Chiron said. "Besides, even if the other gods suspect Hades and I imagine Poseidon does-they couldn't retrieve the bolt them-selves. Gods cannot cross each other's territories except by invitation. That is another ancient rule. Heroes, on the other hand, have certain privileges. They can go anywhere, challenge anyone, as long as they're bold enough and strong enough to do it. No god can be held responsible for a hero's actions. Why do you think the gods always operate through humans?"

"You're saying I'm being used."

"I'm saying it's no accident Poseidon has claimed you now. It's a very risky gamble, but he's in a desperate situation. He needs you."

"Yes, your being used... think of it like a mission, Perc. I got your back. Besides, your dad isn't your family. He hasn't been there. We are family, we got this." Percy shot him a warm smile.

"So let me get this straight," Percy said. "I'm supposed go to the Underworld and confront the Lord of the


"Check," Chiron said.

"Find the most powerful weapon in the universe."


"And get it back to Olympus before the summer solstice, in ten days."

"That's about right."

"So where do we go? The Oracle just said to go west."

"The entrance to the Underworld is always in the west. It moves from age to age, just like now, of course, it's in America."


Chiron looked surprised. "I thought that would be obvious enough. The entrance to the Underworld is in Los Angeles."

"Oh," Percy said. "Naturally. So we just get on a plane-"

"No!" Grover shrieked. "Percy, what are you thinking? Have you ever been on a plane in your life?"

"Percy, think," Chiron said. "You are the son of the Sea God. Your father's bitterest rival is Zeus, Lord of the Sky. Your mother knew better than to trust you in an airplane. You would be in Zeus's domain. You would never come down again alive."

Overhead, lightning crackled. Thunder boomed.

"Okay," Percy said, determined not to look at the storm. "So, I'll travel overland."

"That's right," Chiron said. "Two companions may accompany you. Naruto is one... Annabeth here has also agreed to join you."

"I've been waiting a long time for a quest, seaweed brain," she said. "Athena is no fan of Poseidon, but if you're going to save the world, I'm the best person to keep you from messing up."

"If you do say so yourself," Percy said. "I suppose you have a plan, wise girl?"

Her cheeks colored. "Do you want my help or not?"

"A trio," Percy said. "That'll work. Brains and Serious Bronze with Naruto... this is good."

"Excellent," Chiron said. "This afternoon, we can take you as far as the bus terminal in Manhattan. After that, you are on your own."

Lightning flashed. Rain poured down on the meadows that were never supposed to have violent weather.

"No time to waste," Chiron said. "I think you should all get packing."

Naruto cackled a little. " Bout time for a mission, I missed this. I was getting bored."

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