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Weighty Proclamation

The next morning, Chiron moved them each to their cabins. Percy to cabin three and Naruto to cabin Eight. For Naruto at least it was exciting, he had learned to like his alone time since he had grown up alone. When he entered the new cabin he felt a sense of peace wash over him, something akin to the presence of his Godmother he assumed. There was just something... epic about the cabin, the knowledge that he alone was allowed in it's doors. Of course he would invite Percy, sexist godmother or not he was his best friend so he was sure she wouldn't mind too much.

Percy wasn't as happy though, since everyone started to teach him like he was diseased... Naruto too to be honest but he was accustomed to it due to be a jinchuuriki. He guided Percy through it as best he could, reassuring him and spending time with him as best and often as he could. He doubled Percy's training which really seemed to help, giving him a target for his repressed aggression. In fact in terms of all classes it was just Percy and Naruto one on one, even Archery since Percy sucked there. Naruto didn't mind that though, Percy and Luke were the only real challenges he had so it wasn't a bad thing.

Annabeth still taught them Greek in the mornings, but she seemed distracted. Every time Percy said something, she scowled at him, as if he'd just poked her between the eyes. After lessons, she would walk away muttering to herself: "Quest ... Poseidon? ... Dirty rotten ... Got to make a plan ..."

Even Clarisse kept her distance, though her venomous looks made it clear she wanted to kill Percy for breaking her magic spear. Naruto enjoyed that part, he really disliked that girl...

She was just monstrous.

Of course not everything was all wonderful as That Night, Naruto had his first Demigod dream.

It didn't start out like any of Percy's dreams, the ones he had shared with him... no this one was in a forest and Naruto was running through it, bow and quiver on his back, the wind whipping cooly against his skin. A full moon baring down on his soul from above, lifting his every movement. A sense of peace a wash through him, a sense of power. All felt right in the world as he chased some prey he couldn't see, but could most definitely sense.

The chase went on for what felt like forever, dipping in and around trees, flitting through the moonlight and shadows. An end just didn't seem possible... and then it happened, his prey stopped moving, leaving Naruto to leap into a shaft of moonlight with bow drawn, aiming at his target.

Only to freeze when he realized the target was a girl, standing and looking at him with a deep smirk. " I feared you would never catch up to me, my dear Naruto."

"Godmother." He just knew, knew it was her. It felt like her cabin and the dozens of notes she had left for him over the last year. "What do you want with me?"

She moved towards him, the shaft of moonlight following her, giving him a good chance to get a good look at her features. She looked like him, with high cheek bones and spikey hair only hers was a deep red. She had a single lock of hair that fell longer down her back, tied into a braid. She was dressed like an Anbu member sans mask, only she had a bow and quiver on her back.

She looked the definition of fierce. The kind of fierce that even Tsunade would recognize.

"My dear boy, how are you? I expect finding out who I was could have been quite debilitating..."

"It was to be honest, I hid it well but it's not every day you find out your godmother is a goddess known for the abuse of men." She cringed, but oddly didn't look angry. Just hurt. "Your not denying it..."

"No... and if it wasn't for your father and mother I doubt I would have cared enough to stop. I loved them, both of them Naruto. More then I ought to have, I was in love with them both. Deeply and without fail but my oath meant too much to me to break, so I offered to take care of their child like my own instead of acting on my romantic love. To be true I should have never allowed my heart to bind to them but... it was too late, they swooped in and stole my heart. It was their love and the respect I gained for them, your father included, that made me realize my treatment of men was abusive not liberating. I swore then, to be a better example to my huntresses, your sisters in all but blood though many of them were not happy to know I adopted a boy."

Naruto had a turn cringing. "From what little I know about them I can imagine."

" I never realized how bad my example was, and to what degree they followed it... I learned a lot of humility around your parents. They were incredible shinobi, strong enough to rival me when they fought together."

"But who... who were they?"

She smiled and sighed. "Your parents were Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. The Fourth Hokage and the previous vessel of the Ninetailed Fox before you."

The dream shattered under the weight of her proclamation.

Naruto sat ramrod straight, sweating and panting, looking at his door hearing a dull knock. "Naruto... Mr. D needs to talk to you..."

It was Grover's voice and Naruto obeyed, too happy to be away from his bed and the mere notion of sleep.

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